The Torah Ships Biblical Noah’s Ark

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. Which means that as the Planet Earth Travels thorugh its solar system in it 365 day orbit around that same sol or sun. The sun is a star, one of a close to infinite number of stars.

Two particles leave a star x distance away from the earth. Those two particles literally leave at the same time, traveling the same direction, with only one micron of distance between them. On their way to earth, the left side particle is pulled by one additional micron of gravity affect toward star y wich is one of the largest stars ever seen by earth based telescopes. Which means that the two particles have a larger gap than  just one micron. Further travels star z is above and to the right is a huge gravity well. The particle to the right is pulled a bit more to the right and up then the particle to the left had been pulled by the y star. Many light years, later both those particles impact on the earth. But since those were both affected by different gravity wells differently they are miles apart upon impact. The left particle is now impacting the equiator while the right particle is impacting several hundred miles to the right and more than a thousand miles north. But without the above and to the right gravity well z star neither paritlce would have impacted the erath. Both would have missed by a profound distance. The differences in impact area are significant since one particle landed in the small fraction of a second the erath was traveling through a fix point in our orbit, the other did not. That small fraction of a difference impacting inside the window of a fixed electro-magnetic fluxuation and outside can have all the difference in the world. Depending on what type of particle and where it impacts.

Norseman, the people of the North. Pre-Latin definition for north was not compass but vertical the constellation Draco/Dragon. 3000 years ago Polaris was Draco. The People of the Vertical Land.

The NAZI were chasing down a mostly fictionalized mythology, the Thule Society which was forced to change its name a hundred times from unknown start date to and through “The Four Year Plan” then to “The Wannsee Conferences”, then to something else. The Thule Society which was an academic think tank which Rudolf Hess and Himmler were both partially founding members. An Academic think tank has little political power, but the members wanted political power. They wanted to express some of the more radical ideas of the Thule Society, as well as experiment with the Tabernacle of Adam System. The Tabernacle of Adam System is literally The Land to the Vertical/North; which is the definition of the Thule Society. To study both the Garden of Eden and the Tabernacle Systems which are directly connected on earthaten with foot. But they used the funds generated by membership in the Thule Society to form a sequence of political party’s which ended up creating the “NAZI” party. No matter if the aim of the Thule Society was to found fascism or not, makes little difference. The facts that from 1920-1935, the 15 years of study and using the entire eastern block of countries for the sole purpose of building Heaven On Earth by recreating both the Land to the North by completing the circuit with a couple dozen working Tabernacle of Adam Systems. At first the NAZI used the stories about Caligula’s orgies as a power source for the systems. The portions about Hitler’s Children (Lebensborn ), the teenagers and youth 20s who were in the Hitler Youth were strongly encouraged to produce “Perfect Aryan Children” specifically for the state itself. But there is a huge difference between pure soul intimacies and having sex just to have sex. The Caligula understood the difference, but the Romans and the Third Reich had less than no idea what the differences were. The enemies of Caligula after he left the area changed the practice of sacred union intimacies into simple orgies, when said orgies did not produce sufficient energy to fuel the Systems of Rome and Lake Nemi, they turned to Religious/Ceremonial HumanSacrafice e.g. the Gladiatorial games. Killing the “undesirables” which the Third Reich would copy both practices into their operational structure. Where the Tabernacle of Adam research stopped with the fall of Rome and the pure ignorance of the Vatican, the Thule society which was the academic win of the Third Reich reformed the intimacies and human sacrifice portions to power their systems. The Undesirables became anyone the third Reich determined to be against the will of god. Since the Roman Empire, the Confederacy, and the Third Reich were each acting in accordance to a delusional perspecitive of the Will of God. Then everything they did was a holy act. Anyone questioning the authority of the holy organization became an “Undesirable” and were removed from the organizational structure. To kill, burn, destroy, etc anything and everything which was not godlike was the point in the Rome, Confederacy, and the Third Reich.

Although Adolf had little if any interest in the Thule Society, he was not smart enough to understand what the concept was about. He was a useful “Pawn” to rally the masses to put massive amounts of resources towards the core philosophy. To find and work with “The Holy/Sacred(Amber) Lands to the North(Vertical) aka A Tabercle of Adam System.”

For primitive man, trying to make sense out of academic concepts which compared to the field of “Surgical Residency” are vastly more complicated. Take all advanced placement parochial school classes 7-12th grades, then all science and math classes in college four years. With an emphases on Pre-Medical School. Be accepted into a Medical School another four years. Then start a five year residency program at a Hospital. Then take the Medical Boards. 18 years of academics from the seventh grade to the Medical Boards. Then add about a decade of experience as a practicing Board Certified Surgeon, that is the level of difficultly and complexity in which this subject begins.

The ancients figured out the best way to work around the issues of how to explain extremely complex items, and have a very realistic based on the evidence left behind hypothesis that the buildings/tabernacles were able to float. They were able to float huge 80 foot tall buildings above the surface using Magnetic Levitation. How to explain, the easiest way is through the use of a boat or a ship symbolic metaphor. Using a Ship lets the audience know this is a tabernacle which can “float” anywhere the head/leader/pilot/captain/etc. of the ship wants it to float. Land, water, rivers, oceans, mountains, ice, etc. any surface the ship can float over.

