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Secondary Connections

AErdology Spider Web Dream Catcher


Connections which are connections between say the Ogle family and Northumberland in regards to Hastings

Or the parissi in regards to Caesars military campaigns in Ga’al.

Spider web covers from the third layer of connections out to distant connections.

Example Noahs’ Ark and the formulation of Washington State, they are connected however they are layers and layers separated from each other.



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AErdology Matrix

To explore the spider web and its multi-dimension wave patterns.





In everything’s existence there is a tick tock. That tick tock is a reflection of from when the thing comes into existence and when it no longer exists in a static format. Example a fetus is a different thing than an infant. An infant is relatively the same thing from first to last breath; relatively speaking. Of course, an infant is a different thing than a toddler, adolescent, teenager, early 20s, etc through to old age and death.

Works the same for other forms of molecular cohesion. Form whatever form the molecules were in previous, to a status position, to said atoms being seperated out to do other things.

It all has a tick tock.

However not everything operates based on the same tick tock format.

Most animals have a vastly differnet time sequence in comparrison to humans.

Some Animals have a longer gestational period, most have a shorter period.

As a result most of the cultures on the planet have developed some form of calendar which allows them to recognize the passage of time, on a conscious level.

Most animals have an instinctual application of the passage of time. 






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