Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith regarding Troy with the Exodus


Ancient History

Almost everything about Ancient history is speculation surrounded by mythology. Layers and layers of mythology as descended cultures literally change the stories of a community to fit their perspective of life itself. Each new theory about what happened in the ancient past is just that. A theory based on an examination of whatever evidence is available. Evidence is interpretation, not hard fact.

Scottish Rite

A strong and vital portion of the Freemason extension like “Scottish Rite”. The problem is, in those degrees you will find references to Moses. If this theory is correct Moses was in all hard evidence based reality little different to A.H. in his hatred of Jews, the need to dispose of them, use them in a genocidal way, and have his propaganda machine literally turn his actions good.

In truth the name Moses should be replaced in all hard reality for King Priam.

The actions and events which surround the teachings within the Scottish Rite are profound and incredible. But the layers of secrets within the degrees literally point to the foundation of the events are being almost literally those that put the degree together in the first place were merely copying over layered secrets from previous cultures.

Learning the layers of secrets. It is up to each person’s walk through the lessons to literally take those lessons and carefully decrypt the lessons. But in the decryption process itself it is extremely easy to become lost. Follow incorrect leads into believe a lie or a sequence of lies are in fact truth.

Moses was used because the radical Confederate (ally of militant Islamic cultures both in America and in Africa) Albert Pike write Moses into his degree process. Either knowingly or ignorantly assumed Moses was great, when in fact Moses if this series of theories is correct, when he was no different than any other evil man who wanted to genocide the Jews. Himmler, Goering, Heydrich, Mohammed, ben Laden, etc. Where Pike knew of the ancient connections between the really bad actions Moses did or not, he included them in the Scottish Rite organizational structure. However the King which did most of those great actions was not Moses but more than likely Priam.

Troy was designed to be a faraway replacement for the destroyed and taken over by evil cultures Jerusalem.

Both Heliopolis which translates directly as Jerusalem and Memphis which was supposed to be a replacement copy of Heliopolis itself. Troy was designed to be a replacement for both of those cites.

Moses and Mohammed

Moses on Mount Sinai; this is a fascinating reference because the entire concept of what occurred was literally within a few decades was so twisted by the Hyksos/Dorian second dark age that all information had to pass through the descendants of 19th dynasty execute all who spoke against the Pharaoh of Egypt and Moses’s descendants who would literally do the same thing. Kill all who were not using his new Hebrew. Seeking out and destroying all languages which might say something different than what Moses and Ramses had agreed to. Not to mention the facts regarding how violently much Ramses had changed and erased things in Egypt. The story of the Exodus and Troy are profoundly more connected than almost anyone currently assumes.

The Trojan War is almost literally like looking at a Holocaust from the point of view of the Third Reich won and it is three thousand years later. The heroes are not the allies who stopped the slaughter but those whom did the mass executions and literally got away with it.

Men whom literally not only got away with it; but Bragged about getting away with it. These men are literally heralded as some of the greatest heroes in the Bible because from 1300-400 b.c.e. they controlled literally every letter written had to pass the censors. If any guard saw writing he had his own authority to kill the writer. If he felt that letter was against what Moses or pharaohs would approve of; he had the legal right to kill the person carrying the object that character was inscribed on, destroy the object itself, anyone whom saw that thing, the person who wrote it, and the person it was intended for. Stops education almost instantly. Within a generation all those people whom push and try to circumvent the rules are usually found quickly and killed.

The worst people are usually in a quick raid, the army comes in the middle of the night. Makes all kinds of noise. Surrounds the living quarters. Brings torches, and the soldiers scream and yell. The people are dragged out of their beds, executed, houses burned, material destroyed, etc. to make sure the neighbors perceive what is happening and will let what little they know die with them.

It would be very interesting if Moses from 1300-300 was perceived in almost literally the same way the HexenBeast (Cursed follower of Esau<Esau; beastly>’s line) Mohammed is by his followers.

No images of Moses are around. Only Hollywood has created images. But only twenty five hundred years after that radical influence of the Dorian age ended as Esau’s descended cultures reigns of terror always go. Bloody. They start bloody, maintain bloody actions, and end bloody.

Whether or not the events of the Exodus relate to and or within the framework of the Trojan War is mostly immaterial. What matters is the facts surrounding the brutality associated with Moses and his kin. He was beyond a brutal dictator. Whom according to his own account felt nothing for the pain and degradation associated with the actions he or those closest to him performed.


Based on the behvoar patterns of Mohammed, he might have instead of “Inventing Islam”, he might have combined both what he could find regarding what Esau did regading the conquest fo Mecca eg the Hajj and the cermeonies Moses left behind. Moses was a first genreatnoi Avaris Hyksos; from a family of Avaris Hyksos their culture dated all the way back to and through Esau’s conquest of Mecca. So in actualllity their si an extremely good chance that as a matter fo hard fact what Mohammed did was not “Invent Islam” but reintroduce what Moses attempted to do but most fo his action were erased by King David and his descended line. Moses went to Egytp and traveled up to Levant to walk in the footsteps fo Moses in the Levant Ghetto aka the New Israel.

Which makes Mohammed a thripple impostor. Esau cursed himself by raging against both the Lord and Jacob for not being chosen as the King of Kings. Then created his own thing fueled by the unmeasurable rage from not being chosen, work with heaven or Rule hell. Looks like based on bahvior apttern that Esau chose to Rule Hell; selling himself to the darkest and nastiest of human behaviors. Moses a direct line descendent from the Hyksos aka Avaris, which are just name changes form Esau descended cutlures. Moses followed those same bahaviro patterns, after being curced and working to remove the curse. Mohammed chose to follow these examples. Assuming that both of those situtinos were actually good things to do, so used both fo those models to build islam from. Both of which are based on finding ways to remove the curse from which it is in most likelihood only a divine miracle can remove that curse form Esau, Moses, and Mohammed.

