The Selfie and Ǽrdology


The Selfy is not a narcissistic concept. It is actually part of a larger concept of being able to have an awareness of time and space.

You see in AErdology every single Number cryptography has a letter equivalent. 1 = F.

Every single picture and selfy taken in the digital age has a time stamp on it. it also has if sent to the web a location stamp on it.

Which means that to the second which is a number ever single selfie is literally making a record of exact time and location. All of those numbers convert to letters. every single one of those letters combined together create language.

Letters become words, words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs, paragraphs become chapters, etc.


Selfies are the human collective getting use to the idea of an awareness of space and time. Taking all of those numbers and converting them to letters. stringing those letters together to create language.

Translating that language is the next step.

Collecting enough raw data to begin to find patterns in the collections of letters which become words.

Collections of words which make usual sentence structure. “how are you doing” for an example of a normal sentence.







TR Welling