The Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Lynden Washington State Slave Trade



Lynden Washington State was supposed to be a New Jerusalem but instead it turned into the next place Protestants(Islam Light) from Holland seized control over and took up residence. Destroying most of what the Jews who settled the place had built. Almost no traces at all of what the Judsonís (Descendants of Judah the fourth son of Jacob) built still exists. It has all been systematically destroyed.



Before the Judsonís owned the property it was owned and started as a Plantation. But the Military officer whom sold his lands to the Judsonís did not have the time to actually make the place realistically a Plantation. He only had the time to do a little bit of set up, marry a native girl, have a couple kids. A war broke out in Mexico and he had to engage, he had to leave his land in Whatcom County to someone else.


Whatcom County was for a small amount of time in the late 1850s, the 1860s, and a bit of the 1870s considered by some Confederate Territory. When Washington and Idaho broke away from Oregon; the subject was over for the most part Slavery. Washington and Idaho wanted it, Oregon did not.

Slavery and racial segregation were still very strong subjects in Whatcom County and specifically Lynden til the 1930s.


Odd for a Place intended to be the New the last stand of Jerusalem. A safe haven for Jews. For a few decades minus a few people/families Jews were not allowed in Lynden from 1880-1970.