Tabernacle of Adam System

Nativity Image result for nativity

Bent Pyramid

Memphis Egypt (moved to Rome to Rome) Similar to Carthage in the previous Century. It was dismantled and moved to Rome Proper as well.



Pepi I Pyramid

King Solomon’s TempleImage result for King Solomon’s Temple inside this building would be the four Kaaba supporting the Trees of Creation. Or at least copies or symbolic representations of said Trees.


Infinity Loop of the Pyramids and Levant Lands






At the center of the Garden of Eden was a structure. Although that structure has been edited down to the point of only a fraction of its original is still documented. This does not mean the original information is not present.

Genesis 2:9 “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Knowledge, Good, Evil are three of the four trees. The fourth is the tree of construction; that which allows the building in the images. The images are a collection of variables from different sources compiled together.

The Noah’s Ark Monolith found closer to Mount Ararat the Lake Nemi Ships in Italy (a few miles south of Rome). Also included is the Ark of the Covenant. Each x is a Kaaba housing a Tree, the center x is the rivers of creation.

The System was designed to generate and direct electricity towards some type of a loom over the Fountain at the center of the Garden. That fountain in the headwaters of the four rivers of Creation. The Pishon, Gihon, the Tigris, and the Euphrates; each river has its own specific attribute.

Since each river adds specific nutrients to the roots of the two trees it feeds.

This is illustrated in the symbol for the ultimate good next to god converted to a symbol for the ultimate evil. The Swaztca was invented to represent the Garden of Eden, which the Thule Society’s entire purpose for being was to investigate said concept. Most of the previous 20 think tanks in Europe were also about this very topic.

Although investigating the Garden of Eden was at the core of the American Civil War. The Plantaiotn System and the associated slaves were part of the Garden of Eden, but Esau’s philosophy not Jacobs. Esau demanded all not the lord of the manor to be slaves to the will of the lord, Jacob saw the roll as a steward to work with everything in the garden. TO be one with the group not overlord over the operations.

From 1850-1899, the Confederacy formed and reformed, named changed and moved it headquarters several times due to conflicts and losses. Finally ending up in central Europe.

But by the turn of the 1900s the entire slavery issue was not a primary topic, the structure and use of the Weave of Time was.

The Tabernacle System of Adam is what Adam did upon arriving on Earth after leaving the Garden. He built dozens perhaps even hundreds of copies of the Garden. The Four Kaaba’s around a central fountain.

Of course four Kaaba’s is just one strand of DNA, it requires 22 more pairs of 2 buildings to make just one DNA sequence. However that is just one human, two humans made out of the dust of the earth is needed. So 23 x 2 collections of 4 Kaaba’s make up a mating pair.

Some type of reason has to exist to why the architectural configuration is just so. The Structure below of the Noah’s Ark Monolith tells about a Latus Structure, which is remarkably similar but flat to that of DNA. Also the evidence of this can be found in the indescribable information about the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”.