But the ship on the ground is only partially the story, the ship is directly connected to “something above” the Land or the structure above. Israel Code 2015 3 1 1245, which has the name Israel built in. The El lines are what in modern physics calls “The Higgs Boson” particle although the particle is not only a particle but a wave. The Futhark the Higgs is the character of Laguz. The Wave of the Higgs is directly part of both Hieroglyphics and the Futhark, the character of Laguz 35%20copy, the character of the foot/limb of the ATEN from Egyptology in the language Hieroglyphics Narmer_Slave_and_Wunjo_Laguz_Ansuz_Thurasaz_Kannaz_2014 5 19 2252 (2). Laguz in the 21st character in sequence and the fifth character it the third aett. In the sentence structure of Hebrew, letter and word placement are just as important as sentence structure and how to arrange a paragraph. Almost every letter has to be perfect in order to tell the complete story.

Fortunately even though the enemies of Jacob have done their best to destroy that which they are not allowed to possess. Sufficient pieces and parts of the original still exist in order to reassemble this ancient science.


Sea of reeds (papyrus shipped through the city of Byblos, from Egypt, where the name Bible comes from) and the Holy Sea a Torah Scroll undone, Noah's Ark 40 days (west to east) South, 40 Nights (east to west) how to read the book for the codes laid out in a Masonic Temple.

Every column of a Torah Scroll is 42 lines long.

42 lines, makes each page 84 lines. 40 south lines according to the framework of the Elder Futhark Calendar, and 40 North Lines. The 2 on the north and the 2 on the south are the 4 primary Sabbaths of the day and year. Mid Winter/Mid day, Mid Summer/Mid Day, Easter/daybreak, Samhain (pronounced Seven according to Scottish Gaelic)/dusk. The Futhark Calendar has built in 5 months which are 16 days each “Sun” or Sowillo Day is as opposed to the regular 15 day months. The Sun or Holy Day in the 365 day calendar

4 separate lines are a direct reference to the 4 primary trees of the Garden of Eden.

The Six Elder Futhark  Calendar High Holy 16 day months are how to “Sail the Sea of Reeds” of the Torah Scrolls.

Which is strongly illustrated by the Nut, Shu, and Geb interactions.


Nut = Sky

Shu = Air. The Four   are things the air/Shu used to hold up the sky with. Those four Y objects can be perceived being the four primary trees of creation. Knowledge, Wisdom, Construction, and Good versus Evil.

Geb = the primordial stuff of existence. Egyptian Mythology was different than most other mythologies, since the Egyptians had a female Sky and a male Earth, most others were a male sky with a female earth.

The male earth has been mistranslated, the male prominent member is not actually a male genital but the depth and breadth of the hidden codes buried so deep within the structure of the original story of Genesis.

Egypt has attacked and conquered from 3800-3300 b.c.e from forces who at least semi-originated from Mecca. It took from 3800-3400 to conquer all of Egypt and put the entire area under one commander. Or at least a group of commanders. One commander emerged from the chaos, that person was later named “The Striker” or in Hieroglyphic “Narmer” his animal symbol “the Scorpion”. Narmer when he became Pharaoh he became “The Scorpion King”.

The start of the destruction of “Indo-European” language began at this time 3800-3300 b.c.e.

The genitals of Geb (which also happens to be the 7th symbol of the first aett in the Futhark sequence.) are a direct reflection of the structure of the Cuneiform languages, which Hebrew is just one language in said sequence of languages which use the Futhark Calendar Circle as a Scaffolding to build the next version of the Cuneiform languages from, Sumerian being close to the first Hebrew being close to the last. The last Cuneiform language was English. Created when the Pictish and the Romans formed an army together based on the new leadership of a brash and fearless woman who moved to the British isles circ 640 ce and formed all the enemies of the British into one army and attacked the British in their stronghold of NewCastle till the British evacuated to reduce the volume of Religious/Ceremonial Human Sacrifices done on their defenses. They had become unwitting and unwilling executioners so the new female commander of the Pictish and Roman forces could power her Tabernacle of Adam Systems and conduct WMD to WMD war versus the British. The Genitals of Geb are a direct reflection of the Every single Cuneiform letter is an entire word in the Elder Futhark Calendar language. Together using the Futhark Calendar and the 8 versions of Cuneiform a solid map of time can be created. The fallacy of Geb (Partnership) the tip of the head being a character of Cuneiform, the shaft being the Futhark Calendars. Illustrated by the rings found in the skin from the head to the base. Which is a very odd way of saying and using a picture to tell the tail, all said comes from Israel. Isis one ball, Ra the other ball, and the shaft being El. “Matthew 6:5-13;(7)As above, so below”

The Light Above Nut; the area of direct interaction. The Stewards and the Deacons are in charge of unraveling the Scroll so the Wardens and the WM can “Be Noah” as he used the “Square and Compasses” to sail around the sea of reeds/torah scroll to understand the code buried deep within.

The code being the Futhark Calendars directly under the head of Geb’s fallacies. The Ribs of the Fallice are a symbolic indication of the Calendars . The small ribs around the top the Eight over the course of a year. The larger below are the larger sequences of time, 24 months to a year, 24 years to a generation, 24 generations to an age, 24 ages to an epoch, ect.