Further evidence of said curse is Fatimah and her cursed existence after her exile from the middle east by Abu Bakr. What Mohammed was attempting to do was to create as much fo the ceremonies of Moses as he could. Which included Moses’s attempt to recreate as much of Esau’s ceremonies and customs possible.


Battle of Troy

The Battle of Troy itself is an amazing fixed point event in the history of western culture. It is such an amazing experience that the year the Trojan War ended is almost a western culture fixed point.

Not unlike the recognized Holocaust there was no America with its huge army to come to the rescue of the Jews. The only rescue possible was from themselves.

It took Agemmon years to assemble an army capable of taking on the Trojan empire. In that time the Trojans not only knew what was coming but had plenty of time to propare.

Carting as much of the most valuable of the treasures out via a corodor of refugees fleeing, select Royals evacuating to ensure the survival of the Trojan Culture. The Amber Rooms of the Public and Private were disassembled, boxed up, and shipped away. The tools and equipment not needed for the war were also shipped out. In effect before the War started before Agememnon left his War at Athens Priam might have figured out the ultimate stratagie and knew the next step was to come to his shores. His shores and destroy his city. To step into the Temple of Apollo and possible Athena and perform some sort of unbelievably beastly acts of Cardinal Lust, and Human Sacrafice in order to obtain something.

Which brings up the ieas of the Necronomicon. Which is a book long since spoke out in legend. A book or a series of books which HP Lovecraft invented a name for. That books or series of books tells informatnoi and universal knowedlge of the science of electro-magnetics. But since Solomon himself harnessed the power of “Demaons” to force them to go to the quary, cut, move, place, then polish the largest stones of the wall around the Temple 300 years later. This same book or series of books which Lovecraft literally mentioned but invented his own name as a label. Could one of the rituals in that book/s be what the Dorians wanted to do and ultimately failed. Since they did nto have the slightest understanding of what they were doing in order to peform said rituatl.

You can read all you want about driving a NASCAR race but wihtouth an understanding of what an intenral combustion engine is; there is literally no possible way for you to actually do any of the actions needed to run a NASCAR race. A Chariot race is not the same concept other than a race. The two are different enough to use different physical equatinos to particiapge.

The Trojan War was fought for an undetermined amount of reasons, but mostly those reasons revoed around seizing as much power as the Dorians could by the extermination of the Jews.

Temple of Apollo

It is not unrealistic to assume not only did the Trojans ship their libraries, most important treasures, and key poeole out well before the Dorians arrived on the shores but attempted to roughen up the most sacred of buildings. Both inside the walls and the religious complexes outside the walls.

If a Temple is going to anger the approaching enemy, there is less than 0 reason to not attempt to h hide a very large building by disguise. What if this hiding process is exactly what and where one of the intenral royal temples and a large external temple of Apollo. What if the Trojans created a bucket brigade of dirt. Entereing the temple through an underground tunnel; with a chain of citizens. Within a few months the entire outside of the temple would be entire covered with dirt. A few wind storms, add in some rocks and water, in nto much time you can turn a 200 foot tall zigurate into a hill. The Mount of Sinai, with a Zigurate at its base. That Zigurate used to contain the public Amber Room and public treasures. Same thing for the intenral Royal Temples; covered in dirty to make them look like they were simply hills or mounds of earth, nothing more. When the Dorians arrived they found a city transformed, by the changes the Trojans had made. Any reports of what the place should have looked like were altered based on what the Trojans quickly assembled. Making it possible for Moses to have walked up Mount Sinai, spent all kinds of time up on that mountain, then came down with the 10 commandments. It was not communing with the externrel portions of that made mountain but with the internal structures of the Zigurate covering Adam’s Tabernacle, with houses the Amber Room. Where Adam in the garden named things from the garden.

Could the Dorians have assumed the Trojans were doing to do just that and brought their own Amber Room with them. Reassembling the Tabernacle of Adam inside the hidden Zigurate at Troy. The question other than the 10 commandments would be; “WHY”. What else did the Dorians want to do with that Zigurate they needed to masacer/human sacrifice almost every single Trojan they could find to perform. What ritual did the Dorains feel compelled to perform which could and or would do something they wanted inside the now entirely obliterated zigurate at Troy either the external temple for the public and ro the intenral Royal Temple inside the inner sanctum of the Kings Chambers. Did the Dorians keep up their attacks for 10 years because the rituals were not working inside the public, but they assumed those rituals would work inside the Priams personal chamber. Or worse the private temple for Hecuba. What drove them to spend that much time and resources to get inside the Private Athenia Temple inside the Private Chambers of Hecuba. Rape a female clergy on the Alter of Athena, human sacrifice dozens if nto hundreds of Trojans who were still alive on the alter. What in the world would be so culture focused to perform said actinos. What Role did Ajax the Lessor Perform in this which kept him alive dispite his dispointing performance with the outcome of the ritual being negative.

What Ritual would require Raping vestal virgins and human sacrifice? Whatever the ritual was, it appears elements of that same ritual are still part of the Dorian cultures descendants in the present. With pre-pubescent girls and cutting the heads of adult males in Islamic cultures.


Is it not simply marvelous to be able to literally write your own history? What you say is literally taken as gospel truth; since you and your descendants are who translated both Genesis and your own books from Exodus to the end of the Old Testament. No one would dare even think of questioning your author since you make all kinds of claims of how great and divine you are. Since you write the material you can have any story you so choose and it is literally a go immediately to be tortured in the fires of hell sin to question what you write.

Must be nice.

