TR Welling


T Robert Ogle Welling


A few generations back the HRH was dropped from the Ogle family line circa 1650. A very long genocidal and blood war was fought in both the UK and America to strip the Ogle family of the HRH. My family, my direct ancestors were the head of said HRH Ogle family line. The British Throne used to sit in Bamburgh Castle, 75 miles north of New Castle, which is only 12 miles south east of Castle Ogle. The English Throne eg the Anglo Saxon throne used to only apply to the area immediately around London. From the  south east of the large island to south of Sherwood Forest eg the Kingdom of Mercia. Mercia, add an A then switch the C and the I, A meric a. The Romans renamed American in their honor to strip the naming of the area from the British. The British within a century were conquered out of Britiain and the English then started to use the name British to describe themselves. But the British are the evacuees from the Trojan War and the 18th Dynasty eg King Tut and his father Amenhotep iv. Tut’s mother was Meritaten, her other son was Theseus of the Trojan War father of Helen Fame.


Ogle Family History

I was not born in Tiffin Ohio, because my dad Wes O Welling had a friend who had privileges at that hospital so it was an “in trade” deal. My father’s family founded the city which was present previous to the Prussian Army conquering the city the Ogle built. Our family home was located at hiway 224 and Market street on the west side of the city. Our libraries were conquered and captured in the late 1830s by the Prussian Army their spy branch the FreiKorp then went about the task of translating the books in the library. That library would in a decade take on the name Heidelberg University Tiffin Ohio. The city had been in existence for give or take a century before the military encampment to the south east of Heidelberg Library (formerly Ogle family library) was seized and the associated town grew. Eventually that little settlement to the south east of Heidelberg grew and overtook the city the Ogle family had built.

The Fort had two locations more than a mile part, Fort x to the south east, and eventually several years later Fort Ball between Heidelberg and the Maple’s. The Maples was the name of the in-effect mansion the Ogle’s built circa 1770. The Maple’s was a replacement Estate for the first one which was much much larger, which was destroyed sometime before 1770. How long that Estate had been there is anyone’s guess. There is a direct tie in and connection between the name Maples, the Maple leaf shape of the Canadian Flag, the Maple Leaf design of Versailles (Versailles actually translates to Polytechnical College)(Statistically speaking Versailles was designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci the evidence when it is exampled with the application of the scientific method, and tossing out the emotions, and ego involved Leonardo Da Vinci built Versailles as a “Space Port” not unlike that of Kennedy Space Center Cape Kennedy Florida. Examine the physical tangible evidence, lab test it before you dismiss the concepts as fiction.), the fact that the name Ogle is a shortened version of the Manx Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd (translated form Gaelic to English is North umber land) or Northumberland, the French and British had been very close allies for several Millennia (very likely the city of Paris was named to reflect the Library which both the Trojan and the 18th Dynasty possessed which they both had Ǽneas remove from the areas before the Trojan War and Exodus which occurred ath the same time. Prince of Troy Paris was named to reflect the library, the city of Paris was also renamed to reflect the library, the Sorbonne would be one location of that library, so would Heidelberg Tiffin Ohio, so would Edinberg/Newcastle Universities in Northumberland, etc.) sharing technologies and libraries since they were called “The Old Kingdom”.

Under heavy attack it is not smart to keep all the original library and technology books in one location very close to the headquarters of the enemy army. Paris to Prussia is too close. However a backwater river from the Mississippi would be a great place 1000s of miles away from the nearest nothing. A good place to store the most precious and dangerous of the books and technical manuals the enemy want to turn into weapons of mass destruction.