One of the reasons the enemies of the Elder Futhark placed “Puritan” values into place in the beginning was one more attempt as erasing the facts surrounding the fallacies of Geb and the tube which is the Elder Futhark Calendar

Yule Log


Yule log!  a collapsed pillar! I wonder if part of the celebration of acknowledgement of the Yule log is to remind us of some temple being destroyed?

But what tool do you think the ancients used to find winter solstice? They became beyond our comprehension of the motions of shadows. They used Pillars to measure even small changes in shadows. A Yule log is a fallen pillar. East of Stonehenge is Woodhendge; many wood type structures can be found east of stone structures. Benny Goerke's photo.





The Physical tangible buildings that were constructed between 5000-4000 b.c.e have a code buried deep within. Those buildings some aspects of that code can still be not only found but decoded to find the deep truth buried for the last 5000 years.

5000 b.c.e is approximately the time of Adam. The language of Adam was Indo-European

4000 b.c.e is approximately the time of Noah.

Based on the evidence found in the Khufu Pyramid.


This is of extreme importance because it is literally possible to take the existing configurations of buildings and rebuild part of the ancient code. The code written into the letters used to write the Holy Bible with. Especially the Hebrew portions, every single Hebrew Letter is an Entire Word in Futhark. A code buried inside the workings of the functionality of Noah’s Ark, the Tabernacle of Adam Systems aka the Tower of Babel, and of course the endless War between the descendants of Esau who must control the Systems of Adam and destroy them, when they do not work as the WMD Esau’s line demands with every fiber of their being. A behavior pattern Esau’s descendants have performed e.g. destroying any temple which does not work correctly for them. It is the temples fault not their fault. The temple is bad, not them. So they must destroy the temple because obviously they are holy. The Tabernacle of Adam Systems have not worked for Terah’s philosophy line through Esau since the Tower of Babel aka The Tabernacle of Adam Systems from 2700 b.c.e to present. The Systems are a tool not a weapon. What they do not know is, when they can force they took to become a Weapon they are talking to a fallen and not the divine. Till Esau’s line get the facts that the systems are a tool not a weapon, they will continue to be lobotomized and eventually killed by the electro-magnetic discharge of the tool being used wrong.

Ancient Egyptian symbol for Israel

A large ship was the ancient symbol for Israel 0. Which previous to the Lies Moses told after the Exodus, used to be in Egypt. But Levant was name changed to Israel, and the Avaris/Hyksos 19th Egyptian dynasty changed the name of everything in Egypt to destroy the fact that Israel used to be in Egypt. Moses and Ramses worked together to erase those facts from history. For the last 3300 years Israel’s true location has been entirely lost.

The Symbol for Israel is Noah’s Ark, which is a large ship. Evidence for said can be found in the Narmer Monolith found in upper Egypt oldest-images-egypt-royalty-pharaohs-boat-61637-600x450.jpg.

oldest-images-egypt-royalty-pharaohs-overview-61640-600x450.jpg oldest-images-egypt-royalty-pharaohs-boat-61637-600x450.jpg. As well as a Temple in Thebes which features Isis Ra and a place for Reeds.

(The Land<Isis> to the Vertical/North, Ra were the Sun touches the Earth.)

But each of the Pillars/Towers on each of the ships is its own System. The five Ships on the Monolith are different systems working together.

It is very possible with some work to connect these Petroglyphs, rock which was carved at 3200 b.c.e with an exact page in the Holy Bible. Based on converting the ships to a wire frame, then converting the wire frame to either a Hebrew letter or to or a Futhark Letter. Which can be done in several ways. By way of the use of a circle divided into 24 sections. Each section is itself a Futhark symbol. Which is a complete sequence of three aetts. Then match the times of the circle with the markings on the petroglyph.


Hard physical evidence for at least one Tabernacle of Adam System.

The Tabernacle of Adam System specifically the Nativity.

In brief

Walk of Jesus 2015 7 29 0710

A the Cave of the Nativity.

B Bent Pyramid Bent Pyramid square and compass 2015 2 11 1130

C the city of Memphis old name Luz; Genesis 28

D Pepi I Pyramid

E King Solomon’s Temple 1000 b.c.e rebuilt by Zerubabel circa 500 b.c.e

F Walking on Water Infinity of Christ

B and E Causeway Bisect each other, forming part of the Infinity or Daggaz of this specific System

D and A Causeway Bisect each other, forming part of the Infinity or Daggaz of this specific System

Causeways of the Pyramids there are 16 causeways findable using Google Earth which are about 2 miles long 15 foot tall carved rock hallways which if you draw a line down the center of each of those 16 Masonic rock hallways each bisect a specific location to the mm hundreds to in some cases thousands of miles away.