But this is not an examination of the glorification of Moses, this is an examination based on hard evidence as to what the true story could have been. Knowing the Dorians e.g. Agamemnon, the Avaris/Hyksos from Egypt, and Moses himself lied to a degree which is only comparable to the propaganda put out by the Third Reich telling the world how great they were treating the Jews. The truth is a much darker and nastier place to live. The truth of the Exodus is in itself centered and focused on Moses. The pharaoh he went to battle with was Tutankhamun aka Tut; who was the only surviving son of IV. Since Tut actually shows proof of a chariot injury which led directly to his death a few days later. A chariot death and Moses bragging about a Pharaoh dying while chasing him. But instead of Moses being the Hero. How about cast Moses as all the evidence points the strongest to; he was born and raised a Hyksos in Avaris. Which means he was raised on the definition of a loose understanding of the truth. Killing, torture, murder, rape, lying, deceit, etc. were all part of the ethics he was taught were just fine to bend as long as the ends justified the means.

If we correctly identify Moses as a Hyksos, than we have to assume he was taking the Jews out of Egypt for an extremely bad reason. We also know within the same decades span as the assumed Moses did these actions the Trojan War was about to commence. The commencing of the Trojan War forces the application of Moses was repeating what the Hyksos had been doing for the previous many thousands of years by using Jews as shield walls in their attacks. A pattern the Romans repeated without fail of the same exact behavior pattern a millennia later at Masada where Jews were used as front line troops so the Romans could reach those on the Mesa to enslave them, capture the leaders, take them to Rome, and execute them in the Forum to show the power of Imperial Rome.

Same pattern same descended culture.

Use Jews as a shield wall. Let the Jews take all the damage and as the enemy grows tired of killing Jews, the real enemy comes in and cleans up the mess. Killing both Jews and the enemy at the same time. An extremely efficient human sacrifice way to win a war.

What did Moses need with some one hundred thousand to one million Jews? His army had been rounding them up for a while. Exactly the same as this same culture would do in the 1400 C.E. rounding up natives and Jews to use as both shield walls and sell into slavery. Have to fund wars in some way, better to fund them on the backs of others than to be forced to do actual work.

Moses taking his captured slaves out of Egypt, taking those slaves with him to the Trojan War. Using those slaves as front lie troops. If the Trojans did not kill them, the Hyksos/Dorians would; either way another dead Jew.

The Lost 13th tribes sticks out hard because it is a non-sequiter. The lost 13th tribes was not lost, the tribe simply did not allow themselves to be used to ensure a victory of the enemy. *


The City of Troy had been a major city for commerce and intellectual pursuits since the second the Jews took it over.

The attack on the city of Troy was a premediated attack to break a key linchpin in the development of the 18th dynasty expanding its power outside of Egypt. IV plan was to allow Egypt to fall into the hands of the Avaris but in exchange seize total dominance over the area from modern day Turkey to Britain.

The plan was at least partially successful. But then the Hyksos descendants started to determine what the plan was, observed the weak spot in the plan. And attacked the weak spot without mercy for generations. Attacking first Athens, but were stopped cold at Athens. Then turned to both the Avaris in Egypt for assistance whom turned toward Troy to seize control over that city.

Moses a Hexen Beast

If Moses was Ajax the Lessor, as in accepted in to the War and called by the Dorian whom either called for him or accepted responsiblyt for him  e.g. Ajax the Great. This would explain a huge amount of detail regarding Ajax’s son and brother as well as this mysterious figure whom the Dorains have less than no real want/need/desire to explain who this person is but have to describe key aspects of what this person did. The Raping of Cassandra’s vestal virgin handmaiden; in the Temple of the ATEN; that is beyond a significant occurance when it comes to the applicatnio of the Ritual the Hyksos/Dorians might have wanted to perform.

What did Moses do in his early life which pointed to the concept that he took on the mantle of Esau’s Curse.

Esau’s Cursed Half Life

Esau became so Enraged that his brother was chosen for a third and final time to be Israel that he literally could not stand the concept. He was so angry that he literally

Jacob fights Agnels, or did he fight a demon sent by his brother. E.g. cursing him and his descendnats for all time. Was the Trojan War about obtaining control over the working Tabernacle of Adam and working to remove the Curse?

At Jacobs funeral Dan possessed his fathers Blade. Esau showed up and caused a ruckess. The response from Dan was to fatally stab his uncle for causing the problem. The Blade was the Blade/Tome of Adam/Enoch/Methuzila/Israel, later to be known as the Blade/Sword/Tome of Troy. Unfortunately for the Dorians that blade had already been shipped out of the area by Aeneas. How can we assume this; because the name of the Blade is in all likelihood Aett. The description of the blade is the name of the blade/tome is three letters where one of the letters repeats. That word matches the name and configuration of the word in Futhark the AEtt. The Aett itself is three letters where the last repeats. That word describes the eight characters times three from which the Futhark is formed. Three sets of eight characters, each set is called an AEtt. The Futhark and Israel are byond intimately connected. The name of the Capitial city of Isreal is Jeruslame. Jerusalme the first four characters are the 12th character in the Futhark sequence the fourth character in the middle or haggalaz’s AEtt. Aeneas was ordered out with the treasures of Troy months if not years before the Dorians arrived. Iv and Priam not being stupid in any stretch of the imagination knew they were facing an army which would literally kill every last person on the planet themselves included to possess certain itmes. If the enemy of iv and Troy hwere the same enemy (which all evidence points to they were, simply name changed to claim difference but the behavior patterns are dead on the money the same) were attacking both locations. They both knew they needed to either send armies to the enemy whom were in Egypt the Avaris old name Hyksos in the Aegean the Dorians old name Hyksos. Previous to being called Hyksos they were called Esau’s descendnats. Iv and Priam knew the enemy was coming. So they made preperations to ensure the enemy would not find what they were looking for. Not to keep the curse going, not at all. The curse on Esau, which each of his line possess that curse. In this case including Moses and Mohammed. Any images of those cursed the ancients feared those images would transform into the truth half dead half alive truth image. So no images were allowed.

Somewhere Esau got into his head that if he found the fountain of youth, he could reverse the curse and finilly rule the Tabernacle of Adam. The problem is, no matter how many times his descendd cultures have attempted to seize control over a Tabernacle; the ancient ritual passed down through countelss generaions never works. They simply have no idea why it never works. But sure enough the facts that the ritual never works only further enrages the person and the culture itself.