As the Ogles in Tiffin began to suffer harsher and harder losses, they chose to start smuggle out their most precious to other locations. One said location would be the future conquered and renamed to Colorado Springs Colorado. Although there is no possible way you can force the historians in the area to admit they committed genocide to the French, British, Natives, and all others who got in the way of those in charge and the great awakening followers to followed the Great Gold Rush of 1848 and then the Civil War, and then General William Jackson Palmer. There was a full large city where downtown Colorado Springs is now, but that city was “erased” from existnace in 1870. Old Colorado City was renamed from its previous “good guess” possibly written in the hand of Joseph Smith “Rocky Mountain” in 1858. But a 10,000s if not 100,00s of people lived and thrived in the area from Manitou out to where Colorado Springs now sits, but good luck finding direct evidence of that. Outside of locals telling stories. However, their was a replica of Versailles (which I have seen the foundation myself first hand several times when I was a child from age 7-12) it was renamed the Bancroft school circa 1890, but the building was centuries old. The pure fictions of Dr Gavin’s cabin have absolutely no basis in reality. That cabin was built a few hundred feet away from Glen Eyrie the estate William Jackson Palmer conquered, seized, and move into from the British who build and owned the place. That cabin was only used for a short time before it was abanded then moved to the Denver to sit on the grounds of the state capital for decades. Then the people of the state found out that the cabin is pure fiction. It was never used as the state capital building. The great awakening followers lied. Tell me with logic and reason applies. Are 50 or so fat, lazy, and rich politicians going to use a cabin which is not capable of housing 20 people. Or are those same very arrogant, egotistical, and very interested in maintaining their cognitive dissonance that killing natives, Jews, British, French, etc. is not actually a crime against humanity. Are those men going to be ok with meeting in that cabin or are they going to want to sit in complete comfort, in nice chairs, with a fully stocked kitchen, just a few hundred feet away in Glen Eyrie? No they are going to chosen Glen Eyrie every time and twice on Sunday, but on the pieces of paper claim they are meeting in that dusty cabin.

When I was 6 mom moved me from Tiffin to Colorado Springs. Specifically the area of Old Colorado City, or as Joseph Smith called it “Rocky Mount”.

Lived in Colorado Springs from 6-16, then moved to Grandma’s. Till I left home.

Me outline


In years

  1. born, in ohio, I do not remember where, my family situation.  My first year living at my grandmothers house.  How did not exactly treat me well.  But then again she may very well was a Dom, and until one reaolizes that they are a certain way and accept that about themselves then there base nature comes out and instead of them being good and nice people about what there kinks are their kinks come out unhealthy.

Plus I was highly illergic to corn, and fruit.  So I was always sick, and not feeling good.

  1. I think my mother moved us out into the trailro this yhear.  Which would be ingterestingd since she did a very strong independent thing during my strength year.
  2. other then I spent an entirely large amount of time with the franks, and I started to think of them more in a family way then I did anythgin else.
  3. my awareness of my mother not exactly liking my entire situation was clear and eveident.   She started making plans for us to move to Colorado with pat,  boy did that work out great.
  4. I started school, and was doing well,  I at this time started to have this incredible desire for showing my oats, but and this is where the war started.  I wanted my natural leadership qualities to  come out and my mother did everything she could possibly thing about to make them disappear, mostly guilt trips.   And I started to be torn between the present what momy wanted and what I wanted.  Which let me tell you, have always been separate planets from each other. 


During that summer, we sold everything and moved to Colorado, and oh boy was  that something that was so nice pleasant, incredible and nice to deal with.  I was so happy I wanted to puck.  But mom was miserable too.  So we where stuck in this situation that was bad for all involved and being 5 ½ I could do little other then try and make the best out of it.


This is where life got entirely too difficult.  In stead of it being mom and me, and we where doing well, and I had what I needed from the franks.  I was stuck in this situation with mom where I could only do what I was told.  She handed pat the responsibilities for my discipline, care, and just about anything she could to pat.  Who to put it very mildly loathed the job.  We was suddently stuck in this situation that he had to go in one day from being a very happy bachelor to being the primary care giver to my mother who finnaly collapsed into family after her divorse.  And instead of there being me and mom again the world she gave up and submitted to her family.  And pat being the pon of grandmother did what he was told to do.


  1. this is halfway thought my start of my catholic elementrary education,  which was so bad that I failed my first year.  I was the only child that failed that year.  But it did give me that advantage of being taller and a year older then everyone else.  And it also gave me that advantage of I was never liked by any of my class mates.  Even thought I was not there all the way thought birth to kindergarden, I was an outsider to my class mates.  But this did give me a distict advantage.  Not only did it give me that advantage of not fittin in early but it also gave me that advantage of the fact att I was difffrent stuck out right from the get go.  At age 5 ½ I was informted that I was an outsider.  I was not from Colorado, I was not from there nauborhood. And that I needed to deal iwht my own kind. 