Foot Prints








mason infinity loop

kaaba 0 f 2013 11 27 1942

Israel 2015 2 10 1117

israel 2015 1 6 0801

Israel Egypt 2015 2 16 0946


Ring_of_the_Fisher_Laguz_Rome_Manitou_2013_12_27_18070 f Khufu 2014 6 29 1253Staircase and Futhark 2014 7 8 0025Giza 0 f 2014 7 8 15040 F Futhark 2014 6 29 1220stonehenge angles and 0 f 2013 11 27 1943 (2)Fort Bellingham WA 2014 12 10 0121Hyksos_and_Rome_forward_and_Reverse_2013_11_27_02452 (2)


0 f Khufu 2014 6 29 1253





Kaaba Raido Kannaz 2014 6 29 1233


Rome Twins 2015 2 7 0145




Star_of_David_Mound_Ziggurate_foot_Aten_2014_2_17_0654 (2)

The Water of Laguz

Built into the Jewish Prayers Shawl is the definition for both the ATEN and Viking. A raised platform the person wearing, surrounded by Water.

Although technically speaking the shawl should be a virtual circle around the center of the body.


The statistics of the pyramids with the Futhark. 120 years 24 years per generation 5 generations. Be an interesting experiment if the 120 pyramids were somehow connected to the 120 years of the 5 generations. From one to the last one before the Jews were forced to leave or be genocided Egypt; the story of the walk of man told using the pyramids.


Weave of time

In your personal calendar, the amount of added numbers creates more letters. More letters makes more words. In your personal calendar, those words will create sentences which will spell out various sentences. Your life will talk to you through the counts of your life.

Weave and Heliopolis

The question starts to become; what sequence of Heliopolis will your life through your counts present to You.


Personal Weave

Take your own personal birth date as a second layer of counts. Your age, the amount of time from your last birthday to now; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months(Futhark), possibly seasons, to present. Each number is a letter. The city you were born, the length of time you have been living where you are, etc. the more things you interact and the length of time you interacted. The length of time are the count; each count is a letter. Strings of letters make words.

Futhark Letters

The Weave of Your life, use the Futhark to decode it. Each Character in the Futhark is a Symbol (means something specific), a letter (has a letter and sound associated), and number (for mathematics). For example a person who is 43; that is the second generation a two and the 19th year. Making 2 or Uruz (Strength) and the Letter U. The 19th year of Ewaz (Celestial Motion aka Astro Physics), the Letter E. Making UE, added to the minute, hour, day, week, month, etc. of the year and You start to collect sequences of numbers/letters.  

T Calendar

From the general T Calendar there are fractions of a second, seconds, days, weeks, months, years, generations, etc. which translate to letters. Every year is one more added to that column, but the year you are living has its own counts. Starting with fractions of a second, seconds, minutes, fractions of an  hour, hour, fractions of a day, day, week, how close to the next equinox/solstice forwards, how close to the last equinox/solstice backwards, month, fraction of a year, year, generation, the country you live in, etc. Of course from your house/apt divided into areas of influence/control outwards, each has its own counts. For instance America is 237 years, old, but the U.K. was formed roughly about 1650 circa. So from the date of unification from many Kingdoms into one; that date forward is the number. Numbers equal letters; Place all those numbers/letters together might have to arrange the sequencing a bit, but they will start to spell words.

Your Calendar

Those letters will create the words of your life; those words will eventually create sentences. Those sentences can and will be reflected in both your life and various sacred writings.  But just because there are matches in Sacred texts does not mean that there are not matches in other books; or even original written works directly from your own aspect of time.

Sacred Writing

No matter what your religion is, buried in your counts will be the sentences of your faith. Specific days of your life will spell out sacred quotes. Assemble sufficient amounts of numbers/letters and you will start to generate sentences. On occasion; those sentences will be quotes from various religious texts. In fact; it is possible some of the writing for some of the most ancient of sacred texts was created by doing the math which allows for a solid and comprehensive examination of life on earth. Taking that comprehensive study of the counts of earth and converting them to language.

Time Measured

Your age is the first number to become a letter. Your age is x; x translates automatically into the generation map. The generation map has a letter for each sequence of time. The amount of time which occurs from your first breath to the second your T Calendar personal chart is created is the set amount of counts divided into established lengths of time. Every micro-second you are alive you are adding to your numbers/counts; which directly correspond to letters; both straight translations over and filtered through Hebrew first.

Two Separate Letter Sequences

The first is straight Futhark into Latin. Fehu = F, etc. The weave of words is trapped inside the counts of time have actually two separate word sequences occurring at the same time. No matter what your count is, there is a corresponding number and consequently letter. Your numbers will add up to letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, etc. By how old are you; start with years, how many months, days, weeks, then add the year; with your country count included. For instance America is 237; you add the 237 to your counts and that starts to produce sufficient numbers/letters to create words.


Hebrew Number in sequence

Letter when translated into Latin based languages


















K c





































Haggalaz this Ætt are about a person’s individual walk in life. To grow and expand here are the steps to achieve said goal.


















Ing in







 Specific letter/time sequences will create Hebrew letters.


Those Hebrew Letters will create biblical words and sentences. I will give a for instance, the word Yahweh( This is not one word in Futhark this is 4 words in Futhark. Each Hebrew character is an entire word in Futhark. Which means, Genesis the book itself is about 1000 times larger on the inside of each character. The words vary in length, so the average number of characters in Hebrew varies. But each one is between three and four characters of Futhark long.

Of course there is not a single reason to assume older Cuneiform languages did not use this exact same scaffolding model to create even Sumerian Since this exact pattern was repeated 100,000’s of times with megaliths. Almost every megalith which was in a city was either converted over to a temple/church/synagogue/mosque, or was torn down and a sacred area placed on top.

