The History of the City of Bellingham Washington State


The history of this city and county are so complex, that it literally takes a flow chart in outline/chapter form in order to present the information.


1.   Castle Bellingham, renamed to fort Bellingham.

2.   Castle Ogle renamed Picket Tower

3.   Castle Jerusalem; Noah’s Ark WWU Old Main

4.   Castle Bamburgh Image result for peace arch

5.   Vikings

6.   New Paris aka to be demolished and renamed Lynden

7.   Ferndale aka Jamm

8.   Ancient History Troy

9.   The 18th Amarna Dynasty, Pharaoh Amenhotep iv aka Akanaten father of Tut (King Tut Road)

10.                    The first printing of Genesis to still exist; the Pyraamids, built into the earliest structures in Wahtcom County.

11.                    The City of Samhain

12.                    conquest of Samhain birth of the British culture

13.                    The last stand of the British in Whatcom county

14.                    East India Company; an Ogle family company

15.                    conquest by the Hudson’s Bay Company under the command and control of the Dutch,

16.                    Pro-Slavery Idaho and WA terrirotires

17.                    British Royal family the Ogles of Tiffin, Ohio. The Judson’s and Peabody/Roeder had to travel through Tiffin on their way to wahcom county

18.                    Fighting against the Slave Trade

19.                    Lewis and Clarke

20.                    The Estates of the EIC in Whatcom County

21.                    Reoder and Peabody new Chiefs of the military and Proctor for the EIC

22.                    Captain George Picket

a.    long history battling against the British in Virginia

23.                    Picket House

24.                    Picket Plantation

25.                    Picket Consentration Camp

26.                    Whatcom Military reservations of 1850

a.    Western Washington University

b.  Picket House/Tower

c.    Fort Bellingham

d.  Picket Plantation/Death Camp

e.    Peace Arch

f.     Lynden WA

g.   7 reservations in just 20 miles by 20 miles. The area had enough military reservations to qualify as a huge Military base, but nothing was claimed to have happened.

                                                            i.      More than 12 world armies were present and at strength for fifty years, but not a single shot was fired. In what logical world would that be even mildly realistic? 12 armies totally over 100k troops just sat in the area, and staired at each other from 1790-1860, when some of those same armies were exchanging fire in dozens of other locations closer to home.


27.                    The Pig War

28.                    Confederates States of America

29.                    The Civil War and Bellingham.

30.                    Roeder and reclaiming lands

a.    The Picket Plantation 1000s of acres were claimed by Picket from Roeder, he spent the next several years after 1861 legally fighting to get the lands back. Only after the territory was declared a state were some of the acres returned. But a sizable few dozen acres are still kept by the  US military “Just in Case” they need them back. Although those lands are mostly covered over by city and other instillations. Two very large schools are on those lands, as well as the core of Down Town Old Town Bellingham. But the threats in the area were so violent that 7 military bases were a requirement from a full century, a full 120 years later those lands are still considered valuable if they are needed. Makes the DOD actions seem odd that a conflict which occurred in 1820 is still casting a shadow in 2020.

31.                    The Confederacy name change to the KKK

32.                    The KKK and Lynden WA





TR Welling