Moses Becomes a HexenBeast

Somewhere in his jouney before he wrote in his scriptures regarding becommigtn a jew. He encountered something in his battles. Those battles led him to somewhere or something which cuased him to have an extreme problem. That problem was he became cursed. Cursed in some way. Cursed in a similar way to Esau.

That is why he is forced out of the Avaris Royal Palace, forced to get away. Forced to embrace the jews. He did not become a Jew, he was still a Royal Avaris Prince. But he was curced. That curce caused him to work to find out what the curse was and more importantly how to undo the curse.

He gathered an army of jews to be his shield wall. He gathred that army by taking those units of the Avaris army loyal to him and started to snatch jews into his own personal slave shield wall. That way if he needed troops he had the proper army. Spending time in Egypt searching for what the curse was as well as how to undo that curse. He was also stripped of his name. He had to take on a different name.

Finding out aobut the Esau line curse he charged forward to find a way to undo that curse. Not knwing that curse is for the most part, not undoable, you have to seek special favor from god. But that special favor from god is best done in a sanctified Tabernacle from whichis either a copy of or original construction from Adam. He only knew of two still in existence. The Kaaba had been rebuilt and the base design altered too many times to qualify as touched by Adam.

The Temple of Phat in EMemphis but that was a place he would not be welcome. His army consisted of 1000s of jewish slaves he had already engaged in battles with; more than a few of the slaves in his charge had been slaughtered and he left them where they fell. What does an Avaris prince care about a slave (male or female makes 0 different, a slave is present to either live or die and the pleasure of the master). The Jews at Memphis would not help him period. So he had to turn to the only other Tabernacle of Adam he knew of. That tabernacle was in the city of Troy.

Time to take his army of loyal to him and his army of slaves and march to Troy. The problem was, he needed a vastly larger army. He needed between 20,000 and 75,000 troops. Or he would not make it to Troy to undo the curse.

The Pharoah tut as he was captureing every jew he could find to fill in his shield wall attempted to stop him. the first time failed, but tut survived, the second time tut was thrown from his chariot and died a few days later.


The end of the Battle of Troy and the Fountain of Youth

Maybe the reason there is zero evidence of the Trojan War itself is because Agamemnon wanted the city to be taken intact. Maybe instead of burning it to the ground he wanted that city to be his new Capital. Almost exactly like the Palestinians with their Mohammed. What if Esau had some kind of special influence on that city and he chose to keep the city intact rather than burn it all but literally to the ground.

His forces breached the walls, but instead of going on a wild burning spree, the orders were instead to, with special operations precision, kill all but everyone they could find as quietly as possible. But not open the gates until a huge majority of the inhabitants had already been killed as quietly as possible.

Allowing Agamemnon to come into the city much as Romulus would insist on doing close to six hundred years later.

If this concept is correct the entire situation behind the Trojan Was is entirely incorrect in most ways. Including the fact that Achilles was a Jew.

After the Jews were not welcome back in Egypt. So Moses was forced to drive the Jews to Levant, change the name of Levant to Israel. Then forced them to stay in the area. While Ramses changed the name of everyone and everything in Egypt.

The ritual of the Founatni of Youth if that is what Esau’s line has been striving for this entire time. Which is strongly supported by the Spanish whom spent vast resources scouring the American continent for centuries looking for it.

Which is usually forgotten about the Spanish only a handful of years before the bulk of the Iberian Peninsula was entirely in the hands of militant islam from 700-1490. Just shy of a millennia of violent control. Those behavior patterns will not only influence the populatnoi the population will Stockholm syndrome take on some of the behavior patterns of those the are being oppressed by. The same culture which invanded and suppressed Spain their ancient ancestors were the hyyksos whom seized control over both Egytp forming the 19th dynasty and Troy. The Temple of Apollo plays a key role in several aspects of the Trojan War. Since this fact is at least according to the peom undeniable; the temples of each were after the ritual in those temples did not work were torn entirely down and the stones scattered. Some of those stones were transported to other locations to act as building suppies for Dorian projects in cities like Myceania and Sparta.


Achilles by most of the stories point to the facts that he was a Jewish shield wall. Part of the troops from which the Hyksos force to fight for them.

Over the time the Hyksos were in charge of whatever areas they were in charge of, they would seek out and conquer their neighbors. Some they would use a future laborers in their home city. Other were sold into slavery to pay for the expedition, others would be used as reinforcement shield wall bodies. People whom their close to only job was to be cut apart so the enemy would tire on the shield and the Hyksos could then come in after the destroy them.

Achilles based on the actions and behaviors that he and his men performed. Achilles and his men were too strong for Agamemnon to force into combat. If Agamemnon had attempted to force Achilles into battle there is an extremely good chance Agamemnon would lose both a sizable portion of his army and possibly his life. Depending on when Achilles chose to stop cutting through Agamemnon’s men.

Years, to generations before, Achilles’s ancestors were part of a Hyksos shield wall that simply grew too strong to hold them as slaves any further. Consequently as the shield walls grew in strength and skill. On occasion after a given city would be conquered, the shield wall would be placed in charge of that city. With the understanding that, on occasion of a periodic time. The Hyksos would come back and demand payment in taxes. Or face the full onslaught of the Hyksos army against them. Achilles was strong enough that his army was stronger than several Hyksos armies put together. But he would still fight for Agamemnon on occasion. Which this war was a fight he did not want to be involved with. But he stayed as almost a neutral party.

Achilles Heel

“To turn their ankles so we know our enemy by their limping.”

Could once Achilles was in the city, did he betray his slave masters. Turn his blade away from the Trojans and toward his Dorian slave masters. Thus making his a betrayer, illustrating his betrayal by turning his ankle.