Aetts and Letters/Numbers

Each letter/number can be perceived as its own AEtt. The sphere/bubble of an aett being its own individual character. Which in a way can be also metaphorically a sphere to become a column; all you need do is pull the sides of a sphere in and flatten the top. You have a column. Which is reminiscent of the original name of the city of Heliopolis (Jeru<Jera>Salem) IWNW; which means City of Pillars/Columns.


One of the major reasons this calendar is no longer common knowledge, is because a string of conquest cultures for the last 5000 years have done all in their power to erase its existence; Partly by erasing the temples, but also erasing the language, mathematics, engineering, history, science, etc. By using the circle created by the megaliths and using the circle of the language is the same exact behavior pattern; designed to erase all trace of the previous. The cultures which held this information were hunted down and genocide on a scale far beyond anything the Third Reich could do. They only had 15 years, the cultures which destroyed this calendar and its secrets have been erasing all traces of existence for more than 5000 with almost no resistance.

Your Time Translated Hebrew

The Weave of Your life spelled out in time sequences. The more Futhark latters the more you will be able to start converting over to Hebrew. The more Hebrew letters the closer to Hebrew words. Words lead to sentences. For the Biblically minded, occasionally you will find yourself at the exact second in your life where a biblical quote will occur.


Weave and Sacred Writings



There are various sacred writings, which the sentence structure spelled out in the T Calendar will reflect.


Sacred writing personal counts

Personal Counts.

If you were born in a Sacred City, you will carry that extra count along with you for the rest of your days.

It is very likely your descendants will have a generational effect on that same; but if they were not born in the sacred city, their electro magnetics influence will be one generation removed.

Country Counts


Each Country has its own date of birth.

The count for the country start at its legal and or group decided we are x date.


For the ancient countries those are mostly legends. But for the modern countries accurate dates can be assessed.


The list of Countries by their date of birth count


Personal Country Counts


Weave and Sacred Writing


Weave and Sacred Writing Country Counts

For Sacred Cities their country counts are different. A city is just a city; a sacred city is counted different.



How is it counted different, instead of just being a high tech collection of tents; with a collective agreement as to how to live in the same area together.

A sacred city has an added count; usually Laguz added to the electro magnetics of that specific city.




The weave of time allows people to cross compare their letters(Scrabble) and more importantly their Hebrew combinations with not only themselves but others.


Of course there is the added game of not only a “Seven degrees of separation”; but also how each person’s megalith looks like in different scrabble configurations.



Since each and every time you rearrange the letters; since each letter is this game not only an AEtt but also a pillar in a Stonehenge like megalithic infrastructure. Each time you rearrange the letters from the counts of your weave of time you and others can compare/cross compare the images it created.


 Letters in Futhark




Personal Weave adding others





Generation map


Now this model of psychology and sociology based on the Symbolic Science Erdology Eiwaz calendar of development does not mean that everyone does these activities in the time presented or in the manner presented.   Some people stop their development and simply stay at the stage of where they are most comfortable in which case the ways in which that person will react to any given situation is exactly where they are at on the map. Be that a 16 year old will react the rest of their lives until they move on


Psychology and sociology of the generation map.  Now I understand that these are general guidelines as to behavioral patterns.  Things happen that cause the persons to be late in learning and be early in learning, in which case these steps become stages of development instead of development by the year.  But in most humans by the year is correct, at least in the western cultures.  Other cultures have their own set of village priorities and therefore the definitions of each of these years and stages vary a bit, but the base definitions are the same.


I mean to a corporation the priorities are to make the stockholders money, so the stages that this growth pattern applies to a corporation is different definitions by just slight amounts to say a city who’s priorities are that of military conquest. Since it is the city in which one lives that sets the priorities of how the person goes from their first breath to their last.


Feminine or negative = internal emotional soul self,

Masculine or positive = to the body or the physical, mental self,

Balanced or neutral between the 2 extremes are words describing the energy of the situation.






Noah’s Ark

Noah’s ark in Sumerian Noah’s ark the word is float not sail. Which means the words used are not water but electro-magnetics. Noah’s Ark was not a large Ship, it was a collection of Tall Towers. Those tall towers were directly based from and worked with the Ancient Tabernacle of Adam System. The Modern equivalent of Noah’s Ark is the square and compasses placed on an open Holy Bible, in a Masonic Lodge. Each Tower is sitting on a larger Ship/Ark. Which tower is a Tabernacle.

To interact with Noah’s Ark the Holy Sea built into the pages of the Torah requires first being able to translate the layers of linguistic and mathematics into a cohesive unit. Then when the Square and compasses are placed on the page, what the placement is are the towers sitting on the ships/arkTorah Noahs Ark. Those placements are literally what and where the information of, about, and for information from the divine to the lodge.

Although each lodge is its own tower on a ship/ark in the configuration of the states systems. The grand lodge and the individual lodges themselves make up the larger system structure. Those are mapped out using the pages of the bible.

torah Square Compasses and Masonry circles,the circles are both Towers resting on Ships. Similar how the design for the Nemi Ships, As well as it has a perfect ATEN built in. the Symbol configuration semi-matches Samech. The architecture of the workings of god is what Samech translates too.

