The Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding the Picket Plantation Bellingham Washington


There is an incredibly good chance that Joseph Smith thanks to help and maps provided by the Ogle family from Tiffin, Ohio sent an advance scouting and settlement party from Kirtland over to what was then called Castle Bellingham in the semi-still called new British Empire in the Pacific North West. From a bit, north of Vancouver Washington on the Columbia to Vancouver BC was the new British Empire. Established as a way for the British and the Ogle family to keep themselves from being entirely erased from exitance.

Unfortunately for the Ogles, Joseph Smith, the LDS, etc. from 1835-1851 any strides achieved were erased by the Great Awakening movement settlers and Captain Pickett who came out lusting for blood and conquest. To kill all whom stood against them, take whatever possessions they could, then erase them from existence. 2000 miles away from the closest assemblance of Law and Order the flat facts regarding how the early LDS church was treated was beyond doubt genocidal. Not just Joseph Smith and his family were killed, many more were not only killed but their existence was as much as the locals could erased.

The Great Awakening moment in the early 1830s perceived the Ladder Day Saint movement as just another sect of Judaism. Jews up till 1946 had such little value that they were just about literally hunted down like animals and slaughtered. At the time, it was not a noteworthy event to kill a Jew. Or if they were killed they were counted along with natives and blacks. Worth less than killing an animal. At least with an animal you can sell their hide for money. With Jews, the only profit was whatever possessions they were carrying and if they managed to in some way have land. Taking either the land and or taking the product of that land.

In some areas like the West Jews could ton sign legal documentation. A Jew was considered to have less rights than a woman, whom had 0. She either belonged to her father, brother, or husband. If her father was dead and no male relative, she would be on her own, with 0 rights, no voice, no money, 0 options. Other than to work illegally. Or become an indentured servant to a rich family. Who could do with her anything they chose, legally.

Joseph Smith was talking about a Place on the other side of the Rockies, far away from the troublesome Great Awakening movement followers who had no problem killing anyone whom told then no for any reason what so ever.

So, if any LDS came out to Castle Bellingham Before 1840; since the population could just as easily assume they were Jews for Christ. They were not worthy of mention. Any type of lands and or settlements they would or could have built would for the authorities of the English, the Americans, the Confederacy, etc. would not exist at all.

A large LDS community in Bellingham circa 180 would be a perfect reason to send Pickett and his 1500 troops into the area to erase the existence of the group, their money, their settlements, their church, their everything. Pickett’s 1500 men were not documented, only the 68 scripted non-and commissioned officers under his command. Privates were not documented for said types of duty. The privates were usually just hired thugs who had no problem killing for sport anything they were paid to.


The Picket Plantation was between