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This could be one of the more complex subjects I work with.

Minus what I have named the Gospel of TR. I tripped backwards into finding direct physical evidence of a Gospel. The other Gospels mention but do not actually directly talk about.


Which in part revolve around the person Hercules and this adventures including the facts that he has a Temple dedicated to him where Remus wanted to built the Forum of Rome.

Romulus and Remus fought over the location being where it is now as suggested by Romulus or were it was suggested close to where the Circus is/was where the Temple of Hercules is. That location would be a symbolic remembrance of the feats of Hercules.

Which the character of Quasimodo is loosely based on; “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” written in the middle 1800s as a fundraising effort to repair the crumbling Notre Dame Cathedral.

Romulus and Remus fought, Remus fell on Traitors Post



·     Memento Mori*


§  I came 1a

§  I saw 1b

§  1c Einstein Rosen Bridge Pi 3.14

§  I conquered 2

o  the Ceremony

§  1a some type of person A impacting person B, assault, violence, altering the motion direction of an object with velocity

§  1b intimacy, from the most innocent to the most not.

§  1c 3.1415926535

§  2 the Parade, some type of community involvement.

§  3 Genius; the first 3 acts are about creating an interaction with Janus. So that Janus would then gift the residence of the city/community with a Quantum Field Thought, which would be “Eureka” into the mind of a Genius. Not necessarily a smart person, but a vessel capable of receiving said quantum cognitive impulse. Which either the Genius or the smart people in the community would then either accept said Eureka Moment or reject as the West or East face/Head/thinking pattern of Janus.

·     in Medieval and Feudal Europe this Genius task morphed into the “Fool” Task, where individuals would be hired to be around and perform, sometimes it was expected they would “comment” or say something at the right time to fix some type of a problem in the community. They would say sometimes from the West Face of Janus which was designed to highlight for the community leaders a problem which needed to be solved, or the east fact and present a solution the community was struggling with.

§  4 acting upon said Genius, either East Face good or West Face bad, as the community decides if the Genius impulse is good or not.

§  Part 5 Royals; apparently the job of the royals is to patiently sit back, careful in most cases to not participate in the commoners version of the Memento Mori Ceremony e.g. the Gladiator Games. They could participate in the Janus portion, which is not unlike the differences between Sociopathic and Psychopathic behavior. 1000s enjoying many killed, and a few or just one killing just one person.



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Connections which are connections between say the Ogle family and Northumberland in regards to Hastings

Or the Parissi in regards to Caesars military campaigns in Ga’al.

Spider web covers from the third layer of connections out to distant connections.

Example Noah’s Ark and the formulation of Washington State, they are connected however they are layers and layers separated from each other.

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