Chapter 6-9



The huge deal about the whole Noah’s Ark thing, is the facts of the ancient technology Noah used was in part the Tabernacle of Adam System. But for some reason from Terah forward the hatred about using the systems as a weapon and not being able to use them correctly as a tool is more than Terah and Esau can stand. They either have to use the tools as  a weapon or have to destroy them. It is just that simple. Nothing in the universe will force a diehard Esau line descendant that their faith and path are wrong. It is always something else or someone else who has the problem. When they do perform bad actions and they are punished for them, it is always someone else’s fault. As to interacting with the Tabernacle of Adam System, when the system electrocutes them, it is the fault of the system. So the system itself must be torn down.

Symbol of Egypt a Ship

According to the 3800 b.c.e Heirakonopolis world map murals, the symbol for the people of Israel was a Ship, more specifically each major descendant from Adam family had their own ship. But each ship possessed at least one if not more Tabernacles. Be that one large tower on a ship or several towers on one ship. With several ships liked together in  fleet.

Tower of Babel

Genesis 11:1-9

The Tower of Babel is an story from the bible immediately following the story of Noah. The two events are about a millennia apart. But they both have the same theme, they both revolve around what to do with the Tabernacle of Adam Systems. Noah was gifted with said system, while Terah attacked to conquer one. He was supposedly born in Ur, he was designed access to the Ur system. So Terah chose to round up an army to attack and capture the Tabernacle system of Eridu. Which is about 20 miles away to the east. But after Terah attacked and conquered the city and ziggurat of Eridu he attempted to use the System as a weapon, very quickly he EST Lobotomized himself.




Walk on Water

Matthew 14:22-33

22 And straightway Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side, while he sent the multitudes away.

23 And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain (Vertical aka North, and Mountain Raised Defined Land area.) apart to pray (Sacred aka Amber): and when the evening was come, he was there alone.

24 But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.

25 And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

26 And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.

27 But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.

28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

32 And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.

33 Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.

Jesus went to the Hill (vertical) to commune with God(Amber) then proceeded to walk out to save his friends from drowning, in effect becoming land itself (Land. North(aka Vertical), Umber, Land. Northumberland or the Kingdom on the south eastern Scottish Boarder.

North does not mean compass heading, North previous used to mean Polaris. Thule Society incorrectly assumed that “The Land to the North” meant some land just south of the North Pole. But in reality “The Land to the Vertical” is what was being discussed, but what do you expect from a group of NAZI fascists who have been so blinded by hatred they cannot function. Which is a mental disorder called Cognitive Dissonance.

In the Kingdom of Northumberland is literally the city of NewCastle. New Castle has a definition; New in Futhark is the Symbol for Jera, Castle in Hebrew is the word Salem. New/Jera Castle/Salem; or Jerusalem. The facts that when the Romans partially conquered the city of Jerusalem, being Jewish was not an option. Jews were being openly killed in the streets of Rome for sport and pleasure. A more beastly and disgusting behavior pattern is difficult to find.

Hebrew Elder Futhark Map

Book Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Joseph Smith 2015 2 12 1413

Every single Letter is an entire word in the Elder Futhark. Every single one.


But every single Futhark Character is an infinite amount of information. There are eight separate calendars working all at the same time within the working Futhark System. Each Fehu is the first month of each Equinox, Solstice. There are eight Equinox, Solstice

Samhain, 31 Oct (Halloween)

Yule, 21 Dec (Christmas)

Imbolc, 2 Feb

Oestra, 21 March (Easter)

Beltane, 1 May (May Day)

Litha, 21June (Summer Solstice)

Lammas, 1 Aug-

Mabon 21 Sept (Autumn Equinox)

ma 24 jera copy.jpg The ATEN  in the middle, with the Eight fixed mathematical points around which the Planet earth travels through on its 365 day orbit around the sun. Although the Graphic is even; in reality the lines of each Sabbath/equinox/solstice change by a few seconds every year. The lines are also spread out different than equal. But the lines are fixed points the earth passes through in its orbit. 

Together they make literally a calendar. But not only do they make a calendar but they also make a map of time.

Sounds of each Letter in Hebrew

Each sound has its own meaning, first sound sets the priority, second sound strength/electricity, third location/foundation, forth connection with the divine, fifth physical journey, sixth light.

For instance a Cat,






Kannaz ROYGBIV 2014 30 2329 b







Priorities of C

Strength/Electricity A

Location/foundation T

C is Kannaz as in light

A is Ansuz which means the divine/sound/Simon

T is Tiwaz which means direction.

But since Hebrew itself each letter is an entire word in Futhark. Every single word in Hebrew is an entire sentence in Futhark. Every sentence in Hebrew is an entire paragraph. Every  Paragraph in Hebrew is literally an entire Chapter of information of the Futhark.

But what is infinitely more difficult is the facts behind the Futhark each character is many things all at the same time. Which is even more interesting since each Futhark character is also eight entirely separate sequences of time over each measured time sequence. Which makes “The Seven Years War” of Samhain aka Sevin, vastly more complex.

A Letter in Hebrew is an infinitely complex item.

