The Trojan Time War


Imagine if you will every major city in the area of the Ǽgean is controlled by a differnet branch of Al-Qaida. Minus a few dozen which are controlled by Jews. The few dozen controlled by Jews have huge cities and large armies. The Jews were at peace and wanted to be just left alone, the Hyksos descendants want to bring each and every Jew either kill them in battle for the greater glory of Allah and or put them into a state of slavery. Every time a Hyksos descendant kills it is entirely a human sacrifice to god. Which is actually about 99% accurate circa 1320 bce.

For some reason Esau got it his head that human sacrificing was what god wanted as a form of religious devotion. The more “unbelievers” that are killed at a time the better god likes it, eg rewards in heaven.


Noahs Ark

The Thera Volcano

The 18th Dynasty; their deity was/is the ATEN

The ATEN built into the structure of All Muslim/Islam. Including a hard core reference to both the Ogle family and Pan with his Wood Nymphs. The ATEN Is also a huge part of the Pryamids structure.

Hercules (the nephilim)

King of Knossos

The 13th labors

King Priam


The Knossos weapon of Mass Destruction

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Minotaur (a nephilim), in this case a half Hyksos half fully trained

The Labrynth itself is a time machine.



Let us apply logic and reason through statics for a second to this situation. The king of Knossos somehow managed to forced the other city/states of the Ǽgean aka Greece to send him a male and a female every year for the specific purpose of killing them in a human sacrifice format to provide him more power.

Unless he was some kind of huge leader of the Hyksos/Dorian, they would have all told him NO in various ways. even if he was the King of Kigns of the Hyksos at aht time, after a very short amount of time they would have said NO.

So what makes a person like him force other war lords to give up there citizens to be killed for the greater glory of that one king. He would have had to possess one insanely powerful Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to keep up the structure of those “Tributes”


Side note Esau

What if the head of the Hyksos was a cursed/immortal Esau. What if itw as Esau who was king of Knossos.