Tabernacle of Adam System Skull Mountain Divinity

Notre dame

soon after it finished construction at the end of the 1300s

Leo entered and attended the Sorbonne, in pure hard clandestine secret

some if nto a lot of his classes which he was both a student adn teacher at

were in Notre Dame

a thing happened, and another thing happened, ,and he was given the commission to build a back up of the tabernacle of Adam system which is the engineering of the foundation of the island of the city  aka Paris

that back up rebuild is Versailles phase 1

he returned to Italy periodically and tried to work with teh Vatican.

voice falling mostly on deaf ears

however after the success of Versailles the papacy grew jealous and wanted their palace remodeled to resemble Versailles. e.g. st peters basilica and square, with other materials used to build the Sistine chapel

now this is where teh story takes on an insanely complex roll

the Vatican hill itself

what was quarried was designed to reflect the tabernacle of Adam system. a mirror of which the forum was built as.

the forum was built as one, and one was built to the north west of the city

e.g. the Vatican, the land has been called Vatican since well before Romulus and Remus' great grandfather was born

now Leo know most if not all of this information

he also had read the Aeneid, Dante’s inferno and was very familiar with the classics

somehow he used all that in his painting of the Sistine chapel

which includes the concept of Janus and the skulls present create the Hebrew letters

things are a bit more complex, but that is what I have been able to decode thus far

Sumerian symbol for god /anu


Tabernacle of Adam System

Skulls Mountain

Divinity The Sumerian symbol for God aka Aku


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The Number and amount of connections with this specific Symbol and concept is the primary source of regulation of Architecture for the religious and cultures descended from the Sumerian/Egyptians .


The number of connections this makes is beyond too difficult to include in just a few mosaic graphics.

This has the Gospels.

The name of Christ in it

The city of Paris; the architectural layout of the island of the city. F the area between Notre Dame Cathedral g and the building which used to be to the buildings left E. the farms and communities in the middle, the bridges between the island and main land H and D.

A B and C being separate Palace and Temples to the west of the Island.

This is also the layout although oblong of the Forum of Rome. F being the Temple of Caesar (that is a much much longer application of concept. Caesar was named for Noah/Gilgamesh, Narmer, Jacob, David, etc.; each language the name means the same thing) B being the Temple of Jupiter and the Palace immediately in front of the Temple of Jupiter. C is the Curia Julii (which that building was reconstructed out of parts of the Main Palace from Carthage). G H D and E are all other Temples and Administration buildings of the Forum of Rome. Each at various times were used as Temples as well as where the Senate met over the course of a year. They used each building for around 43 days.

The Island of Paris, the Forum of Rome, the layout of most purpose-built Universities (the center is the quad),

The Ben Ben Stone; the Khufu Pyramid has 8 sides. The Khufu Pyramid has the character of Shin in it. Shin is the main symbol in the Mezuzah; which is the medallion Jews place in the middle of Doorframes as a reminder of Israel. Egypt is Israel.


Tabernacle of Adam System

A Kaaba

B River

C Kaaba

D River

E Kaaba

F River

G Kaaba

H River

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This boils down to the brain.

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The Tabernacle System of Adam is in itself a model of the Brain.

The 4 major lobes, and the connections in the middle.

The fountain in the middle is the brain stem reaching up into the middle of the brain itself.

The 4 hemispheres and the 2 sides of the brain.

The Vatican Hill and its 8 spokes of the Divine Anu

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A right eye (the evil eye)

B the main temple of Janus i

C the left eye (the reason the Salem witch trials went crazy. congress with the devil, it is assumed it took place in rooms like this.) Malleus Maleficarum

Salem and memento mori,

the Malleus Maleficarum is more proof of the left eye of memento mori part 1b ceremony. The witches hammer. The Hammer part being the “seal the deal” first you kill the slave/Jew then you have coitus with a willing partner (hammering) the “seal” upon the commander/general/politician. Hammering their extra life onto them.

D currently the Sistine chapel, but then a different chapel

E the thief crucified to the left of jesus

F jessus his hours being crucified

G the thief crucified to the right of jessu

H the temple of the Cumae (which is still in its same position 2000 years later) in what used to be a garden to between the Vatican Hill and the marsh to the south.








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