Prearranged based on his wife from the Temple of Apollo. A Jewish clergy marrying a Jewish Head of his shield wall army. He by most standards of behavior was a Jew. So his mating and producing children with the Clergy of Apollo would be virtually no different than what Abraham did with Hagar. Ten years of intimate interactions; on an almost constant basis the statistics state she would have become pregnant at least once in that time.

A pregnant Clergy of Apollo e.g. a Clergy of the ATEN. If the child was conceived during a high holy day the eight per year. That means the child would have been considered a Nephilim and or a Demi-God. Just as Achilles himself was. His mother supposedly conceived within the framework of a high holy ceremony inside the Temple.

If Achilles did once inside the city honored both his slave masters by allowing the city to be taken. But also in effect headed up the back portion of the escape. When the royal family escaped into exile to first the Bospherous Strait, then Alba Longa, then Northumberland. Achilles could make sure their exit was secure.

Could he have traveled straight to the Royal escape tunnels and instantly followed making sure that his wife, children, and her family escaped safely. The penalty was his name was erased from then forward, “Killed in Battle”. Which is one of the most dishonorable things in Dorian culture. To remove you from your name and your family.

Alone on foot, he could have ensured the escape of the family of Priam. But would have also allowed for the absolute assurance that the line of British would be strong since, his blood would be part of the founding families of that line.

When Priam came to him to negotiate with him for the release of Hector, his wife and children could easily have been part of the deal. But the Dorians would have edited that part out to ensure that his line would stop with him. Whatever Dorian children he had before the War were ok, whom Agamemnon would most likely kill when he returned. But his Jewish children would have absolutely no part in the written history of the events. And the descendants of the Dorians once in Italy and Britain would seek out said records and erase then just as they had erased before at Troy. And before Troy going backwards to no later than erasing the records at the Tower of Babel.

To mark Achilles betrayal of the Dorians; they killed him by an arrow of justice to the foot. For a warrior culture a simple arrow shot to the feet is close to the most dishonorable way to die. Dying of some unacceptable disease in bed hours to weeks later. A warrior should die on his feet in battle. Not disabled in bed.

19th dynasty

The 19th dynasty itself was simply an extension of the Hyksos dynasty. The time within the framework of the thera volcanic erupsion caused the Hyksos to loose power, the 18th dynasty took over by force. Restricting the Hyksos to their capital of Avaris. Hence the new name Avaris. But they never stopped being Hyksos. Neither did they stop being Hyksos when a brnch of the family stuck in the western portion of Greece name changed to Dorian stop being Hyksos when they were called Dorians. The Hyksos are difficult to define withough using terms like barbaric, inhuman, comparison with the third reich, beastly, e.t.c. *


Linguistically speaking there is literally no possibly realistic way in which Theseus the father of Helen would have married her to a Dorian. Literally speaking it would be like the head of Masada to agree to marry his eldest daughter to the third in command of Al-Qaida. Not only is that not possible; but the Al-Qaida person might want to marry her but neither culture would allow said actions to occur. So at most Menelaus would have been a maximum approximately one quarter of a mile away from Helen and Paris at any given time. At the closest if when either Paris arrived by ship or Paris and Helen departed for their second wedding in Troy. One Wedding in their future Kingdom, second wedding in the Groom’s old Kingdom. Cementing the union and the cultural ties.

The entire Menaleus chasing his bride stolen by Paris has less than no truth what so ever to it. It is beyond fallacy. But it makes for a great story and a great reason to have the audience stand up for the realistic much later descended Hyksos culture Al-Qaida be the hero’s and the Jews being the villain. Creative story telling is what Esau’s line has been excellent at since day one.


Hebrews and Islam

That same concept applies to Moses. As best as I can determine, Moses was perceived the same way at his time as Mohammed is perceived now. Hebrews and Islam might literally be almost little difference. Hebrews with their mighty armies captured and at the point of a bayonet forced the Jews to surrender their previous being and to become Hebrews/Islamic followers.

It would be very interesting if Moses was in essence an early version of Mohammed.

Moses and Mount Sinai

Mount the word itself indicates a raised platform.

In all reality there is an extremely good chance the Citadel of one of the outlying cities for the Trojan Empire looked all but identically to that of the Pueblo Peoples https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSG2Kcd5llK2r36we7OPMZ2fPVWHLpG06IbFVyw8ZREBWq5iFBUCAup and down the RioGrande.

The city of Pueblo itself used to have a gigantic Pueblo housing ten thousands of families. The Walled city of Memphis old name Luz itself could have very well looked like and or interacted with a similar architecture to those Pueblos up and down the Rio Grande.

What does this mean for Moses and Mount Sinai; the facts surrounding the case of if a culture is trying desperately to hide what it is because an aggressor nation is not only coming but coming hard and strong with the largest army they can assemble.

What is the difference between a Mountain of Houses in a Pueblo configuration and a recreation of the Luz/Memphis city of El Beth El where the Lord commanded Abraham to build a replica of the Tabernacle of Adam?

Mount could easily be a reference to and within the framework of a re-creation in and or around the city of Troy. For all we know the Temple of Apollo itself could have been built like a Pueblo with a Tabernacle to one side. But that Temple would have been all but entirely obliterated.

If that Temple held both the Ten Commandments and some of the remaining tools which were not evacuated out of the city before the conquest. Moses and his fellow Hyksos/Dorians would have literally been angry with the Jews for stripping all but the most basic and scraps of information/tools for the temple they could. Emerging from the battle of the Temple of Apollo with fragments and remnants. Only to find his orders to crush the life out of any of his Jewish/slave shield wall performing any type of Jewish and Israelite ritual.

Those rituals he banned from his shield wall using period. He designed all new rituals for his Jewish slaves to use. Which are the foundation for the rituals currently used thirty five hundred years later. All the previous rituals were systematically erased.

But if the Mount Sinai was actually a Pueblo; which the hardest evidence imaginable for this theory having validity. Fr Francolon built Miramont Castle  located in Manitou Springs Colorado. Fr Francolon spent his entire life researching what El Beth el could have looked like.