You would think that this was a very bad thing, in actaulyity it was exactly the opposite. It is an incredibliy good thing for later in life.  I have always been different and this differneced as kelp me out of the areans that it would havse been very hard for me not to be in and around.   So if I would have been accepted my the 1st graders.  I could have done some very bad things with myself. So I am acctuyally very happy about that.  Being rejected by everyone around you except yourself.  And then coming into a reaolization that understanding the self is the most important project that one can work on in there lives.  Which is the key thing to all major positive religions.   Work on your self a phrase that helped me out a great deal was “how very buddist of me” 


  1. this is where life gets a bit on the hard side, we have not been living with pat for 18 months and mom is firmly rooted in.  and pat is going along with it just because but ever day that goes by he is more and more angry.  And he treats me more and more subcontiousl badly.   And I am starting to have a nevative affect on the way I am.  It is also during this year that I met jimmy vidmare.  And we form a friendship that lasts till I am 12 and living on paradise road.   He is a strange bird, but he is just as strange as I am so we get along.  But I suspect he is their bi or gay. And a definite subby.  So we work on a defiantly strange relationship.  Which is a bad on but still is not all that bad.  So we are ok will puberty. And one person who likes me is enough in my book. 
  2. I do not remmber who or even when but I seam to remrmebver that it was some time in there that we rented the entire house and peter moved in.  boy did he get a hell of a deal.  All his money when to his saving for his own place,  and peter and pat rented down stared and the boys where down startes and we whjer eup starts, which lasted for I think a year or two.
  3. then the next few years are fuzzy, the level of yuck in the house was going up so much that it was literally impossible for one to keep track of everything.  Plus my parents who are actually mom pat and peter if you want to get right down to it.  they where the ones around me during my 5 to 12 years.  And my fehu was set with all but total conflict.  So I started my haggalaz with a house so angry and pissed off that one one really talkes, no one really gets along other then pat and peter get along, and mom and pat get along, but peter and mom do not get along and no one really likes me all that much. I am a burnen that has to be dealt with and a problem that has to be solved.  So my life when from ohio of people who truly loved me and cared for me dad and the franks, to my birth family that lets just say things did not improve much.  Over time.  It went from bad to worse over time.
  4. ok, around this time mom and I move down stars and are on our own, she keeps a house so messy that it is literally impossible for us to get anything done.   And after around a few months I move mom out of the big room we share into the “living room of our little down stares apt, which would be great if we actually had started living our lives that way.  If we would have pete and pat up stairs and mom and me down and the boys could do what they up and we could do what we wanted down.  And things would have been great, but by this time I am mistyer fix it.  I am dertermined to end the uncool energy of the house by way of fixing everyeon in the housees problem.  Which doesn not turn out that well.  I stir up a hornets nest that is still being felt now 2 decades later.  So I am living down stares with mom, and she probably wanted to have it that way, but I was living under the false illustion that we where a family and that we all needed to live and be ok.  So I do not remember who broke the barrier to the up stairs but I probably did, but I can tell you that when ti was broken, pat get old that very minute.  This may just be my not all that great a memory but I do rememmver mom spending a lot of time down stairs when she did not have to.  And she did not like the smoke.   So I do not know.  What happened but it was clearly the beginning of the end. To this day there is a great deal of tention between the siblings.  I do not know nor care.
  5. I stgart to put together an office, I start to become interested in writing
  6. The year the wheeler house broke apart,

It all started when we wanted to move into a bigger house, all of us, the 3 sibliings and me.

Well that went all fine and great until we all where sitting having a conversation and I said something and pat turned to dee and said now I know how you truly feel got up and walked out of the house.  He came back and had bought a condo


Year 13 mom and I am in our own house,  I blow my back out that one fatefull labor day.


14, I start to explore my independence, and start formulate who I am, start to mess around with film making and creativity much greater then at any time before.


15, I start to truly stick out in school, and my interests go to film making, creativity, and exploring invention.


16, first year of high school, that things are not all that great.  I learn now to work with my Dom side, while working at the haunted house.  Much to my mothers hatered


17 mom and I move to Socorro, my magical training begins I just do not know it yet.  I am journelaing on a dayly basis, I am writing scripts and stories. And generally dumping a great deal of shit.  As well as having floe right there to make me complay with what she is interested and wants to be doing.

 18 My magical training starts, I learn to breath, meditate, and inhance my natural psychic abilities with training.


19 I graduate, move out and continue working with my psychic abiltites.  Making an attempt to go into film making.  I have no discipline no training, no skill, but I have talent, and I figured that the rest came with talent.  Little did I know at the time that the discipline I lacked could not come from becoming a pro film maker.


20, I wander trying to fing out who I am, learn mediation.  Learn to try and understand who I am.  Where I am doing and what I need to be doing.


21, I meet shakra. My first wife.  We move in together after knowing each other for about a month.


