Cassandra Princess of Troy

Her story is beyond words simply an awesome one.

 Cumaean Sibyl 

Apollo and ATEN

AET = AEtEn. Th3e ‘en the possessive of the AETT. The AETT are three sets of eight characters that comprise the Elder Futhark.

Grand High Cumaen Sibyl Cassandra Princess (Queen of after her mother died) of Troy. In Exile. Once both Britian and the Seven Hills were up to full strength. Casssandra became Queen of what could be described as Either Israel or if they were still trying to hide Etrusca.

As the legend goes Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy but not in a way which is understood. Her brother was her interpreter, or in this case Oracle.

Founded by settlers from Euboea 


Location of Ionia within Anatolia

Knowing that the Dorians one of the things why were good at besides killing all whom apposed them, was deceiving about their accomplishments.

Bragging they killed the entire Royal Family is pure propaganda. There is no possible way the core 1500 to 5000 Royal Guards would have done anything at all other than after Cassandra’s warning. They would have evacuated the Royal family with or without consent. If four 200lbs in body army guards pick you up, there is nothing you can do about it. You can either story and struggle, in which case they will either drug you into unconsciousness, or gag you into being quiet. Then sneak you and your family out of the city. All proper and with sufficient time Capital Cities built escape tunnels for if the city fell to a conqueror all the defenses between the main gate and the inner most protected royal apartments would buy time the conqueror would have to go through those defenses in order to kill the Royal Family. That few hours at a full run the 1500-5000 Royal Guard soldiers could have the Royal family about 10 miles away.  If horses are ready, make that 30 miles away.

Royal Body doubles and Stand Inns would have the ones killed by the conquering army. Which is why most conquerors find the Royal family either passed out or in a black out drunk. The Stand Inns need to be either unconscious or close to death in order to look like whom they are pretending to be and not to divulge the facts the royal family got away.

So the question if the Royal family escaped is not in question. The question becomes where did Priam, Cassandra, her brothers and sisters from Troy where did they go.

That answer is easily.

That puzzle piece is found already with the framework of the story itself.

Odyssius’s grandson already provided that information at the start.

Prince Aeneas had escaped long before the Dorians arrived at the shores with the bulk of the treasure. Since it takes a huge amount fo times to gather the necessary armies in order to bring a huge enough fleet to the shores of troy. Agamemnon took about five full years to gather the necessary armies.

Five years si more than enough time for the Trojans to know as a matter of some very hard fact the Dorians were coming and coming for blood. The Trojans also know as a matter of very hard fact that they were going to lose. They had no choice in the matter, they knew they were going to lose.

So they boxed up the Amber Room from inside the Tabernacle to Apollo. Put as much of what could be boxed and shipped as possible up. Put all their most previous items with Aeneas and had him sail off.

First to Tyre, then to Carthage, then to the City of Seven Hills.

The descendants of the Dorians half a millennia later would assemble a new army just like at Troy and repeat the same behavior patterns. Ending in the same patterns occurring again. Although this time the city was not obliterated, the city of Alba Longa was obliterated and the city fo Seven Hills was not damaged almost period.

Although it is interesting “She Wolf” Wolf as in a She Beast (beast = Esau) nourished the twins and adopted them. The Twins Romulus and Remus were the co- commanding generals fo the army. Romulus took on the role of Agememno and Remus took on the role of Menelaus.

Unfortunately for Menelaus Helen Paris and their children would have been carried out fo the city before the city fell as well. Forcing Menelaus to take a someone close enough look alike to Helen one of her handmaidens as his replacement wife. But to maintain everyone’s honor and strength the handmaidens who survived the Dorians would have had to accept them as the real people. With a generalized understanding. On the Dorians side the Trojans would have to disappear from the pages fo history, on the Trojan side they would have to take on different names and give up whom they previously where.






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