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The Ogle family FreeMasonry and The Trojan War


The Start of the Trojan War did not start with the Battle of Troy, nor did the Trojan War end at Troy. The War raged on when the Trojans evacuated to Italy and the Younger Dorian Army followed. Nor did it end when the city of Seven (Samhain) Hills was conquered 600 years later 753 b.c.e. Nor when the Trojans evacuated out of Italy to Britain. Nor when the Romans followed the Trojans to Britain a few hundred years later. Nor when the Roman Empire collapsed at Hadrianís Wall just 8 miles south of Castle Ogle. Nor when the Romanís turned into English and resumed attacking the British, nor 1600 years later in Whatcom County, nor when the by then named Confederacy rose to power in Germany and attempted to conquer the world again. Nor when elements of the Dorian army merged back into the American culture and started another Great Awakening Movement. The Trojan War has been a continuous War from the time Hyksos/Avaris rose up to seize the throne from the 18th Egyptian Dynasty and destroy Amenhotep iv aka Akhenatenís children sent out to create their own Kingdoms Farr outside the reach of the Esau/Hyksos. The War has been about finding and destroying any and all traces of the 18th Dynasty. But there was a lull in the War between the Thera Volcanic Eruption and the Rise of the Hyksos/Avaris e.g. Ramses; from 1550-1330 a semi-piece was obtained. But the War between the two sides raged from 2800-1550 b.c.e without stop. Esau/Hyksos always being the aggressor. Esauís descendants always seeking out Jacobís to find and destroy them. for the purpose of seizing control over the ďTower of BabelĒ aka a Tabernacle of Adam System and turn it into a weapon against their enemies. Esau want the system as a weapon, Jacobís line knows it is not a weapon but a tool to understand how to help people live their lives better.

The Trojan War is unbelievably more complex than has been previously understood.

The Dorians in most likelihoods were aiming to not only genocide every Jew living in Israel (the Trojan empire) but take over the Tabernacle System they were using. The Tabernacle System.


First the Trojans were Jews, the Dorians (Esauís line from Esau to Islam name change constantly, consequently they can get away with a huge amount of bad behavior and still be able to function. Same behavior patterns from Terah and Esau to Mohammedís descendants. Calling Dorians Islamic is an accurate description. Not based on the facts of the writings of Mohammed, but because according to a huge amount of details and comparing legends statistically, Mohammed simply repeated the same Rite/Ceremony Esau did. Many of the writings of Mohammed could be simple translations from the writings of Esau. Same evil/ beastly actions follow these cultures from the dawn of writing; they name change all the time to avoid punishment for their actions. Oddly enough almost all the actions are sub-conscious, but the behavior patterns are the same. Hard evidence the Trojan Horse and the planes hijacked on September 11, 2001 those planes are in effect Trojan Horses . To destroy all that came before their philosophy has been a consistent pattern from Esau, to Moses/Trojan War, to Paul, and now Mohammed. To infiltrate past the defenses to cause maximum damage. Several have made this connection ) were for a missing better terminology Palestinians. Plus there is an extremely good chance the Avaris/Hyksos were present at the battle as well. The only documentation regarding the Trojan War was written by Odysseusís grandson. That grandson by legend wrote this story in either Linear B or some other forgotten Dorian/Hyksos language. The story had to be translated into the latest language over several hundred years before Linear C/Classic Greek was invented.

But when the aggressor writes the language, first not much of the story is not politically spun and second what was occurring with the Trojans is not accounted for at all. Only guesses as to what was occurring.

First thing Menelaus would have had less than zero contact with Helen at all. So the whole story about Paris stealing Helen from the bed of Menelaus is entirely false. That part of the story is where it is possible to decrypt the legend and mythology of Menelaus, Moses not Menelaus wanting to marry one of the two daughters of IV. Marry one of those daughters in whatever force is required, have a child, be the next pharaoh of Egypt after IV or Tut. Depending on if Tut was still alive and if Tut could be killed.

Freemasonry and the Temple of Apollo

Although on the surface it does not seem like the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Solomon have anything at all to do with each other. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Temple of Apollo based on all evidence was not only built by the Jews but it was also their capital city for centuries. If the Jews built a capital city in an area, why would they use any other design for their Temple than that of literally the Tabernacle of Adam. This is of course before the Temple was laid on its back by Zerubbabel circa 500 b.c.e; which if you add in the several centuries before the 1330 b.c.e estimated time of the Trojan War makes the construction or remodeling of a previous into the Tabernacle of Adam. Simply a renaming to avoid genocide from the Hyksos Tabernacle of Adam to the Temple of Apollo. The Temple of Apollo at Troy and other Temples of Apollo for instance the Temple at Rhodes from which contained a world class library dating back to the origin of writing itself literally was where Hippocrates learned about ancient Medicine. But since he lived in the Aegean and the tyrannical Dorianís still has a strong voice, they would allow most types of knowledge to come to the surface, as long as that knowledge itself was a Greek invention instead of being from an earlier culture. FreeMasonry and the Temple of Apollo at Troy, are almost the same subject.

The Trojan War and Ogle Castle

Somewhere around the city of Troy itself was literally a private residence for the royal family to not only have a measure of seclusion, but create plans which they did not want anyone to know about.

The private residence castle would be located some miles away from the capital city. That capital city itself would be literally called Jerusalem since the Trojans were Jews.

But this does call into stark contrast the applications regarding the library at Troy, the Temple complex which was the Temple of Apollo (a very likely earlier version of the Temple of Solomon), which carried forward to when the Trojans evacuated out of Asia Minor traveling to Alba Longa and the city of Seven Hills. This concept connects Moses with Ogle Castle with and to Mount Sinai where he found the plates which he also destroyed those plates to destroy the symbol of Jacob. Moses was a died in the wool Avaris both culturally and ancestry wise. He was a Hyksos, all of his actions in the strongest terms dictate how violently his actions emulated the Hyksos.

Castle Ogle (and its extreme library) Troy, Castle Ogle either near Alba Longa or in the City of Seven Hills itself (and the extreme library of Rome), Castle Ogle Northumberland (obviously with NewCastle and Edinburgh university within miles both with world class libraries), Castle Ogle close to Castle Bellingham Ireland (also with a serious library, currently located in the U of Dublin), Boston and Harvard, New York and Columbia U, Tiffin Ohio the Ogles founded (Heidelberg U), Bellingham and Western Washington University, etc.

A pattern of world class libraries are not only present but more than a dozen all connected directly with the Ogle family. This statistical model directly connects the Ogle family with the 10 commandments at the city of Troy with the outside the city of Troy private family temple could be the Ogle family private Castle.

The Face that Launched 1000 Ships

The legend in the Iliad is that Helenís beauty was unsurpassed. She was such a beauty that literally all of the Aegean petitioned her father Theseus for her hand. But the problem was, this story is an unqualified fiction. Since she was not only a Jew but she was in this statistical model the grand/great-granddaughter of iv. Which places her in the unique position of not only appearing similar to Nefertiti and Meritaten but being a Jew. Not only a Jew but a Jew from the Amarna Period which was literally hated by almost all whom had anything at all to do with the situation. The Hyksos from which both the Avaris and the Dorians are descendants from hated and detested the line of Jacob without measure. So much so that the city of Troy (the Jews city) and almost all traces of the 18th dynasty were obliterated. The only records to survive are the royal mummies and codexís left in tombs which were untouched or only partially touched centuries later.

Helen and her launching ships connects her with Cassandra, and Lilith through Noah and his ark.

Curses in the Ancient world

Curses in the ancient world were considered not only serious but both individually and culturally their effects were enacted similar to a placebo effect. Real or not those societies accepted said as facts; so to them they were real. So if say for instance the Sword of Troy was used to injure one of the Dorians (Avaris from Egypt) in battle. If that sword was actually the tome/blade of Enoch than that sword would come with a curse from the person stabbed with it. The greatest portion of ancient cultures is their behavior when it comes to Curses. Ancient cultures treated Curses as if they were not only very real, but were both person and culture affecting. A person whom became cursed the people around would often shun the cursed person (real or imagined <real could be some type of disease or upsetting a religious person, having the religious person literally and publically ďCurse you.Ē>, imagine allowing fear and mistrust override the senses and ďYou must have been cursed, you are no longer welcome here.Ē) for fear having the individual cursed rub the curse onto either other people around them or entire communities, in effect becoming cursed themselves.

Islam and Judaism

Islam has actually been created at least several times. Esau, Moses, Paul, and Mohammed. Very likely Terah but with only a few sentences in the Bible about him, very difficult to create a picture of what he was like from a dozen words. Especially since those words were flat out not connected to the previous chapter. Although the events of the Tower and Terahs death are directly connected. You can thank Mosesís rewriting of the entire situation for that. One small book from ďin the beginningĒ fast forward by five thousand years to 1300 b.c.e. then talk about Moses and what he did for the next four books. Five thousand years warrants one book. Mosesís one hundred and twenty (?) years warrants four plus books. There is an egotistical and arrogance problem with this concept. Moses in the Iliad is most likely named Ajax the Lessor, since if you arrive at another cultures war, they want the glory. The person or tribe whom vouch for an outsider, the new person will carry the name of the person whom vouched for the outsider. Glory in battle is the only real important thing. Moses was forced to take on a different name in order to actually participate in the Trojan War. But there is something key about the whole thing which connects Esau, with Moses, to Mohammed each performed very bad carnal actions within the middle sanctum of the tabernacle of Adam. Different buildings but same outcome. Although there is an extreme difference between extremely bad carnal actions within a Great House and sacred actions within the same. The difference can be described as a comparison between a common street prostitute whom presents private parts for anyone with sufficient trade in order to perform actions. No care, love, tenderness, etc. involved. A simple exchange of bodily fluids. The other example soul mates without cardinal touch deeply in love on their wedding night; little could be more sacred, holy, and pure. Esau, Moses, Paul, and Mohammed the former the simple exchange of bodily fluids. Although in truth based on all of Paulís behavior patterns his exchange was more than likely of the Adam and Steve variety than Adam and Lilith form.

What is really interesting, the animal symbol for Eve is the Snake the vulture for Lilith. The Snake is one symbol for the Wedjet of Lower Egypt. In a very real effect the Symbol for Eve is the Snake for Lower Egypt. While the Nekhbet a vulture is the symbol for Upper Egypt which itself could be a reference to Lilith. With Adam in the center of the two ladies, further evidence of said one of the Pharaonic names is ďHe of the Two Ladies.Ē The two ladies being Lilith and Eve.

Worship of Islam

The Hajj the most sacred ceremony of Islam is simply a reenactment of Esau conquering the city of Mecca and performing some type of unholy Rite inside the Kaaba. Unholy as in some type of desecration ceremony within the Kaaba in order to obtain power to defeat his brother the newly crowned King of Kings of the descendants of Adam. He would not be the first person to in effect sell their soul to the devil in order to obtain enough power to destroy that which had been gifted by the divine. Ironically everyone person who conducts and or carries out any form of the Hajj be it in Mecca or other places is literally and symbolically selling their soul to the devil in order to obtain that same power over the individualís enemy.

Further evidence

To worship in Islam; you have to form yourself into the IDOL of the ATEN in order to do it. But that IDOL is the Ankle of the Foot of the ATEN. Islam is the Foot, Judaism is the Calf. For direct linguistic evidence of these concepts. Esau means Beastly, the reference to Esau being both harry and his actions animalistic are a part of every portion of where he is mentioned in the bible. Jacob on the other hand does not perform Beastly actions but mostly divine actions. Including using Esauís beastly actions against him to claim the inheritance. The ankle and calf are Vertical raised above earthly concerns. While the foot touches the earth, directly interacting with dirt and where beasts walk. The basic construction of this concept linguistically shows hard evidence that in fact the Esauís line are supposed to protect the Great House of the Divine, protect outside. Inside is supposed to be Israel and the Line from Jacob. Esauís line is supposed to protect Jacobsís line in order to literally perform their actions inside the Great House. But since Terah and Esau there has been a violent war against this dynamic.

Esauís line have wanted to stand inside the Great House and feel the power of where Jacobsís line is supposed to be. But Esauís line have less than no idea what to do with the power each time they capture a new Great House. They literally have no idea what to do. But will gladly kill the entire world to keep control over the Great House. They and others are all subject to death to make absolutely sure that they control the Great House and not those whom know how to use the Great House (The Kaaba in the center of Mecca, the Kaaba is about as close to the Original Tabernacle of Adam as is currently known and or exist. But the problem is, not a single person in the modern age has any idea how to actually use this tool. In all hard reality, what can be done with this tool is difficult to describe. But tool it is, metaphorically speaking Islam is not unlike a five year old attempting to have cardinal interaction with a Mature but still untouched woman, playing with toys and knowing how to turn the toy into an actual tool

is not something a child can do <From Warehouse 13, the Tesla Gun. Which is a miniature Tesla coil designed to send out a specific amount of energy to a specific location, , but a focused and directed bolt out. A technology the Tesla coil is capable of, but the research was prevented to continue, Tesla simply scared everyone too much. Invent Wi-Fi 100 years before the culture itself was ready for it. Imagine a pulse energy gun, even 120 years later, modern culture is still not ready for a real Tesla Gun. Which brings us back to the main point, the Tabernacle of Adam is a tool which is so far beyond what modern science understands, it is literally too far beyond to not only understand but to apply said technology to todayís cultures.>. Not leaving out the fact that the five year olds reproductive equipment is still half a decade or more from working; even if the preliminary actions were done, the result would produce nothing. Except the very real application the word Pedophilia, Muslims desperately trying to make something work which is so far beyond them, it is literally and biologically impossible. Muslims prevent themselves for maturing by destroying every single book which might point to them being anything other than divine in all things they do. Very much like a three year old having an exhaustion temper tantrum, exhausted from trying to make a car move, without understanding their feet cannot reach the peddles or understand how to operate the ignition key).

The Great House has a huge amount of power. The tools of the Great House are incredible; but Islam has less than no idea that there is a tool present and how to use it. The Great House at Troy was renamed to be the Temples of Apollo both public and private. Assembling layers and layers of legends through the fog of Esauís line constantly destroying libraries and anything which might tell them they are doing something wrong the Great House Abraham built East of El Beth El was itself a copy of what could be reassembled based on the sequence of Tabernacles Adam built .)

The conquest of Troy since the whole Helen and Paris mythology is a delusional fictional device created to give a sympathetic tool so the audience did not read the Iliad and not think the Dorians were merely violent thugs wanting to genocide the Trojans for fun. In truth the Dorians wanted to possess another Great House because the other Great Houses were not only not working for them, but things for them became bad the more Great Houses they captured.

As a culture they assume if we capture another Great House, maybe we can overcome the bad we do and be better with the next Great House we capture. But those Great Houses were all captured using beastly to do it. Trying to force beastly actions to obtain a divine tool; that is metaphorically like bathing in pure filth and walking into an operating room to work on a patient; you will kill the patient based on your filthy actions. No matter how much you might want to cure the patient, the result most of the time will be death.


Troy: from Egypt to Troy to Rome to Northumberland. Alba Longa, and the city of Seven Hills each had extreme emphases on Huge Temples and protective Knighthoods. Temple of Apollo and the upgraded Temple of Rome which became known as The Forum, was originally a Temple.

Constantine; jumping forward by 1600 years from 1300 b.c.e to 330 c.e from Northumberland to (Levant Ghetto) Israel to Constantinople. Not long after the fall of the Roman Empire circa 330 b.c.e in Byzantium and Britain various Knighthoods both began and reformed. The Knighthoods in Byzantium kept both all the Persians militant Islamic armies at armís length but the Vatican as well. Although Constantinople was laid siege to on many occasions by militant Islamic armies. It took a few hundred years but the city was eventually conquered and name changed to Istanbul. One of the most important of jobs the Ogle family had was to travel back and forth between NewCastle (Jerusalem) Northumberland and Constantinople to bring the books and treasures back home to avoid them being destroyed by militant Islamic armies. In effect the same behavior patterns the Knights of the Trojans performed to evacuate civilians and bring militaries and supplied into the frontlines of the war to keep militant Islam out of Europe was used again. This time called Templar Knights. An order dedicated to the applications of protecting both the Tabernacle of Adam and the associated libraries, the scholars with the library were considered one in the same as the library itself. The person holds the knowledge, the book the vessel by which the scholar trains themselves with. A book can do nothing, a scholar turns the raw data into something usable. **

A solid connection between the major rally point for those evacuating the Trojan War, and the placement of Constantinople. The library and treasures from Northumberland traveled to Constantinople, then they travel back to Northumberland. From Troy (Jerusalem), to NewCastle (Jerusalem), to Constantinople (Jerusalem), back to NewCastle, forced to evacuate to the New world a few hundred years later. In America forced to evacuate several times from first Boston, then Manhattan, further west to Ohio, further West to the area known as Little Egypt, further west eventually to Bellingham Washington State. Where the treasures and libraries went after is anyoneís guess, possibly destroyed, smuggled into private collections, north into Canada with the last remnance of the Trojans in Vancouver British Columbia.

There is something to be said for the construction and reinforcements fortifications of NewCastle in Northumberland. Hagia Sophia which is in part what the temple of Apollo, Ptah, and Heliopolis could have looked like.

Crusades; not long after the Ogles arrived back home after Hastings circa 1066, the Islamic Armies of Persia and Ottomans start to push again. Thus leading to the eventual fall of Constantinople, much like Troy fell. The bulk of the army turned around and headed straight back to Levant lands to recapture (Levant lands Ghetto) Jerusalem. Shortly after Freemasonry was brought back to Northumberland and restarted. The recapturing of the city of Jerusalem in (Levant) Israel and the digging up of the caches of books, tools, etc. then carting them back to Northumberland. Ushering back into culture the foundation for Freemasonry in the modern age. Too bad when the Kingdom of Northumberland was conquered the English took Freemasonry and did their best to erase all that came before.

Although there is no evidence the following involvements with great temples did not have their own Knighthoods. Knighthoods are needed to protect the scholars and the libraries they work with.

IWNW; **3800 b.c.e.

Somewhere around one thousand years previous to 3800 b.c.e. possibly fifteen hundred years, by legend Adam himself and or one of his descendants constructed this temple as a mirror of the Tabernacle Adam had access to in the center of the Garden of Eden. The Temple thrived on the banks of the Nile close to the mouth of the river as it dumps into the Mediterranean. That building and temple complex thrived from unknown build date to 3500 b.c.e. when an army from Mecca invaded southern or Upper Egypt and started to conquer north. During the conquest of IWNW the enemy won the battle and changed the name of IWNW to Heliopolis. The Temple of IWNW either had to be moved, by dismantling it or moving it in some other manner besides disassemble.

By combining more than a few of the mythos and legends together; the Temple of IWNW could have been built on top of some type of moving platform (the hypothesis which works the best is some type of Magnetic Levitation system or Maglev, exactly the same simple engineering which cause magnetics to stick to a refrigerator, or in this case causes same polarity magnets to repel each other. Enough magnets, with a specifically charged ground and the surface the magnetics are attached to will by basic rules of physics repel from each other. Magnetic Levitation, the exact engineering which Maglev Trains work from ). When the invading army started to move north to invade Lower Egypt the Tabernacle at the center of IWNW instead of being dismantled could have been simply moved on its floating platform out of danger.

This same temple could be in part by then dismantled twelve hundred years later 2600 b.c.e. and reassembled under the supervision of Abraham and an entire temple complex built up around it. That Temple and Tabernacle could be what later became known as the city of Memphis named after Pharaoh Mem from its previous name of Luz. As in Jacob traveled North West from Luz to the Light Place.

That Tabernacle moved from x to IWNW, to possibly Troy, dismantled and moved around, the reassembled circa 2600 b.c.e. Left in place till 50 b.c.e when Caesar ordered that statistically feasible Tabernacle dismantled and moved from Memphis to Rome.

Why was it called Luz, it is possible Adam built the temple which used to sit at the center of IWNW aka Heliopolis to perform the Ritual/Ceremony to resurrect Abel. That building structure which could be what part of the Vatican itself right now is built from, could be the place where Abel was resurrected inside of at IWNW. Moved to Luz/Memphis. Difficult to destroy something if it is in the middle of the Nile.

Could the Tabernacle this city was originally named have presented the target Esauís cultural ancestor and descended cultures have been hunting for through the entire reach of recorded Eurasian history. The Private Temple of Apollo at Troy, could this temple have been either a copy of or one in the same. Which would make this tabernacle a prime candidate to be the exact copy King Solomon ordered would be built in Jerusalem. Makes this tabernacle beyond extremely special, for some lost to the ravages of burned libraries and executed scholars beastly cultures whom have to destroy what they cannot control.

What would it have to do with Troy, it is statistically possible this building was moved to Troy twice. Once circa 3500 b.c.e. and again 2100 b.c.e. Dismantled and moved to Alba Longa.

Operation Barbarossa

Oddly enough the Trojan War with its Temple of Apollo aka Tabernacle of Adam (rebuilt later as the Temple of Solomon the centerpiece to FreeMasonry) a fake very badly Baroque  assumed copy of the Tabernacle of Adam was the reason the third reich broke the mutual non-aggression pact with Russia. Unbelievably stupid, but whatever Rudolph Hess stole from the third reich and delivered to the English Empire caused Adolf to six little weeks later make a beeline from Berlin to St Catherineís Cathedral St Petersburg to seize control over the Prussian Amber Room (the Tabernacle of Adam) given to the Russians a century later. That Room could not hold a candle to the original; first the primary ingredient was Gold not Amber. Second the walls were square. Third Baroque is not even close to the original design. For a culture whom had the ability to accurately measure to the cubic centimeter over half the globe, mistakes are not part of the equation. Hess stole something from the third reich, probably after he learned that his paper pushing to allow the third reich to operate was used against him to hide the fact that Jews were being killed. He found out, and defected from the situation. But his excellent organizational skills, ability to push paperwork to keep everything running like clockwork, and pure ignorance of what was actually happening within the organization he was in charge of making everything work correctly earned him a lifelong stay in prison.

The fake Russian room was nothing even close to the original. The Original had been shipped out of Germany decades before the political infighting caused the decline of the German Empire and the rise of the Prussian Empire. The Prussians having less than 0 ability to understand, did not need their own room. So the powers that be perceiving they were about to lose dismantled the tabernacle and shipped it to Northumberland.

Heliopolis; 3500 b.c.e.

After the 3500 b.c.e. conquest of this city it was name changed to Heliopolis from IWNW. This cityís name is interesting since the name the conqueror chose was ancient Hieroglyphic form of the Hebrew word Jerusalem.

Ptah; 2800 b.c.e.


One of those temples, be it IWNW, or Ptah is where Abel/Osiris came back from heaven. The location was shifted south centuries later.