He spent huge amounts of his training years in Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico. Where he interacted with both the Native population and the small but thriving Jewish communities in the area. Where he heard all types of stories about the Jews in the area were from a tradition which predated the Exodus. They talked about the facts that the Jews were at the battle of Troy. That the Ten Commandments were actually in a Pueblo looking building outside of the city of Troy. As a child growing up in Colorado Springs which is a couple miles away from Manitou, these stories were related to this author first hand over the course of decades.

Miramont Castle itself was built into a Cliff because it was a representation of the dike Abraham ordered constructed around the city of Luz. Luz the city is one of the legendary cities which Osiris was resurrected in., or at least in that area. Which connects the Mummies, with the pharaohs, with the Pyramids, with the Pyramids were graves for mummies, etc. but that entire hypothesis theory is entirely false in almost every sense of the words. The pyramids are for the pharaohs, are for in a way mummies, but they were never intended to be graves. They were always a resurrection place. To bring the body back to life, not a place to store the body until resurrection. That is all fallacy of later conquest culture not understanding and twisting the story so much out of any sense of reality.

Miramont Castle was most likely designed to reflect the wall/cliff at Luz. The Pueblo like structure of its interior was designed to reflect what the tower of Babel Ziggurat used to house.

The Babel Tower or Eridu ziggurat was in all likelihood had a copy of Adam’s tabernacle inside. Which was surrounded by protective walls to shield it from both the heat and invading armies whom only wanted to kill and control what that thing could do. The Temple of Apollo could have been designed to be a free standing representation of a squared off (Freemasonic) instead of Round Ziggurat which surrounded the Tabernacle of Adam.

The Tabernacle of Adam had eight walls. Giving the appearance of Round. Hence the Round Tabernacles. Which the Minaret of Islam is a copy of that. But Muslims have less than no idea what any of this is or have any idea those things are directly connected to Adam himself.

Moses invading the Temple of Apollo e.g. Mount Sinai to obtain the ten commandments. If this theory is correct would have literally gone into a mount of what could have looked like dirt spent the entire time looking inside digging through the rubble for anything; Aeneas did not take with him. Being extremely angry that the main portion of the internal structure Tabernacle or Tent of Adam with its Golden Room e.g. the German/Russian Amber room what those two rooms were designed to be a very distant copy of. No one at the time know what those rooms looked like, or even had an idea what those rooms could have looked like. The Hyksos then the Dorian followed by the Vatican one thousand year long dark ages erased most of the hard direct evidence connecting the Amber Room to the third flood of Adam’s Tabernacle.

So Moses lied and invented Mount to replace Pueblo, Sinai with Temple of Apollo, and lied about what he found. Instead of looking through the material forgotten about by the haste to get out of Troy before the Dorians arrived with their kill all the Jews army. Those plates were left behind. Although it is a guarantee those plates left behind were copies of originals which were shipped out by Aeneas to the city of Alba Longa. Then shipped out to Britain for extra safe keeping.

Moses make the whole thing up to make himself look great. And to continue to hide whom and what he truly was from those that he enslaved.

Be fascinating to find what his name was in the Iliad. What did the Dorians call him; there is an extremely good chance he was called Ajax the Lesser. He is also the one who tortured and raped the vestal virgin Cassandra daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Which he was punished so harshly that even his people and his home village suffered harshly for his actions during the Trojan War.

Sinai; in possibly Linear B or some odd Dorian language/period Hieroglyphic could just mean Sacred. The Sacred land between Africa and Asia.

Mount (a Raised area of dirt/earth/rocks/etc.) Sinai; A Sacred Raised area of construction. This could be an extremely insulting, degrading, abusive, torturous, etc. definition for a Ziggurat which could contain an Adam Tabernacle.

Mount Sinai to the enemies of Jacob and Adam is likely based on statistic to literally mean the Tower of Babel but layers of encryption, lies, deceit, intentional hiding of facts, unintentional and intentional mistranslations, flat ignorance, arrogance, etc. all designed to erase the truth by the followers of Esau and his descended cultures. The followers of Jacob working to decode the ancient truths.

The Mount Builders of the Mississippi and Rio Grande; each mound in those areas being a mini-mount Sinai aka mini-tabernacle of Adam aka Tower of Babel aka Eridu Ziggurat.

What if Moses was for a thousand years or so considered to be as holy as Mohammed by his followers. Would strongly account for why there are no images of him. No accurate depictions of what he might have appeared like. Only millennia later concepts of what he could have appeared like. After his culture is destroyed and partially replaced by the will of different War lords of an Esau lien descent.

The evidence regarding Mount Sinai was actually the Temple/Ziggurat of Apollo is mountain.

The dead of Achilles at the end of the War. There would have been a Temple of Apollo outside for the masses to interact with, but where was the internal for the Royal Family only Temple of Apollo. Could that have been the location Achilles was found and he was fully engaged in turning his blade to the Dorians to aid in the escape time of the Trojan Royal Family? Why then, because in all likelihood they were carrying his wife and his children with them. He needed to secure as long a time between the Dorians breaching the inner sanctum entrance to the escape tunnel and when the Dorians could chase after the Trojan Family. If Achilles was killed and if he had turned away from his slave master Agamemnon; in that Temple would be the place.

To ensure at least an hour or more before the forces would or could cut him down. Dying as a freeman/and possibly Freemason (dying defending the Royal Family Temple of Apollo; the truest act of a Freemason. Even if he was made a Master Freemason only minutes, hours, days, etc. before he was killed defending it) rather than dying as a slave. Very likely Made a Master Mason by the Guild Master King Priam. But there is less than no reason whatsoever that the Dorians would have wrote anything close to that in all reality in their hostyr books. But the facts remain. A King is a FreeMasonic Guild Master of his Country. BUildign himself and his citizens with the best direction possible. In addition the definition of Pharoah; Head/Leader/King/Governor of the Long/Tall/Taberncle house. If your city has a Tabernacle your political leaders are Pharoahs.

