The Journey of Joseph Smith in Colorado


“The lord god commanded Joseph to leave for the Rocky Mountains”

Joseph was not in the habit of ignoring a flat out command. So when give a command, Joseph would have flat out obeyed without the smallest of questions back.

The question would only be “my lord, when” not if, not what do I take with me. Flat out; When.

The answer might have been  very close to “drop everything and leave, right this very second”

Which is not outside the realm of possibilities, since a similar command was given to “St Francis of Assisi” when he was ordered to drop everything and walk directly out of the city literally nude.

Frances needed to literally cut all ties to his former life and forge a brand new path.

With all the trials and issues surrounding the journey of Joseph Smith when he was guided to the Plates by god, at age 16. For 38 years Smith did his best to walk the path. But the lord does not give extremely difficult tasks without a secondary path later which is much easier.

His first 16 years were a struggle with starvation and being a spiritualist among fanatical great awakening followers. People who would be more than happy to be violent against anyone who questioned their authority. Up to and including murder.

First aett of Joseph Smiths life; 1-16 normal life

Second aett of Smiths life, from 16-39 to found and let go of his LDS church. Let Brigham run the church.

Third Aett of Smith’s life. Travel alone from Carthage following the river system west through southern Kansas to the Platte river. Following the Platte river to Colorado. Then North West to Manitou Springs Colorado.

June 22, 1844

Joseph Smith’s journey into Colorado (although not called that till the mid-1850s, or 30 years in 1820) in June 22, 1844 was a very interesting journey. Five days later his brother and body guard would be dead. He at most would be around Wichita Kansas, by the time he reached Manitou around a month later or possibly less. The word would have spread far and wide regarding his Martyrdom. Making it impossible to come out of hiding and present to the world “The Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The orders from the lord were specific, blend into society and take on this other job. A job he had done very successfully since around 1825, give or take.

The Journey consisted of Joseph Smith traveling with in basic only the clothes on his back. And an order to his friends and companions, not only do not follow me, but I am no longer here. Whatever happens you have to carry on as if I am among you. You have to carry on and treat my body guard/body double as if he is me.

With that and the clothes on his bad, Joseph Smith headed west following the river systems primarily out of Carthage.

The new task was part of the old path and tasks which Joseph had been secretly engaged with since the early 1820s. Very shortly after or possibly before he found the plates, he was contacted by the British Royal family. They had a task they needed him to achieve. They needed him to travel as far west as he could under the cover of creating a new religion “Mormonism” and to work with a group of Clandestinely trained individuals (one would eventually be joined by his brother Samuel, Samuel  would eventually become this groups leader, the group would take on the name missionary. All subsequent missionaries have a long and proud clandestine tradition, stemming fro helping the French and British Royal families evacuate out of Colorado for first Castle Bellingham and then Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe) under direct orders from  Joseph Smith to travel to Colorado then called Rocky Mountain. Secure the British and French Royal families and escort them out of the area to safety. The Libertine French and the American government wanted them found and killed as quickly as possible. The more covertly the better.

Joseph Smith June 23, 1844 had a strong idea where he was going. The events of the 1820s and 30s presented him with a huge amount of information and Knowledge regarding how sacred and holy his actions with the Royal British and French had been.


The order and clandestine missions.

The British and French Royal family’s had literally become trapped behind enemy lines. Although the native tribes were for the most part allies of the British, had been allies for centuries. The English and Americans were not only not allies, they were perceived as about as hard target a threat and enemy as possible. Since the English and Americans enjoyed killing Natives for sport, the body counts regarding the Americans killing natives in American makes the holocaust look like nothing in comparison. 50 to 150 million natives killed by English and Americans. The world mostly thanked the Americans for said removal process, which is one reason the Third Reich were so surprised they were not being thanked and celebrated.

The French and British Royal Family


Oui and Ouija








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