The Origins of Psychology


1.     Abstract


2.     The truth of the origins of psychology


3.     Clandestine Operations

a.      Clandestine Operations almost never leave records

4.     Chasing the library

a.      The British given possession of the libraries of the Trojans, the Egyptians (18th Dynasty), in part the Carthage library, the Samhain (rome), Alba Longa, etc. they had placed them under extreme guards in key cities they controlled which the enemy would take centuries to develpe the necessary skills and men to threaten.

b.     The books contained information which the greeks had stolen part of and developed amazing technology from.

                                                 i.     Acroterie mechanism

                                               ii.     A rudemntary steam engine. The ROmas found said tech in the Alexandria library and turned it tin other advantange by destroying most of the evidence and hiding the secrets. They would have started the “industrial revolution” at 20 bce but they were too consernfed with finding and killing Jews to care about the money they could make from the steam engine .

                                              iii.     Engineering to make huge buildings

                                              iv.     Engineering to create the aqueduct system

                                               v.     Steam

                                              vi.     Optics

                                            vii.     Mechanical engineer to make machines they could connect to water falls and steep rivers. Having a “paddle wheel” every x feet powering a sequence of grain mills.

                                           viii.     And of course Electro-Magnetic machines.

c.      The Prusians and of course their axis cultures either knew flat out what the books contained they could not access and or they had a really good idea.

d.     When Mary Shelley and her friends were in one of the newly opened “library’s” to the academic public. She found the story of a medical doctor who had build his own Electro-Magnetic machines and had conducted experiments. She fictionalized his actions into Frankenstein. The real man was one of 100 of upper class and rich scholars who had conducted said experiments. The Prussian spy organizations which the FreiKorp was just one branch of had laid seize to each one and stolen as much of that technology as they could. However they still as of 1790 did not possess sufficient to know how to use said to create weapons from it. they needed more.

e.      The hunt to keep chasing down the British did not end with the conquest of America by the Prussian axis the English. Capturing Harvard, Trinitiy U (aka Kings college aka Columbia), etc. in the colonies did not produce the metiarl they demanded access too. That left venturing farther west to find hidden library caches the British were still holding onto keeping as low a profile as possible.

f.      That points to Tiffin and the library’s around Tiffin alsmot perfectly. Which also explains they northern Ohio has 10 of the best Universities in America. But each one is relatively small. They were designed to be that way.

5.     The contents of the library

a.      The libarys contained secrets wich dated back to the Heirakonopolis library of 3800 bce.

b.     Which also means some of the books contained the secrets of the Pyramids. The Pyraid technology is almost beyond imagination more complex than is currently understaodo by acadmics and science. The ATEN is built into the Causeways. A 100 million tons of carved rock stretching over miles and miles. Modern science has no idea how to repeat but our technogoy has fainally in the last 13 years risen to the point we can now proof an even higher level of mathematics and engineering which makes the still mystery of the pyramimds look small in comparrision. How did tey do the next part is so far beyond human knowledge right now, it is like a pre-schooler trying to understand a 40 year experienced Theoretical Quantium Physics equation person describing how C curves around a black hole.

6.     Linguistics

a.      The descendants of Esau eg Mecca, Russia (blue horde), Prussia, the Third Reich, Protestants, Dutch, etc. ctures have a problem with digging too deeply into the past. They will only go so far and then stop. They stop because the information they find stongly contradicts their philosophy. When that occurs, they havd to stop of have to reorganize their theology. Which most are not wiling to do.

b.     Consequently. Instead of performing the research and learning themselves. They recruit thugs from their citizens and go capture scholars from other cultrures to do the research for them. So they can maintain ignorance but force the captured scholar to decode the books they cannot read to build their weapons.

c.      Enter for the specific purpose of the field of Psycholgoy. Wilhelm Wundt, Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, and dozens of others as yet unnamed. They were brought tto Tiffin in order to be forced to translate the books captured or stolen from Heidelberg.