Every single Futhark Character is about a hundred things. Which can be a bit easier described using the analogy of chemistry. Carbon works the same exact way but the overall structure of Carbon inside a more complex molecule carbon does its same job but that same job might appear on the surface to be different based on what the overall molecular structure is designed to do. For instance 99% pure carbon steel is a very different structure than 70% carbon steel. The Carbon found inside an trinitroglycerin (TNG), which is an explosive. A metal  tool and an explosive might not seem to be similar in almost any way, but they both contain carbon. The carbon performs the same action in both molecular structures.

The same holds true for each Futhark Character. Each character is eight sequences of time. The first symbol Fehu is a wireframe image of a plant or grass. The second is the back legs, stone, and front legs of a bull. They have meanings associated with said time of month based on which equinox is being discussed. Fehu means priorities, for some cultures their priority is money, cattle, amber, gold, power, etc. but the priority of the culture is the base of each.

"Master" or "Lord."


11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities-a = 14

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-l = 35

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-e = 33

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-f = 11


4 sound




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities-b = 32

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-t = 31


3 location



To give and for force a gift.


11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities-g = 17

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-i = 23

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-m = 34

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-e = 33

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-l = 35


5 physical journey



Poor impoverished


11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities-d = 38   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-l = 35

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-e = 33

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-t = 31


5 physical journey



Number 5



11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- h = 21   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33


2 strength






11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- 11 v = 12   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-v = 12   


3 location





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities-  y = 24   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-y = 24   

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-i = 23

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-n = 22  


5 physical journey






11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- c = 16   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-h = 21   

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-e = 33

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-t = 31


4 sound





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- t = 31

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-t = 31


3 location





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- y = 24   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-o = 37  

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-d = 38   



3 location





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- k = 16   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-f = 11


3 location






11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- k = 16   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-h = 21   

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-a = 14 

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-f = 11


4 sound




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- l = 35

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-m = 34

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-e = 33

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-d = 38   


5 physical journey





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- m = 34

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-m = 34


3 location




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- n = 22  

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-u  = 12   

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-n = 22  


3 location




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- s = 28

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-m = 34

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-e = 33

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-c = 16   

16 h = 21   


6 light/campfire/basic education






11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- a = 14 

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-y = 24   

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-i = 23

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-n = 22  


4 sound





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- p = 26   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-h = 21   




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- f = 11

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-h = 21   


3 location





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- t = 31

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-s = 28

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-a = 14 

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-d = 38   

15%20copy-R-15-Raido-physical motion-e = 33

Kannaz ROYGBIV 2014 30 2329 b-K-16-Kannaz-light roygbiv = 21   


6 light/campfire/basic education





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- q

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-o = 37  

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-f = 11


3 location





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- r = 15   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-s = 28

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-h = 21   




11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- s = 28

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-h = 21   

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-i = 23

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-n = 22  


4 sound





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- t = 31 Direction

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-a = 14 sound/god

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-v = 12   


3 location

means [ T = 31 (direction) A = 14  V = 12 (Strength/strength of a beast; depending on use in the sentence)]. In brief Direction, Strength, Beast means "Direct from god to use your strength"





11b%20copy-F-11-Fehu-priorities- r  = 15   

12%20copy-U-12-Uruz-strength-e = 33

13%20copy-Th-13-Thurasaz-location-s = 28

14%20copy-A-14-Ansuz-god/sound-h = 21   


4 sound












The staircase definitions add the earth as step one and that is the staircase as well as the gage. The staircase being the first two sequences.


Those are only sketches of what is possible. Each symbol minus three the sound and how the Hebrew character are drawn; each point points to its equivalent on the Futhark wheel. The three which are labeled the letters are out of sequence but still point to the equivalent sound.


This adds additional evidence to my base theory regarding my work on the bible. There is many things going on in the bible beyond just the obvious written words. Since each word in at least the Hebrew bible there is both a mathematics involved as well as each Hebrew character is a word in some ancient presumed Indo European Language. Where each character of the Futhark represents a concept/word. String several words together and you suddenly have a much more complicated book hidden behind the Hebrew characters.

as the attached graphic sketches show; each ת character has a specific Futhark equivalent which in ת it is TAV. TAV; T for Tiwaz means direction,  A 14 Ansuz Sound/God. Uruz Strength/strength of a beast. Depending on use in the sentence. In brief Direction, Strength, Beast means "Direct from god to use your strength"


"The heel of the foot has no feeling or knowledge. Placing the heel of one’s foot inside a shoe, where it’s dark, represents the concept of accepting the yoke of Heaven in a cold, dark world. Just as the feet are the foundation and the support of the human body, so, too, accepting the yoke of G-d is the foundation of Judaism. One must have the humility to accept the will of G-d beyond question and beyond rational under­standing. It is the letter tav, the letter of humility, that allows the individual to ongoing embrace the love of G-d and Torah which all too easily can be left behind through human ego and arrogance.(par, 11)"


There are 15 to 30 characters in the first three words "in the beginning" since every point to character has a specific meaning above and beyond just the basic meaning; this has serious implications.


Noah Fleet Walking on WaterTraveling between Ships, Jesus walked to a point and rescued a friend drowning in the water. The Tabernacle of Adam System is in part designed and built directly into the pages of scripture itself. Each symbol is a word, different configurations of sentences per page = different architectural designs of the Tabernacle Systems Adam built or at least can be attributed to a single philosophy of thought and the descendants of that concept.