The Library

The above Temples and Knighthoods were in association with an accompanying library. The most important information which needs to be added is the Northumberland family are one of the founding families of the British Culture; by legend and DNA are literally the descendants of the Trojans. The Trojan Royal Family members which fought against the Dorian Agamemnon and a possible name changed Moses at the city of Troy circa 1330 b.c.e. Which if you examine some portions of the evidence and some portions of the legends; the British are simply a continuation of the 18th dynasty in Northumberland. What does the Ogle Family, Freemasonry, the British Culture, Pennsylvania (more than half of current Pennsylvania used to be part of the Ogle Family settlements and claimed lands previous to William Pennís arrival and seizing those lands for himself. Originally Penn claimed by a sizable army almost all the lands from the Carolinaís north to Massachusetts <including most of New York> west to the Pacific. Those lands were already owned and settled by others but he seemed to think with a large enough army and the willingness to kill anyone who got in his way he could take anything he wanted. Hiding his violent actions behind being a Quaker, did not stop the facts regarding his violence. Penn State, was most likely not founded by William Penn just as Columbia/Kings College was not founded by the Dutch, or Harvard each of these educational institutes were founded decades before by the British more than likely the Ogle family <the Ogles had access to their own personal library at NewCastle and Edinburgh, and the ability to sail their own fleets across the ocean. Where did this library come from; among other places the Aegean, Troy, Egypt, Europe, etc. when the enemy burns books instead of reading them. If the enemy is on another wave of burn the entire world to prevent anything from being against the divine; best to evacuate the area they want and take the library/treasures with you. The Ogles never lost the ability to cross the ocean before their military wing the Vikings <not much different than Calling the naval branch of the military the Navy, the Ogles called their military naval branch Viking{a play on words regarding the Ogles long ocean faring tradition; a raised platform surrounded by water. The concept of Viking is the family name in a code}> as a way to save their library and educational infrastructure from the ever increasingly nasty conquest armies bent on destroying what the Ogles had amassed and then erasing the fact that the Ogles built it. Exact same pattern of behavior the English did with Freemasonry; took the structure of it and tried very hard to erase the facts of the previous several hundred years of Freemasonic organizational structure from York north. William Penn was in part directed to destroy as much of the British Ogle infrastructure as he could. Then of course claim what the British built as if the later settlers had built it instead of anyone earlier.), New York, Ohio, Little Egypt, The Trojan War, The Punic War, etc. have to do with the Trojan War. Sequences of wars which started well before written history, this play has been played out dozens of times by descendants of the same cultures. Each time the cultures come back together to fight different people within each culture start to behave according to their societally reassigned roles. King Priam, Agamemnon, Hector, Helen, Menalias, the city itself, the Temples of Apollo (public and private), etc. each culture replays their roles as if each new War is being fought for the first time. The Trojan War was not the first time, the Northumberland family at Hadrianís Wall was not the first time, the Vikings, Hastings, 1776, Tiffin Ohio (a large political conflict occurred, almost all of it has been erased from existence. The Ogles lived in Tiffin decades before there was a city. The city formed but was name changed to honor Edward Tiffin. The Statue of the Native Maiden is a sick joke regarding both a reflection of the natives in the area as well as an incredible insult regarding the British (the British and English are vastly different cultures, the Aggressor in Britain, the colonies, and India were not British but English. The Maiden is a hidden symbolic reference to the Maidens of education which is a direct reference to the University of Heidelberg the Ogles founded in Tiffin. The reference is to Eve, Mary, Hypatia, etc. women whom through scholastics have made profound advances for mankind then viciously punished for those advancements. Extremely ironic the Indian Maiden by the time it was constructed no one knew the original insult or the fact that the English called the British in America Indians. An extremely insulting reference to the great river e.g. Indus and Nile rivers. To hide the fact the English conquered the British and then culturally disassociate identity disorder, to distance themselves from their former name to be from then on called British.). After the Americanís won 1776 and claimed Ohio the lands the Ogles owned was seized from them and sold off. In the early 1900s they still possessed about five hundred of their original acres, more than a half mile from the River. Their lands used to border both sides of the River.), Joseph Smith (Joseph was murdered from both the Great Awakening followers <e.g. name changed for a militant Islam descended culture> and from within or the University would be called Joseph Smith not B.Y.) versus the Great Awakening Movement, East India Company Cities in the Pacific North West including Bellingham Washington, etc. same War different generations same roles to play. The aggressors are almost always purely confident they are acting in the best interests of all, but in truth they have been sold a bill of goods entirely based on lies.

It is easier to sell someone a lie than to convince that same person they have been sold a lie. That library allowed the building of the Tabernacles of Adam.

The Great Library

Although in all hard reality the great library from which Alexander re-gathered and renamed was not the first or the last time a collection of books was written, collected, scholars from around the world invited, the cityís defenses were strengthen to repel any and all invaders.

The collection has remained, the contents of that collection over the millennia has vastly changed. The first and foremost responsibility for a new library is to start making copies of the oldest and most fragile. Then make copies of the most important works. Sending those copies out to a variety of friends and allies. The more copies the harder for the war lords to find and destroy them all . Before Alexandria there were many huge collection of books. Troy possessed a gigantic library, several sites in Egypt housed huge collections of scholarly material, Britain also possessed a radically large collection, etc.

After Alexander that specific collection is subject to a nasty political cover up.

Julius Caesar chose when to gain control over Alexandria to immediately have the contents of the buildings boxed up and shipped back to Rome. Almost instantly. The city was still burning from the battle when the library was starting to be carted up and shipped back. Knowing the Romans were on their way, and they wanted the library. As much of the contents were shipped out well before hand.

Unlike previous to the exodus there was no safe passage city a few weeks west. Carthage was obliterated centuries before. The area was still recovering, a few families had moved back to the area, but mostly the lands and sea could only sustain a few families. The land had not recovered from being salted yet. Cannot grow produce in brine. Destroying and salting the city also hid the fact that all the major buildings and temples were dismantled and carted back to Rome; why is a mystery, but the same culture which attacked and conquered Carthage did the same thing with Troy. Dismantling the key buildings and taking them back to their primary cities. After the city of Seven Hills was conquered and renamed Rome, those buildings were shipped from their previous storage locations to Rome. The reason it is close to impossible to find sufficient evidence of those previous cities infrastructure for proper dating and identification is the as many of the major buildings and temples were shipped to eventually renamed Rome.A dozen temples and Tabernacles Adam built or copies of what was assumed to be what Adam himself built are what make up the ancient sacred buildings of Rome itself. Including the Coliseum; one of the reconstructed Temple of Solomon those stones were shipped to Rome. A depraved sick joke, killing Jews inside a rebuild of their own great temple. Which makes in a very strong way the Gladiatorial games in Rome were literally sacred Human Sacrifice inside a great temple rituals/ceremonies. The question becomes, why the Romanís did and Esau line descended culture need to perform sacred human sacrifice in the dismantled Temple of Solomon , talk about insulting. Taking the Temple of Solomon apart, reassembling the temple of Solomon into the Coliseum, and performing human sacrifice inside. The vast number of Jews and Simon Peter descended Christians killed inside that temple/coliseum is staggering, but at the same time with the added dimension of this sick and twisted layer added. Killing Jews inside their own temple. That is a level of depravity almost beyond belief. Just a few years after Peter (Peter and Simon Peter are different people) is crucified upside down in Rome, Jerusalem is sacked, the great temple is dismantled, shipped to Rome, assembled into the Coliseum, and Jews killed in it. Although the Temple of Solomon Jerusalem was not the original, was not a copy of an original, neither was it a copy of a copy of the original, it did serve the purpose Zerubbabel intended. Zerubbabelís design altered drastically the entire design of the Tabernacle of Adam, laying the building on its back, feet facing the Bent Pyramid.

The scholars attempted to box up and ship out as much as they could but the only way to go was to take the library as far to the west as possible, then hop over to Gibraltar, and from Gibraltar up to Britain. Where the British were well beyond too strong for the Romans to defeat. The Romans had been defeated in Britain from the second Roman boots hit the shores to the last day of the Empire. But the British chose to not genocide the Romans, and let them simply exhaust themselves and their culture on the British Shield wall in the kingdom of Ogle. Ogle Castle is merely eight miles north of Hadrianís Wall . Hadrianís Wall was constructed to provide a way to reduce Roman casualties from the descendants of the Trojans.

The collection finally came back together after Helen and Constantinos married. Their son Constantine the Great remerged the libraries of his mother and father. Then immediately had copies of both shipped to his new city where his ancient material side ancestors crossed the Bospherous Strait during the Trojan War. Perhaps an ancient library cache was located where he placed either his palace or his great library.

Within a few hundred years with the Persians and the golden horde from Mongolia with their cannons approaching from the east, it became time to ship the library back west. Copies of the library were shipped to most of the major cities of Europe which possessed a sufficient army and defenses in order to protect the collections from utter destruction.

Several hundred years later another wave of hatred and war lords wanting to burn every library in sight stirred up again. This time the British with their fleets moved the library west across the ocean. Since only the northern Europeans knew how to cross the Ocean.

The libraries would be safe at least for a few centuries. Till the late 1500s they were correct.

But constant warfare whittled the British army down to almost an ineffectual size. Fighting wars on almost all fronts. The east and the Ottomans, Italy, Russia, Holland, England, in America, Spain, Portugal, Libertine French, Portuguese, Militant Islam, etc. so many enemies so many fronts.

The libraries had to be hidden and redistributed. Some carted as far west as possible, others hidden under ground. Others were lost; the cache would become corrupted (rotted, floods, fires, etc.) before the material could be rescued.

Back previous to the Exodus there were more great libraries but the Exodus took care of erasing as much of that data as humanly possible.

Destruction of the World before Moses

A pattern which has not stopped from ancient history to the present. In more modern history an extremely similar behavior pattern is occurring. The militant group known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Lebanon) have set to destroying any trace of evidence in their control which points to anything which could predate the prophet Mohammed. Which is exactly the same as the events surrounding both the Trojan War and the Exodus. As much of everything which could be destroyed before the Exodus and the Trojan War was. Almost all the languages, as much of the civilization infrastructure, etc. Everything the descendants of the Hyksos could destroy they did. In the present they are still trying to destroy everything before their prophet Mohammed, still claiming that literally all things which were before the last Esau/Hyksos prophet are evil and need to be erased from existence.

Unfortunately for them, the modern age makes destroying everything extremely difficult to say the absolute least. Recently the thirty five hundred year old tomb of Jonah was destroy

because one of their more radical clergy became convinced that something Jonah stated could be interpreted as against what Mohammed stated. Therefore needed to be erased from existence. Select members of the British Ogle family have spent vast resources in an attempt to rebuild what the descended cultures of Esau want destroyed. It is always a race, to build and rebuild that which is being sought out to destroy. Interesting how much knowledge threatens the existence of the teachers of one guy and what his daughter did. At the Trojan War (even though there were most than a few burn the city to the ground attacks, this one is specific. Although Agamemnon did not order the city burned to the ground, he wanted the city left almost entirely intact. Consequently the evidence of the Trojan War is little to nothing. The only way to truly date a large scale battle are the tests of the aftermath of destruction, namely what remains after a building had burned. That is traceable, but fi the building was not burned, there is no evidence of the building simply changing owners from family X to Y.) the amount of information and evidence of what the Trojans were actually like has been erased from history. Their stories, their line of kings, etc. all erased by the Hyksos/Dorians.


The Ogle family from Northumberland ( the three in effect cups are representations of Angels. The Ogles both times Freemasonry was reintroduced into the modern world; first with York Rite and then after the Crusades in the 1300s. By legend the Temple of Solomon was built when King Solomon and Hiram Abiff harnessed Angels to perform most of the major construction on the site itself

. Including but not limited to the construction of the Western e.g. Wailing Wall . The last portion of the original Temple of Solomon to survive. Modern construction techniques cannot duplicate any form of said construction. Angels have been part and parcel with the information contained in the Plates which are part of a larger library. The Ogle family have been interacting with that library for an undetermined amount of time. Hence the Three Cherubim on the Coat of Arms. The Ogle family in the Maples in Tiffin Ohio . Although in hard reality before the 1990s if the Ogles and their descendants had come out with the evidence of the past connections with extremely advanced technology; the Great Awakening Movement would have taken the family out and killed them in the streets. Cutting their heads off and placing them on poles. Or worse hang them like ďStrange Fruit Ē. Nothing good about that; so until the homicidal violence streak is broken best keep as quiet as possible. Then reveal the truth at a later time. Since the Ogles are literally descended from British Royalty. Well in hard true reality, the Ogles are one of the first British Royal families. Predating the English Royal family by several millennia. But under rather intense battle conditions close to genocide best to politically hide whom one is when consorting with the lower classes.


The language of Hebrew its parent is the Futhark aka runes. Statistically speaking it is impossible to have the Futhark come from Hebrew, Hebrew each character itself comes directly from the scaffolding of the Futhark circle. The Battle of Troy brings up an interesting concept since the ancestor of Hebrew is the Futhark that by default statistically speaking makes the Futhark the language the Ten Commandments was written in. If Mount Sinai is just another of Mosesís lies, it is a solid gamble to have the Public Temple of Apollo be name changed (a thing the Esau descended cultures do constantly, it is a better bet to assume everything Esauís descendants including Moses did was name changed to make them look better and their enemy to look foolish. Massive evidence of lying not much of them consistently telling the truth) to Mount Sinai. Would make Mosesís trips up to the mountain to communicate with the divine trips into a copy of or the Tabernacle at IWNW <possibly the place Abel was resurrected from being murdered by his brother> the Public Temple of Apollo. Once inside the ziggurat which was built as a protective shield around the Tabernacle of Adam and the Amber Room on the third floor, Moses found some bits and pieces of books left behind. Which could have been left purposely or accidently. Those books became the basis of how to build each Hebrew letter. Directly connects the Trojans use of the Futhark and the Vikings use one and the same. The Vikings were a hired army under the strict command and control structure of the Ogle family. Be fascinating if the language the Trojans used was literally the Futhark, would make the language of Adam Futhark. Which could be a major reason the enemies of Adam including Terah, Esau, Moses, Paul, Mohammed, etc. have been on a blood hunt against all things Futhark since the invention of writing. If the Futhark is what the language used at the Tower of Babel e.g. Eridu Ziggurat, brings up some fascinating concepts as to what that Ziggurat could actually do.

, ††Then move to Little Egypt in order to gain further support and pick up some of the hidden library caches in that area. Then move onto the symbol of the ATEN dividing up the great temples to come to gain support and strength located at least two hundred miles away from each other on the front range, another set on the other side of the Rockies/Cascades. An Aten layered effect.) Evidence of said by way of John Ogle at the Battle of New Amsterdam; which was a battle between the country of Holland (a former close ally to the British Ogles) and the British. The city of Manhattan or whatever it was called before 1630 when the Dutch chose to turn away from the Catholic Church in Rome and allied themselves as a culture as a whole with Protestant movement. Which in itself previous to the great Awakening movement was about seventy five to ninety five percent militant Islamic. After Protestantism shifted in base philosophy to between eighty five to ninety nine percent militant Islamic. In the decades which followed the cities in America the British founded were slowly taken over and corrupted by English, Dutch, etc. protestant groups. Each one entirely focused on taking over the settlements and erasing the facts of their pre-ďReformationĒ history e.g. before they were Dutch and or English, those histories were erased. Paperwork burned, buildings remodeled, destroyed, rebuilt entirely different, etc. The British and the English are vastly different cultures entirely. The English are at least in basic and brief associated with the Roman Empire, whereas the British are associated with the Prince of Troy and a very likely marriage to the Queen of Carthage. The son of the Prince of Troy whom founded Alba Longa after his time in Carthage after spending time in Tyre (a city beyond important to both the history of the plates and the Great Temple

of King Solomon in Jeru Salem ) immediately after leaving Troy to avoid the entire family of Priam being executed. Conquering armies especially the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian descended armies have a close to one hundred percent repeat pattern of killing all whom stand against them. Even if that stand against them is an illusion in the mind of the commanding generalís paranoid delusions. If he feels threatened he and his culture feel honor bound and entirely justified in killing every last person on the planet who get in their way. The plates or by a careful examination of legends converting those legends into a statistical analysis then cross comparing the key variables.

Blade of Enoch

The Sword of Enoch had printed on it the most powerful word in all creation; the word in brief was a close to the word and spelling God would allow as possible. This word as about as close to the truest name of the divine which exists.

That word being printed on the sword of Enoch the grandson of Adam. Since that blade had writing on it, some call that blade just a package for the writing. So the writing took on a more important role than just being a blade; the name and word associated with said point to the tool of Enoch started to be known as the Tome of Enoch . Which became known as both the Tome of Isr∆l and the Blade of Isr∆l. After Jacob circa 2600 b.c.e the tome of Isr∆l

became known as the Tome of Jacob. Millennia later the Trojans applied their understanding through translations and a tyrannical oppressive Hyksos army the ďSword of TroyĒ. Which Trojan means: descendants of the foot holder, Jacob means: foot holder. Trojan are by linguistics descendants of Jacob. Jacob is a name from Sumerian which might not have a distinction between foot, hand, limb, etc. So the symbol of the ATEN with its extended ďLimbsĒ from the Divine circle being in part a symbol for the Sun (Jera the Sun e.g. the New Day, for Mormons Jera the end of the day masculine and feminine sides. Even though B.Y. edited the material outside the realm of easy to translate reality, does not mean portions of the information is not based on hard evidence. The Rising and the Setting Sun, the Rise Eve, and the set Lilith. There are several key points of information contained in Mormonism which are accurate.

The causeway of the Bent bisects the Temple Mound Jerusalem which means one is Masculine, the other Feminine; at least according to the framework of this statistical model. ) the ATEN has radical and specific meaning for the Jews. Since Jesus was a Jew; what he was talking about came directly from ancient Jewish scriptures. Directly from the ATEN; the capital of the Jews is Jerusalem, Jera is the work in Futhark for New Sun, which means the Jews are translated directly as ďChildren of the Light<the light of the Sun = Jera ) or Children of Isr∆l <Ra (the Sun) is the Hyksos word for Sun = Jera Ē. Jews and Isr∆l match in definition. Which also has another application as it applies to the base of the definition of Trojans; ďDescendant (end of the line) of JacobĒ which Jacob the word translates as ďFoot HolderĒ; foot or limb, since it is a translated into Sumerian from whatever previous language, then into hieroglyphics, then twenty languages from Acadian to Hebrew, etc. creating an almost impossibility to translate correctly. But another application of the translation could be Foot as in Limb in regards to from the Sun Disk the ďExtensions/Limbs/Arms/Feet to the surfaceĒ. They start at the Sun and End/Later at the Surface. Meaning Latter Day (could be an extremely well hidden definition and description for the ATEN <West and the end of the day are almost the same concept/word in several ancient of the area of Egypt languages. The People of the West most definitely also translates as the People of the End of the Day. Which also translates into later languages as ďThe People of the Dead/West/Dirty/Unclean side of the dayĒ or Necropolis.> (the hands at the end of the lines extending from the Sun disk down, Latter or End). The Graphic from 3200 b.c.e Egypt strongly points to the idea that the Blade/Tome in both the hand of Lower Egypt and Narmer aka Scorpion King could be the Tome of Enoch/Adam/Methuselah. Since those same arms are in a relative Double Kannaz pointing at each other in a semi Jera Position . That Light, double light (Roy G Biv and Vib G Yor) are directly connected to both the passage of time and the Blade/Tome of Adam/Enoch. Or in another way of saying ďLatter Day SaintsĒ can be translated as ďThe Sacred ATENĒ Saints there is an Ďs their (interesting a similarity with the definition of Athens) Latter day Saint = in a manner of translating ďThe Sacred ATENĒ; but the Ďs adds ďThe Descendants of the Sacred ATENĒ. Politics aside, these are linguistically accurate.

The 18th Dynasty in Northumberland

The DNA evidence which Zauwi Hawass let slip by showing Tutís DNA on the screen while filming the documentary about his DNA. Strongly point to the fact that in Tutís DNA are two things, one blue eyes and red hair, no matter if Tut had said genetic conditions or not. The fact that he possessed those two recessive traits is the point.

His DNA also possessed markers which point to his ancestors were in addition to Egypt were from Northumberland. Not south of the area or Scotland, but traits specific to Northumberland.

Zauwi Hawass personally chose to conceal the DNA sequencing of the pharaohs. He has less than zero interest in letting the academic world examine the DNA sequences of any of the Pharaohís. Why, because if keeping those secrets through no less than three full scale revolutions. If keeping those secrets was more important than keeping some of the museums intact; you know as a matter of the hardest fact that the evidence in the DNA paints an entirely uncomfortable picture which disproves portions of the currently accepted hypothesis regarding the Pharaohís. But it also proves that the current hypothesis is wrong. Why else hide the evidence to disprove the accepted if the evidence supports the hypothesis.

Hiding the evidence only proves beyond a doubt the facts do not line up with the Egyptian propaganda. Which is massively ironic, since the Dorian culture is the army which attacked to destroy the Trojan civilization as well as their ancestor were the Hyksos whom conquered Egypt to erase information they did not like circa 2100 b.c.e., the Dorian descendants after being absorbed into the Greek culture chose to take a firm and often violent hand in the development of modern academics. The story about the mummies, pyramids, the pharaohs, etc. mostly come from Dorian political spin/propaganda. Shaping the story for the next three thousand years. Responding to any questioning of the official story with violence.



This map provided by

Strongly shows Meritaten as Tutís mother . The question becomes, did she have twins with her father IV. Did one twin come out strong and healthy (Theseus) while the other twin came out crippled (Tut).

Meritaten is most likely the mother of Theseus the Hero of Athens, which would make Meritaten the Grandmother of Helen of Troy. Wonder if her beauty was a reflection of her Grandmother.

ATEN being the core letters to the name Athens, take off the t and s Athens becomes ATEN. The city was at some point called Poseidon, then it was conquered by the Hyksos. Somewhere circa 1400 b.c.e. the city was conquered by legend Theseus the residence of which have always claimed to be Ionians. Be interesting if the Ionians were part of the slave Shield Wall the Hyksos used to conquer their territories.

The DNA presents all manner of difficulties surrounding the efforts of understanding the Pharaohs from 1400-1300 b.c.e.

Whether Meritaten had one or two children with her father Theseus and or just Tut is immaterial. The facts that the evidence which is missing points to the same culture which hid the truth when it was happening circa 1300 b.c.e. is still hiding the DNA in the present. Why becomes the question; what are they hiding. Why go to that much difficulty when it is obvious the truth will come out at some point.

Blade/Tome of Enoch

If the blade/tome of Enoch and the Sword of Troy which is also known as the Tome of Troy are either one in the same and or descended from the blade of Enoch. That places the Sword/Tome of Jacob with the Prince of Troy and founder of Alba Longa. A city which was devastated and erased thanks to the conquest by the Villanovan general Romulus. < The image to the right, Jacob laying down holding the foot. The Angle ďDream between the Earth and Heaven LadderĒ ascending and descending using Jacobs Ladder. The 17/19th dynasties changed the story to fit their own philosophy and to erase the fact that Israel is in Egypt. Yahweh does mean: Feminine balanced with Masculine, same as a magnet.>

(the Wolf nourishing the Children Beast eg an Esau line descendant. By default explains Romulusí behavior patterns to erase all traces of the cityís Jewish Past. What if the twins were Female and not Male. The Hyksos from which Romulus was descended were Misogynistic; having a Female or two in charge would not do at all. After death the genders would be switched to Male and the evidence of female would be erased period.) The conquest of the city of Troy, the Trojans evacuated to Alba Longa West of Rome on the Coast. But the War did not stop at Troy, some of the gathered Avaris and Dorian armies (both Hyksos descendants) followed the Trojans from Troy to The City of Seven Hills. The War continued, but this time the powerful Armies of Carthage were not only close but at full strength. The soldiers loyal to the 18th dynasty under their new Pharaoh Ankhesenamun a very likely Queen Dido the units whom stayed in Carthage as back up from the Trojan War were now close enough to engage in the War moved to Alba Longa and the Seven Hills aka Rome six hundred years later. The descended Hyksos armies of the Dorians and Avaris proceeded to lose and lose badly for the next six hundred years circa 1300 b.c.e. Ė 753b.c.e.. The Punic War started shortly after the Hyksos followed the Trojans to Alba Longa. The continuation of the War forced the descendants of Priam into exile in Britain. Best not to have your capital city within the military grasp of the enemy. Especially an enemy their entire perspective is to hunt your entire culture down and kill every last one of you. The core of the culture of the Trojans and 18th dynasty evacuated to Northumberland, leaving an army in Italy behind to fight it out with the Hyksos. Every few decades the Hyksos would come back and lose again. The word and name of Britain is by legend a G∆lic version of the Italic and or Language of the Trojans a derivation of Brutus, or Brute of Troy. Which brings up a fascinating concept of what was the language the Trojan royal family used. Publically they would have used some variation of Cuneiform, but privately they would have used some version of a Jewish language. But Hebrew was not invented yet, and Aramaic was too far away and not yet fully developed it could be very difficult for the Trojanís to use Aramaic to communicate in the family.

Israel aka the Levant Ghetto

During those same years, 1300-700 b.c.e, the Jews in the Levant Ghetto renamed by Moses to be Israel. Even though all the evidence points to Israel is and was in Egypt, the renamed Levant the Jews were under genocide conditions almost exactly like a Gladiatorial school the entire time. To be sacrificed to the pleasure of any strong army that came around. The Jews after 300 years did rise up and seize power and built a large enough army of their own under King David, but it took a considerable amount of junk in order to achieve that goal. How the Jews were treated in Levant and The City of Seven Hills was close to exactly the same. Both histories were not only erased but those centuries were simply cut out of the history books. Almost like what happened for the most part 1300 -700 b.c.e. did not exist in The Seven Hills, 1300-1000 b.c.e. did not exist in Levant. Hence the need to add 600 years to the Punic War. Just because the new Commanding General Romulus was able to in effect repeat what Agamemnon did and seize control over a city does not mean the dynamics of the war changed. Same cultures were at War from 1330-146 b.c.e. In Levant the battles and genocide were just as viscous but in a different way.

Trojan War Temple of Apollo

Following the same or at least extremely similar behavior patterns from Terah through to Adolf, obsession and possession (almost exactly like the song from Sting ďEvery breath you takeĒ) Esauís culture both his ancestral and descendant cultures have been violently obsessed with the Tabernacle of Adam. They change both their name and the name of the object of their obsession/compulsion. The Temple of Apollo at Troy was in almost all likelihoods an exact copy of the Temple of Tyre, which one was built first is a mystery. But they are both in the same exact line of Tabernacles/Temples from which descend from Adam, through the ziggurat system, Hanging Gardens of Babylon (imagine if maglev technology was used in the Hanging Gardens.The descriptions would be entirely not translatable if one had to describe ďthings floating.Ē The vocabulary of the translations languages would have no frame of reference words to describe the technology), IWNW, Heliopolis, Ptah (Memphis Egypt aka Luz Genesis 28), Tyre, Troy, Solomon, Germany Amber Room (although technically not the same engineering, but the same metaphoric idea, the artists and culture had less than no idea what the original design was so they made it all up and labeled it accordingly. A shadow of the real was sufficient for them.), etc.

