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Time Tunnel Chemistry 


Historically inside that corkscrew are lines from any given fixed point in the past to the present. those lines will create shapes and designs similar to chemical compounds

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Inside the Tunnel are continuity lines. Those lines start when something begins or is in effect born, they stop when that thing no longer exists in its current form.

Those lines create the formulation of chemical compounds.

Every person and every event the way that person or that thing moves is can be directly compared with a chemical compound. When what type of chemical compound is discovered, the actions of those chemicals can help determine what type of actions that person or thing can or will do in any given situation.


Quantum Thinking thinking is in extreme basic and brief it is literally a chemical reaction. Molecules of x, y, z move around inside of a synapse and when they in effect spark or create a lightning bolt, that lightening is the origin of thought. But it is the molecules moving around which cause/cascade into thought.

Since this document of the time corkscrew, the actions of the things living on the planet earth their motions can be directly compared to the process of chemistry. Chemistry is a combination of both basic elements and laboratory created molecular compounds which have shapes. Those motion shapes can be directly compared with known and unknown chemical compounds. The “chemical compounds {humans} move” interacting with other “humans” or things {organizations, companies, groups of people}move around. Those movements can be directly compared with the actions ad motions of brain synapse. If the molecules moving in a synapse and the compounds moving in the corkscrew tunnel have either the same shape or move in similar matters, than it could be possible to observe the “spark” the “lighting” of any given person, place, thing, group of people interacting with each other. That could be a way and form of quantum intelligence. Which the Romans called that Janus.

Which the Memento Mori ceremony was designed to not only charge that structure but to have that thinking structure think positive thoughts about the empire.





TR Welling