Whatever the fallacy toward his death by arrow; that is all part of the Dorian editing of the facts to make their story sound better. Making them heros and others villains, when in reality what they did was top to bottom a horror story.



Moses’s relative and good friend while he was away at the Trojan War conquering back the lands their ancestors had conquered in the first place the Hyksos circa 1900 b.c.e. Ramses was busy himself erasing every single small trace of Israel and the Jews in Egypt.

The volume of massive monumetns which both Rameses himself and his 19th dynasty defaced in oder to hide the fact that Egypt was original Israel is staggering. Almost every monument, piece of writing, e.t.c. which held even a  hint of the truth was either erased, recurved, or altered in some way.

This si the time when ssome of the pyramds were obliterated, some of the pyramids became graves to hide the fact that they were never intended to hold bodies. After the 19th dyuansty took over even thought the last pramid was constructed some 1000 years before. That 1000 years has been for the most part erased due in no small effort to make sure the Jews would absolutely never come back home.


The desiginios which iv made through is life inadvertanetly cascaded directly into the Trojan War, the foudnign of Alba Longa, the destruction of by his time around 1000 year old city of the Seven Hills, the erasure of as much about his Dynasty and family as the later descendants of his enemies in successive generations literally could do, the foudnign of the British Royal Family, the Roman Empire, the Vatican, the Age of Camelot, King Arthor, The Vikings, the founding of islam, e.t.c. the list of cascade effects the descisions this man made in his life are the definition of critical for every single person whom has lived from his last breath to the rest of the age of man. His desicsions will literally shape the lives of the entire species from when he was making them till the end of time.

The trutly fanatically interesting thing about the entire process he in a way knew how massive of an affect he was making but made those decisions anyway.

He knew he was handing the Reigns of at the time the most powerful emrie the world knew over to a 12 years old Child a few hours past his BarMitzpha. His eldest sister Meritaten was incharge from the time he was a toddler to his 13th birthday. And a few more years till he was literally able to think as an adult.

But the major problem regarding the entire process is the facts surrounding what he did.

The cascade effect he did was of the most profound nature possible.

When he sent is Daughter and wife to take back the old city of Poseidon, the military campaign was successful. But that city has been for the previous 1000 years the throne in the side of Esau’s line. Sending constant new generation of armies to conquer and take the city. Immediately upon Meritaten and her young son Theseus taking the city; a new army was rounded up to take it back. That new army had an extreme problem; it was commanded by Agememnon as a youth and he had less than no actual ablity to take the city. He did have the abitily to become the laughing stock of his entire culture. When reenforcments arrived so did reenforcments from Meritaten’s likely sister from Troy with their undefeatable army. Two undefeatable armies versus an army not able to defeat either army by itelf. The victory was switch and almost the definition of humiliating. Similar to in modern terminology a guy with a spear in a canoe attacking a modern aircraft carrier at full speed. Nto only was their no possible way the guy in the canoe was a threat, the guy in the canoe would be for the most part ignored. The captain might have put a lookout to make sure the canoe did nto get sucked into the propeller. But other than that, no possible threat. A very likely full state with massive pomp and circumstance wedding between the eldest available Prince of Troy Paris was being wed to Theseus’s Daughter Helen. Agememnon fighting full scale war outside when most of the army ws inside with a wedding. Not a small affair wedding but a full celebratnio wedding. Only a tocken defense force was stationed outside incase the Dorians became agitated and wanted to attack. Other than that, the primary soldiers were enjoying the wedding.

Nothing like being defeated by the lowest ranked members of the oponents army. In modern terminology that is like the best college team around being defeated by the Junior Varsity of the Juniro High football team.

The decisions made by iv forced the entire situation. If the Athenians had taken the war more seriously and walked out with their best and obliterated the entire army, torturing Agememnon and his commanders to death. Rather than let that humiliation grow into a need to literally erase all whom embarrassed him. eh could nto take on Athens, but he could take on and erase Troy. He figured erase troy and then sail back to Athens then finally sit on the Athenian throne.

The deisions and the philosophy in which iv followed literally caused the war lords of the Dorian age to on a soul level need to erase the existence of iv entire family line.

According to both Legends and DNA iv descendants did live, survie, and thrive. But they did so by changing most aspects of their name and key aspects of their culture in order to not be hunted toteh ends of the earth by descendants of the Esua/Hyksos/Dorians. Which tehyw ere anyway but on a much slower scale with generatinos between. Allowing a steady build up of defenses, political contacts, and training of soldiers.

Whether the Hyksos/dorians attacked the city of Poseidon a few years before iv sent Meritaten and her son Theseus or had attacked and conquered the city centures before is imatiearl to the debate. Other than a possible connection between was Medusa a sister, aunt, or possibly an older gernation relative of iv brings up a very interesting question and sequence of events.

Did the Hyksos/dorians attack during iv live time or before. If it was in his lifetime, the response to sent his daughter up to do the damage. Retake the city, then hold it successfully. The next wave of attack from Agememon ended in a humiliating and degrading defeat.

From that second on circa 1400/1300 b.c.e. to the third Reich Esau’s descendants have worked tirelessly to recapture Athens and own the city. Only succeeding a handful of times; and only for very short periods; before being forced to hand the city back to the western cutlures.

What if Medusa literally was a relative of iv .

Levant Lands

Upon Moses arriving back in Levant from his very long journey from upper Egypt all the way to the Trojan War then travel over the Levent Land. The fortifined encampments Ramses had set up were finished. Not unlike Berlin and the Berlin Wall; the construtin was designed to keep the Jews inside what the Third Reich would referre millennia later as a Ghetto was finished and ready for occupancy. The walls and army encampments were not only finised but manned with a fresh supply of troops with orders to kill any and all whom left the Levenat Ghetto.