The Tabernacle of Adam itself built at Troy holds many secrets about FreeMasonry which are well and truly important for all Masons to not only know about but research to make themselves better individuals. The blueprint of the building each person builds of themselves, having an idea of the actual building itself would be a good idea. Instead of randomly making themselves better is different than having a blue print of self-improvement.

Cassandra of Troy

Cassandra was a clergy of the temple. Her gifts were acceptable but only within the family and only in the temple itself. The commoners of Troy had a profound difficult time dealing with their leaders being of the 18th dynasty; with all the oddness and spiritual gifts/knowledge they possessed. The commoners some rejected outright the gifts the Royals possessed. Similar to the gifts the Virgin Mary was given (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.). It is more likely the Virgin Mary was not a thirteen year old girl but a twenty something adult woman rabbi whom was given spiritual gifts similar to that of Lilith, Eve, Rachael, Hagar, Medusa, Cassandra, Hypatia, etc. each having specific and incredible talents regarding understanding both prophecy and reading the megaliths

. Do not let Dorian (the same people whom lied constantly about both the Trojan War and what the truth behind what the pyramids are for the last thirty five hundred years without stop.) propaganda persuade you away from the truth. Medusa was a Clergy of the Temple of Poseidon; which is not a water deity but a school dedicated to understanding Electro Magnetics. Think the Maglev system all monorail systems use.

Magnetic Levitation

Cassandra most likely escaped the War by way of secret passage ways hidden under the Temple itself. Escaping the end of the war and the end of the city.

She would have traveled with her royal entourage north to Thracian lands (the only safe direction to go, to the west and south Dorianís, to the east Hyksos). Then west to the City her cousin was about to build. One of her handmaidens would have been the one assumed to be Cassandra. Since not a single member of Agamemnonís army knew what any of the Trojan Royal family looked like, a hand maiden is no different than the real person. The Victor writes the story, they have not the slightest idea there is a difference between a real person and a hand maiden, allowing the Dorianís to say whatever they want to, and no one is alive to contradict.

However the clergy remain virgins is a misunderstanding regarding sacred ceremonies. But only at very specific times and for very specific reasons are erotic actions allowed during fertility rites. But the rules and parameters are incredibly complex, the definitions are also not just from a simple missionary position. Evidence of this can be found in Persian cultures where those gifted with prophecy do not touch those unclean. Even a handshake is bad.

It would be very interesting if Cassandra name changed to something later generations would not be able to identify her as (especially the enemy whom killed as many members of her family as humanly possible), allowing Cassandra and her gifts to form the base of either the City of Alba Longa, The city of Seven Hills

, or a possible one of the other founding members of the British Culture. Possibly even the name she chose could be Britta to honor the same person Brute King of the Brits was named to honor. Masculine and Feminine names for the same ancestor.

Cassandra princess of Troy, name changed to avoid execution, her mother slight name alteration from Hecate. Very interesting where Cassandra would have traveled too.

The snake common in said types of storytelling is not actually a snake but a dragon which is referring to the dragon constellation. The dragon constellation is where all megaliths are aligned with . A very easy story telling code to let those that know that those whom listen to snakes are expert mathematicians, astrophysicists, and have developed a proficiency with the science of megaliths




Which points to the temple of Apollo had at least one megalith as part of its infrastructure.

Part 2

Moving the Tabernacle of Adam, on its sled with its Djed infront.

The Vast Complexity of the Tabernacles from which Adam built on earth is extreme to say the least.



(The temple of Apollo; notice the ATEN circle built in, with the limbs/pillars/foot included)

Because the Temple of Apollo and the edited for content Trojan Horse/Sliepnor aka Bull (The Bull is the symbol of Jacob and Israel <before the Exodus Israel was on the West/Left/Latter part of the Nile between Giza and Medina Little Egypt was a better way of saying New Israel; since in Egypt, Levant lands (aka currently accepted Israel) and Little Egypt . Actually supporting Jewish items was an executable offense. Instead of saying New Israel they substituted Little Egypt; bury the code.); similar in extreme ways to the Aurox

(Standing approximately twelve feet at the shoulder, they were huge> found in Northern European cultures and mythos. Auūumbla licked the first being Ymir (a Primordial figure whose body was used to create the world from, and from various orifices the first Gods came) out of the Ice e.g. Glacier Age thus exposing the giants body. Descendants of man cut Ymir (under battle conditions which lasted for millennia editing of words occurs. YMIR take the MI out and you have YR; which happens to be the first two letters in the Gaelic language version of the anglicized Northumberland. YR Hen Ogle dd; Yr could be defined in Gaelic as the beginning of primordial sacredness, that which existed to form the world from. As in the substance ďIn the beginningĒ the beginning could be what Yr means, the primordial substance which the divine shapes the world from. Interesting that the Ogle family are the Sacred primordial stuff God fashions the world from) up to create the first land masses.) Were the central portions of the War.??????????????????? This only goes to provide very hard evidence that the religion and the Implement which the Trojans possessed were the central theme for the conquest and destruction of the city, culture, empire, etc. the Trojans possessed tools, and knowledge the Dorianís could not stand them not being in their possession. The presence of the Trojan Bull edited to be a horse means the bull e.g. Adumla itself was a threat to the power of the Dorianís. They had to erase the Bull itself to make it a horse. The horse hides the code back to Ymir (A horse {Sliepnor }was chosen to give a small string <Theseus used a string {string theory} to find his way into and out of the Labyrinth under the Palace at Knossos> for generations later to follow that linguistic string of Sliepnor the Eight legged Horse in Nordic Philosophy, back to the Bull.) which hides the linguistic evidence the Dorianís were hunting for the power of Ymir or in another way of saying it; the Dorianís wanted to either possess the primordial substances which is Ymir/Yr or wanted to make sure no one else could possess said power. Which points to the Blade of Enoch; being a tool to use and manipulate the primordial Ymir e.g. the Tome/Blade of Jacob which itself is connected to the tome/blade of Methuselah which is connected to the blade/tome of Enoch which is connected to if not the actual tome/blade of Adam, Enochís grandfather. A tool with a connection between the spears of Longinus back to Adam. The substance Adam used by legend, mythology, decrypting layers of Genesis editions and languages, etc. used his Blade/Tome of Destiny to name and shape the lives of all that was in the garden. The Ymir/YR the substance which the DJED might be a representation of the Tome/blade of Adam/Enoch/Methuselah/Noah/Israel/Jacob/Troy/Aeneas/Joseph of Arimathea/Jesus the Northumberland family to present focused the YR of. The Dorianís either had to possess both the Tool and the Primordial substance (Magnetosphere; the same framework which governs the operations of an atom also cover how the Tesla Coil what surrounds the planet, this planetís protective electromagnetics, and the mechanism which makes compassís point North) (The primordial substance at the center of the Garden of Eden points to this could be the origin of the River Styx; well fountain of Styx and the four rivers of creation stemming from the fountain of Styx) or destroy to make sure no one could have it. The Ogles are the builders of the Tabernacle of Adam have been tasked with building the structure which holds both. The number of connections between Northumberland and those tools is more than can be easily explained in a million word book. The city of Troy and Northumberland, along with the Crucifixion and Blade of Longinus with Northumberland, the Roman Army destroying itself at Hadrianís Wall, backwards and forwards the connections with Northumberland, family Ogle, and the Trojan War are more than can easily be worked with. Including but not limited to an understanding and idea of what the temple of IWNW looked like Hagia Sophia built by a Trojan and Roman descendant; Constantine.

The Amber Room at Troy


The temple at Troy (very likely the ATEN, name changed to avoid being hunted down and genocide by Esau/Hyksos descendants) held a sacred inner portion. That Sacred inner portion was partially dismantled (long before the Dorianís arrived) and shipped off with an accompanying Royal Guard and entourage from the Great Temple of Apollo.


Along with the Temple of Tyre which was a copy of the Temple of Ptah center of Memphis old name Luz e.g. Genesis 28. Could the Temple of Apollo have been a now completely obliterated copy of the Temple of Ptah which was built by legend Pharaoh Mem whom in most likelihood was just hieroglyphic for Abraham? As in yes that Abraham the father of Ishmael, Isaac, etc.

What if the Jews after building the Temple of Tyre built a backup of the Temple of Ptah in the north eastern portion of the Aegean? This would be centuries before David was born. The Trojans were so far away from the conflicts of the Hyksos that the army did not have the reach to actually threaten the Trojans from 1550-1300. But come the Hyksos/Dorianís did and on mass. But the Trojans had learned long and hard the facts regarding what their former commanders/slave masters were capable of. Since the Hyksos had warned them, become a military threat and we will come back and erase you from existence.

The Trojans paid attention, but still built a replica of the temple of Heliopolis next to their capital city.

This time not next to the water but semi-close enough.

During the appropriate time months if not years before Agamemnon was able to build up a sufficient army to come on mass to the shores of Troy the Trojans took precautions. They heeded the warnings of Cassandra. They boxed up the most precious of the treasures, tools, books, codexís, plates, etc. put it on ships and sent those ships out.

First to Tyre, and then to Carthage, then to Alba Longa/the City of Seven Hills.

With most likely based on the behavior patterns which occurred next with instructions from Priam to take as many of the key royal people, the inner guard, a portion of the army, and head to Northumberland. That was one thousand years too far away for the Dorianís to be a threat.

Little Egypt

The area known as Little Egypt was a place from which was an extreme prize sought by all Europe and militant Islam.

By legend after Adam and Eve were literally kicked out of the Garden of Eden, angels escorted the Garden from Terah Iran to the area of Chicago, which happens to be on the northern portion of the area known as Little Egypt.

Other than the fact the FreeMasonic Lodge Room from which the Ogle family itself modeled after the Temple of Solomon. Which itself was a direct copy of the Temple of Tyre, which was a copy of The Temple of Ptah Memphis Egypt, with a strong statistical connection to the Temple of Apollo Troy. The Lodge from which all FreeMasonic Lodges are literally derived were a copy of the Tabernacle of Adam. Which if this legend is correct was in itself a copy of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden which sent more than a few of the most powerful cultures of Europe literally to the Mississippi in order to capture whatever renamed of the garden to obtain the power of the divine.

The problem is, unless the scholars in the community understand how to use the tool properly the tool will not work.


Part 3

The Trojan War was beyond doubt vastly more complicated than has been previously assumed. The vast amounts the Dorians lied about regarding the Trojan War is difficult to quantify. The Trojan War is a long forgotten Battle of Israel with the Capital City of Jerusalem. The Dorians renamed the city to hide the facts that the city of troy was not called Jews, but was called something else. The country Troy was the capital city of was literally Israel. The Levant Ghetto renamed by Moses to Israel was for almost all intense and purposes little different from the Warsaw Ghetto of 1940 c.e. The only major difference was there was absolutely no American Army coming to the rescue; the Jews had to raise and army and rescue themselves. Enter King David several centuries later. The Americans coming to save the day for the Jews in the third reich was for a bit of time in the 1930s c.e was an even toss up if those politicians whom wanted to enter the war on the side of the third reich won political favor over those that wanted to enter the war on the side of England.

In American the politicians whom sided with the third reich include but are not limited to Prescott Bush, Koch,

To begin with, the War was not about the Menelaus, Helen, Paris love triangle. That is pure fiction. There was a power triangle. Ajax the Lessor (very likely the Avaris name would be Moses) wanted to marry or more appropriately take one of the Pharaohís eldest daughters as a wife (Meritaten and Meketaten respectively), produce children in order to place himself on the throne of Egypt. Either Meritaten the elder sister, or Meketaten the second daughter. Meritatenís son a very likely Theseus sat on the Throne of Athens, his Daughter if this statistical model is correct Helen was betrothed almost from birth to marry Meketatenís son Paris. The older son Hector was already betrothed to another familyís daughter.

Why is this important, almost beyond belief important, Ajax the Great vouched for a very likely Avaris commanding general whom would more than likely be literally Moses. As in the Biblical Moses. Traveling to the city of Troy was literally for the Jewish slaves under the tyrannical thumb of Moses, the destination was in effect Israel. But Israel at that time was the country Troy was the Capital city of. Troy is better understood to be Jerusalem.

The whole good versus evil battle of that age was fought at the city of Troy. Which literally translates to ďdescendant of JacobĒ, since one of Jacobsís sons was the fountainhead of the Jewish people. The city of Troy literally translates to ďThe City of the Jews.Ē Which is unbelievably important since, the capital city of the Jews is literally Jerusalem. Why not called Troy Jerusalem, because the people whom documented the battle were in a very real effect the same culture which millennia later would be called Palestinians and embrace Islam. But Islam is the same religion as Esau created as a revenge against both Jacob and the divine for not being given the right of heritage.

The events after the battle of Jerusalem/aka Troy and the events leading up to the battle are equally important. Yes an almost world war was fought at Troy, the cultures of Jacob and the cultures of Esau battled for 10 years. Ultimately Esauís line won at Troy, and again at Rome. But they lost at Northumberland. The loss at Northumberland was a loss which allowed Paulís descendants to destroy any type of information they did not like in Europe. Including any and all facts regarding the truth behind the Trojan War.

The power structure in Rome when the Roman Empire fell split into three Mighty Kingdoms. The first Vatican Rome, the second Northumberland, and third Byzantium. The Papacy of the Vatican left Byzantium alone and concentrated entirely on destroying Northumberland. Which is bad since they lost almost entirely from 350-700; the Vatican was forced to change their battle strategies and accept a new allies on the field in order to win and conquer the Northumberland Kingdom.

As usual the Ogles of Northumberland simply evacuated instead of continuing to kill all those whom came to their border. The Trojan War continued almost unabated from the city of Troy (Jerusalem) to Alba Longa and the City of Seven Hills, to Northumberland. The question becomes why the aggressor caused so much effort to hunt down from the Aegean, through Italy, to Northumberland. Destroying any and all documentation regarding the War as they went. From 1300 b.c.e to 700 c.e.; is an incredibly powerful motivation to hunt down and kill the descendants of the Trojans. They must have possessed something which caused 2000 years of a genocidal lust to kill every last Trojan.

Moses followed when Meketaten left to marry King Priam, if this idea and statistical model has any basis in fact. The fundamental issue regarding Moses attempting to not only seize control over the Pharaonic throne but also destroy any trace of the Jews. Destroy them by using them to profit off their efforts and seize political advantage.

The War did not stop when the gates were breached, the War continued at the city of The Seven Hills. Which is better known as the Punic War. But their needs to be about 600 years added to the Punic War in order for the timelines to line up.

Second the Carthage people were a long standing threat to the Romans, so there is less than 0 chance the Romans would ever be honest about the actions which occurred. Previous to 753 b.c.e. The Romans did everything in their power for 1500 years to erase every single aspect of anything which points to their paranoid delusional perspective of history to be the correct one, killing anyone whom questioned their authority, destroying any reference which would point to any other version having any level of validity whatsoever.

Consequently there is less than 0 chance the story regarding Queen Dido committing suicide is accurate. She more likely left Carthage with her new second husband to help in the construction of both Alba Longa and to aid in the resettling of the Trojans escaping the genocide of the War.

Punic War 1330-146 b.c.e, 1200 give or take years of constant battle between Carthage and the invaders whom would eventually seize control over the city of Seven Hills and rename it Rome. Destroying Alba Longa in the process circa 753 b.c.e.

Why would this extending the Punic War 600 years back in time be so important and what evidence regarding the hypothesis. The evidence is the Princes of the Seven Hills flat out claimed to be Princes of Troy. Second the Punic War started by the entire length of the Roman Empire claiming the War started when the City of Rome was attacked. Queen of Carthage Dido committed suicide (circa 1330 b.c.e) her husband Aeneas with the treasures of Troy with him, he left Carthage to found Rome or Alba Longa. Her grief caused her to commit suicide hours after Aeneas left for Rome. This story has been told so many times but the problem is; the only way that story is accurate minus the suicide is if 600 years was added to the Punic War.

The Punic Was started (by mostly fictional story started and continued by the Romans.) when Aeneas one of the first Kings of Rome (The Seven Hills) abandon his wife. Upon being abandoned her army rose up and followed him to Rome and the two Warred against each other till Carthage was erased from the Map circa 146 b.c.e. Again erasing 600 years from the time line all manner of actions and reactions simply had less than 0 possibility of reality.

The 600 years erased from history also cascade back to the Pyramids, for the longest time academics under the tyrannical thumb of the Dorians forced the textbooks and teachers to teach both Abraham lived circa 2100 b.c.e and the pyramids were built at that same time. The evidence of the pyramids construction is around 2600 b.c.e, which also matches the battles Abraham supposedly took part in e.g. the sacking of the Eridu Ziggurat.

Caesars family would have taken direct part in the end of the Punic War, as well as dismantling the city its most important of buildings and architecture and shipped it all back to Rome. Parts of 100 b.c.e Rome is made from Carthage. Those materials were recycled into the Vatican. Parts of Memphis, IWNW, Heliopolis, Thebes, Athens, etc. the same. When the city was destroyed, the Roman commanders had the key buildings disassembled and shipped back to Rome.

The city of The Seven Hills was founded between 1000-1500 years before 753 b.c.e. This is of the absolute most important since. The Trojan Royal family used the city of the Seven Hills and Alba Longa as an evacuation zone for their citizens.

Which also places the Founding of the Seven Hills at the first few decades before the Hyksos invaded circa 2253. If the Hyksos were starting to send advanced scouts across the Red Sea in order to test battle weaknessesí, it only goes to present the option regarding where the Hyksos would attack not when. The invasion was coming, the Hyksos had wanted to not only invade Egypt but seize the Throne from the Pharaohs. Had wanted to since practically day one.

The answer was the same as the previous times and the 1000 conquests after the Hyksos invasion, take the population and the treasures out of Egypt and let this generation of Esauís descendants exhaust themselves on the battles. Then come back when they are toppled by either internal struggles or external enemies. The Jews of Egypt would be the first on the list to need evacuating.

Aeneas Prince of Troy King of Alba Longa

Aeneas was cousin to the King and the Queen of Troy. His son or grandson became King of the British. Noted that the British and the English Cultures are with the hardest evidence extremely different cultures almost exclusively. The British are direct descendants of the Trojan people, while the English are literally in a large portion descendants of the Roman Empire. A great deal of Roman Legions whom were given lands in Germany on the frontier found life difficult, so they name changed and traveled to the UK to back up their fellow Romans in Londonium. Since the majority of the army was in Britain at Hadrianís Wall instead of several forces fighting on more than one front, consolidate the old Roman army into just one army in Britain. Name change from Sherwood Forest south to the coast as England but north of Sherwood Forest keeps its ancient name of Britain. Named after the son/grandson of Aeneas from Troy. As well as the great or great great grandson of iv.

Jesus and Jerusalem

Jesus and Jerusalem brings up an extremely interesting point regarding the British Empire, New Castle Northumberland. Although calling the Kingdom Ogle is not only accurate but extremely correct. The Kingdom of Ogle was its name from 1350 b.c.e to 750 c.e. It was only name changed by the conquering Pictish from 750 c.e Ė present. The name stuck after William the conqueror reclaimed Britain in league with the Ogle family.

This is of the most vital of importance because New Castle, Kingdom of Ogle/Northumberland in English literally translates to Jerusalem. The Trojans rebuilt their culture in Northumberland. Including rebuilding the city of Troy e.g. New Castle. No reason at all to call the city of Troy by its translated from x Dorian language into English as ďThe Jewish City.Ē It is incredibly insulting butit is accurate in both description and degrading application. The Trojans did not call their own city ďThe Jewish CityĒ they would have called Troy ďJerusalem.Ē But the conquering armies were less than not interested in doing anything with Jews at all minus killing every last one of them, then erase all aspects of their culture.

In addition, the word and phrase ďJeru SalemĒ itself has long reaching applications. Which could be one major reason why the entirety of Esauís line on a pure subconscious soul level will seek out anything to do with said Jews and Jerusalemís to literally destroy them. Destroy the people possess the city and main temple.

Jerusalem and Heaven are in more ways than one directly connected. In ancient languages they are almost the same word. ď51 And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he parted from them, and was carried up into heaven.Ē Luke 24; 51. From 1300 Ė 40 b.c.e the remains of around 10 tabernacles either by legend made by Adam or made as a copy of those assumed to be made by Adam. The cities were sacked and the Tabernacle of Adam was dismantled and shipped to Rome. In the 600 years from 1330 Ė 753 b.c.e those tabernacles were assembled in a variety of different cities the Hyksos owned. But after 753 b.c.e they were all dismantled and shipped to Rome.

A partial list of the Tabernacle of Adam dismantled and shipped off to Rome.

1.   Memphis

2.   IWNW

3.   Heliopolis

4.   Carthage

5.   Troy

6.   Portions of Athens

7.   Thebes

8.   Eridu

9.   Luxor

10.                    Tyre

11.                    etc.

The documentation states flat out that among other things Simon Peter, Jesusís appointed successor immediately left Jerusalem and traveled to Antioch to build a Cathedral there. He spent several years in Antioch. But something interesting, the Roman Census was taken literally every 10 years. So every 10 years a citizen would by default be forced to travel to either his city of birth or if a land owner in Rome. That person would have to travel back to Rome to be counted. Places Simon Peter in Rome to be counted as a Roman Citizen of Rome Proper. The very real concepts of how exactly did Simon Peter become the head of the church and as a Jew own Land inside Rome Proper is a serious mystery. Traveling to Rome from Jerusalem in the Middle East is no small task. Hard evidence that Simon Peter was a Roman Citizen. The next problem is, all those Tabernacles were moved to Rome, and Simon Peter started a ministry in Rome. Simon Peter started a new church from the church he founded in Bethlehem and Antioch in Rome Proper. A cultural descendant of the Trojan Royal Family furthers his ministry in Rome close to if not inside one of the Tabernacles of Adam rebuilt in Rome. In effect furthering the work which was itself a carry-over from where the Tabernacle was before it was in Troy. In effect in a tabernacle which could have come from IWNW (the Tabernacle at the Center of Heliopolis; which is layered in Irony since Heliopolis the city itself from Hieroglyphic into Hebrew literally translates as Jerusalem. A Jerusalem 20 miles north west of present Day Cairo Egypt) to Rome. Making Rome the Tabernacle of Adam.

The heritage of the Trojans is just as strange and mysterious as the Punic War.

Hecuba Queen of Troy

What could the Punic War and the Queen of Troy have anything to do with each other; the answer is if the statistical models of behaviors and applications have any basis in fact, Queen Hecuba was Meritatenís next younger sister. Married to King Priam, to replace his first wife.

If correct Hecuba in Hieroglyphics was Meketaten; Pharaoh iv and Nefertitiís second daughter. Aeneas married by legend Queen of Carthage Dido. The queen of Carthage according to this same statistical formula one of the last of iv daughters and his son with either Meritaten and or a lessor wife. The Trojan War and the Punic War were fought in part cousin cultures facing off against Hyksos descended cultures.

Hector and Parisís motherís name was Hecuba's which is very close (minus the Greek language Linear C which was not invented yet for several hundred years) to Hecate the Greek deity of the three heads . One of her symbols is a crown of pillars, another are snakes. Different sacred fertility rites if a conception occurred the child could be named for that deity as its parent. The Festival of Hecate; making Cassandraís mother assumed to be an extremely talented and gifted clergy in her own right. Passed from mother to daughter. Hecuba herself was an extremely talented Queen and co-ruler of Troy with her husband Priam. Much like her according to this hypothesis was Hecubaís mother Nefertiti. In truth that family needed all the advanced strategies they could think of in order to work through the sequences of radical hatred coming their way. Hecuba born to according to this statistical model Pharaoh iv and Nefertiti, their second daughter. She was born from a fertility Rite union, Based on her Hecuba name born in the month of Haggalaz according to the Futhark calendar.

This is what can be assumed based on the assembled evidence, linguistics, architecture, legends, stories, mythologies, etc.