22, live with shakra




24 wanderign with shakra

  • 1988   feminine   18 masculine  17
    • march 1988  
    • April 1988  2 all through my life from the age of around 9 all the way up to an including this very day 7 26 2005, I want to be working on video productions. I have produced several, from the point where I bought my first camera at the age of 18, all the way up to and including this very minute I have produced around a dozen different programs.  2 for Bellingham public access, 1 when I was around 11 with a friends moms camera. With a script I copied/stole from a friend Ricky in Colorado springs. I remembered parts of his Frankenstein script and rewrote it for my own purposes.  dragons%20liar%20logo
    • May 1988  
    • June 1988  
    • July 1988  
    • August 1988  
    • September 1988  
    • October 1988  
    • November 1988  
    • December 1988  
    • January  1989  Shawn Projects, over a considerable amount of time I worked heavily on the ideas of my space plane. An actually plane that was all about the variations in being able to travel to other places and see best how to go about landing and traveling through space. This is a landing craft. Specifically
      • My Space plane
      • I had this idea shortly after realizing that the space shuttle I was watching as a child was good as a base but as a solid concept was actually completely inadequate.
      • mm1
      • this is the basic design that I thought up when I was in my second year of junior high school. Specifically Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr High school Colorado Springs, Co.
      • I over the course of years from say age 14 to age 22 I improved on the idea a bit.
      • First was just a kids plane flight of fancy.  I then used this plane as a model for a comic strip I tried to do in junior high and get into the school paper. Tried but did not get anywhere.
      • Then I started to think about how to put real engineering behind this idea and see just how to go about truly putting hard science behind a Childs drawing.
      • Well first I thought that the large vertical stabilizer needed for 2 things. Atmospheric control was also really good for a solar wind sail.
      • Then the engines well their would need to be some kind of atmospheric and or other celestial body landing engine to bring the craft in for some form of stop landing on the surface of any particular area.
      • Then around 21 I though about having the engineering for a using the winds, tall tails and body for a energy alignment charge. 
      • The thought occurred to me when I was first learning about the rules of Electro-Magnetics in the traditions of the craft that there are specific energy vibrations that are attracted to other forms of energy.
      • This principal is matched perfectly on a much smaller scale when you think about 2 magnets.  the like ends will come together and stick together.
      • Well same principal here.  you use a sensory devise and read a sun or other celestial body find out what its Electro-Magnetic signature is and then program the skin of your space craft with that Electro-Magnetic signature.  Hence in some small way  attracting yourself to that celestial body. 
      • Some of my original drawings back when I was a teenager
      • mm1
      • mm1 side copy
      • MM1PRO~1 copy
    • February 1989  
    • march 1989  
  • 1989   feminine   19 masculine  18
    • march 1989  
    • April 1989  
    • May  1989  
    • June  1989  
    • July  1989   spent the summer with dad, I paid the flight, he paid for everything else.
    • August   1989  
    • September  1989  
    • October   1989  
    • November 1989  
    • December 1989  
    • January 1990   started my magical training with wg and Darleen the lady that I lost my virginity to Darleen as well.
    • February 1990  
    • march 1990   original%20maps somewhere during this time I vision of the tiers of magical and such start to come up, it is also around this time when I start to work on translating the tolken riddle.
  • 1990   feminine   20 masculine  19
    • march 1990  
    • April  1990  
    • May 1990   8bgraduated high school (me Darleen, Chris, Tim Kruger, started my adult life. Moved to Colorado springs into pats,
    • June  1990   met pat met and dated for a small amount of time Pam in Colorado springs. She allowed me to met Galen and bonnie
    • July 1990   spent 6 weeks in Europe.
    • August 1990   the Colorado springs acting association experience.
    • September 1990   relationship with pat was over and soon met pat.
    • October 1990   relationship with Trish is over. And I work on getting on with my life. summer of pagan Christian waffling back and forth.
    • November 1990   the Trisha experience this winter. First girl engaged to
    • December 1990  
    • January 1991  
    • February 1991  
    • march 1991  
  • 1991   feminine   21 masculine  20
    • march 1991  
    • April  1991  
    • May 1991  
    • June  1991  
    • July 1991  
    • August 1991  
    • September 1991  
    • October 1991  
    • November 1991  dated a 14 year old girl for a bit of time, not sure why, nothing in it was anything other then annoying.
    • December 1991  
    • January 1992  
    • February 1992   dated her sister for a while, a 16 year old. Worked for her father at a construction company for 3 weeks till my back grave out.
    • march 1992   moved to Denver
  • 1992   feminine   22 masculine  21 met with had many encounters with David misty and Laura back and forth between Denver and Colorado springs this winter. Learned a lot, played lots of A D and D and started a relationship with misty that ended very quickly.
    • march 1992  
    • April 1992  
