The Angel Maroni and FreeMasonry



There is a pattern involved with the structure of the British. Every time the British are conquered they hide key pieces of information in “unusual” areas in order to be able to go back and rebuild it later.


It is a fact that Thomas Ogle and his son Joseph Ogle had arrived in what would be called Tiffin, Ohio summer 1823. It is also a fact that they had moved back to the area when the fighting between them and the Prussians working in coordination with the Americans for the most part ended. The Battles were over not the small stuff of library’s and the like, but over the ideas of who would control the radically advanced weapons the books in the library’s discussed.

The Prussians were entirely convinced that the Ogle family maintain possession over the secrets of the Alexandria Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse and its Weapon of Mass Destruction; which the Romans sent Julius Caesar in to conquer and capture.

Little did the Romans know that Caesar was both a Jew and had been part of a much larger plan between the Egyptians, the Ogle family, and the Jews who chose to remain in (the city of Samhain) Rome after Romulus seized control.

The Vatican used among other cultures the Prussians to spy on the British as they came back from the Crusades armed with vast library caches.

From 1200 ce to 1820 the Prussians were both entirely convinced that the British specifically the Ogle family possessed said WMD knowledge, but would when push came to shove turn on the WMD’s and use them against the Prussians.

What they did not know was that it was god who controlled the tool, and it was a tools not a weapon.

But ungodly cultures who are entirely convinced that they are holier than god convince themselves to commit all manner of evil actions in order to


There is an ancient Freemasonic Ceremony involving the Queen of Sheba which has been all but entirely removed from Masonry, the LDS, and history.

But the ceremony was all too real.

It remnance and documentation of its existence are all around in related topics but the specifics are mostly scrubbed from reality.

Why because how the ceremony works is the definition of a threat to those in power.

The ceremony actually tells the people in charge that they are in very hard reality doing things wrong.

No middle ground as to the situation.


The Ceremony is to take the square and compasses, and place tem on the bible.

Once achieved, the letters below the metal are identified.

Those letters once identified have both time sequences and of course letters in the firm of layers occurring at the same time.


The part takes place inside a FreeMasonic Ceremony.

When the c and m are at the center.

Before the hand off back to the



Just because the American Government had claimed Ohio as a Territory does not mean that they had a military or cultural hold over the area. In fact it means much the opposite.









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