The Pillars of Adam; start from the basics of this concept. The Pillars of Adam is a concept derived from the city of IWNW which after being conquered by in invading army from the south was burned and renamed to Heliopolis circa 3500 b.c.e. The city of IWNW was named built or rebuilt by Adam circa 5000 b.c.e. The measurements of the Khufu Pyramid point directly to the years in inches from the time Noah entered Egypt to present. The 0 line in the graphic points to the time when Noah entered Egypt. Adam entered Z time 1000 or more years before that. Backed up by the assumed theories in decoding the Khafre Pyramid. If the story of the menís lives were built into the Pyramids themselves, since they were not graves, might as well use the architecture to tell the story of each manís walk. Which would make it nearly impossible for enemies to decode. Decoding the applications of ancient history in the modern world is the only way to actually achieve further progress. Armies have been clashing with the full might of each culture for 5000 years, the more each culture forgets about the past the faster the next major conflict occurs. The enemy like burning books not reading them. Decoding something which takes a gigantic amount of time is well beyond the scope of most cultures. Sitting in a library reading for days on end or seeing explosions; most would pick some version of an explosion. Be that explosion the line of scrimmage; where two in effect shield walls collide to chase a football around a grid iron. A slightly less violent explosion of basketball. Car racing; twisted steel and sex appeal. Most would choose the sporting events versus sitting in a library for days on end. Decoding a 7000 year old code becomes a challenge. A challenge most if not all have less than 0 interest in decoding; those whom wish battle and to sling iron (especially those whom enjoy profiting off of the carnage of battle) have less than no interest in anyone learning the truth. Addressing ancient wounds might actually heal some of the original reasons the war between Jacobs line and Esauís line started. Heal those wounds will remove the ability to profit off of War.

But more of the same is a ridiculous application of a waste of time. Similar to attempting to refight the American Civil War, the amount of information regarding the battles most of the truth has been hidden behind somany layers of political spin and illusions that the flat facts regarding the Trojan war is easier to decode than the facts of the Civil War.

For one thing, calling a Dorian an Esau line descended beastly culture will not necessarily enrage anyone living. But there are a large number of people to this very minute in the south whom would literally become as violent as they could if they were involved that the South allied with Militant Islam. He been allied with them since practically the day Mohammed crawled out of the Kaaba with his reenacted conquest of Mecca. More than a few aspects of the Confederacy were entirely based on militant Islamic principles; remember Esauís line name change constant to avoid the guilt associated with their beastly actions. The confederacy specifically the plantation system itself was literally from the Persian garden system. The Slaves concept is from genesis about harnessing the beasts of the field in order to put them to work. All those whom refuse to embrace the teachings of x philosophy specifically those from Esauís descendants perceive all those not of Esauís line as being beasts who either have to accept the breathe of Esauís philosophy of be worked to death as no more than any other beast. The Dutch culture had embraced with as much power as the entire government could force its citizens to do business with militant Islam of northern Africa.

Previously the Dutch had been the closest and strongest allies with Britain, 1620 the betrayal started and did not end till the British were all but erased from existence. Allowing the English government to rename themselves British.




The events of Adamís life partially being selectively built into the Khufu pyramid. As well as the disconnect between the time of Adam when his concepts were not the majority and when Noah turned the tide and started to become the Dominant Paradigm of that part of the world. Like Poseidon water of Noahís flood does not mean water it means Paradigm change. In modern vernacular when President Clintonís time in the White House was over and his successor took over; that was a radical shift in dominant Paradigm. The entire country shifted toward the philosophy of 43; for supporters this meant it was ok to perform x (some felonies and treasons) actions, for the opposition being became a crime against the entire paradigm. ďYou are either for us, or against usĒ direct quote from 43 on more than a few occasions. The Trojan War was directly and with full application of intent created to erase the work iv and his family did in regards to the religion of the ATEN. Which if the linguistics and metaphors regarding the rituals and ceremonies of the ATEN can be translated this provides a framework regarding what the original ceremonies and ideas of the divine were intended from Adam. Not the edited, erased, and twisted beyond the point of reality forms of monotheism which reformed after the exodus under the tyrannical and genocidal thumb of Moses and his new language which literally erased the previous 5000 years of monotheistic history to provide his own understanding of the subject with an iron fist from the Hyksos philosophy.

Based on all the available evidence, theories, hypothesis, legends, myths, etc. it is possible the armies of the descendants of Esau gathered together to repeat in effect the siege of the tower of babel which Terah Esauís behavior model did at the Eridu ziggurat. Was the Trojan War simply the same battle between Esauís line and Jacobsís line fought at the Eridu Ziggurat. If Meketaten was Hecuba, than Hector, Paris, Cassandra were grandchildren of Iv. Consequently the grandchildren of iv were in a very real effect needed to be erased from existence to prevent further challenge to the perception from which Esauís line understands the path of monotheism. The Tower of Babel questioning the power of the divine, did the Temple of Apollo also question the power of the divine in the eyes of Esau/Hyksos cultures. What power did the Temple of Apollo possess which literally caused as many of the Hyksos descended cultures to come together for a 10 year long siege.

Moses in the Iliad known as Ajax the Lessor found both the plates of destiny in the Trojan ziggurat as well as took a handmaiden stand in for Cassandra inside the private temple of Apollo. Why did the Hyksos feel as a culture the Trojans and their direct connections with iv

The Polarity Dynamics

Cassandra is only one example of this ; female on one side, a line connecting, to a masculine on the other.

Kannaz ROY G BIV VIB G YOR greater < and less > than pointing at each other Kannaz and Kannaz pointing at each other with a slight modification is Jera the first four characters of Jeru Salem. As well as ďJoseph and the multi-colored dream coatĒ a ROYGBIV and VIBGYOR fits that bill. Since the word for Jera is time the 12th character in the Futhark sequence means and is the definition of Time. That makes in a very odd way Joseph and the title of Israel or King Israel, or in a better definition Pharaoh Israel (Pharaoh means leader of the long house of Adam; his replica of the Tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden). Makes Jacob after he was crowned Pharaoh Israel a time Lord. Which makes the whole Gallifrey fiction concept of the British Culture extremely interesting. Lord of the Long House; the Long House being literally the Long/Tall tabernacle which Adam by legend and mythology copied on earth from what he could remember from his time in the Garden of Eden.

(Eight sided Chapel Room in Miramont Castle) As above (tabernacle in the Garden of Eden) so below (Adamís copies on earth). Which is a very real way every FreeMasonic Lodge/Temple is designed to be some version of a copy of.

The Bent Pyramids and the Temple Mound Jerusalem


The West Female Entrance and the North Male entrance

The use of Virgin specifically to youngsters whom are naturally assumed to be virginís points to the distinction means something else. Clergy trained in the discipline of the Megaliths would be a good bet.

The duality of the life within the framework of Joseph Smithís life and the Ogle family are mirrored within the architecture of the ATEN; The hand/foot/limb at the bottom, the line between, and the sun itself.

No matter how much influence and editing Esauís descendants e.g. the Trojan Horse/Bull inject into Jacobs line descendants. The truth shall set you free. Free from the bonds of lies, deceit, and in basic sin. You shall have no other Gods before me; if you believe x is truth; but some very bad person or culture have decided for you that x is y, than in a very real effect especially since deity e.g. God does not have the same definition in the present from the Latin/Greek root (classic Greek the language itself is actually Linear C; but the previous language versions were literally erased from common knowledge) deity in the old definition was closer to what concept do you believe in. How close to truth do you hold? In a very real way; how close to the walk of Adam are you. How much of his prophets do you walk? Do you walk in the path/philosophy/deity (the poem Footprints) of truth or in the path of Esau?

One of the best ways to determine an Esau line descendant is; everything they do is either forgotten about with a simple ďsorryĒ or is flat ignored. But things done to them are carried as if those grievances were intentional and the emotional connection never goes away. A wrong to them from the second it is done until the Esau line feels the wrong has been corrected is a reason to seek revenge. Revenge no matter how much damage is inflicted it will rarely ever equal the feel of the insult which started it all. Esau line are in a constant state of war with someone or a group and never feel they are not in some way wronged and must punish those that do wrong. ďI was wronged, so all I do to make up for being wronged is justifiedĒ. Whom did the transgression mostly the only thing which brings true and an honest evening (the west side of the day. The later part of the day.) of the wrong the in this case victim feels is to perceive the ďbad personĒ broken, bloody, defeated, and close to death so the last gasps of breath from the lungs of the person whom wronged them are witnessed and pleasure can be obtained at the suffering and very quick death. To be punished for your transgression = the bloody, beaten, and broken to make sure you can never do it again a quick death. In psychological terms that is called psychotic.

The conquest of the Trojan War and Manitou Springs Colorado


The natives of Manitou were not all not white people. A number of them were British and some Joseph Smith Mormons looking for refuge from both the Great Awakening movement cultures (whom would kill them on sight) and B.Y. Mormons whom would treat them just a slight bit better.

Trojan War and Joseph Smith

Surprisingly the two subjects have a huge amount in common. A great deal of the story takes place in and around the Temple of Apollo. Which is simply a name change from the Hieroglyphic ATEN; the disk of the Sun.

Megaliths and Joseph Smith

What do megaliths and the science which is part of them have anything at all to do with Joseph Smith, that answer is extremely easy. A mound can be an easily alterable form of storytelling pointing to a megalith. Joseph Smith being taught how to go about unlocking the secrets of a megalith itself.

In many ways the Great Awakening army were no different other than a name change from the Esau (cursed beast)/Hyksos/Dorian Trojan War. Complete with Trojan Horse of B.Y. infiltrating and directing the church away from the truth and towards Great Awakening concepts. Evidence B.Y was in effect Achilles what is the name of the great Mormon university? It is beyond doubt not anywhere close to the words Joseph Smith. Brigham Young and Joseph Smith only share three letters.

Pharaoh Priam

Priam upon learning that his daughter Cassandra was correct his guards would have immediately evacuated the whole family . Their first goal would be to make sure the royal family and remaining treasures not already taken out by Aeneas were removed along with the Royal Family.

The Dorianís the entire time they were a named culture lied and provided false witness about their accomplishments. The Dorianís named changed to Greeks also forced their point of view regarding what they were able to do into the foundation of Academics. Which is insanely bad. More than a few of their lies and deceitful practices are still to the present believed as if they are in fact truth and not politically spun lies to make the Dorian culture look better.

Pharaoh Priam and the entire remaining Royal family would be no exception. It is the job of the Royal Guard to have at least a company of 1500 men at arms and at guard at all times. Not just a token few men on guard duty but a full company. They would be at full guard for at least two if not five full years after the Dorianís left. So assuming the Dorianís sailed just out of sight and killed a handful of the guards is ridiculous. No possible way that is true. But getting the Royal family to safety would be the top priority period. All royal families of said stature would have stand-ins who looked like them and would be paid literally to be a stand in in case anything went wrong. Live in the palace and pretend to be the king or royal. But when the conqueror enters the room it is your job to either be killed for the royal or be taken prisoner for the royal. If no conquest occurs, your job is easy; but when the conqueror is on the horizon, the stand inns job is to take the damage so the royal can escape. Some families treated the doubles and stand ins as family and included them to make sure the double could effectively double, mimicking both the mannerisms and knowledge. While others wanted little to do with the doubles and the doubles would be present but live separate lives from the actual family. All evidence points to not only did Cassandra evacuate but most if not all the family which could (there is less than zero chance the captain of the Royal Guard would have celebrated, even less of a chance his primary several hundred for a missing better term ďMusketeers<whatever the Trojan version and word was>Ē would have stood down and celebrated. Even less of a chance the best soldiers would have been killed quickly by the dozen in the Horse. The shield wall unit would have stood between Achilles and the family, while the primary inner guard would have picked the Royal Family members up and ran as fast as they could out the escape tunnels, stopping about 40 miles away for short durations. Either by foot or possibly horses could take them. Rest for a bit, then push on. Only stopping for short durations for medical reasons.); did. The children of the stand ins are whom were killed as well as their parents; the bragging reports of the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Agamemnon throwing the infants of the Trojan Royal family members into mortal danger for the pure pleasure of it. Those killed would be the stand ins, mostly not the actual Royal family Members. The Royals in the army would have also evacuated to protect their family. The city and its population lost, saving as many of the ruling family as possible would be the only real goal. The Dorianís and their immediate parent culture the Hyksos have some kind of odd psychopathic need to kill all Jews. If they find a Jew for some reason it nourishes their soul to hunt them down and kill them in the most beastly (Esau) way possible.

Adding to the facts that the royal guard would have picked up the royal family and forced them to evacuate; especially since Hector died in battle. The head of the army was dead and the replacement was not as good as Hector was. Achilles was coming and his orders were to kill everyone and burn the place to the ground. Erase Troy from existence; were the orders.

King Priam and his family evacuating north to the future Constantinople. Which is really interesting since at that exact spot circa 1330 b.c.e forward to 330 c.e 1600 years later a descendant of Priam and Aeneas being through their descendant Helen took the library and the tools to the exact location where the Trojan Royal family crossed into the future Greece. To build his city in that area.

Makes one wonder what Priam left in that area for their 2000 year later descendant to locate his new Byzantium centered in that exact location (it is interesting to note, at that time 1330 b.c.e give or take a decade is when Western Culture crossed from being centered in North East Africa and the Middle East/Aegean to being European. It would remain European for the next 3000 years. 1330 b.c.e to 1912. Then move to America). Britain, Brute, Britta, etc. two of the descendants of the Trojan royal family carry the same variation of Britta

. That is beyond important. Hagia Sophia could be a version of what the temple of Apollo looked like at Troy . The Trojan temple of Apollo being a likely copy of the Temple of Tyre

, knowing that Aeneas traveled down to Tyre after leaving Troy around the time the Dorianís arrived. The Temple of Tyre was by legend a copy of the Temple of Ptah Luz/Memphis Egypt.

Trojan War Stockholm Syndrome

After more than 10 years of war, especially if the battles are literally in the site of the capital city. All the little communities were obliterated and only the capital remained. Then the war was brought to the front gate of the Capital city.

Stockholm syndrome would be a powerful motivator.

But there is something else which must be adhered to. Every major city has layers from which that city operates. Each layer of the city itself has a class structure. The commoners are in the outer most portions, while the royal family are in the inner most and protected portion of the city.

After Cassandra warned of the death of her brother Hector at the hands of Achilles in front of the city gate. Her father King Priam not only started to listen but she was his primary advisor. But he could only do so much; the commoner population of Troy had already started to drift into being allied with the Dorianís against the Trojans. Which means the commoner Trojans were already starting to welcome the new conqueror into their city; not just stay allied and loyal to the Royal family. The Mob goes with whom is the most powerful.

Although where or not an actual sculpture was used; most commoners will shift allegiances to the attacker, proven through the psychological concept of Stockholm, identifying with a strong enemy.

Now knowing the political will was shifting from loyalty to King Priam to Loyalty to Agamemnon brings up a very interesting idea. Would the Royal family have evacuated shortly after the Horse was brought into the lower city? Did the commoners want the horse but the Royals knew something was wrong. Knowing something was wrong would close to default send the Royal Guards into defense mode. The Guards would have then been honor bound to simply pick up the members it could and use the escape tunnels to secure the family at a safe distance. Which means body doubles and the stand ins would have then had to pretend to be whom they were trained to be. Meaning they literally would have known they were facing their doom. Sorry but if I know this is my last night on earth and in the middle of the night or the next morning I was going to face a torturous and grizzly death. I would get literally black out drunk. Drink every single drop of available alcohol I could. Then wait for the end to come. For the children, depend on the Apothecary to create a long lasting sleep agent. To ensure the children would simply sleep through the horrors to come. Knowing the Dorianís would do Beastly (Esau) actions to the children for fun and pleasure. So the reports of all the Royals were stone drunk makes sense, they were not stone drunk they were the stand ins black out drunk. By the time the Dorianís figured out the problem; Priam and his family were very much long gone. But most likely Priam would have been able to see his City in flames from miles away.

Reaching the Bospherous Strait. Crossing the heading to the City of Alba Longa, to meet up with Aeneas to plan the next part of the journey away from the Dorianís. But being an old man Priam might have needed to stay on the City of Seven Hills which was as close for a Jew to be buried in the true Israel as he could manage it. A replica designed to be as close as possible but still hide what it was. The City of Seven Hills in half a millennia would be conquered and name changed to Rome. The original Forum building was built or at least started a millennia to 1500 before 753 b.c.e. e.g. 2200-1800 b.c.e. (which corresponds with the time the Hyksos invaded Egypt from Mecca). But the original design would be closer to what Hagia Sophia is than the assumed Temple that Zerubbabel built as his own ego and arrogance forced changes and alterations to the original King Solomon design. The grave under the former Great Temple could very well have been King Priam himself. His second wife and his eldest son was Hector and head of the army; was a father himself and had at least 10 years of military training. Making Priam at least 45-60. A 60 year old man traveling as quickly as possible to Italy from Anatolia; that is enough to exhaust anyone let alone a grandfather and someone suffering the loss of being King of their own city.

There was a grave found under the Forum in Rome; the man died approximately 500 years before 753 b.c.e. Person with three grave attendants e.g. females buried with him have been identified as being Etruscan. Which statistically speaking points to the Etruscans might have been either connected to Troy. Or Etruscan is what the Trojans called themselves in their own language; which could be Italic. Which would be a huge reason the name change from Dorian to Villanovan chased the Trojans from the Aegean to Italy.


Cassandra, her father, mother, at least a company of the remaining Trojan army are camped at the Bosporus Strait. About to cross. There is a large city; allied with the Trojans present.

Within a day or so the Royal family guards will only stop for the health of the Royal family. For the first at least three days on foot and possibly horse back the Royal guards would have traded shifts and kept moving. Distance was the only thing going to keep the Trojan Royal family alive. The doubles and stand ins would only pacify the Dorianís for so long before it would become obvious they were only body doubles and would be killed or the faÁade accepted not to lose honor (Helens and Cassandraís handmaidens semi-look alike was accepted as if it were each one respectively.). But the city would take time to obliterate off the face of the earth.

So the Trojan royal family would have at least four days head start.

Crossing into Europe, the push into Thracian lands then up into the Venetian area, then the decision. Down to meet up with the 10 years previous orders to Aeneas to found Alba Longa or north to Northumberland where the defenses were already put into place for a full scale invasion. Easily capable of repelling the entire Dorian army plus; which Nefertiti and Meritaten had been working to build for the previous decades.

Spain was not far enough away. Northumberland was the only choice.

So the question becomes, did they choose to push south to Alba Longa then as a group move north to Northumberland. How long did they stay in Alba Longa? Knowing it was illegal to be a Jew period, what did they change their names to? In a small hope of avoiding attracting the attention of more Dorianís bent on genocide. Did Priam and his wife see the City of Seven Hills?

Tracing the Temple Tabernacle Amber Room

This section is a theory; directly through linguistics and architecture the Kingdom of Britain with Alba Longa (Rome) with Troy e.g. the Trojan War, back to Luz/Memphis Egypt. From Memphis Egypt back to Heliopolis aka IWNW and the Tabernacle of Adam. The Prince of Troy whom escaped the Trojan War did so with the treasures of the city in tow. Libraries, the Amber Room, a very likely marriage to Ankhesenpaaten (Tutankhamun Tutís widow), being the founder of Britain in Northumberland (by legend were Tutankhamun Tutís father Amenhotep IV <the only documented monotheist Pharaoh> sent his daughter Meritaten to create a new Kingdom. A bit of help with the Royal Guard from Troy, the Amber Room from Troy and Egypt, as well as a very likely place Nefertiti evacuated to in order to help her children succeed. If true; Dido name changed from Ankhesenpaaten would have met up with her mother and older sister in Northumberland. Wow what an impressive reunion. Leaving Egypt taking different routes a decade between meeting up in Northumberland.), and the descendants of both Amenhotep IV Akhenaten from Egypt and the Trojan War meeting in Northumberland. With a second Kingdom in Italy. Some treasures and said in Italy for sure, but the bulk would be 1000 years beyond the reach of the Esau/Hyksos/Dorianís. They like burning libraries not improving technology in order to venture beyond their comfort zone. The theory is hidden behind layers of Dorian lies and mistruths, Amenhotep IV aka Akhenatenís descendants merged with the surviving Trojan Royal family members and formed a stronger Kingdom together. With a Gate Kingdom e.g. the City of Seven Hills, and the Core Kingdom Northumberland. The events of the Trojan War Play out in the founding of Mormonism. With B.Y. playing the role of Agamemnon the mayor of Illinois playing the role of Achilles, Hector played by Joseph Smith, Helen in this case would be the Plates/Book of Mormon, Troy and the Temple of Apollo itself would be the Temple Joseph Smith wanted to build. Same war same outcome different players, playing the same play over and over again.

Could the Temple remodeled and expanded around that time have been a copy of the temple of Apollo at Troy? Which itself was a copy of the Temple of Tyre. Which itself was a copy of the Temple of Ptah in the center of Memphis Egypt. Old name for Memphis Egypt was Luz. As in Jacob traveled North of Luz to the Light Place e.g. a Megalith e.g. the future to be remodeled location of the Pyramids. The Temple of Ptah was a copy of the Temple which Adam had built as close to an exact copy of the Tabernacle he did his work in as he could remember.

From Adam at Heliopolis

To Ptah

To Tyre

Edinburg or other major city in Northumberland, New Castle, Ogle Castle, etc. but New Castle since it translates to Jerusalem/Heliopolis/IWNW is the linguistic best choice.

To Troy

To the to be renamed Forum of Rome 500 years later; was the original designed to be a copy of the Temple of Ptah/Heliopolis/IWNW

To Jerusalem from a different family member David in the Middle East

Constantinople based on the library Constantine gained access to, thanks to his motherís Northumberland family and his fatherís Roman/Alba Longa/Trojan library. Hagia Sophia would be the copy of what the Temple of IWNW looked like

Where Joseph Smith wanted to build it and where he wanted to build is by almost all evidence possible a copy of the Temple of IWNW and he wanted to build it in the most sacred place he could find. Which in brief was Little Egypt, but he did not know the area was already compromised to the ultimate degree. He would have had to readjust his thinking to either Manitou Colorado and or the Far North of the Pacific North West. Would be the only defensible areas which would work well. But the Pacific North West was already a war zone. Had been a war zone for over 100 years. So Joseph found himself stuck with few if any real options.

He had visions of constructing his own (Ladder to heaven) Byzantium, Troy, Rome/City of Seven Hills, Tyre, Israel, etc. but correctly. By the time his organization was assembled he had too many Great Awakening members already causing problems and wanting to direct the church in bad ways. What B.Y. did not know is he should have followed the will of the divine and built a copy of Hagia Sophia. But his egotism, arrogance, blind rage, etc. clouded his path away from the divine and toward other avenues.

Hagia Sophia is not an exact copy of IWNW but it is as close to two separate 1000 year long dark ages caused by Esau line descendants could cobble together. Miramont Castle is also not an exact copy; but it too is close . But Fr Francolon suffered from trying to balance between literally the truth and those in the area of Manitou whom literally wanted to kill him. He was so hated in the area by the religious fanatics that he had difficulty leaving the area with his life. They ran Nicola Tesla out of town virtually the same way within the same span of time.

But since Tesla and Francolon were not only friends but Tesla wired Miramont Castle for Electricity in the 1800s. Being one of the only if not the only structure west of the Mississippi wired for electricity. A few of the items very likely operated by way of what 100 years later would be reinvented and called Wi-Fi. In addition Tesla could have easily installed a mini-tower which would allow the Castle to generate its own electricity. Which would have made the Protestants present on a soul level so angry they would not have been able to understand the rage let alone be able to work through it, instead they would be totally controlled by that deep seated rage.

The Amber Room is where the Blade/Tome of Adam would be used most effectively.

The Plates Journey

From Palmyra back to New York e.g. the movie National Treasure (extremely fictionalized version of real events; though the library was moved to a variety of places including Palmyra circa 1630-1680)

From New York back to Northumberland

From Northumberland to Constantinople, Antioch, Jeru Salem , Tyre

From The Middle East back to Egypt

From Egypt bouncing around the Eastern Mediterranean for the previous several thousand years.

From Egypt carried by the biblical Abraham from the Eridu Ziggurat

From the Eridu Ziggurat since the biblical Adam and the cultures of that time had to build Mecca based on an Adam design they had to travel from Tabriz Iran to Mecca.

From the Eridu ziggurat back to Tabriz Iran which is most likely the location of the Gate to travel to the Garden of Eden.

Brute King of Britain

Brutus, or Brute of Troy was the first King of Britain, he named the area from Sherwood Forest north to Perth after himself. The area south was another kingdom. The area north already belonged to the descendants of the 1550 b.c.e Hyksos.

Placing the Plates from the Tome/Blade of Enoch in the area of Northumberland. Millennia later the Ogles reenter history with the attacking army of the Romans whom are Hyksos/Dorian descendants whom had first conquered the City of Seven Hills renaming it Rome circa 753 b.c.e. Once in that city, the descendants of Romulus immediately started to attack and conquer almost a bee line towards Northumberland. Attacking north of the Alps before seizing all of the Peninsula they were living on. Immediately to western Gaíal. Although this took centuries.

Once at Northumberland the Romans met resistance the likes of which would eventually spell the end of the Roman Empire. But the treasures Brute the son of the Prince of Troy brought needed to be evacuated west across the ocean to already established strongholds on the eastern sea board of the American Continent.

Which draws a consistent line from Troy forward to Carthage, forward to Alba Longa, forward to Britain, forward to the cities of Northumberland, forward back and forth to Germany, forward to the eastern sea board, forward to Palmyra New York.