    • May 1992   8w  this was an interesting few months.  Moved to Denver and got away from the 16 year old before her parents could file rape charges. Moved to Denver into missties and David forbees mothers house.  Had sexually relations with misty for a small amount of time and then did a lot of bouncing here and their, started the spring in Denver ended in Socorro, that was a very hard couple months, tried to reconnect with sca, tried to reconnect with Darleen, tried to reconnect with wg, tried to reconnect with all my Denver friends. Nothing really worked, although just before leaving Denver I met ginger. The psychic, and I that summer moved in with ginger and had the whole metamorphosis experience, met Michaela. And that lead to Michaela after going back to Denver after the whole bartending thing collapse around me.  I was a traid bartender, but did not have the body to do the job or the accounting skills. So that was a waist of time and money that year.  But it was also a fools eran. Hooked up with family in Colorado springs applied for a gaming license, choose to go hold heard into magic and the like’s
      • Called ginger, met ginger.
      • Ymca the picture, that was my last hours their.
      • Socorro,
      • Applied Gaming license.
      • Moved to Denver from Socorro and moved almost immediately into gingers. We had some sexually encounters here and their, not much though.
      • Security guard.
      • Build my first tarot deck, a wild 120 card monster, that was lost that summer. Somewhere I probably threw it away, but it was my first attempt and building a deck and I did all the drawings on it.  Except one and that one was gingers drawing that did not go with my deck at all. She needed to make her own deck at some point in the future. But since this is 1992, I am sure by the year 2005, she has finished it.
      • Moved away from gingers. She wanted swing and poly I did not understand.
      • Quite security guard
      • Moved around a lot.  That is the time I worked at the casino and was hanging around the metamorphosis, moved out of gingers the same month that mikila and I hooked up.
      • Moved into Jeff’s, where I then met I do not remember her name.
      • Moved away from Jeff’s in with her.
      • That lasted a couple months, that brings us to nov and mile high con. Shakra called a lot, pissed her off royally. Dating mikila at the same time I am spending time with that woman.
      • Mikila dates my friends. Dave and hawk. Blows them both at least.
    • June 1992   
    • July 1992  
    • August 1992  
    • September 1992  
    • October  1992   met Shakra at mile high con got a gaming license and worked at terps casino for a few weeks before being fired. Living with whatever her name was in same complex as David forbees mother lived.
    • November 1992   moved in with Shakra and David her ex,
    • December 1992   Shakra and I wintered at bonnie and galens.
    • January 1993  
    • February 1993  
    • march 1993  
  • 1993   feminine   23 masculine  22
    • march 1993  
    • April 1993   moved to the house shelter somewhere around here.  the shelter was run by a nice couple that had a 2 bedroom place one room was for the shelter the other room was theirs.  They worked out of a church that was Lutheran and right next door. On a major street in Colorado springs.
    • May  1993   7v, this is us living in Manitou springs Colorado. Where we met James. Moved from the shelter1 to DVC00059# 3 ruxton ave, Manitou springs Colorado. Interesting summer.  Shakra and I spent a lot of time before we moved to ruxton at Wizards apprentice and learned a huge amount from DJ and Mark. Where they are now I have no idea at all. But I did learn huge amounts from their. This is where the research began in earnest.  The day that Shakra and I where asked to watch the shop when dj and mark moved away form ruxton and into the apt complex that dj was going to manage. Shakra and I went over my magical book that I bought from their and started going over the runes in ernest.  Which was a great thing, we had wonderful converstaitons with several people that came into the shop, one of who was an enemy of dj and tried to do things but according to my stuff with perfect love and perfect trust her stuff did not affect Shakra and I at all, if your shields are pure and your intent is pure then you can remember to do a lot of really cool things. And not get bogged down in the junk of hate, anger, despair, rage, frustrateion, and all the other trappings of the 9 rings of the mortal men doomed to die.  I do not have any of the images from the first deck left, but I have mostly the images from the second deck I built which was a direct line of continuity from the rune booklets Shakra and I made  this summer. Funny thing is Shakra and I sold at least 12 rune explanation books. Not one of them was sold to profit the shop where I looked down and saw the first rune booklet and said I can do better. I partially developed the idea in that shop and dj and mark did not have a penny of money we made from those booklets. Of course once we moved from that area, the booklets all but dried up and the last booklet we sold where in phoenix, we sold maybe 3 in pheonex. Mostly the business dried up. Tried to resurrect it several times with Emma and failed miserably every time.  of course the items that worked for Shakra and I did not work period with Emma around.  I wonder why.  Although in the shop I was able to sell around 100 guides to people. Which I still lhave tohe outline for those guides.  I just have not found a place to do them yet.  