7.     Need to kill all Jews

a.      Although the Axis cultures have less than zero conscious understanding, the leadership chose millennia ago to hide the facts of the situation. That they are fightintg and desperately want to kill Jews in order to replace them on the Throne of Adam. The Throne is mostly a mythical concept since most of the cooberatign evidence has been erased by the Axis powers dating back well before the Roman  Empire. But the throne of Adam was part of the Tabernacle System, that System has some limited Documation. Although in hard fact some of the documentation is misleading, some leaders knew about information they kept secret and performed atdions which they were actioning from secrets.

b.     A perfect example of the Throne is the Russian Amber Room which was a gift from the Prussians circa 1730 to Russia to cement another piece deal. However when the Russians and Prussians went to war wit each other, it was not for the reasons msto think. They did not want to end the war, they wanted to remove percentages of their popuations. They either had more mouths then they could feed, ro they had too high a population of “undeasirable” citizens they wanted to get rid of. So intead of mass executions, both sides would round up those citizens and have them fight each other to the death for enteainment. A in a way gladioatorial combat for the fun of the crowd.

c.      the equation is actually rther simply if you break it down. The Argument between Esau who demanded to be the next “King of the Throne of Earth” kept stealing the birthright from his brhter Jaocb. But Jacob was not physiclal strong but mentally, and always managed to come along when Esau had put himself into a compromised position to force Esau to give up his cognitive dissonance might makes right. Jacob was the chosen one, not Esau. But Esau was always convinced that with enough muscle, weapons, and blood lust that he could eventually take the power away from his brother.

d.     Esau after loosing antoher combat session and praying hard to send a Fallen to go kill his brother on his way back to Egypt. Esau uused the Kaaba at Mecca his newly conquered city and its captured residence and killed them all to have that fallen go kill his brother. His brother survived the attack and was renamed Israel.

e.      From that moment on the Hyksos culture the supposed descendants of Esau have had one cultural goal. To seek out and destroy the Jews, take their synagogues and turn them all into mosques to worship god correctly.

f.      However minus mecca, this has never worked.

g.     And from 2600 bce to about the tiem of the Roman Empire the above details were removed from common konwelge. The reason to seek out the Jews to kill them, because just seek them out and kill them. The Esau and Jacob thing has been well buried by history.

8.     Pro cultures

a.      British

b.     Royal French

c.      Germans (nor Prussians)

d.     Austrians (the none Muslim descendants)

e.      Some Simon Peter descendant Italians

f.      Ireland

g.     Scandinavia

h.     Mormons under the leadership of Joseph Smith


9.     Genocidal cultures

a.      Prussia

b.     Russia

c.      Paul's Vatican

d.     Spain

e.      Libertine French

f.      English

g.     Americans

h.     Confederacy

i.       Dozens of Islamic sub-groups

j.       The LDS under the leadership of B.Y.

k.     Mongolian Golden Horde

l.       Blue Horde 1240s–1502


10.  People directly involved

a.      Oliver Cowdery

b.     Joseph Smith

c.      Wilhelm Wundt

d.     Thomas Ogle

e.      Joseph Ogle

f.      The Ogle Family line

g.     The British Culture; which the Ogle family are a a founding family


11.  The Classics

a.      The Trojan War

b.     Medusa


12.  Tools of Psychology

a.      Crowd control which skinner turned into behriorism



Upon further researching the origin of Psychology. I made a shocking even to me discovery with evidence to back it up I was not expecting at all. The problem is, that new branch of the evidence is seriously relevant to the direction of those whom put Wundt and Oliver under in basic indentured servitude to translate ancient technology. On the Sandusky and Mississippi River in that exact same time the first Steam Engines were being built and tested. The first working and at least semi-"Steam Engine" went into service as a business just 5 small years after 1847. Talk about a jump in technology. I have known about the steam engine, Frankenstein, d fibrillation tech, etc. for years but this new branch adds an important portion to the motivation for the soldiers at Fort Ball to perform the actions they did. I can more clearly answer why now. They I suspect based on hard physical evidence the Prussians had a very strong idea of the technology books they were chasing and were more than slightly angry in the 1000 other library's they seized control over. that they could not find "these books". So, they looked to Heidelberg, and lay seize spy v spy to the city 1812-1850. What the FreiKorp/Prussian/Russians have an axis and all but kissing cousins with a different culture which had power, money, and of course a desperate need to seize control and destroy their enemies. The new tie discovered is the Blue Horde which invaded and controlled Moscow for several centuries, they still were powerful and in the government just about a century before in the late 1600s. After they were still strong and powerful but were reduced in their governmental control.  The Blue Horde on the other hand when they were part of the Golden Horde had converted to violently radical Islam in their time in and around Mecca. They were still fundamentalist and wanting to kill all who questioned "the prophet" in Russia in the not too distant past. which includes all the 1800s. Prussia and Russia have been close axis for most of the last millennia. The Prussian Government began not that far away from Mecca, aka the Teutonic Knights. Trying to figure out how to add that, and not go way over word count.