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Table of Contents The Ministry of Jesus

Memento Mori; 1a violence, 1b intimacy, 2 Janus community involvement/Parade (Shakespeare’s Hamlet graveyard scene)

The ministry of Jesus and the trials of Hercules

The 3 miracles before going to Rome

The 3 during the crucifixion

1 Trial; declared god/Janus (connection with Satan)

2 “forgive them, they do not know what they do”

3 Heart Shot produced Water (Holy Water)

3 after under his new name

1 Lake Nemi Ships

The Domus Aurea (original City of Pillars, which when Nero destroyed, the residence evacuated to among other locations Venice, which during the renaissance they evacuated out of Venice for the Americas, which they were pushed from the east coast to Whatcom county, rebuilding 4.5 Venice in the area. Fairhaven, Jam, the Lettered Street aka Castle Ogle, Castle Bellingham in the Mouth of the Nooksack River, which Nero could have used that same name on his Palace, which was destroyed to build the Coliseum aka Flavian Amphitheater) a Radio Telescope, which was slightly redesigned but the identical engineering for a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope is present.

3 other miracles/tasks

0 coming back from the dead

1 King Solomon's Temple Inner Sanctum Sanctorum

2 this dead/miracle needs to be identified

3 finding the arc of the Covenant, brining it back to Rome. Which ultimately caused the deaths of the next 7 emperors. Nero, the 3, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian. All died in the ceremony of power proving they were worthy to touch the arc of the covenant. which was sealed inside the Arch of Titus a few weeks after Domitian’s execution.

3 Miracles/Tasks of the Ministry of Jesus

0 the Ministry itself

1 ? possibly saints with documented miracles in association with each one

2 ?

3 ?

Timeline of the Ministry of Jesus

Jesus versus Paul

Simon Peter Pharaoh

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