Evidence of this can be found in the name ∆neas; name of the blade. Since Aeneas was given command of the treasures at least within this examination of these legends; then he would have been appointed to be Pharaoh in his own right. But since pharaohs were given five names; his primary name since his Trojan name would have marked him as someone the Dorianís would want to hunt down and kill. He would have had to choose a different primary name. The Carrier of the Blade of Adam/Enoch/Methuselah would fit nicely. Those whom understood the code would know he was the New Pharaoh in exile and those that did not; do not need to know, unless they can break the code.

Taking the name of the Blade if this collection of examination of these legends and mythologies in this manner is correct than this Pharaonic Title stuck with the descendants of the carrier of the blade. Which after a dozen language changes and 100 conquerors meandered through these legends places the title of the carrier of the blade of Adam with the written word AEtt on it which in hieroglyphics could be spelled ATEN. That title in Latin would translate to Longinus; which still makes the title the name of the Blade not the name of the Man carrying the blade. If you carry the blade you take on the title, if you do not carry the blade you are no longer known by that title. Similar the concept of whatever vehicle is carrying the President of the United State that vehicle is labeled number One. For instance Marine One, Air Force One, Navy One, etc.

Backwards from Troy with the shield wall of the Hyksos. The Jews were used as a shield wall for the Hyksos to conquer cities and take possession of more land. Before the Hyksos invasions of Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e the Trojans were in Egypt on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza

. Which is where their namesake person was when he was crowned Israel. Descendants of the Foot Holder, or Limb Holder, or the extensions from the disk of the ATEN. A holder of an extension of the ATEN.

The plates Joseph was able to look at and translate through this statistical analysis are the same base information which constructed the Pyramids. Which have not the slightest thing to do with graves other than as a ceremonial affectation. Not real graves to place real dead bodies. Only ceremonially dead bodies.

British Culture

One thing which needs to be addressed; the British culture is an ancient culture which had been in the British Isles no later than 1000 b.c.e. At least by the name British; same culture was in the area of Britain long before but had a different name.

The English did not come around till after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

The two the British and the English are fundamentally different in almost all aspects.

Divine Ceremonies

If a child of the King and Queen was conceived during a specific religious rite, that child was not called the child of its parents. That child was called by the name of that time of year. Child of Zeus, Child of Venus, etc. Modern evidence of this concept is in when parents name their child Jesus.

Brute King of the British in his lineage is the names of Venus which means is mother and father conceived him during the rite of Venus.

The mythologies where heroís etc. were said to have a parent of a deity. This explains that lineage.

Pharaonic names

Pharaohs did have traditionally five names, but after some of those cultures had to evacuate in order to continue to live they took their traditions of more than one name with them. Consequently in ancient Greece part of this tradition continued within the framework of naming a child conceived during a high holy festival of which there are eight per year. The childís parent male or female became the deity or a more accurate description would be the fixed point in space and the energy thereof which marks a specific period of time. If a child was conceived during one of those mathematically fixed points which that fixed point is based on the physics of electro-magnetics; each electro-magnetic fixed point had a name. That child most likely would have that name as its parent. Pointing to an extremely strong degree ancient cultures possessed a far better understanding of both electro-magnetics and time than current western cultures most advanced physics.

A similar example can be found within the framework of the Asian cultures whom work to conceive a child during the aurora borealis. Conceiving a child during specific electro-magnetic occurrences is thought to be good by a variety of cultures.

13 names

Five Pharaonic names, rotating sacred names.

Very likely those eight rotating names might be spelled different based on which different years. Each year passed accent the name differently. To reflect what year as what of the eight holy days is being referred too.

Twelve apostles with Christ making thirteen. Five Pharaonic names 8 God/holiday names; 5 +8 = 13.

Pharaohs Names

The added names are a Jewish Pharaonic tradition which other invaders copied but did not understand.

Clergy of the Temple the fictional character of Briseis played by Rose Byrne

If a king mated with the opposite sex clergy of a temple; if that mating produced a child. The childís male or female parent would be called the name the clergy was dedicated to. Achilles himself was the product of one of these unions. Achilles his mother mated with a God in order to conceive. Meaning that in that cultures traditions of both Jacobs line Trojans and Esauís line capture shield wall Achilles the union would not have been against most rules. However the union would go against some of the more ancient rules of the culture; namely the conquest of the city. Achilles should have fought on the side of the Trojans once inside the gates. But he chose to continue to ally with Agamemnon.

In a temple during one of the eight celebrations per year; the queen is supposed to invoke the spirit of the deity of the holiday. While mating the queen would not be considered the queen but the deity herself. If the queen became pregnant during that ceremony; the child would not be known as the queenís offspring but the deities off spring. Reference the self-mutilations conducted by Esauís descendants could be in place to prevent said actions and activities.

Merovingian Kings

By legend the Merovingian Kings line started as a temple fertility rite between two royal families in Germany the Rhine. After the Roman Empire collapsed parts of the allies which destroyed the Roman Empire attempted to expand out into their former territories. But they met with violent opposition from former Roman army units attempting to claim lands which used to be Rome. All in all from 350-1066 mainland Europe was almost one solid and continuous battlefield. Heavily trained armies clashing almost constantly in order to dominate and control as much territory as they could. The Merovingian Kings enter the fray about this same time. Though their origin is entirely mysterious. Layers and layers of buried family legends as well as later cultures political spin forced and end to most types of truth regarding this legendary family.

The family is first and foremost connected to the river Merwede which is a lower portion of the Rhine. However this is a nickname code from their former name. This is a replacement code; so their true origins would be hidden. Similar to how Columbus chose Indius as the name of the natives he found. A Conversos code to hide who they truly were from the cultures wanting to genocide them.

But River and fertility Rites; more than one name come into the balance both to confuse and provide a roadmap to decode whom this family actually was. The River means rivers of electro magnetics. The head of the line of Kings which originated with Merovech his existence stated at a fertility rite: during the eight high holy days a year the parents conceived this boy under those conditions.

The mother laying in a stream was encountered and had an intimate encounter with Neptune/Poseidon. Similar to Poseidon intimate encounter with Medusa. Giving Medusa and the resulting offspring special gifts. But the family most likely come from the tribe of Dan.

The name Smith and the core of Merovingian.

Mar Wig; Mar means Famed and or Spectacular. In Dutch Mare means News, Bulletin, Alba (inscribed view). Alba or Inscribed, usually inscribing entails inscribed by the divine. Sacred marking direction.

Wig; means fight and or direction.

Vermaard; divinely inspired/famous.

Vecht; direction of motion.

All those definitions point to the linguistic evidence is correct. A woman performed a fertility rite with a clergy dedicated to Poseidon. That fertility rite would be a throwback to the fertility rite the Pharaohs would perform at the headwaters of the Nile to ensure a bountiful year.

The question becomes, were both the parents of this great future King Clergy. As in was the Mother and Father Clergy, or were the Mother and Father the King and Queen of the area or culture but performing said rite within the framework of the religious right. Forcing the names of the invoked deity to be the parent and not the named King and Queen of the land.

To define more as to the name and parents. The Parents were a family directly connected to the Rites of Poseidon e.g. type Cycladic culture. The Cycladic culture are directly connected to the pre-Pharaonic Egyptian culture whom were master experts in Electro Magnetic science. If both parents participated that strongly points to the Mother was also a fully trained clergy. Whether or not sheís queen or simply a female Clergy.

Now the name; Mer would point to the month of Mannaz. If this correctly counting forward from the exact second this solstice equinox occurred by nine months give the Date of Birth. As well as if the rest of the letters in the name decoded which tribe, which year, and which exact deity. Joseph Smith was a spiritualist before he found the plates. Makes him a person whom possessed some type of spiritual talent. Which led directly to both finding the plates, and the hatred from the Great Awakening movement groups whom perceive said gifts as directly from the devil.

The concept of deity to the post medieval world; the Vatican was so to the base of their soul petrified about losing any type of power that they changed as much information from the past as possible, and killed anyone whom questioned their authority. The name and word Deity or God used to mean something entirely different before the Paul church seized control.

What it means before was an observation of the electro magnetics which is what holds the quarks which build atoms together. The ancients possessed an understanding of sub-atomic physics we can only dream of.


During the dark ages when being any type of Jew was literally a capital crime, hiding these types of names under an unassuming pseudo name became standard. To many talented families of Jewish origin whom had connections with ancient sacred talents chose to abandon their old names and take on Smith. Some Smiths were simply a smith e.g. Blacksmith, wood rite, etc. but a few Smiths were name changed from previously prominent names attempting to avoid outright genocide.

When most of the final straws of the old culture were as scrubbed from the future as the new dominant paradigm could find and erase. A worlds worth of information and knowledge went too. Part of what went into the ashes of erasure was the understanding of how to translate what a pantheon was and how children of pantheon members can actually be translated back into a reasonable format. Part of the Smiths blood line which was attached to those whom wished to hide behind a non-threatening name possessed said information on a cultural but still DNA level understanding. If 1000 generations performed a similar job, but the generations after were unable to perform that job, part of the knowledge and information those 1000 generations gathered will come to the surface in descendant generations whom seek to rediscover what the 1000 generations did before it became illegal to do said.



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the one count






Fehu the first ∆tt.



























Physical Journey





Flame Light










Emotional connection and AEtt



Haggalaz second ∆tt











































Sun Light



Tiwazthird ∆tt





























String Theory, Electro-Magnetics





Small Details













Being forced to live under the faÁade of others perception so they will not kill you is a difficult burden. Each of the Major wars and battles presented point directly to a specific set of repeat patterns. Those repeat patterns from Have an idea, build that idea, something the idea offends, that person forms an army, that army works as hard as they can to erase the existence of the idea, the survivors rebuild the idea updated in another location. Starting the cycle all over again. Joseph Smith all the way back to the legends of what Adam did present the continuity of actions.

The Trojan War and FreeMasonry

A large portion of the Iliad takes place within the confines of the Tabernacle/Temple structure of the Trojan Empire. Just because the place is called the Tabernacle/Temple of Apollo does not actually mean Apollo was just some weird polytheistic concept of almost pure fictional foundation. Apollo is more than likely the Linear B spelling for the Jewish god. The Jews centuries before having their language, spelling, and concept of god stripped from them. For the sole purpose of humiliation, degradation, and a strong hope by their Esau cultural descended slave masters; that the later generations would forget they are actually Jews from the line of Israel. Buried deep within the organizational structure of FreeMasonry is more than likely the story of the conquest of Troy. Either the building of and or the last ditch efforts regarding maintaining control over that specific Tabernacle/Temple of Adam at Troy. The stories of the versions of the Tabernacle/Temple being forced into being the edit of just one story but in truth the one story is of between two and several temples either right before they were finished construction or obliterated. Solomon in a semi-direct response to the obliteration of the Tabernacle/Temple of Adam at Troy; Solomon might have decided that his people and his religion of Jews needed a Tabernacle/Temple of Adam in the Ghetto of Levant. Knowing that their time in Levant was merely a temporary situation till at some distant point a later generation could lead his people back home to the real Israel in Egypt. A pattern of behavior the third Reich followed in Germany 3000 years later. Each of the Major constructions of Tabernacle/Temple of Adam was and is literally a physical extension of the ATEN; as above so below. There were always supposed to be more than one great Temple. Each culture needed to have their own. Perception is the key, the path to the divine is a personal one, and not a one size fits all. Those whom force the one size fits all are doing so through violence and intimidation. FreeMasonry is about helping the individual become better. The man helps all in his community become well as a personal beacon of goodness. The story of each of the Tabernacle/Templeís is important to know and understand how those events shape and affect you the individual.

The Trojan War

The Trojan War was in its most basic elements a war which had been fought countless times from the beginning of recorded history to present.

The aggressor always seeking out the same goals, expending all resources to find their goal. Once that goal is found erase said goal from existence.

The war in Egypt circa 3800 and 3500 b.c.e. are simply a replaying of those same events over and over.

The players and their parts are set, what needs to be understood is not the functionality of the players but the societies themselves literally having to repeat the same patterns almost exactly generation after generation. Both sides beyond soul level confident their actions are according to divine will.

But the side whom is not the aggressor. E.g. what are you doing which causes the armies of the world to arrive and want to obliterate you.

In the ancient world the concept of gathering your forces to go to their shores to kill them is a clear sign you are the aggressor. In the modern world the Esau/Hyksos/Dorianís were on their way to the shores of both Athens first at least from the perspective of the Trojan War; then following the army from Athens to Troy , makes the Dorians the clear and uncontested aggressor. The Helen mythology is entirely about providing an excuse so the later cultures hearing the story would not find Agamemnon simply the bully in the situation, all the actions he did were under umbrella of taking Helen back from the nasty wife stealing Trojans and Paris. After the behavior patterns of the Dorians was clear; nothing was going to back them down from their focus onto genociding the descendants of IV. The only safe and sane thing to do was to evacuate out of the reach of those whom were on the soul cultural level interested in genociding you then erasing every single aspect of the culture they came from. Evacuate till the aggressors are dead. Aggression generates generations of aggression. The more aggression is present the more the next generation will be either as aggressive or more aggressive. It will not take the army long to divide and then start fighting itself.


What in the wide world of anything do events which took place on different continents e.g. the Anatolia Peninsula aka Asia Minor, Levant lands aka Israel, and Northern Britain have even the slightest, smallest, separated by more than 2500 years have to do with each other.

The answer is the Trojan War which took place roughly 1300 b.c.e. and the reformulation of FreeMasonry which took place approximately 1300 C.E. have on the surface less than nothing to do with each other. The problem is; statistically speaking the Formulation of Freemasonry in York circa 700 C.E. and again 1300 C.E. and again when the British Empire was conquered by the English circa 1600s absorbing the Grand Lodge of Britain renaming it the United Grand Lodge of England or UGLE for short. Providing an homage to the family who created FreeMasonry in the first place. O and U in Middle English are interchangeable in some situations; so OGLE and UGLE are in effect the same word. A very clever way to hide the truth behind the formulation of FreeMasonry by a simple change the family name to an acronym. They have so many commonalities they are almost the same subject. The story of the formulation of FreeMasonry and the story of the Building of Solomonís Temple, and the destruction of the Great Temple at Troy are almost the same subject. The death at Troy can be perceived as being Achilles or possibly Hector buried in the combined story in the formulation of FreeMasonry as the body at Solomonís Temple construction. It would be amazing if buried deep in the layers of FreeMasonry, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shriners, etc. that is could be possible to decode the combined layers of those stories and separate them out. Separate the Trojan War death of Achilles, Death of Hector (Achilles killed Hector in Battle; at least that is what the Dorians stated happened <the evidence is plentiful regarding how much that culture lies> it could have easily been his Sargent at Arms/Body Double/Stand-In, the Army might not have allowed their Commanding General to actually perform mono e mono combat with Achilles. Achilles disfiguring the body of Hector so much that he would be all but unrecognizable. That would be a serious and on a soul level favor from Achilles to the Trojans. The Dorians would want to parade around the corpse to show how easy it would be to kill the Trojans now; but the body was all but torn entirely apart. It is likely the stand in/body double went out. It was the body double which was killed. Hector continued to lead the army from the Throne Room. Knowing as a matter of fact the Dorians would never in a million years every even consider backing down. They were going to use any strategic war time trick they could to win. Taking the city intact and killing very single Trojan they could find was the goal of the War. Almost exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The statistics of the Warsaw Ghetto battle are uncomfortably close to the events of the Trojan War. At the time the slave shield wall Jews were left in the city of Troy, it was almost exactly like a Ghetto. A place to stick the unwanted but not wanting to dispose of them immediately. So put them in a place, force them to pay taxes, come around on occasion and terrorize them, torture and kill them whenever that generation felt like it. But allow them the illusion of safety and comfort behind their own walls; be those walls designed to keep them in or keep them out is the question. The Walls designed to keep them in, the Trojans might have chosen to increase them to keep the Hyksos Dorians out. Which would have enraged the Dorians so much; it would be almost unbelievable. The Walls of Troy and the Walls of the Warsaw Ghetto have more than a little in common. Each of the cities which were Ghettoís in the Middle East to store Jews till it was time to either kill them or use them again as shield walls to conquer another city, only takes a slight alteration in the perception to see a Wall designed to keep slaves in as a wall designed to keep the slave masters out. Troy and the entire Athenian and Trojan Wars; designed to keep the Slave Masters out. FreeMasonry was designed to keep alive the secrets of from these long lost timeframes. To come up with a realistic way in which it would be possible for the stories of the Jews and Israel to keep alive despite the facts that in all reality anti-Semitic behavior was not only legal but in some cases rewarded. Killing a Jew in the middle of time square in some decades the only punishment was to make sure you took the body with you to make sure it would not stink up the place or worse make people sick with the cast off of the body. Time Square at noon was not illegal in some decades. FreeMasonry was designed as an organization which would allow ancient knowledge to continue despite the rules to the contrary.

The reason the Trojan War, the Exodus, and FreeMasonry are almost the same subject is the facts surrounding the events. The Hyksos/Dorians combined with the supposed but time lines match Hyksos/Avaris taking their combined armies (including Hyksos General Moses and his shield wall slaves the Jews) and attacking the Trojans. Aiming first at the Temple of Apollo. That Temple is almost more key to the entire story than Helen and killing Priam. Taking Helen back to her Dorian husband and Killing Priam were both fallacies created to hide the truth of destroying the Temple of Apollo. Which was an exact copy of the Temple of Tyre. Centuries later King Davidís grandson learned of this information and chose to rebuild the temple in his fatherís capital. He chose to build in Jerusalem because as a matter of some hard fact the Hyksos army completely surrounded the Jews in Levant (The Levant Ghetto after the exodus through from 1947-present). Levant was chosen as a Jewish refugee site because it was not Troy, Athens, or the truth Israel. Have to put them someplace, if nothing else to have a convenient location for future generations to go and harass, torture, and kill them. What will future generations do with all that aggression if we do not at least leave a few Jews around for them to kill? Which brings up a very interesting idea as to the farmers around Sparta. Were those deemed to not be true followers of Esau cast off as mere Jacob line throw away nothings? But whom better for the youth to go out, find and kill as a test of manhood than surrounding the city of Sparta with Jews. Also what better way to generate income and feed the soldiers than to have miles of the lands around Sparta be used for farming. Support the soldiers, support the city. But the farmers out in the fields if an army came up, they were on their own, to be killed as the enemy saw fit. Saves so much money in defenses when you only have to build defenses for the most important in a culture. The ultimate extension of the concept of the Hyksos shield wall. Force the enemy to fight and die for you.

FreeMasonry itself is the retelling of the story of the building of the Temple at Jerusalem but linking the Temple of Apollo to El Beth El is not only not difficult it is relatively easy. Which makes what Solomon did an attempt at rebuilding that which could or would be lost if another wave of attacks occurred. But it would also leave the treasures and identity of Troy safe from attack by Esauís next named culture from infiltrating Troy to corrupt the actual Temple. Best give Esauís line the illusion of a temple to hammer against rather than the real one or a sequence of real ones in other locations. Most of FreeMasonry itself is a hidden faÁade hiding the truth behind layers and layers of illusions. So the truth regarding El Beth El would be safely hidden from those whom wish to perform additional human sacrifice inside the temple. Which is strictly and radically against the will of God.

The Primary architect Hiram ďThe Widowís SonĒ and the strategy of hiding whom one is from those whom eagerly would choose to destroy for the simple purpose of if I cannot control this, no one will.

If the constant wars fought over Jerusalem for the last three thousand years would have occurred either over the city of Troy or worse around the pyramid. Nothing would be left. In fact modern archaeologists for the most part would not believe the pyramids existed at all. Stating something to the effect ďprimitive man did not have the capacity to build anything like that. Nothing would make me believe said structures were built minus me examining them for myself first hand.Ē Which is exactly what those same scholars state in regards to the application of ancient technology and wild theories regarding the Pyramids were not graves at all, but temples dedicated to pre-Pharaonic ideas.

The family which formed FreeMasonry were direct descendants of the Trojans. Which were direct descendants of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Whom were themselves direct descendants of the pre-Pharaonic cultures of upper and lower Egypt. The pattern of architecture from Upper Egypt, the Kaaba, IWNW/Heliopolis, Luz/Memphis, Tyre, Troy, Jerusalem, Newcastle Northumberland, etc. match.

Each of those areas have a cultural and statistical connection from FreeMasonry (founded in the same Kingdom as Newcastle) to the Ogle Royal British family.


The story of Theseus and the Trojan War is almost if this theory is correct beyond measure connected. Connected in almost the most key and load bearing wall way. As in the conquest and counter conquest of Poseidon to Athens and Agamemnon partaking in the situation is key.

Theseusís daughter could very well have been Helen the future Helen of Troy.

Meaning the future Helen of Troy was sought after in marriage by Agamemnonís brother in order to both marry and to make up for the grievance of defeat in battle.

The Dorians lost at Athens. The Dorians lost huge at Athens.

The question becomes when the battle of Poseidon name change to Athens occurred. Did the name change occur at 1600 when the Hyksos (the previous name of the Dorians) came through and conquered? Seizing control over both Athens and Sparta. Places Medusa back 300 years, and removes Medusa and Theseus from interacting with each other.

Medusa could have been in Poseidon (Athens) circa 1340 b.c.e.. The city attacked and conquered by the Hyksos/Dorians causing Amenhotep iv Akhenaten to send his oldest daughter, his wife, and grandson to Poseidon to win the city back. Bringing Medusa and her followers back to the newly renamed Athens; to honor the ATEN. Add an H after the T and Ďs after the n. Although in truth, with the radical amount of battles occurring and the Dorian Dark Age about to start Medusa and her fellow clergy would literally need to evacuate from Athens to a place more suited and peaceful. The City of Seven Hills would be a good first step. Some staying in the coming decades and some leaving for the to be founded Britain by the son/Grandson of Aeneas (and possibly the widow of Tut Queen Dido from Carthage).

Unless Theseus allowed the religion from which Medusa was clearly a clergy of back into the city.

The later Dorians changed and edited the whole thing.

Medusa being banished north to Thracian lands. Which places the religion of Medusa as the cultural heritage of Spartacus. There are a couple different legends regarding Spartacus and his bride. The first being his first wife was his Thracian Princess to his Prince; she was killed or dealt with by the Romans in some unacceptable manner. The second was his wife whom was a slave in the same house/family that Spartacus was purchased in. It is unlikely that his first wife would have been purchased as a slave in the same house as he eventually became a slave of. But the slave owner might have learned of her husband and sought him out; purchasing him from those whom wished to see him executed in the Forum to die in the arena. Unfortunately for the new slave master they did not understand how good of a military commander he was, he was a natural leader not just of the Thracians but to all around him. If his first wife or only wife depending on what version of the story is believed; than she was most likely a fully trained Princess of the old way. The way of the megalith, a similar way to which Medusa was trained. If this is correct, than there is a strong and deep connection between Spartacusís wife and the ancient knowledge of the Tabernacle/Temple of Adam.

Spartacusís wife

Spartacusís wife, Medusa, Cassandra, Blood Countess, Meritaten, Rebecca, etc. woman whom have special talent and or training which points to and works with the framework of both the Megalithic system and the Tabernacle of Adam. IN several of the stories the remains of Spartacusís men are being crucified on the Appian way outside of Rome as a reminder of two things, one that no slave ever think of rebelling against their master ever again. The second no can ever defy the will of the coming Imperial Rome. Those hard lessons are parent of what allowed Julius Caesar to size control over the turn the republic into an Empire. Without the Slave revolt under Spartacus, it would have been impossible to force the population to embrace an empire. The lesson was learned so hard that 400 years later when the Vatican took over and started handing out edicts and degrees, the entire population was so traumatized by the Crucified Spartacus army circa 70 b.c.e. that they literally did not question when the government started its tyrannical application of force. The Stockholm syndrome was so strong that for the next several hundred years no one dared in Rome question the authority of the government. The fear was so deep seated that millions were executed by the inquisition for speaking against the will of the Church itself. But for Spartacus his closest guards would have ferried him out of the battle and into safety. Either to a ship which they could either steel or pay for passage. Or they headed overland to Spartacusís homeland in Thrace. Helping Spartacus create a new army to take on the Romans. But that would be entirely written out of the history books. If an army in the East did rise up that army would be named something, anything other than the army of Spartacus. An army in the East did Rise up and threaten Rome, years later an uneasy peace was forged.

In approximately the same general area the river Spartacus was born on was part of the disputed lands between the Holy Roman Empire e.g. the Vatican and Byzantium. Of course the northern kingdom stretching from York and Northern Ireland north and east over the Normandy, northern France, Dane, Germany, Slovak lands, north to the arctic circle. Three mighty kingdoms only two have any press. Since the Persians and the empire in south of York joined forces and erased most of the information regarding the third western culture kingdom the capital cantered in Northumberland.

