Time Sequences


The cities which have or might have had connections with a working system.

Notable people had interactions in said cities.

Came into the city brilliant, capable, etc.

Came out of the city lobotomized.


Notable people like Custer, mad king Ludwig, mad king Edward ii (american revolution), Jefferson Davis, Margaret Davis-Hayes,

The list is long and extensive.

But the long and short it, they were lobotomized be electrically interacting with a system, giving themselves a electric shock lobotomy.


Performing with the system  wrong. Wrong intent and wrong way to work the electricity.


To track a hypothetical “Time War” the locations for the systems would be the key to understanding what the war is and how it is fought.


·     new castle

·     Paris

·     Leipzig

·     London

·     old Colorado city

·     Bellingham wash

·     Custer Minnesota

·     Thule society

·     Auschwitz 

·     Disney land

·     Disney world










TR Welling