Trojan Culture


The Trojan Culture did not start just shortly before the Trojan War started. It had been in existence countless times from ancient history up to the hour the Gates were breached under the yoke of the Hyksos Army commanded by Agamemnon.


Although throughout history the city of Troy was conquered more than a few times.


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Homerís Troy was in truth many times larger than this.

It was larger because moist of the main portions of the city were dismantled and moved to a Hyksos controlled area.

Which were also dismantled and shipped to Rome where they were reassembled.

Rome itself is not exactly a city which has not under gone profound building and renewal projects. But some percentage of the stones did not come from quarries around Rome, they came from Troy, Carthage, Heliopolis, Memphis, Tyre, Athens, Sparta, etc.






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