Four great powers. The yet to be called Muslims but the culture was present and raging militarily. The Byzantiumís on the Bospherous Straight, the Holy Roman Empire the head of which was the Pope, and the North kingdom centered on Northumberland.

Be interesting if the remnance of the Spartacus Army and culture were used 400 years later to defend the border between the Roman Empire and Byzantium.

This is almost exclusively theory based on decrypting the mythology and the obviously political spin of the Hyksos/Dorians. A group of cultures widely known to have little idea what truth actually is, or how to perceive the world as truth. Their perspective is so colored and twisted them for a considerable amount of time in their history have been unable to understand the difference between truth and their fantasies of life.

As well as Medusa the religion she was connected to. If Theseus did bring either the religious and or the education of the megaliths back; that would have angered the Dorians at Sparta something beyond measure. Causing them to immediately be stirred by an unconscious force to not only find but destroy said information, before that information could cause what the Esau descended cultures would consider extremely bad. Activating the Amber Room, shutting out that cultures Esau descendants from the power. Esauís subconscious nature is to either control the amber room or make sure no one else can work with the Amber room. Above and beyond all else, make sure a woman cannot have that power. A man of Jacob line descent is the worst thing imaginable, a woman is on a soul level worse.

Which would cause the Spartan Agamemnon to form an army and attack Athens. But was soundly defeated. Which would cause the whole of the Dorian culture to align with the whole of their cousin culture the Avaris in Egypt, as well as the whole of their combined ancestor the Hyksos to become so enraged at losing the War so badly at Athens they could not contain themselves. For some unknown to modern culture reason the city of Poseidon (based on the available evidence, linguistics, and cultural clashes) was conquered circa 1550 by the Hyksos. Several armies of the Ionians attacked to take the city back, but were entirely unsuccessful. Till Amenhotep iv Akhenaten his daughter and her son came a calling with virtually the entire Egyptian army which could be spared and took the city back. Sparta fell but was never that large a concern at around the same 1550 time period. But the area 200 years later was starting to recover from the Thera volcanic eruption. So the Hyksos reclaimed their Sparta and attempted to reclaim dominant control over Athens. It is unclear what the Hyksos/Dorians called Poseidon; but what is clear. When Theseus came a calling with his army. The Hyksos/Dorians in the old Poseidon, about to be called Athens witnessed the many to one ratio of soldiers on the march towards Athens. Knowing they did not have a chance could have easily chose to not only not put up much of a fight, they could have simply abandoned the location, retreating to Sparta. But once the news of the beyond humiliating defeat reached the power structure at Sparta, a new army was raised, a new commander was chosen Agamemnon, and a new march to the city was instituted. But Theseus was not going to allow for said invading army to do much other than be slaughtered. Theseus knowing that the Spartans would lose but his side would take damage as well, sent out a request to his aunt and uncle at Troy. The King of Troy Priam knowing the Hyksos/Dorians would be sending that same army to his shores instantly after attacking Athens, could have thought. Might as well destroy as much of the army at Athens as possible before they reach my shores. Plus before they arrive at my shores learn as much of the battle strategy they use. So by the time they arrive at Troy we know how to defeat them. Plus the citizens at home can spend that entire war at Athens building up defenses at Troy.

Could the Trojan armyís Hector, Paris, etc. have come to the defense of Athens? Theseus marrying his daughter to Paris at the same time. To seal the mutual defense pack, cementing the bonds of family for another generation. Defeating the Dorians and with a soul level rage angered the Dorians so much that not only did the Trojans and former Poseidonís not Athenians not think much of the conquest of Agamemnon of but continued life as usual. Fighting and battling the Trojans at Athens. Paris and the other Athenians insulting the Dorians by conducting the events of life while the Dorians wanted to kill almost every single Athenian they could. The few survivors sell into slavery but all the upper class minus the really pretty females sell into slavery. Torturing to death the men.

Defeating the Dorians at Athens, Menelaus at some point grabbing glimpse of Helen and falling instantly in love with her.

Possibly, if Agamemnon and Menelaus take Helen from her husband and her new City, could that break the back of the Athenians and Trojans? Since after a while, if Theseus only produced one child e.g. Helen than Paris and Helen after a visit to Troy to meet and spend time with the Trojans. Paris and Helen would become the King and Queen of Athens. Upholding the family tradition. With Hector and his wife King and Queen of Troy. Forming an alliance which could last for generations. Locking a power structure of the Aegean for the next several hundred if not thousand years. The key would be to destroy Helen and Parisís relationship. As the Trojan army arrived in Athens to fight the Dorians. Breaking the alliance between Athens and Troy, killing the next king of Athens, leaving the city of Athens with no solid at the time leadership and no successive generation to take over and lead the Athenian army. Destroy a grip on power by seizing the wife of just one man, Paris. Helen was reported extremely beautiful, so Menelaus taking her has his wife only added to the power. If Menelaus and Helen produced children; Menelaus could then force the Avaris to give up control over the throne. Agamemnon as king of Troy, his son as King of Athens, Menelaus as King of Egypt. That is a prize any war lord would envy. Onto the War to conquer Athens they go.

Losing at Athens. Part two of the Prize, conquer Troy. Seize Helen at Troy. During the fall one of Helens handmaidens was chosen because she looked so much like Helen. She was the one whom was treated so badly. As well as she was the one who was forced to marry Menelaus and produce his children. But she was not a ranked person, nor was she royal. So Menelaus had to settle for a beautiful look alike girl as a bride. When his brother was killed, the army all but vanished. The new commander was not interested in expansion. So the armies retreated to their own cities (unlikely) leaving Troy a burned out hulk, according to Dorian descended bragging which is notorious for being incorrect. Having failed literally on almost every goal. Minus one; broke the power structure Amenhotep iv Akhenaten wanted to build. Forcing the power structure to consolidate at Northumberland instead of spread out across the entire north Mediterranean.

Simple battle strategy. If we cannot take Athens; because they were assisted so much by allies. Then we shall conquer each ally in turn then come back and destroy Athens itself.

After losing badly at Athens. Agamemnon rebuilt his army. Then set his perspective entirely on Troy.

Sailing to Troy with as large an army as he could assemble. Having his army at home conquer more and more cities in the area in order to keep new reinforcements coming. All or nothing for the conquest of Troy. Since the Athenians insulted the Dorians so much by having a lavish royal wedding for Paris and Helen while the war was raging just outside the city walls. Most of the primary soldiers of the Athenian army were present. That is how little a threat the Dorian army was to the Athenians.

The insult was so profound it stirred the entire family; including the Avaris/Hyksos back in Egypt. The Jews in Egypt were punished harder because of that grave to the depths of their soul insult of the defeat of Agamemnon at Athens. Since it was done by direct children of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten whom they had already had a to the depth of their soul insult hatred of.

So sail to Troy and obliterate it and all who stand against; became the motto for the next century.

Theseus most likely sent troops. But it became obvious very quickly that the only thing to do was to slowly evacuate the Jews from the battle. Using the back door. Since the front door was being used by the insulted Hyksos/Dorians to attack.

Get the primary people out, and hire mercenaries from Europe to fill in and fight. Once the civilians were out of Troy , out of the influence of the Dorian army, through the Bospherous, headed to the rally point at the being built Alba Longa, and to fuel a full scale war with and against the entire might of the combined Dorian empire. Hire mercenaries to both come into Troy as reinforcements and protect the civilians escaping through the Bosporus. The Mercenaries in protecting the civilians pouring out of Troy and the Anatolia Peninsula on their way to Alba Longa, those civilians would need armed escorts along the way. So almost exactly like the Crusades 2200 years later the ancestor culture of the Crusades created a safe passage zone out of the Aegean for anyone whom wanted to leave. Carrying the civilians and treasures out of Troy and the entire area before the Esau/Hyksos/Persians could round up another large army to attack and seize control over the library of Troy. Get the citizens out with the library/treasures; while replacing with knights and mercenaries from Europe. Extremely reminiscent of the Knights Templar. Be interesting if the reformed Knights Templar circa 700 c.e in York under the command of the Ogle family aka Northumberland family were following the same behavior patterns and organizational structure in the crusades and previous for the citizens and libraries as during the Hyksos/Dorian invasions of the same areas 1600-1200 b.c.e. Get the citizens out with the treasures and usher in reinforcements and troops.

Since all sides in the war knew this was winner take all. Esauís descendants versus Jacobsís descendants. Over and over and over again.

When Esauís line wins they change the history to make their bad actions acceptable and the losersí actions dumb. Hiding as much of the truth as they can.

Which would be a huge reason why the area of the Seven Hills became such a powerful location. It was the prearranged meet up point for those escaping. But they all knew that as soon as the Dorians figured out where the new rally point was, the Dorians would be immediately sailing for the rally point to kill those that managed to escape.

Which could also be a large reason the evidence of the Trojan War was found in Britain; the survivors evacuated to a safe zones and started to rebuild their cultural infrastructure. Which included monuments to the distant past and the immediate past. Since the 1600 b.c.e Hyksos did have the ability to sail to Britain. Although their cousins the Dorians did not.

Guys like these edited the Bible down from its original pre-exodus to what they were comfortable with. Which is a micro-fraction of its original size. The essence of the words are present but in truth the real information; these same men in the present are simply following the same progression pattern their ancestors followed in cutting out what they do not like.

The hard liners in most cases are the first to become violent when dealing with the application their philosophy is the only one which matters. No other philosophy is acceptable but the extreme in hard line. Usually not allowing others to even have a voice let alone express dissent from the extreme in hard line.

The great asset for rebuilding what the ancient hard liners have erased is the facts regarding they use the same behavior patterns to do the erasure process. The bad part is, it is impossible to prove what was erased. But an idea can be re-created as to what was erased. The hard liners cannot erase all traces. So the hard liners not only cannot erase all they hate, but those oppressed leave clues behind as a decryption roadmap of sorts in order for later generations after the hard liners are satisfied their voice is the only one in existence and calm down. Once they are calm enough, it is then time for the ones whom have been silenced to stand up and regather the clues left by ancestors in order to put forward again that which the militant wanted erased.

It is always a balance to put enough out into the world but at the same time not draw too much attention from those whom wish to destroy all that opposes them.



The life of Adam is a different and complex story to tell. Especially since the story itself has been edited so much by descendants that it is only a fraction of the size it was to begin with. Instead of only being a few words in the first two chapters of Genesis. The story of Adam used to literally be several entire books long itself.

The Garden of Eden

Inside the Garden of Eden there were four trees. Those four trees with a more appropriate definition from the Sumerian into English are housed in the Amber Room. A modern equivalent to the amber room is the third story room in the Kaaba. A room which the Russian Amber Room itself was supposed to be designed to be similar to. But the artists in Prussia knew the design they were constructing was only from rumors and legends from the original. The original was taken out of Germany before the Prussian empire formed. Angering the Prussians but they simply rebuilt their own design. Decades later, knowing the original and the one in possession were not even close to resembling each other. The Germanís gave the Amber Room to Russia as a gift. As in a might as well give a gift of the room since the one in possession is not even close to the original. The room is useless to us, it only looks pretty, and it has little function.

The original was made mostly of the mineral Amber, not gold. The room was designed to generate electricity.

Which is interesting since generated and focused electricity can be directed to allow for a zero gravity sphere to be created. That sphere anything inside that sphere will in a very real effect float. The construction of Solomonís temple in Jerusalem by legend Solomon harnessed demons to move the largest blocks into place. The German Amber Room is supposed to be a recreation of Adamís amber room from the Tabernacles he created on earth which were supposed to be a copy of the one he worked with in the Garden of Eden.

Incidentally, he built more than one.

One Tabernacle in the garden; dozens if not hundreds built on earth. That would by default make any prayers done in the earth tabernacles prayed to the Garden of Eden tabernacle a realistic and architectural physical form of the ATEN. The deity from which Amenhotep iv Akhenaten allied himself with. Which the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians hated with every fiber of their being; but their descended culture the Muslims worship the ATEN five times a day, forming the IDOL of the ATEN to worship towards Mecca.

Grim Reaper

Scythe to cut those living a life; reeds/pillars/the trees (pillars) at the center of the Garden of Eden.

To scythe down the will of the divine.


The Language of Adam

Based on the fact that the Hebrew characters were created using the Futhark circle as a scaffolding places the Futhark itself as an extremely important aspect within the confines of the Children of Israel.

As well as the facts of the name on the blade of is supposed to be three letters and one repeats. Which would match perfectly with the AEtt system of the Futhark. The 24 are divided into three sets of eight.


The story and concept of Enoch is a strange tale. The strangeness of the tale involves the spelling of the name of the divine, Alba (inscribed) Longa (with permanent perspective on an object) aka Longinus onto a blade. Making the blade both a cutting utensil as well as tome of knowledge.

The Grandson of Adam; he was gifted with blessings his father did not possess. But at the same time he was presented with information which made it nearly impossible to conduct a normal life.

The Blade he carried in all likelihood became known as the Blade of methuselah; which was a sacred blade with equal parts blessing and a curse.

Enoch was the son of Set the mysterious son of Adam born or said after Abel was murdered. But since Cain had nothing to do with his family; his son and nephew would have zero contact with each other. Naming children the same name is not uncommon without any idea of the similarities.

But if Adam, Set, Enoch, and his descended possessed a tome with by legend mythology and poetic license added, literally had a blade either used in the Garden of Eden to measure out someoneís name and life details with or a copy of that blade. That blade with beyond significant gifts, even if those gifts were literally a copy of a copy of the original. The embedded relationship still gives the item certain powers. Example a picture of a muscle car for the human brain it perceives the car; real of a picture the brain cannot truly tell the difference.

If Adam, Set, Enoch, etc. down the descended line of the extended families possessed said blade and copies of said blade. Did battle with unholy creatures with said blade/s, as long as those people followed the base rules of acceptable order the blade/tome would not have adverse effects. In fact according to the same legends and mythologies the more the blade was used properly the more it would take from the bad and give to the good. Which makes the blade/tome a very valuable item. But only if your soul is not only pure but your intention in use is correct.

Enoch is brought to Heaven after completing his earthly duties and bringing forward the attributes of Righteousness. He is said to have in effect turned into the Metetron; the voice of the almighty. The chief of the Angels. Which if the name of the blade is correct which by legend the name on the blade itself is three characters which two repeat. The answer to what that word is; can be found directly within the framework of the Futhark itself. Directly linking the Futhark used as a scaffold for creating Hebrew from and the Name of the Blade directly to the ancient world.

The Futhark 24 symbols directly have three separations. Each of those separations is called an AEtt. Each AEtt specifically is the electro-magnetic framework behind the earth gravity and rotation around the sun. The 24 are divided into 15 day and five 16 day months with corresponding motion patterns. Each character is designed to reflect the emphasis of the motions of each month. Midsummer the plants are in full growth and bloom so the symbol is F or Fehu. The vertical stock with the leaves stemming off from the stock.


Ascending to Heaven on horse Enoch

In the Rashi 3 from Genesis Rabba 4; Enoch is ascended to heaven on a Horse. A horse is used as a Symbol of the Trojan People. Whether or not the sculpture was a Bull e.g. Jacobs symbol of the Aurox or a Horse e.g. Sliepnor with the Eight Legs. Either way the symbology connects the Trojanís are both Jews and possessors of the Books of Israel and the Blade of Jacob/Methuselah/Enoch/Adam.



The really bad aspect of ancient history is the documentation is extremely difficult to believe. Most of the ancient languages have been lost, they have gone extinct so the translations of decryption processes are best guesses. Such is the case of the city of IWNW. Which was built at some point before hieroglyphics was invented. The city was large and complicated to construct. At the center were the pillars of Adam.

At some point before 3800 b.c.e, Adam e.g. the Garden of Eden Adam built the city of IWNW. It only goes to illustrate the point regarding did Adam build this temple and city or did he simply conquer it and take the city over. Rededicating the Temple of Pillars at the center of the city to himself and his philosophy. Since Adam himself was the man who by a myriad of different legends, mythologies, etc. cobbled together built both the city and the temple, it is only fair to state that the Pillars of the Temple at the Center of what would be called Heliopolis when the city was conquered by Upper Egypt circa 3500 b.c.e destroyed that temple and renamed the city Heliopolis.

Which the city was conquered and rebuilt millennia later 1900 b.c.e by the Hyksos attempting to rebuild the Temple of Adam. Without the instructions for what the Temple looked like. Bad thing about the Esau/Hyksos, they burn libraries too quickly then forget that the information about their faith which they need they turned to ash for this simple reason, information contained within might hurt their feelings.

The Temple of Adam at the Center of IWNW; by legend looked similar to if not almost an exact copy of Stonehenge on the Salzbury Plain.

The original IWNW temple was what Joseph Smith was attempting to build as his great Temple but unfortunately for him and those around him. The plans for what that temple looked like were literally destroyed millennia ago; by Esauís descendants afraid that others might take power away from them. Best to destroy everything so no one can take power away. Although through an exhaustive examination of the evidence left behind it is possible to literally re-create/re-build portions of what the Tabernacle of Adam could have looked like.


The Tabernacle of Adam was a layered and complex building. Or more appropriately layers of structures dependent on each other for support.

First the Amber room

Second later the tabernacle itself

Third the protective walls around

Fourth another layer of protection

Fifth towers e.g. Trees to achieve specific goals. Which those goals are not to call to pray like an animal. Animals mark their territory by howling; so does the descendants of Esau. They make like a cursed beast five times a day. Making everyone deal with the facts a cursed animal is around and must be violently paid attention too.

War Upper Egypt conquers Lower Egypt 3500 b.c.e.

Around 3500 b.c.e a hard line army from Upper Egypt started to gather sufficient forces to move north. As they did they were able to reach what architecture has determined as being similar to a Temple of IWNW in Upper Egypt around Heirakonopolis.

Around 3500 b.c.e an aggressively militant culture from Upper Egypt started to gather sufficient sized army to move north. As they did they were able to reach what architecturally has determined is similar to a Temple of IWNW in Upper Egypt around Nekhen. This could be related to the same culture which attacked and obliterated a City of Pillars Tabernacle close to Hierakonpolis circa 4000 Ė 3800 b.c.e. forced to leave the south to move north. Presumably to the location of Adamís Tabernacle built some one thousand or more years previous. But the aggressor at 3500 b.c.e. destroyed all which was built from 5000-3500 b.c.e to rebuild that area in their own twisted beyond understanding philosophy. Problem is that same destroyed the previous and rebuild our version is still active in the present. When B.Y. seized control over LDS from Joseph Smith III with violence; he was all but entirely unaware of the facts regarding what the Temple he planned on building in Salt Lake should look like. He had his own ideas; and nothing was going to stand in the way of his ideas. No matter whom told him no.

The attack in Hierakonpolis which destroyed the Tabernacle complex circa 3800 b.c.e, similar attack razed Lower Egypt circa 3500 b.c.e, the razing of the City of Troy starting the entire obliteration of the Temple of Apollo, followed by the entire erasure (as much as they could) of Carthage at the end of the Punic Wars, St Augustine Florida and the built up tabernacle infrastructure built up which the Spanish and Muslimís destroyed to make way for their better architecture, to Little Egypt (Missouri, Indiana, North East Kansas, etc.), Bellingham Washington. Each shows the same pattern of erase and obliterate what was previous because the conquerors are convinced what was built was evil and they have the only one true path to God. They only need to kill everyone whom tells them no, destroy all records of anything they do not like, erase all previous architecture, pay for it all using slave labor (whom are usually worked to death, not unlike NAZI Germany), etc. Extremely similar behavior patterns from 4000 b.c.e to present.

At IWNW the army laid siege and did not give up until IWNW was obliterated. The survivors to commemorate both this War and the previous War in Upper Egypt; both of which could have taken place around the time of Mid-Winter, a very likely ceremony regarding these events could be the Ritual of the Yule Log. Since the acacia wood used for the Pillars would have fallen over and burned. But the burning would have taken place over the course of days to even weeks. The Temple and Tabernacle structure was literally so massive it would have taken a long time to burn.

Which culturally speaking if some of the Pillars and cross beams stayed up; various Burning Crosses would have been visible for a distance. Which could be where both the Yule Log came from and the tradition of burning a cross on the lawn of those whom are descendants from Esauís line could continue to use. Esau to the Hyksos, to the Dorians, the Avaris (Ramses), the Dorian Greeks, the Dorian Romans, Persians, Islamic cultures, to the Great Awakening movements, forward to the American hate groups like the KKK, etc.. Be very interesting if the remaining evidence and documentation regarding the application of the Burning of the Heirakonopolis then the burning of IWNW left the same burning cross concept on both cultures. Would point to the culture which Terah allied himself with was the same culture as the culture which burned those two cities to the ground. Abraham allied himself with the culture whom was attacked and scattered to the winds.

Millennia later the army from Upper Egypt which attacked and destroyed IWNW name changed to Terah, then Esau, Hyksos, Dorian attacked to repeat exactly the same cultural play at Troy . Fast forward by a couple centuries and the same in effect Passion play culturally works itself out with Joseph Smith with the enemy the Great Awakening Movement. The same Passion play playing itself out from Pennsylvania to little Egypt in the centuries before; but then called the Seven Years War. The label might have been condensed to Seven Years. But the battles and wars raged for decades before and after. The Seven Years war could point to the application of western culture attacking to genocide Jews; e.g. the Seven Days of Creation and the Seven Years War. A hidden war against the Jews in America. Which the winners of that war wanted to profit off the spoils of war and the English government wanted to collect the spoils first. The resulting conflict led directly to the American Revolutionary War. Where the Colonists chose to self-govern over the concept that they wanted the money from the Seven Years War first, the Crown could have the cash in taxes over the course of the next decades. The evidence regarding the United States of America formed out of a conflict between the Colonies and the English over the spoils of Genociding the Jews in Little Egypt.

Temple of IWNW

By legend the Temple of IWNW was built by Adam. As a copy of the Tabernacle he had in the Garden of Eden. With the concept of ďAs above (the tabernacle in the Garden of Eden) so belowĒ the copies created on earth in strategic locations.

The Temple by ancient legend supposedly resembled a grouping of Pillars. Not unlike a grouping of wood or stone Pillars in Megalithic construction. Indicating strongly that Adam either used an existing architectural design in his pyramid and or he invented the concept of a megalith e.g. Stonehenge. Late conquerors took his ideas and simply erased his earlier work in a dissociative personality disorder format; replacing Adam for themselves. Which religion has a large tendency to attract the mentally unbalanced whom after a period of time can begin to demonstrate their unbelievably bad behavior patterns and disassociate. Taking on the role in their head of being the Idol instead of merely being a participant in the religious events.

Whether or not Adam invented the Megalith or he adopted the Megalithic structure for his Tabernacle makes little difference. What makes the largest difference is the fact that if Adam used a Megalithic design in his Tabernacle as a base of construction; which all evidence strongly points to this concept being not only entirely truth but destroying the megalith and replacing that megalith with a later conquerors design of the familiar to present cultures church, synagogue, temple, mosque, cathedral, etc. is also standard.


Temple of IWNW destroyed 3500 b.c.e.

The rebuilt temple of Adam at the center of Heliopolis

1900 b.c.e. Hyksos Temple of Menkaure. The Temple of Abraham.

In subsequent battles the temple at the center of Heliopolis has been destroyed so many times that the facts regarding even where Heliopolis used to be have been lost.

Noah (named after Enoch) 4000 b.c.e.

2x2 = Feminine balance Masculine = Isis balanced Ra <insert Israel graphic here> = Fehuís AEtt Haggalazís AEtt, Tiers AEtt.

Which is really interesting since no matter how hard the story is changed by those that only wish to erase the Futhark Matrix; they do not know enough about the Futhark Matrix to destroy it. They describe its fundamentals e.g. leave clues behind for the descendants of those that are of the path of Adam to reassemble at various times. Funny it almost requires the will of the divine to reassemble the Futhark Matrix; but it only requires a hate and fear filled heart to seek that same information out to destroy it. So divine will to reassemble, hate to destroy it. That based on almost countless times when the Matrix has been reassembled sought out to destroy it which side is the good side and which side is the bad side. Destroy with hate in the heart in most ways the definition of bad.


The Futhark Matrix

With innumerable connections between the path of Adam and the Futhark aka runes, the Futhark has be more than simply an odd out of place language. That language being and having odd things to do with the performance of life on earth.



The Nordic German names for things were strictly created after the very realistic aspects of war and genocide occurred from 2100-1500 b.c.e in the Middle East and Egypt.

The word and name AEtt and or the word and name Hotep both and or either could be part of a translation change to hide the truth from invading enemies. Hide the truth in plain sight and hope the conqueror does not notice.

Hotep could be the hieroglyphic name and word for AEtt; which is the name for the Footmarkís three divisions. Each twenty four sequence is divided into three portions of eight characters.