I hawe thought about debs shop and Christies shop, and Amazon but they have to be absoluly beautiful before that can  happen, and I have been waiting my time with the web site, and home page, and research, a 3 month long battle with dana and Emma over territory and superiority, its stupid but that is what they want. So I have to be at least semi accommodating. I just need to withdrawl from their 9 rings and work on my own stuff. Which is a nice things since I have this built in lesson of do not chat with Emma or with dana about me, just write down my stuff and why bother interacting with them they are in their own little worlds and the more I try and make them come out of their own little worlds the worse things get. If Emma wants to work on her photography or her what ever then I can draw and get my pictures up to date. Since I can remember at least a few of the images from the first deck. Redraw it. And then of course put my previoud decks into a .doc format linear order and print them all out.  In sequence and full page each one. It will probably eat at least  a few cartrages but the benefit is I get my image off my computer and into the real world.  Put them into a nice plastic sheet and then they are at least partially protected. May even do a double protection put them in plastic and then do another print this one put in a box and do not let it see much day light protecting it for future observations.
    • June  1993   Shakra and I moved from Manitou to Denver in the middle of winter. Actually sometime between end of summer and beginning of winter we moved with Melanie into old Colorado city and where their for months. Moved into the old court house building of old Colorado city the building that was build after the original court house which was an old shake which is still up in the old Colorado city park, Colorado city became a city and they needed a actually court house. We where their for months with Melanie and we went constantly to celebration. Met Marty and we had a nice time with Marty, many months with her, and her relatives. Help where out, she went to az and we followed months later. We spent at least 6 months their met trapper lee kagle.  Spent time in flagstaff and mostly in phoenix, moved directly from az to Bellingham. At the end of summer.
    • July 1993  
    • August  1993   moved from az to Bellingham Washington with Shakra first wife. Summer after we where married.  We lived for a few days with a nice couple girls in the apt next to where bill  and Dee lived the summer we had money.   That was a nice time but at the same time Shakra hated the attention and the possible sexually relationship that could have started with one of the girls. The other girl was a lesbian which was an equally interesting experience. We lived for the first few months at the rest stops at the north and south ends of town for weeks. Then moved in with Rachael palmer on Racine blvd. which was just down the street from Woburn,  Shakra was diagnosed with cancer not long after getting to Bellingham and I simply do not remember how we packed all that activity into just a few short months. We lived in 4 states and where constantly on the move in those 4 states in just a few short months but it seamed like it was 4 years. But it was in truly only about 18 months.
    • September  1993   Shakra and I live at ken and whatever her name was. Rather an interesting time,
    • October 1993  
    • November  1993   met Emma at ucm
    • December   1993   Shakra and I move into chucks. 3 a literal hole in not much. First we move into the trailer at the right then we move into the 2 story tree house. Boy is that not an easy thing to do. And Shakra and my relationship is at its most profoundly bad. She has cancer and is undergoing chemo and I am trying not to get sick and throw my back out.  I during this time have sexual healing encounters with zena a woman I met at ucm and robin a woman I met at the alternative human society.  No penetration of genitals but kissing, hugs, and oral.
    • January 1994  
    • February 1994  
    • march 1994  
  • 1994   feminine   24 masculine  23
    • march 1994  
    • April 1994   
    • May  1994   Shakra and I separated and Emma and I hooked up
    • June  1994  
    • July 1994  
    • August 1994  
    • September 1994  
    • October 1994  
    • November 1994  
    • December  1994   emmas dad died
    • January 1995  
    • February  1995   bz the living room at Woburn, boy was that apt crowded.  Reba, Brenda, Karl, Emma, myself. 4 people living in 2 bedroom
    • march 1995  
  • 1995   feminine  25 masculine  24 ( this is where during the recreation of this life I had to stop and add a year since I started adding detail in from the top and bottom at the same time and at this point is where the years of the masculine of current Arabic counting came into being and the feminine that my mind understands came into direct conflict.  It was funny since everything made perfect sense but then of course there are missing times here and their, this year happens to be the year that I missed. So I am adding this in as a reminder that there is more the one kind of mathematics on this world.
    • march 1995  
    • April 1995  
    • May 1995  Reba just finished high school and we  moved to Kellogg from Woburn.
    • June  1995  
    • July  1995   Shakra died July 31
    • August  1995   opened the shop, 5f, boy was this a memorable year. Shakra had just died, Emma received her inheritance and we moved to Kellogg at this time.
    • September 1995  
    • October 1995   7%20medicine one of the original drawings to the research where I knew the research was something very incredible. I had not idea of the truth until just recently.
    • November 1995  
    • December 1995  
    • January 1996  
    • February 1996 
    • march 1996 


