The Queen and Snow White



Based on my research this battle was between a solid good person "The Queen" versus the daughter of Fatimah. Attempting to spread the word of hate and violence her mother and of course Grandfather Mohammed wanted spread. The Queen was an Alma or trained in the ways of the Weave of Time. The word was not Virgin but Alma, the Alma Mary, not Virgin Mary. The Queen is the hero, the evil one is Fatimah's daughter who was trying to perform very bad actions in the east side of Europe. Her actions led to the creation of the Prussian Empire and later the paramilitary organization the FreiKorp; which name changed to NAZI January 1920


Snow’s name derived from her appearance. Her skin was snow white, like her Grandmothers. But her eyes and hair were solid deep black.


She also possessed the Height of her Grandmother pushing 6 feet tall, her guards were all Arabic and pushing 5 feet tall.


The Queen was actually the Hero of the story since she stopped a Snow’s radical agenda to spread the hardest and most violent of her grandfathers and mothers Islamic philosophy through Europe.

The two battled for a while till Snow was finally driven from the area to the city of Constantinople which was ruled by a relative of her Grandmother.


To spread the word fo her grandfather, Snow committed crimes against humanity. Which the Queen objected to in the most insistent way.

Islam can and will use Jews and Gays to human sacrifice them to worship their deity. The queen objected to said paranoid delusional serial sociopathic actions.

But in Prussia they altered the stories to increase the vanity of the Queen and decreased the evil of Snow. Since they agreed with the evil actions of snow as good.







TR Welling