But the Egyptians some of which were beyond measure anti-Semitic hated the origins of Egyptian philosophy stemming from being from the path of Adam. That hatred itself caused the largest and hardest to define translation error. Changed things from truth to lies. The reason to stated error instead of errors is the same cultural descendants have infected the truth into lies with the same behavior pattern from 4500 b.c.e to present. So in effect it is simply the same action done repeatedly, which means all those changes can be changed back to the truth using the same decryption method.



The flood was two things; first the flood was a cultural dominant paradigm change, and two it was a drastic shift from those whom wanted to walk in the path of Adam and those whom wanted to walk in the path of hate.

First those whom want to walk in the path of the Language of Adam aka Futhark Matrix to those whom want need and on a pure hate level have to destroy the Futhark Matrix in order to forget the exit from the Garden of Eden.

Second; Zoroastrianism took the really good idea from Adam of the Garden of Eden and shifted it from great to good versus evil.

The time from Noah to Narmer

The time from Noah circa 4000 b.c.e to Narmer 3200 b.c.e is a very strange and unusual time the course of human events. The essential aspects of western culture had not formed yet. Those cultures which were still operating within the framework of the Futhark Matrix were still strong. The cultures which wanted the Futhark Matrix cultures to not exist were growing in strength. Adamís culture was partially the Futhark Matrix culture and part something else was steadily growing in strength. But after the cultural dominant paradigm shift e.g. flood Adamís culture was well and truly stabilized, it was small but growing.

Noahís birth location is mostly unknown, if he actually existed is also an unknown. The title of Pharaoh was stolen by the Scorpion King aka Pharaoh Narmer when he conquered and unified Egypt under his rule. Previous the Title of Leader of the Long house was a Semitic Title most often used by the children of Israel. The Children of Israel in circa 4000 b.c.e could have been pushed out of where they were living into Upper Egypt. Pushed north by a similar culture circa 3800 b.c.e from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt. At 3500 b.c.e were pushed again into being just another wandering tribe of cultures. A few hundred years later Narmer conquers everyone and forces peace in the land. Forces each of the cultures to live on designated areas. With military discipline to keep each culture in its own location. What is not an unknown to later generations Noah (fictional or not) has had an immeasurable impact on the world around from several hundred years after he died to present. Narmer uses the symbology of what in post Catholic world view know as Noahís ark; stripping Noah from the story and replacing Noah with himself. Seizing the power symbols of everyone and taking them for himself.

The time between 4000-3200 b.c.e was an extremely complicated situation for the development of monotheism.

The question becomes why the shift from the Middle East to Egypt was so radically important. Which that same shift occurred a millennia later with Abraham. Shifting away from Levant to Israel. And a millennia later with the 18th dynasty literally being Jews in their role as Pharaohís.

Skipping the 1300-200 b.c.e then a brand new Jewish emphasis on Egypt; including shifting a huge amount of treasures from Egypt to Greece and Rome.

Same pattern 4000-3200 b.c.e to present. Huge emphasis on the applications of Egypt and the rise of Israel in and around Egypt specifically focused on the applications of the same cultural play same character types with different actual people playing the roles. The documented events from 4000-3200 b.c.e playing out in most of the millennia from 3000 b.c.e to 2000 c.e. Five thousand years of history and only from 1300-300 b.c.e not having those same roles played out. Minus of course Alexander and Caesar but that was outside the thousand years from the Exodus to Alexander. The pharaohs were back in charge of Egypt 350-590 c.e; then to now Egypt has been ruled by violently militant Islamic cultures.



Narmer aka the Scorpion King

The Scorpion King

The Scorpion King conquered the raging armies and cultures of Egypt to unify Egypt under one ruler. In an attempt to prevent more genocide from the descendants of those that wish to walk against Adam and kill all that they perceive as bad and allow those that wish to build up the Futhark Matrix to live in peace and harmony.

Israel between Dakkara and Giza on the West Side of the Nile

According to more than a few sources the applications of where Israel is in hard reality is between Dakkara and Giza on the west side of the Nile.

It is located in that area not because of any type of political spin, but because the cultures involved keep being drawn back to Egypt and huge Wars occur on that soil.

At the least the first documented aspect identifying where Israel is located in the Narmer Passport and Plate which point to the area from Dakkara to Giza on the West side of the Nile as being the truth and rightful area of Israel. Levant lands are a Moses lie. But what else do you expect from an Esau line descendant. Truth for the most part is in the vocabulary of those descended cultures.

Adam descends from the Garden of Eden

The story of Adam after he and Eve descend from the Garden of Eden is a complex mixture of information. The difficultly of the story is how little information is available in the Bible but there was a huge amount of details regarding what can someone do in one thousand years.

Nine hundred and thirty years of life from the exit from the garden to his return to possibly heaven. The question becomes the blade he used which was either a copy of the blade/tome he used in heaven and or the actual tome/blade he used to measure someoneís life and name them. If he did battle with all manner of creatures, since he possessed said blade did he actually take those creatures life essence and feed it to himself.

The next question is; when and how did he go about dealing with the murder of his younger son by this eldest son. What was his grieving process? What father literally would not pray to give anything to have a murdered son back? Since Adam knew point blank where the gate to heaven was. What father would not almost instantly venture to that location; and beg for an audience with God. The angels with their flaming swords to someone in that depth of mourning and grief, the swords would not scare them. The swords could be a welcome relief from the pain.

Did Adam have his own tome/sword which would have been equal to the blades the angels guarding gate possessed.

Could God have given Adam a test; go kill fallen ones and Nephilim. Kill enough and we shall see (enter the concept of Thor attacking Giants with his tool/tome). That same or a copy of that blade/tome was given to Enoch to continue Grandfathers work. Enoch did not live for just shy of a millennia; he did Gods work and was invited home. That blade/tome was passed to Methuselah.

Adam slowly makes his way to Egypt

Somewhere buried deep within the framework of the earliest monotheistic writings are the stories of what brought Adam to Egypt in the first place. As well as what brought Adam to Mecca.

The Garden of Eden was according to David Rahl just north of the City of Tabriz Iran. Although there is a substantial archaeological site in the area. The ruins are incredibly old, perhaps 6000 b.c.e. But the militant Islamic (fanatical) government of Iran has less than zero interest in anything about monotheism minus of course Mohammed. But their interest in Mohammed is mostly concerned with hiding and destroying any thought that Mohammed is the greatest thing ever. Which is why Esauís line from which Mohammed and his family are direct descendants of both blood line and philosophy of.

Adam made his way out of Tabriz Iran in whatever way he could with Eve. Once on the ground Adam and Eve started to do the very thing newly married couples do; they started a family. First Cain, then Abel, then a few girls. But since the later writers, translators, etc. of the books valued women less than they valued just about everything else. The women in the old texts of the Old Testament of the Bible were for the most edited out. If the ruler with his army tells you ď I do not want to see a single woman in anything you write minus the most minor actions when they are key players in a bad action resulting in problems with their husbandsĒ then that is the only thing the writer can do. Or be executed on the spot. But women play extremely important roles in the early days of both monotheism and Islam. Without Fatimah Islam would only be a religion of a very small area around Mecca. The Movement grew huge because Mohammedís daughter took on the mantle of in a very real effect Lilith in concept and philosophy. Using her talents and abilities to spread the word far and wide.

Great Awakening Movements



Fatimah herself was gifted as her father was. The problem is, Esauís line hate women so badly that the facts of what Fatimah did for her father have been erased while she was performing them.

In a way of looking at it, if a woman was gifted with spiritual gifts, could she have used those spiritual gifts. As in (very likely some type of erotic encounter in the Kaaba, be it human with human or human with Fallen, makes little difference to the placebo effect) some type of intimate encounter with either her father and or the being her father swore allegiance too. What if Fatimah did something interesting to start or help further her fatherís philosophy along. No matter how much damage is done regarding those whom follow that philosophy more than a little of it could very well be based on said type of activity depicted in the pictures. Denying a foundation of the philosophy will never remove that foundation from being present. NO matter how many people are killed, women are mutilated, etc. the foundation could very well be some form of ritual Fatimah could have performed.

The hard evidence of evidence in Britain back this hypothesis up to a degree which becomes difficult to ignore. But that is another story. What was Fatimah called when she evacuated to Britain; or face execution by the hand of Abu Bakr.

If Fatimah did perform some type of unacceptable relationship or personal ceremony; her one or more of her children have been in some way either directly Nephilim and or have Nephilim influence. If solo ceremony than any remaining influence from that ceremony could have been around when any one or all of her children were conceived.

If with something so that her fatherís philosophy would finally catch instead of becoming something it was literally not meant to e.g. the changes made after Esau, from the Hyksos, from what Moses did with it, and the really bad actions Paul did. If Fatimah did perform with an unacceptable relationship with something, was one or more of her children literally what would be considered to be a Nephilim.

If so what happens to the faith since Mohammed himself chose that child to be the next leader of his church. Mohammed did not want Abu Bakr to lead, he wanted his grandson to lead. But Abu Bakr and his have been killing the followers of the grandson ever since. Makes one seriously wonder if Fatimah did with something was it a fallen? In effect selling herself so there fatherís faith would flourish.



Eliezer, Gershom

The children of Moses and Zipporah. Which is profoundly interesting since this is the time when Moses would have been cursed. Producing children after being cursed, means some very heavy divine implications. Not the least of which is the facts regarding biochemically is the curse biochemical. If it is, than one or all the children of Moses could have been born with the same curse.

Makes the line of Moses a very difficult one to follow. Midian

In addition; any attempt at removing the curse could have resulted in the applications of interacting with fallen ones. Did Moses have children with Fallen ones, in a vain attempt in Egypt to remove the curse.

During Mosesís time in Saudi Arabia, did he travel to Mecca. Which is almost beyond doubt he did.

Traveling to a location which had been by legend either a place where Adam h himself has walked and or Adam himself had built to reflect on earth as he had in heaven.

Was one of the places that Moses traveled to in Mecca specifically inside the Kaaba, did Moses attempt to perform a variety of remove the curse rituals inside the Kaaba.

Did Moses an Esau/Hyksos descendant both culturally and philosophy wise perform any type of curse removal ceremony while in the Kaaba.

One way it has long been associated with curse removal, especially if that curse stems from the Blade/Tome of EL(given to Adam)/Adam/Enoch/Methuselah/Israel/Jacob/Priam/Hector would be to have an unacceptable biochemical encounter with a divine messenger. Humans cannot tell the difference between divine messengers whom are either still good or fallen. Moses would not have been able to tell the difference either. If he was that level of desperate; would or could he have attempted to have said type of biochemical encounter with a fallen inside the Kaaba. But that encounter not only failed, but had radically disastrous consequences. Possibly even producing a Nephilim.

Lilith and Adam

Which those same behavior patterns () can be mirrored within the framework of the work Adam did in his path from his first year outside the Garden of Eden to his last breath. Which points to the spread of his philosophy was assisted partially by what Lilith did and what Eve did.

Assuming the Garden of Eden was in some type of elevated position, this would point to some type of. As above, or a vertical application of location. So below a ground application of location. Would make the following graphic not only correct but seriously accurate.

Since there is one Garden of Eden and dozens if not thousands of sites where Adam supposedly by myth and legend built replicas of the Garden of Eden itself.

Each replica would be another point where the foot, Limb, hand, extension of the divine would or could touch earth.

Making each of those points from a disk, extended down, to a specific point on earth. Or in a graphic illustration the ATEN.

Which would make Amenhotep iv Akhenaten not only a monotheist; but flat out make him a follower of Adam. Which would also account for his actions within the framework of what he did with his wife in his mind Eve (The Creation one, one whom brings life) and his children. Send them out in the form of the ATEN to create their own Kingdoms. Since he mostly produced female children. The Egyptians, especially the Hyksos/Avaris and their allies in Egypt would not tolerate a female Pharaoh. They could not stand his wife Nefertiti or his oldest, Meritaten. Both were extremely strong women in their own right.

The descendants of the followers of Adam mirror his behavior patterns. Especially since his early followers pre-Dorian Dark Age, the Vaticanís Dark Age, and the burn it all militant Islam. Previous had access to more of Adamís specific concepts. As psychology has proven; the more influence something has on you the more your behavior patterns can and will emulate those patterns. Consequently those people and groups whom had access to the stories of Adam pre-those stories and documents being destroyed, those people would emulate what they read. In the modern world we have a map of what those now destroyed documents talked about in the behavior patterns of those that did read the documents.

3800, 3500, 3200 b.c.e Narmer aka Scorpion King, Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Hyksos, the Hyksos invading the Middle East using the Children of Adam as a shield wall. One group which were part of the shield wall but became too strong for their Hyksos masters to control the ancestors of Priam. Conquered Troy and left his ancestors to govern Troy. Unfortunately for the Hyksos and their name change descendants Dorians the Trojans became too powerful to simply topple. So the Trojans had to be allowed to exist without the Hyksos/Dorian army coming back to kill them. But when the Hyksos/Dorian army did gain sufficient strength, they did come back and obliterated the city itself. Killing as many of the inhabitants and razing the city to the ground as they could.

Those behavior patterns of the Hyksos and the Trojan War can be seen as a reflection of the events of the life of Adam.

Especially if Adam possessed the blade of creation. That which he used to measure out and name all that which came from the garden.

Immediately before the Exodus, Amenhotep iv Akhenaten did provide a profound level of emulation of the path of Adam. His life is in part well documented. Mostly because his moral enemy the Avaris/Hyksos wanted to write about all his mistakes, failures, all the really bad actions he did, etc. to make themselves feel great and to degrade his memory. Even though a huge amount of the items he did were erased, enough can be seen to rebuild part of the life of Adam.

Would be really interesting if Amenhotep iv Akhenaten traveled to Tabriz Iran himself close to the end of his life in order to achieve some goal.

IV in effect repeating the same pattern of behavior Adam might in almost all likelihood did to reclaim Abel from the grave. To in effect reclaim his kingdom from the dead. To ask God personally what he could do to get his kingdom back. To prevent his army from having to genocide the Avaris in order to simply keep his kingdom intact. The year he did, instead of dying, that could be the year he simply traveled to Tabriz in order to repeat Adams journey.

He was facing an army from Avaris, an army attacking Athens, an army attacking Tyre, etc. the armies once they either lost and moved on or razed those cities would move onto the next place he sent his oldest children. Athens, Troy, the City of Seven Hills, Northumberland, etc. the only city outside the reach of the Dorians was in Northumberland. But the 17th dynasty had settlers already in the UK. Those armies from the older Hyksos whom were directly descended from the Hyksos army his ancestors had deposed and exiled were already in the area and ready to battle against whom he sent there. Amenhotep iv Akhenaten was facing in some ways a similar unacceptable situation from his enemies as Adam was facing on his journey into Egypt and his journey to the gate to resurrect Abel.

Of course one things is radically different. Could Abel had lived a much longer and heathier life than it is assumed? Could Abel have been killed in not a small man on man conflict but an army versus army conflict? The converts to his brotherís way of working and his way of working. Could the armies have clashed and Abel was killed in the conflict. Similar to Remus killed during the battle of Alba Longa; be even more interesting if the army whom killed Remus was specifically the army from the Seven Hills. With a from Romulus ďI was going to leave you alone, but you killed my brother, I will obliterate you and your entire kind.Ē Ushering in the next one thousand years of all in effect regarding if it is in any way connected to the previous culture seek it out and obliterate it from the earth. Make it as if it did not exist.

All these point back to the story of Adam and his descendants emulating his behavior in some way.

The pursuit of life in the case of Joseph Smith. He was running too little Egypt an attempt to in a very realistic by mythology and legend framework standing to repeat what Adam did. Whether Joseph Smith knew Adam traveled back to the garden to beg on his knees to have Abel returned from the dead or not is immaterial. The trauma and behavior patterns are so deeply imbedded within the framework of western culture that the pattern is almost dependable to occur at specific points when specific types of trauma occur.

But once in little Egypt; Joseph Smith found the place crawling with in effect Esauís line whom had already desecrated the lands and almost all the good memories from which the garden of Eden could have been present. Esauís descendants are good at desecrating holy into horror. Their culture was not chosen to be king of kings so on the deepest portion of their communitiesí level, if you do not choose me I have the full right to destroy that which I was not chosen to own. Exact same pattern of behavior abusive spouses endure; which in most cases leads to the murder of one or both.

The events in Adamís life which led one son to kill the other; that trauma is still playing out in the present. Jacobs line versus Esauís line; Abels line versus Cainís line, same war same theater, different centuries. Joseph Smith was all but erased (as much as B.Y. could do) from LDS and placed himself as the Prophet. Which is the direct hard evidence of Dissociative Personality Disorder, I am not me I am him. But I must kill him in order to become him. Why is it not called ďJoseph Smith UniversityĒ hard evidence. Why did B.Y. not step aside for Joseph Smith III? He had to become the prophet to feel ok with the universe. He was not ok with not being the center of all attention.

Israel in Egypt *

Adam arriving in Egypt for currently unknown reasons arrived and immediately set up to build that which was necessary in order to construct a tabernacle in IWNW.

Whether Adam and his followers conquered the city from its previous name, simply took over the city keeping the name, or started a city and IWNW was the name Adam gave it. Those are all really good questions. Questions which at this point do not have sufficient answers, but what does have a sufficient answer is the legends have lasted from between 6000 Ė 5000 b.c.e to present. There are some thousand to fifteen thousand years between the time of Adam and the time of Noah. During that time various conflicts occurred which in some way forced the descendants of Adam out of Egypt. Forcing somewhere between the descendants of Adam to the ancestors of Noah to evacuate Egypt. Although in truth at that point before they were expelled the country of Egypt was called Israel.

There is a strong possibility that Adam with his followers traveled down to Egypt to visit his son Cain. Cain whom most likely had been banished to either Saudi Arabia and or the southern portion of Egypt. To visit and or seek his help with resurrecting his dead brother Abel.

Whether Adam spent a portion of his life working to resurrect his eldest son is not in question; what sane parent would not do just about any and everything not to have their murdered son returned to them.

Adam knew where the gate was, knew angels, talked with God himself, walked in the garden for long periods of time himself, etc. so to question if there was a God is not the point. Since Adam knew as a matter of hard fact God existed; he would consider himself and his life forfeit if to have his son returned to him.

So in that line of thinking, something drove Adam to travel down to Cain to visit him. And something about that or a later visit had something to do with the resurrection process. To use the blade/tome of Adam (much later to be known as the spear/blade of Longinus) to bring Abel back from the dead.

Something occurred and based on a combination of biblical accounts, the archaeology of the area, the battles which occurred, the study of psychology, etc. some faction of the descendants of Cain took strong objection to Adamís request. Or Adam and his immediate descendants would not have needed to evacuate from Egypt under threat of imminent violence.

When Noah and his army reentered Egypt or at that time called Israel (Egypt itself is a sentence meaning the of Ptah Memphis Egypt, although up until circa 2600 b.c.e Memphis had been called Luz <eternal, infinite, heaven, divine> of the previous millennia; the Ionian Greeks change the name of whatever Egypt was called before the Ionians and Dorians formed the foundation of modern education in Greece and labeled the area of the Nile the Tempe of Ptah or in classic Greek Egypt, and it has stuck ever since. But Egypt was not the original name of the country. Ironically the temple was before Caesar had the city and temple of Ptah torn down and shipped to Rome old name the City of Seven Hills. The Ionians forced that name because the Dorians had long burned all traces of what the original name was. So only the Ionians knew what the name was, he did so by bringing his religion and army with him.

It would be a fascinating exploration with the Legend of Noah instead of a water Flood he took his tabernacle e.g. put it on either wheels or better yet, built a flotation electromagnetic device and placed his tabernacle on top of it. Like a maglev system used for Monorails. But somehow figured out how to either measure the electrical field in front of where he wanted to take his several stories tall tabernacle so that he could figure out a way in which to float his city and or change the electrical field in front of his tabernacle so that set magnets under his tabernacle could naturally push push the inches necessary in order to float above whatever surface the city was over. The two by two animals.

Animals could be a reference to the Futhark characters of Uruz and Ewaz. Both directly have to do with identifying voltage polarity and the channeling of said in order to produce an electro-magnetic influence.

Like lightening channel beforehand a device capable of changing the voltage of the ground (animal) in front of the main body. For a missing better word; carry a Djed or (could these in some way be some sort of type of 2 x 2 machine designed to change the voltage polarity of the ground immediately in front of something. In order have a set of magnets under something. Those magnetics then float on top of the surface of the earth. A Floating city on a sea of electro-magnetics. From the point of view of an entirely illiterate culture which has never even contemplated the concept of electricity other than being violently afraid of lightening. Having no idea what the principles of lightening are, let alone be able to harness its power, and use that power to perform specific actions.

Noah reentering Egypt using this research from the Tome of Adam aka the blade of Adam aka by an unknown number of names. Could very well be the same tool but name changed to reflect the person carrying it versus the name of the blade itself. A translation edition which might have come from the bishop of Lyon circa 130 C.E. when he forced a collection of all the material. Translated what he liked, destroyed all the books and words he did not like, then republished the books according to his own Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Paul philosophy versus the philosophy of Jacob.

The bishop of Lyonís work is just one aspect of where animals 2 by 2 were edited from descriptions of a maglev system to the odd flood, floating on water, 40 days and 40 nights. The blade of Longinus could be the same blade/tome which Adam himself hold either after the garden of in the garden itself.

Which brings a radically different perspective onto the whole concept of what happened at the crucifixion.

Did Uncle Joseph of Arimathea (very likely use that same blade from Troy, Alba Longa, Carthage <queen dido committed suicide with said blade; incorrectly translated but death or the end was present. She probably left Carthage for first Alba Longa/City of Seven Hills then for Britain. Committed suicide or some such with that blade.>, blade of Methuselah, Enoch, Adam, the naming tome/blade in the garden. Entered Apprentices and the Naming Process; very interesting FreeMasonic Connection, especially when the Tylerís Sword of Damocles is added) stab his nephew in the heart with the Blade/Tome of Adam? Was that the same blade that ended the lives of the Nephilim from Adam to Noah? Doing battle against the descendants of Lilith; wondering where that portion of the story fits in.

With all these story elements revolving around the concept of electro-magnetics. The Futhark Matrix has a great deal more to do with the foundation of the stories and cultural framework of Egyptology and Pharaonic culture than it has been given credit for. Well in truth if you ask almost anyone, the Futhark was invented circa 300 C.E. in Europe. But the name Jerusalem, the concept of the hanged man and Yggdrasil as the architectural framework behind the Khufu Pyramid. And a dozen more aspects of the Futhark being present or at least a hidden code within the origins of Monotheism; including but not limited to the name Israel itself.

Isis = Community Fehuís AEtt.

Ra = the Self Haggalazís AEtt.

El = the balance between Tierís AEtt

The concept of the Futhark it is looking more and more like the Futhark was the language part of the origin of monotheism from practically day one.

In addition. Following the rules.

In a very real effect Israel is a hidden and secret way of saying ďFutharkĒ.

The Slave Trade and the Trojan War

Most of the way the Dorians, Avaris, and other axis were going to pay for the war was after capturing the city. Instead of putting everyone literally to the sword (minus key members of the royal family) is to capture everyone and sell them all into slavery. The more bodies not killed the more profits to sell each body into slavery.

Beastly and grotesque, but from the Esauís cultural perspective not only acceptable but capturing and selling humans into slavery has been a primary source of income for the majority of the time that specific culture generates income. Whenever they want to do something, they raise and army and start to capture. Upon capture, the captives are immediately sold into slavery. A constant income producer.

In some ways it is possible some of the wars are started because the rich and powerful want new workers and or demand a renewed stream of income. So the powerful hire an army with the goal of capture and selling those captured. Takes care of the youth whom want to test their metal, takes care of the enemy, and allows the sick/twisted individuals in those cultures to become master of a whole new crop of slaves. For the truly evil/sick capturing their hearts desire of sex and making their slaves perform is some of the highest satisfactions around. More than a little evidence points to the Case of Natalie Holloway, her kidnapper sold her into slavery. Probably some truly evil Arab wanted her type as a sex slave. But getting her back is close to impossible.

The hard evidence the Dutch have been realistically business partners with the core of the militant Islamic cultures for more than half a millennia. For a while the Slave Trade was legal, but once it turned illegal again. The operations were simply scaled back. More kidnappings and transport from civilized areas to the heart of evil cultures centers of power.

The Trojan War battle strategies prevented the Dorians from making a profit. Since the library, most of the Trojans, the treasures, the army, etc. had mostly been evacuated. The citizens of Troy were evacuated out of the city and surrounding areas and replaced with the insane, prisoners, captured Dorianís from other wars, etc. the city was filled with problems not slaves. The few acceptable slaves were only fighters whom only understood combat, but combat in an arena like the character of Conan. So animistic there was little if any civilization level in some of them. Which angered the Dorians so much they changed the entire story to instead of capturing the city; which the archaeology states as a matter of some hard fact they did. They told the story they burned the place to the ground. Which is not accurate. The decades before and the decades after massive fires at troy do not match the timelines or the stories of the war itself.