25, life with Emma, starts


26, my metaphysical shop


27,  moving to Socorro.


28 life in bc is hell, learn a mountain from the kink communities.  Learn what my boundaries are inside kink world.  Understading myself farr behind anything I thought about before.


29 move from bc to seattle, have a great time.   seattel offers alive and job opportunities that no where else does.   Get into lessons here.


30, spend this year ttryign to find another career, try and write novels, does not work.  Come up with a good concept for solving linear A, do not pursue.  Work on building a web page, computer dies


31, livgin in seattle having a good time, but there is someth9ign missing, try my hand at web design, it is not my thing.  Dad gets sick, go to see him and remember that I love film making and have the discipline to do it now.



But that can be described better and much more complex in the history of Tiffin, Ohio itself.

The family home was actually a replacement home called “The Maples”. Which was built in circa 1770, as a replacement for a much larger family Estate built at some point much earlier and destroyed during the Samhain War.

From the early 1800s to 1820 the Ogles had been forced to flee. But came back with their friends informed them the area was not longer dangerous.

The family came back and repurchased there house which they had sold to friends to keep it from being destroyed like the first house.

Do not bother talking to the local historians about these facts, they will deny them to their dying breath. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Ogles and Tiffin was a touchy subject for the descendants of the Prussian Empire soldiers from Fort Ball. Of course the area is also rather strongly still in the present Jacksonain Party leaning. One of a handful of parties Andrew Jackson founded in order to destroy the works of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, etc. Jackson was a died in the wool Tammany Hall man. His family had been pro-slavery since the family were still in Europe. He and his family had owned 1000s of them over the decades.

The Prussians in the city of Tiffin were extremely loyal Jacksonains, and in many ways still are.

The last direct family members in Tiffin left in the late 1970s. The city said in basic “good riddance” to the Ogle family how had been present since at least a century before Tiffin was anything, and at least half a century before Fort Ball was anything either.

Before 1770, the Ogle family had owned most of Ohio. Previous to 1710, the Ogle family had owned all the lands from the Mississippi to the east coast from the Gulf to Hudson’s Bay.

The Historians have no interest at all in having discussions or acknowledging the Ogle family. Despite being the driving force for the city since day one.

It was their library the Prussians demanded to gain access to.

Once the Prussians had stolen enough of the library which would eventually be called Heidelberg University. The Industrial revolution began; 1840 is when the bulk of the library was stolen/taken by genocidal force. Within about 100 miles of Tiffin and most of the major inventions within 20 miles of Tiffin were invented, which allowed the core of the Industrial Revolution to occur. Up to and including the Steam Engine, which led to both industrialization and the steam boat.

That was the culture of the city I spent my first 6 years in.

Then mom moved us to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs has an equally difficult and genocidal history.

My father’s name is Welling; a Dutch family origin. It means the caretakers of the well. Although the Well is both a traditional well and of course the Well of ancient education.



My Father’s Mothers name is Ogle; a family from Northumberland UK. Specifically Ogle Castle


E_Ogle_castle7, which my family named the Castle and the lands of the Kingdom.

My Mother’s maiden name is Jeffries (adopted) her father’s name pre-adopted was Costello. Part of the Basques who were press ganged into service by the Spanish; who crash landed on Ireland and were accepted into the Irish community.

My Mother’s Mother’s maiden was Real (GǼlic UaRaghaill) from Oola Parish South East of Limerick.

My parents divorced soon after I was born. My mother and I lived in Tiffin for a little over six years, when we moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I grew up in Colorado Springs; attending elementary, Junior High, and one year of High school (Coronado) before we moved to New Mexico, in with my mother’s mother.

