The Fourth Reich


This point needs to be made with absolute clarity.

November 6, 2016; what remains of the Prussian Empire chose to perform a Coupe Detant against in basic the Government they put in charge of American in 1776. Which itself is a very long and intensely complex story.

For most of the time from 1776-present the Prussians have accepted and or at least tolerated what the Americans did.

However in the 2016 presidential election, the Prussians in American decided that they needed to seize power away from the liberals and the basic principles of a representative democracy in order to push through some of the changes to the American government they had tried every single other way since 1776 and had for the most part failed. Or there changes had been removed due to the facts they were either very bad or crimes against humanity.

The new champion would be a former bottom end nothing family who came to America to operate whore houses and run illegal gambling. The Drump family name changed away from their rather obvious Prussian name to Trump and lived in American in and around New York from the end of the 1800s forwards.

Which means the Drump family were requested to come to American by Tammani Hall. Tammani Hall is an organization which is still in the present the New York Spy Headquarters for the Prussian Empire.

Its first “official” on paper leader was Arron Burr, the man who assassinated Alexander Hamilton. Because Hamilton was about to make political maneuvers to reenter Politics and be allowed to run for President.

The Prussians did not want Hamilton to Run period. Alex was being groomed to be John Adams vice President. Which would have absolutely ensured Alex would have been elected to be the 3rd or 4th president of the United States.

However the Prussians were more than slightly upset about this and ordered his execution.

Allowing for Thomas Jefferson to become President with Arron Burr his Vice.

Arron Burr the same man who assassinated in a duel Alexander Hamilton.

Of course Alexander Hamilton himself had been driven out of Politics by a sex scandal which had rocked the political establishment in DC to its core.

Alex’s reaction to the scandal became unacceptable. Instead of writing a short “I am sorry” note which is how upper class would accept the letter and allow him to return. Alex wrote a book detailing his actions and apologizing for them. Which embarrassed the people who demanded the apology.

 Arron Burr was the first legal president of Tammany Hall. Which by default means he was a to his core loyal to the Prussian Empire and not to America. Which explains most of his actions.

Arron Burr was not allowed to take over as President after Jefferson, his assassination of his political rival ensured his exist from political life. However he did attempt to usurp the election and swing the election from being Thomas Jefferson’s Vice to being  President himself. Which was seen as a rather extreme violation of honor.

Although a couple presidents later the Prussians got there man. They forced the election and of course cheated to have John Quincy Adams to have only one term and gave the election to Andrew Jackson.

A more in the pocket of the interests you cannot find till the election of Diaper Rash number 45.  An infection which is caused by excrement not being cleaned properly.

Both Jackson and Diaper Rash did evertyign in their power to destroy the country to allow business to collect as much money from the eonomy as they possibly could.

You see in the Prussians opinion, if the rich have and control all the money than the Rich (upon feeling powerful and in control) will relax and be bennevilnat. They will feel comfortable and allow for the economy to instead of retracting to squeeze every dime they can get their hands on, to expansion and to invest in the country. Unformtateily, that “investment” usually takes about 3 decades of squeezing the country to give the rich enough money to relax and allow for expansion.

The 9 times it has been tried, it has crushed the economy. Almost leading to an economic collapse on at least 3 occasions. But protests and insults form the masses while the rich are collecting their money only hurts there feelings. The more their feelings are hurt the more money they need to make them feel better. The more they hurt the “less fortunate” the better they feel. So the “trickle down” swifts from being about money to being about crushing the soul of the nation to force the masses to accept whatever rules and regulations those in charge want and to above all STOP Questioning their Authority.

The more the rich peoples authority is questioned the more it hurts their feelings the harder they squeeze to make themselves feel good again.

From the end of World War II (1920-1946) to present the Prussians shifted their headquarters from Konigsberg Prussia to Wichita Kansas.

The New Emperors of Prussia are the Koch family.

The Koch family love two things. One power/money, and two they want to be as powerful or not more powerful than the Vatican was at the height of the power.

However the Vatican is an open and public organization. The Koch family is a secret family who hate communication. They want to do their thing behind the scenes and all but in all ways reject publicity.

Exactly as the Prussians chose Adolf to be their next public distraction, the Koch family chose Diaper Rash to be their next puppet in charge. Hence the Fourth Reich.

Hillary Clinton won the election by about 10 million votes. If you count both the actual votes counted and the “suppressed” votes and of course those not allowed to vote for various suppressed reasons. Mostly the gop working  hard to deny people who they know will never vote for them. The GOP actually began as the liberal party, but from 1865-1920 the Democrat and GOP parties switched platforms. Now the dems are the liberal party and the GOP are pro-crimes against humanity party. But you will be hard pressed to find a member of the GOP who will admit that.

Diaper Rash was given the election by his GOP political friends and the super-rich in America. Why because they did not want the reforms Hillary was going to put into place, they wanted what Donnie would do for them. So cheating turned into the only real option.


 As a result the Fourth Reich has thrived with crimes against humanity, and doing almost ever vile, evil, and disgusting thing they want. As a result the government is loser to collapse as it has been since day one shortly after the constitutional conversion ended with a solid Constitution in place and a presidential election on the horizon.












TR Welling