Not unlike the Gladiatorial Games, the Hunger Games, some sick and twisted resulting concept of the Jews rounded up and those yet to be rounded up. Placed inside the militant encampment. Would e forced inside to totally and complete provide for themselves. The area was nto large enough to supply enough food for the number of people forced into that small an area. So the encampment would soon become a bloodsport area in which the strong would eventuyalyl out of pure hungar and rage kill their fellow jews to eat. Once the violence started the area would become a location to go and watch the jews fighting each other to the death.

Of course bets and for the fights which occurred close to the fences the winners could be rewarded with food and or other rewards. But those inside would first have to profive the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians/19th dynasty with enjoyment. The women would have to turn into prostetues, the men fight each other to the death, the fools would have to make them all laugh.

The Ghetto’s the third reich set up were not the first time said actinos were conduted. Nor the last.

The current vertsion of Israel is designed the same exact way. Israel in a very small area, entirely surrounded by enemies. Killign jews in side the Ghetto is fun, wtahcing them kill themselves is even more fun. On accatino when they do leave and cause problems; hunting either them down outside the gates and killing them is fun. Upsetting the youth to go kill the jews inside the armed encampement is also part of the fun.

Fun in this case for the cultures who literally need to experience human sacrifice in order for their society to function. The number of words to use for said description are numberous. Inhumaine, barbaric, despicable, nauseating, horrific, in ways nastier than flat genocide, e.t.c. the promise of their own homeland is one thing. But the Israel of 1300 b.c.e. and the Israel in the same area under the same conditions in the present offer the same blood sport to entertain the world with. It is all based on human sacrifice, blood sport, and worse the enjoyment of humiliating torture before execution. Another solution is a must.

El Dorado

Is the name of a cntral American king of the area who supposedly founded the great empire of Central Ameriucan after he covered himself with gold dust and dove into a body of water. His people, culture, civilization, and eventually empire spread from this action.

Many Spanish conquistadores lead expedictinos to find either him or the locatnoi. Assume that since he covered himself in gold that all that sprang from him was gold. Gold being of the most primary interest to the Spanish after close to a millennia of militant Islamic vilent interest.


A collection of cities all made of gold. But since gold is beyond crucially important to both Esau’s line most descended cutlures. This brings up a very interesting concept; the cities of a culture, escepially of they have an adobe terrested zigurate/Tabernacle. That visually would like like a city paved with gold. Did part of the legend of cibula come from the conquests of the empires of the ancient world. Misstraanslated of the amber of god to the amber of gold. The Concepts of Cibula might realistically have its origins within the framework of the ATEN thourhg the Trojan War. The Capitical being the Center with the Limbs/Arms/extention roads from the Capital out to the other cities. Israel has always been a complex if cities collected around a Capital. That Capital beign the center disk of the ATEN; which is laso the center disk in the art of Jesus Crhist

The Egyptian Anke

The symbol for eternal life and the Aett are very similar. The anke was a symbol in Egypt long before the conquest of lower egytp by upper Egypt circa 3500 b.c.e.


Futhark in AEtts 2015 1 13 0735

This is the 24 characters of the Futahrk set out in one specific sequence of the three AETT’s. The first aett fehu’s aett, the second aett haggalaz’s aett where the Character of Jera (Jerusalem) is, and the third aett where Tiwaz’s aett is. Together


Exodus Ajax and Poseidon

One character less than the middle of the 24 sequence. One strong aspect of the Dorian story of the Illiad is the concepts that the mysterious not well defined Ajax the lesser on this travel back home his ships were wrecked in a storm. A storm which pushed him south toward Egypt.

Upon crawling out of the sea with what little remained of his people and crews, he felt so egotistical and arrogant upon reaching the safety of the rocks that he cursed the diety and bragged that he was invincible. Whereupon Poseidon broke the rock he was sitting on, split it in half, he plunged into the sea, the rock closed behind him.

And Moses parted the sea and his people were able to walk across, fleeing from the Pharaoh from Egypt into the Land of Canaan. From the perspective of the Dorians the above is true, from Moses’s descendants the below is true. The story has many of the same variables.

Where Ajax slips out of Dorian history, he slipps into his own. But hwere he slipped out of Dorian h sitory, his jewish slave shiled wall and his men continue to Levent and built an encampment e.g. Ghetto named Israel. 1300-1100 it was little more than a simple encampment; a place to house the Jews with little regarding, whatso every for their needs. If they startved to death, hopefully the armies present would obtain some joy from it. The Jews who were part of the slave shield wall continued with the army fighting to keep the raides and on occational executions down or eliminate them. Fighting for more than 200 years from the end of the exodus to the time David.

Sourounded by somethgns four sides sometimes only three with the jewish army of those few years on occation would literally push the western boundary to the sea. But they would be instantly attacked from the north and south. Cutting the sea passage was unacceptable to the 19th dynsty trade routes north to the Aegean.

Dorian Dark Age

It si more than a reasonable argument to assume that based on the acadmics failures from the assumptions brought about by the examinatnoi of the linguistics andn actions of the Trojan war that the Dorians were so enraged at finally obtaining their prize but could not make the prize work that they literally went on a half a millennia forward 1330-800 burn and destroy all poele whom might known more and the resesach matieral they might possess. THE Dorians had been doing that in small portions for the previosu 300 years but after Troy the efforts became a central pre-occupation for them. They had already lsot the ablity to sail outside the site of land, but what they needed to do was to decrease their knowelge one more step for some unknown reason. But that time game the Northumberland e.g. the British Ogles 1500 year head start in creating their defenses.

Was part of why the Dorians wanted to destroy acadmics could it be because the knwelge of electro-magnetics. Could those sciences have been the primary reason for those drak ages. In the middle of those dark ages Solomon built his temple; which was a rebuild copy of Tyre, which the Temple of Apollo was as well.




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