After I graduated high school I started to travel around to pick up the necessary information I would need to pursue my life’s work. My life’s work has been to find and rebuild the Ogle family Heritage. Fill in the gaps where the family achieved goals other cultures spent vast resources to erase. The Ogle family have not only a profound history but an ancient one as well. The Ogle family were the only army in the entire length and breadth of the Roman Empire to not only defeat the legions but perform said actions from 50 b.c.e to the last day of the Empire.

Currently enrolled in Graduate School at the University of Phoenix studying Psychology. Rebuilding ones heritage is great and all, but unless ways can be found which allow for the family to not self-destruct again and to interact with the world in a way which does not cause the world to want to erase our family. There is no real reason to progress forward with reassembling ones heritage, unless ways can be found which allow for a cohabitation on the earth. Reassemble the family legacy only to have it destroyed again is not a wise path.

My interests are in ancient history, mathematics, space technology, avionics, linguistics, FreeMasonry, etc. just to name a few.

Several years ago I started my FreeMasonic journey. Within a year I passed to the sublime degree of Master Mason, a few weeks later I was asked to be lodge historian. Working on assembling my own Rite which reflects the events from Adam to King David; called Ogle Rite.

I have also been honored to be accepted as a Shriner, Scottish Rite 32’, and York Rite.


My life began in North Central Ohio. In Amherst Hospital.


Places I have lived by Location

Amherst Ohio Hospital

Tiffin Ohio Mary Lou Welling house

Tiffin Ohio Moms Trailer

Colorado Springs Colorado 2682 Wheeler Ave.

Colorado Springs Colorado 801 Paradise Lane

Socorro New Mexico

Colorado Springs Colorado Pats Townhouse

Colorado Springs Colorado Parkmore Village Drive Pats

Colorado Springs Colorado Parkmore Village Drive Bonnie and Galen’s

Colorado Springs Colorado Serendipity circle in with Trish

Colorado Springs Colorado Parkmore Village Drive Bonnie and Galen’s

Colorado Springs Colorado Tammi’s moms house

Colorado Springs Colorado Garden of the Gods Road my apartment

Colorado Springs Colorado down the street living with David Laura

Denver Colorado moved into David’s moms condo

Snow Mountain Ranch Colorado for several months

Socorro Goad Road

Denver Gingers, David’s, Jeff, that nice lady,

A night in Central City Colorado

A day in Fort Collins Colorado with Shakra and Ed

Colorado Springs Colorado Parkmore Village Drive Bonnie and Galen’s

Academy Blvd for several months waiting for funding to pay for Ruxton Ave

Manitou Springs Colorado 312 Ruxton for 6 months


Old Colorado City Old Court House upstairs to the Right as you look at the building from the front.

Denver Tammi’s for several months

In transit to Phoenix Arizona

Chandler Arizona Near and Heathers

A week in Flagstaff

Chandler Arizona Near and Heathers

In transit

Bellingham Washington State

North and south rest stops from Bellingham for about a month

Bellingham Washington State Rachael Palmers for a few weeks

South of Fairhaven for the next several months on Chucks Property


Bellingham Washington State Woburn street

Bellingham Washington State Kellogg Street


In transit

Spent a bit of time with Emma brother Mike in Vancouver Washington State

Boulder Creek California in with Emma’s Brother Pat

Camp Verde Arizona for a night bit

Socorro New Mexico on Reservoir road

Boulder Creek California in with Emma’s Brother Pat

Boulder Creek California Lynn’s about a mile from Pat’s house spent 3 years there

Seattle Washington Nickerson House downstairs about a year

Seattle Washington Nickerson House downstairs a bit under a year

In transit to Ormond Beach Florida to Dad’s

Ormond Beach for a few days

South Orlando Kirkman rd (close to Conroy) for a year

Kissimmee Florida 996 C wooside circle for a year with Karl, Emma, Dana and TJ

Kissimmee Florida Travel Lodge 192 in front of the Flee Market

Kissimmee Florida Almaton Loop

Vancouver WA for about 2 days

In transit across the Country from Florida to Bellingham

Bellingham WA State Travel Lodge for 2 weeks

Bellingham WA State with a friend Wahalli for 13 days

Bellingham WA State Lions Inn Motel name changed to Hilopotrope

Bellingham WA State (well north Bellingham WA) about a mile from Bellis Fair Mall






TR Welling