The Garden




A fleet

A collection of ships working in tandem together.

The ATEN is built into this image in two ways. One the limbs touching the earth in a DNA format minus the double spiral. As well as in the hair; the hair being reminiscent of the snakes of medusa.

But a map of time which cannot ever be used as a weapon. A map to be used as a tool never a weapon. Use the tool as  a weapon and literally the operator will est. (Electric Shock Therapy)lobotomize themselves. 1000 leaders have attempted to perform said action, every single one has had to either change their behavior patterns to good or they are slowly killed by the electricity electrocuting them cascading into necrotic tissue. Said necrotic tissue will if large enough decay inside the system and cause a biochemical corruption. Hence all the descriptions of Alexander the Great’s death. Internal Necrosis,

Alexander the Great’s death June 323 BC, Babylon, Iraq

Autumn of 332 BC, Alexander invaded Egypt. 11 years later he would be dead from est.

332 331 330 329 328 327 326 325 324 323

Somewhere around 326 Alexander the Great had a lethal encounter with a Tabernacle of Adam System. Alexander the Great crossed the Indus River and conquered up and down that River. That River is the namesake of the Indus People; one of the oldest non-translated languages in the world. The Indus Harappa people had long standing and continuous interaction with the Tabernacle of Adam systems. Attacking Attoch in modern Pakistan. The language of Indus Harappa, this language is directly connected to the Elder Futhark.


The Garden


360 Compass Israel 2014 6 27 1836

The Buildings Code

Every single building in the Systems of the Tabernacles has specific geological indicators, those geological down to the micrometer parameters can be compared to their equivalent within the words used in Hebrew. If one building is configured according to one letter, than the other letters in that word might be other buildings in that Specific System. Each letter is not only an entire word in Futhark, but that word is a specific Tabernacle Building from the Systems Adam build. Each building itself was built for an extremely specific purpose. Finding those buildings to code a larger and deeper meaning is the point to this academic exercise.


For instance


The Nativity is just one of a group of Systems.

The Giza Plateau is another system.

The city’s of Troy, Tyre, Carthage, Rome (Genesis/Seven(Sevin) Hills), Paris, NewCastle, Edinburgh, Perth Scotland, Leipzig Germany, Athens, Heliopolis, etc. just to name a few of the several hundred city’s which used to have a tabernacle at their center.



As the points of each line up. Hebrew could be built directly into the architecture. Well not Hebrew, the Elder Futhark built into the basic layout. The Landscaping for a missing better description.

pepi i hebrew.jpg

Feh and Ishn

Pepi Hebrew Feh and Ishn 3 simon.jpg

שר means “To sing” aka Simon. The first Pope, Simon Peter. Jesus “Build your sacred house upon me”

Matthew 7:24-27

24 “Everyone then who hears (Simon) these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 

Another Code

Pepi i Hebrew Futhark

From the Closest clockwise

The Cult Haggalaz the Past

Nebwenet Jera Time

Inenek-inti Pertho

Meritites Alhaz

Southwest pyramid Sowillo

Ankhesenpepi III Tiwaz

Ankhesenpepi II bircano

Pyramid possibles 


Tsadeh Tsadeh



amenhotep ii





Senusret III's Pyramid Complex at Dahshur




Giza Tabernacle of Adam System

Since every letter in Hebrew is an entire word in Futhark, well technically speaking every  letter in Hebrew is eight different words in Futhark. As well as eight entirely different periods of time. Since every  single Futhark character was designed to reflect a specific electro-magnetic map, it only goes to a logical and statistical reason to assume that the same map which might have been  used to form the Futhark characters in the first place was also used in the words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, and books of the torah. If this is correct, than the electro-magnetic map might be what the sentences of the Holy Bible were laid out using.

According to the layout of the garden of Eden, areas 1-4 are the flow areas for the Rivers of Creation. , the brown areas are for the Four primary and seedlings trees of the garden. The seedlings e.g. when the pollen of a tree from bottom right and top right mix, the acorns produced are a mixture of said pollination. Repeat for different combinations of the outer quadrants.

Moronically, every major lodge in an area depending on a dozen different things can and does on occasion split off and form new lodges. Seedlings, there are an anchor of one to a dozen lodges in a given area/state/country, etc. which have a first lodge a second lodge is sometimes hundreds of miles away from the first, the first lodges have a large following. Too many masons in a single lodge becomes bad and full of politics. Nothing can be done and less than nothing can be achieved because the officers hold onto their positions, or refuse to vote for anything because it goes against what they want to do. Smaller lodges are created by such struggles.

Think of the smaller lodges as seedlings from  the primary lodges.

A lodge system is designed in similar ways to the framework of the ancient Tabernacle of Adam Systems.


giza compass angles 3 (2)

Square Compass and Bible


Being used as a in effect Ouija Board, would also explain why the Torah used to be written on just one piece of paper in a scroll To make this exact practice not only easier but be directed at different pages with the half a dozen points from which the “divine” can direct the devices to engage in communication.


Litha Beltain Eostar  Imbulc  Laghnasad  Mabon Samhain Yule

Futhark Eight Calendars