The American Slave Trade which the Dutch took a major portion of the actions on the American continent. That slave trade did not end in 1800. The slave trade continued in Little Egypt. It continued albeit secretly up and down the Mississippi. Partially chronicled in the founding of the Mormon Church. A major and acti8ve war was occurring in the area Joseph Smith was attempting to build his church in the middle of a full scale raging War.

That War in most ways was simply an extension of the Trojan War.

With Dutch went from being allies to being the left hand of the devil. When the Dutch changed from being allied with the British and the Vatican to being allied with the philosophy of John Calvin and Martin Luther; they betrayal all aspects of their culture. All for the promise of world domination and money. All they had to do with betray their longest allies and axis with militant Islam in both Europe and northern Africa.

The Dutch in America after the Slave trade became unacceptable migrated west to the west side of the great lakes. Well in truth they tried to migrate first to the western portions of Ohio, Illinois, etc. but soon found themselves surrounded by armies ready and waiting for them.

Not having a chance to settle in the area. The Dutch moved North West to the headwaters of the Mississippi. There they continued the slave trade. By capturing individuals and selling them to the Arabic cultures. Some plantation owners sold in the East and moved west. Many of the plantations of the civil war the owners had only just purchased those plantations years to a few decades before. The previous owners some of which had owned the plantation for hundreds of years. Sold to move west. Away from the nasty laws preventing slavery.

So the plantations in the west needed both workers and back in militant Islamic culture strongholds. The sexual sadists in charge renewed their tastes for light complexed female and male slaves.

Every so often it becomes fashionable for those cultures which need for social status; having a harem filled with blue eyed concubines is a status symbol. How to obtain blue eyed females; that answer is find slavers in the west and take the type you want. X height, weight, eye color, skin color, hair color, etc. since the children will be a mixture of dark and light. Finding the very light requires slavery in the cultures where said genetics are common.

The Dutch experience with the Slave trade and the Trojan War are actually more than a little connected. Although it would not seem to be true on the surface. The surface the only realistic aspect would not make any sense. But when you break the individual portions down, most of the portions can be traced directly back to the Trojan War.

In African when Mohammed ordered his army to capture Egypt, as usually they did so without question. Whatever the prophet states is the word of god, and will be followed as if god himself stated it.

So in 580 when Islam invaded Egypt. The Jews and Christians had ruled for most of the last 300 years. When the Roman Empire collapsed the Jews and Copticís present simply resumed the leadership rolls these cultures had done several times in the past.

But when Islam invaded, they had as usual when Islam attacks. Nothing will back them down or force them to negotiate. They think they have orders from god, no one and nothing in the world would make them stray from what they assume is the word of god.

Invading Egypt the Jews and Copticís only had one realistic option. That was to evacuate south. Either that or kill almost every person in the invading army. Even one left alive can and could be a dangerous threat. If he escapes, eh will simply go back and get more and more and more in an endless array of bodies. When that wave occurs, there is but two options kill all that come across the border or evacuate. But know that when they come, you will have to kill as if they are sanding every single person they can find whom can hold a weapon. Their cultural insanity states they all have to sacrifice themselves for the will of the divine. They as a culture have less than 0 problem killing every single one of themselves in order to capture your city and kill/slave every single person in the city of their attention. Nothing good about it, insane yes, good no.

So the Copticís and Jews of the time instead of killing the entire Islamic army chose to evacuate south. South to the end of the Sahara, then west.

West following the river system to Niger.

In Niger they felt they could hide blending into the native populations with sufficient ability that when the militant Islamic armies did find them in the coming centuries that both the natives and the Jews/Copticís would be safe.

Little did they understand that they had no idea that the militant Islamic cultures only needed the smallest excuse to capture everyone not them and sell everyone into slavery. Each individual culture inside Islam whom are drawn to the radical militant philosophy have no problem enslaving the entire world. Selling every single person on the planet into slavery or killing everyone not them.

In many ways the Dorian commanders are either Mohammedís direct ancestors and or his direct cultural ancestors. What Mohammed did was simply follow the accepted cultural applications of what his conquest culture did in previous generations, including the Trojan War. Including invade Egypt from Mecca circa 3800 and again 2100 b.c.e. Including invade into Europe after the Thera volcano. Including recapturing the lands the Hyksos captured circa 2100 b.c.e. Mohammed was a direct Hyksos descended. He was born in the Hyksos Saudi Arabia capital city. Difficult to have a stronger bond with the Hyksos than being born in their primary city.

But the Jews and Copticís in Egypt migrated to Niger were dead wrong. They did not count on the fact that the Islamic cultures several hundred years after his death have a cultural Motto ďDestroy all that is against MohammedĒ. If god is against Mohammed, kill god too.

By the time the militant Islamic cultures arrived in Niger, they found remnance of the cultures they assumed died in the desert in Egypt. Soul level rage would be the only imaginable description. A need to erase every single atom of said concept became the Motus Operendi. The Militant Islamic cultures had been starting to loose in Europe. They were being pushed back, losing key cities and having entirely armies in the areas of both Iberia and north of Greece killed in battle. The Europe figured out the militant Islamic armies have no honor so why give them quarter. A few commanders here and there have honor but mostly the more killed the better.

The Islamic youth in Europe were being pushed off their farms and out of their castles. So both Muslim families whom had been in the Europe for centuries and the armies were being evicted. So they had to find someplace to go. Northern Africa seemed to be the only logical place to go.

Shifting from being in Europe to being in Africa, the conflicts over land and which exact version of what Mohammed was talking about will be followed with a tyrannical fist started waves of major wars all over northern Africa.

Dozens of different cultures solved their differences by killing all whom opposed their specific brank of radically militant Islam. The farms and plantations in the area were routinely burned and the crops seized.

The incentive for the Muslims in Europe to move to Africa was both the land available for huge farms but all the free labor they could use. The plan was to capture every last native and use them as slave labor. Then work them to death. Profiting off of killing every last drop of Jewish and Coptic blood hiding inside the native populations of Niger.

99% of the slaves were not Islamic, 99% of the slavers were Islamic. Sold to the English and the Dutch to sail across the ocean to sell in the Plantation owners whom moved from Africa to first the Caribbean, then to the South, then west to avoid rules. No matter what the name they go by Esauís descendants have a major issue with being told no, the reaction is almost a pathology regarding various levels of violent reactions.

How did the Plantation move from Africa to the Caribbean; that answer is extremely simple. The answer is the Islamic plantation owners became tired of their houses being burned to the ground, and their crops confiscated by cultures whom had a slightly different understanding of Islam.

Plus in on the same continent the slaves could simply run back home.

But there was a problem, to solve the slaves running back home, the plantations being burned, the crops seized, and the profits taken a new location for this business was needed. But the problem is the only lands not claimed were from the southern portion of American south. This was in the late 1300s to middle 1400s.

The American Spartacus

Cibola Eldorado


When the Muslims invaded, the area had been under Jewish and Christian/Coptic control for the previous centuries.

The only way forward for the Jews and Christians was to move south then follow the southern edge of the Sahara west.

The Jews/Copticís followed the edge of the Sahara west to Nigeria.

While the violent militant Muslims conquered along the Mediterranean.

The two meet on the west coast of Africa centuries later.

The Muslims were beyond pissed the Jews/Coptic did not just die in the desert.

I mean seriously enraged

Circa 1100 c.e

So what to do with bands of people you felt happy about centuries before dying of the worst deaths in the desert but are not only still alive but are thriving?

The rage must have been immeasurable.

About that same time, trade routes dried up and the world was starting to not be interested in the goods the western coast of Africa offered.

Plus the Ottoman Empire in Europe wanted to expand their empires but had no place to expand into.

Plus they were starting to feel the crush of the Europeans who were starting to push the leading edge of the Muslims out of the area. So where do descendants go to stay powerful?

All kinds of lands in Africa available and cousins will happily capture those whom refuse to convert or lose between different warring Islamic tribes.

So now we have all kinds of land in Africa available. Descendants from Spain, and Eastern Europe who want land.

No availability to expand in Europe. In fact Europe is pushing the Muslims out.


So the descendants start to head down to Africa to start plantations.

The workers are free.

And the entire situation is easy to generate huge profits.

But then a problem,

Different factions within the Muslim community start to attack the plantations in order to control and seize their profits. A few centuries of this and the plantation owners start to want to have plantations where they will not be destroyed every few years.

So the Muslims were needing safe and secure lands in which to have slaves not escape e.g. run back home the few hundred miles needed.

And not have their plantations destroyed when different war lords got itchy.

In addition the Vatican was starting to lose power thanks to Muslim inspired John Calvin and Martin Luther combining both the mixed Jesus and the impostor Paulís teachings with Mohammedís teachings, creating Protestantism. 

Which was starting to force the Vatican to change its policies regarding hard restrictions regarding knowledge.

When Columbus with the backing of several armies petitioned to sail west, The Vatican almost had to say yes. Because they were under massive pressures to allow the plantation system to expand. And needed new converts to replace the masses converting over to Calvinism and Luther.

So the Jew Columbus was allowed to sail west. Both the Vatican and the Muslims knew where he was going. They had maps of the Caribbean; they had been suppressing said information for millennia.

Immediately after Columbus returned the Muslims started to send over ships to create plantations. But since they were not under the guise of the church and/ or western culture their actions were not documented. No documentation means those actions were lost to history.

But the British already had an established trade route across North America and the ships defended the area. They had a successful trade route with the orient since the Vikings.

So the Muslims with their really, really bad behavior patterns start to create plantations to make sure to protect their investments as well prevent their slaves from running away.

The slaves were natives from Africa, which infiltrated Christians and Jews trying to survive genocide

Way back in 1300s

Well from the time the Muslims invaded Egypt those present have worked hard to avoid genocide.

Now things get interesting and complex

The militant Muslims start to create plantations on islands in the Caribbean.

Which work well, lots of land, lots of free workers, lots of crops to grow/sell.

High profits but there is a problem.

The British who are entirely different than the English have a military stranglehold on the continent.

The British will not allow those activities to take place in territory they control.

The militant Muslims want to break the backs of the British to seize more lands. To have more plantations.

But the British with their Dutch, French, and partially Vatican allies, along with Scandinavia, Germany, etc. are too powerful.

So the Vatican and eventually the freedom loving French join forces and put pressure on Normandy and the Dutch to betray the British e.g. Northumberland/Ogles. Break the backs of the British power and the plantation system can have the entire continent to expand into. Can at will eradicate the entire unbelieving and beastly children of the light.


The Dutch circa mid 1500s are all fine and great with the British to their face but start to pull back and betray the British to the militant Muslims for profit and a higher political standing in the world.

The full betrayal does not go into effect for another 100 plus years but the cultural ground work has started.

By the start of the 1600s the writing is on the wall for the British.

Since the British have had a monopoly on the continent as well as have a profound involvement with Columbus which angered the Vatican to no end.

His ship the Santa Maria was paid for by the Ogles a British family.

A founding British family.

He hires 40 conversos and Jews to man that ship, the ship to be run aground.

Then orders the Jews to stay behind to build a city.

Full well knowing that the Jews were going to right the ship and sail north.

In a very real effect not only saving their lives from execution the second they arrived back in Spain but providing a ship for the Jews to keep ferrying Jews out of Muslim and Vatican controlled lands.

The rage at not being able to kill those crew men was more than the Vatican could take. They forced Columbus to ever increasingly nastier actions against both the natives of the Caribbean but also force him to perform ever nastier actions.

He was a Jew so he had no choice or be executed on the spot.

Vatican does evil blames others.

In allowing the discovery of the new continent the Vatican itself signed its own loss of power warrant. Since those whom had converted over to the anti-Catholic religions started to stream over to the new continent on masse. As soon as they could beg a king for a passport they were gone.

The Dutch eventually betray the British with the backing of militant Islam, the Vatican, and those calling for reformation in France.

The Hudson's Bay Company which was founded as a subsidiary of the EIC is taken over by the Dutch and French to be its own company.

The Dutch, English, and French seize control over the lucrative British triangle trade and use it to ship on mass the undesirables to work to death in America.

The undesirables are for the most part native Africans e.g. the ones by heritage are from Africa not the invading Arabs etc.

Hordes of Protestants stream across the Atlantic using the Dutch, English, etc. ships. Slowly whittling away at the power and land holdings of the British and royalist French.

The rate at which Muslim descended cultures were able to whittle away at the power structure in both the UK and Americas of the British is amazing.

They claim it was all "escaping religious persecution" but the Protestants were huge when it came to violent opposition to others religious freedoms.

Believe the way we demand or we have full rights to be violent against you.

In addition

The only ones who had their history written down were the conquerors. Who had the delusion that they were the wronged party.

If someone or a culture feel wronged, on a religious level, that person/group feel entirely justified in doing any and all unseemly actions against their opponent.

The whole back an animal into a corner the resulting fight is entirely the fault of the person whom backed the animal into a corner.

All actions justified

In the 1600s the slave trade went from a novelty to a full scale ship them over as quickly as the ships could load more cargo.

Nothing good about it, but the facts remain.

Remember that at least 10% of the slaves were Copticís and Jews.

You also have to remember something else


The slave trade did not start with the slaves. The English wanted to clear out the lowest classes in the English slums. Which were majority Jews. The English in their earliest settlements in the colonies conscripted labor. Paying the way for the lowest class to escape poverty and get a job.

Most of them arrived in America and were worked so hard they either had to escape or they died of exhaustion. Some land lords were nice, others charged their indentured servants for practically everything imaginable. The bill at the end of the time of service meant extra years were required to work off the living wages debts. Food, shelter, clothing, etc. the servant had to pay for.

Mostly Jews and undesirable other cultures trying to eke a living out in the UK.

But could work hard and make a life in the colonies.

The good portion of that is, they were able to come to America the bad portion is a power dynamic struggle started very soon after.

More than a few of the indentured servants whom escaped went to live with native cultures. Hence the need to scalp to find out if they were actually natives or escaped servants.

As the Jews and others merged with the natives, full war was declared against the natives.

At roughly the same time Oglethorpe was colonizing Georgia, which was designed as a free slave colony. Escaped servants and slaves could seek safety in Georgia and north Florida. Safe behind the British military, not English mind you British

The plantation system started to expand from the Caribbean into the colonies. From Virginia heading south, eventually to conquer Georgia and claim Georgia for England and strip its British status. This was done by the militant Muslims but under the facade of the English and Dutch.


1700s the militant Islamic cultures are shipping slaves over as fast as they can. Some intended for markets in New York others are special orders from the large plantations. The plantation owners sail across the sea and spent weeks, months, years negotiating with the Barbary Coast militant Muslims.


On occasion the host gives the guest a gift of one of their lesser daughters to aid in negotiations.

Those gifts are sent to the colonies and produce children.

Their children whom are not accepted into English society find mates in other gift offspring. A few hundred years of said and you have a large percentage of mostly militant Islamic descended children making their own plantations and needing their own slaves to operate.

But the colonies were running out of room. And the British and French had the lands from the edge of the colonies to the Pacific.

Pennsylvania was in extreme dispute.

Half of Pennsylvania was considered Ohio.

The bottom of that state was considered part of what Maryland was called by the British not the renamed area by England and the Dutch.

The full scale war against the natives was in part to eradicate the Africans, Jews, Copticís, etc. who had escaped into the native populations.

These cities were founded by the East India Company which was taken over in a conquest from the Dutch which backed a subsidiary the Hudsonís Bay company.

Founded by Frenchman under contract to the EIC.

Carthage and the Punic war was the same way the colonization of America conquest of British occurred.

The English whittled away at Northumberland, while the settlements and profit companies were whittled away in the Americas. That battles which occurred 1492-1680 in Northumberland and the colonies


The plantation owners in the Caribbean


Yule log

The yule log the battle of IWNW name change after the conquest to Heliopolis = Jerusalem = NewCastle.

The Futhark and erdology and the city of IWNW are directly connected.

Britain and the Islamic Invasions

793 AD Vikings raid the abbey at Lindisfarne; the battle of Tours taking place at October 732. Which is more than enough time for two things to occur.

First it is more than sufficient time for Islam to sail north along the coast to Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Where sailing the 30 miles across the channel can be performed relatively easily. Militant Islam had been in the area and close for decades. If they had to sail across the shoulder of herculean e.g. the Strait of Gibraltar, than sailing from France to Dover is a similar task.

The Pictish allied themselves with the Pictish

If your entire culture is represented by a picture/graphic, if the individual has no meaning only the graphic has meaning. To insult you only requires identifying you with that picture. Those allied with the picture/graphic feel good but in truth it is entirely insulting. You pic, as in ďyou are a slave to your beliefs, demonstrated through your blind devotion to the graphic of that faith.Ē In short ďyou pic.Ē After some time ďPictishĒ

Which means the Pictish finally were able to revolt against the British and specifically the Ogles by way of aligning with Islam, changing to an Islamic battle strategies, and finally defeating the British and the Ogles. Exiling the British and the Ogles to mainland Europe.

Islam conquered up to and through most of the territory of the UK. But since the event embarrassed the church and leaders something awful, all the evidence was erased.






So the militant Islamic cultures sent emissaries to the Vatican with a deal.

The deal as best as can be assumed based on all the events of the previous millennia forward to the present; Militant Islamic leaders went to the Vatican emissaries, most likely a church on neutral ground with a deal. Allow militant Islam the ability to send someone to sail west with the entirely of the western world knowing about it, then have the northern European cultures with their navigation abilities to follow suit. In the years to follow allow the Islamic plantation system which had been recreated in Africa from models in Egypt and the middle eat. Which is also what the castle system in basic is designed to emulate. Allow Muslims and European cultures whom so choose to participate in sailing west to the northern portion of South American and the Caribbean; reset up plantations in those areas. But allow what militant Islam wants to do to not be included in the history books, anything the Europeans want to brag about is fine but leave the Muslims to do what they want to do.

In return the armies of Islam will not sail to Rome and conquer the city. Turning the Vatican into a mosque; destroy all relics which are related to Jesus and replace all the paintings which are themed regarding Christ for Mohammed and Islamic principles.

The Vatican knowing full well that the Islamic army was many times larger than all the armies combined in Europe. Plus more than few of the armies in Europe through the mostly Islamic protestant movement would allied themselves with Islam; the Vatican and its armies would not stand a chance. Several thousand to one the question would not be if the Vatican army could stand that type of bombardment but how long till the Vatican and pope surrendered.

Part of the temporary solution was to create the Avignon papacy which did not work well in any shape or form.

Which is really interesting since Fr Francolon whom built Miramont Castle Manitou Colorado himself was Avignon Papacy influenced. His castle was designed to be a direct copy of several things all cobbled into one thing. The Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Vatican, Mount of Olives, The Tabernacle/Temple of Adam/Apollo, Temple of Apollo Troy (which itself could have been either a direct copy of the Temple of Heliopolis/IWNW or that Tabernacle itself moved their before the Hyksos seized power in Egypt.) King Solomonís Temple Jerusalem, etc. many different buildings he designed into his Castle.

His original plans were to build a network of buildings and religious sanctuaries, but the Great Awakening movement groups in Colorado had a megalithic stranglehold in the city. Both Francolon and Tessla were run out of town with the promise if they ever came back, they would be killed.

But Miramont castle itself remains of a once glorious reminder of what could have been.

Which is interesting since the efforts of what Fr Francolon attempted to do and his defeat at the hands of the Great Awakening movement groups is the same as the Trojan War. The great Awakening moment groups are just a name change from the Dutch reform church and culture whom literally embraced the teachings of John Calvin and Martin Lutherís. That philosophy is about half Catholic and half militant Islam. Catholicism is about half Paulís philosophy (a direct Hyksos descended same as Mohammed) and half Simon Peters philosophy. Makes the great awakening movement about 75-95% militant Islamic philosophy. But do not tell them that or they will respond with pure hard violence; which proves the militant portion of the equation.

The slave trade in America was almost entirely controlled through the efforts of the Dutch reform cultures. General Palmer and his group were direct descendants of the great awakening philosophy of the Dutch reformation. Which can trace their culture back to militant Islam, which can trace its origin back to Mohammed. Mohammed can trace his origin directly back to the Hyksos. The Dorians and Avaris are directly from this same line of descended culture. The Avaris and Dorians are whom attacked and worked hard to obliterate Troy.

Any traces of the truth about troy and anything else the militant Islamic cultures were afraid of they sought out the framework of the natives in Niger to profit as much as humanly possible off killing them all by working them to death.

In the Caribbean the Plantation system started to not only thrive but prosper in ways difficult to imagine.

A few hundred years later and more land was needed. So the move north to the mainland was needed. Despite the facts that the southern states already had colonies set up. Militant Islam usually could not care less about is someone else already had what they want. In many ways Islam is like a three year old.

With assurances from militant Islam that the Vatican would remain off the target list, as long as American in whatever name shape would be for militant Islam. That is when the Vatican chose to start spending vast sums to decorate its holdings in Italy. It finally could without threat of invasion from militant Islam. If militant Islam chose to target the Vatican again, there is nothing in the world the Vatican could do about it. The Vatican has never possessed an army capable of repelling meant Islam. Of course militant Islam has no idea that the city of seven hills itself is and or was a backup copy of Israel with its capital city Jerusalem were the Forum sits. The form has a few walls which are directly part of that original 2100 b.c.e structure built by the children of Israel. The seven days of the week, the seven areas of pyramids, and the Seven Hills of Rome this is absolutely not by chance this was intended.

At the end of the Trojan War when the Trojan Royal family met back up at the rally point , this is the location where all the refugees were to meet back together. Make copies of the library, rebuild the defenses of the Seven Hills in order to withstand an onslaught from an army many times larger than the one they were just defeated by. Knowing the focus was away from Troy; the city of Seven Hills had 20 years to prepare of the next invasion. The preparations were so impressive the city actually did not fall. The army was defeated at Alba Longa not the Seven Hills. The cities defenses were built so well that the city withstood all invaders for close to the next 1300 years. Only being matched by the same tactic which the Dorians bragged about conquering troy. An invading army game its best soldiers over to the Romans as slaves. Months later the trap was sprung and the soldiers after months of torture were given some basic freedoms, when that occurred the ones still alive opened the city gates in the middle of the night. The troops had retreated but months later came back. Rome was then taken in the middle of the night.

When the city of seven hills was conquered 753 b.c.e to Rome; the primary source of work to maintain the empire was the same as it has always been Slavery. The primary troops in the Trojan War were slaves. Both from the Aegean and from Egypt under the command of Moses. The pattern of the American Slave trade runs through the Vatican, through the forum, to Troy, back to the Hyksos, back to mecca, back farther to the tower of babel, etc. his culture has operated its economy based on slavery since before Sumerian and Hieroglyphic writing was invented. The story of slavery in American is extensive well beyond what is currently known and understood.

Slavery in America in the middle 1800s was still a thriving business well after 1840. It was simply pushed farther and farther west and North West till it hit the Canadian border. Where a group of cities became the last stand and in many ways a simple repeat of the Trojan war from 1850-1889. The area is Whatcom country cityís of Bellingham and Lynden.

As late as the 1870-1880 slavery in American was still alive and well in Bellingham. The original cities were under constant attack and conquest by dozens of armies all bent on seizing control. The last vestiges of the British Empire, the last gasp of the Trojan Civilization was located in Whatcom country Bellingham.


The story of Lilith is an interesting one. Especially when you combine the effects of Lilith with the Effects of the Framework of decoding the functionality of Lilith, Pandora, Medusa, Fatimah, Hypetia, etc. women whom possess skills and talents well beyond not only the normal but beyond even some of the most talented of men. Which is in a large measure why these women have faced some of the worst and harshest punishments imaginable. The constant onslaught from extremely low self-esteem men and cultures whom can only be satisfied after said women are either made their slave or worst brutalized to death. Torture someone long enough and that person will literally beg for the torturer anything in order to make the pain stop. Unless the person has a constitution and sense of self so strong that they can literally take almost any level of punishment and still be themselves after. But those types of people the torture usually kill quickly because that type of person cannot be broken. The broken is a strong and central portion of why the aggressors do what they do; to break the enemy to force the enemy to be humiliated and degraded for the egotism, arrogance, and generally I am better than you attitude. The balance between the good someone can do and the bad someone can do based on attitude, more importantly how the culture reacts the said attitude. Jack Nicholson for instance can have that attitude but others in American culture simply have less than no ability to get away with that type of character.

Lilith was for the most part written out of the Bible not because of how good or bad she was, but because that character real or imagined was created not as a subordinate to man but equal to man. Most of the Bibles editors could not stand the concept of a woman not being one step below cattle. Cattle is to some cultures more important than the women in their culture.

Always striving to find a way in which to denigrate, erase, humiliate, hurt, torture, kill, etc. those women around whom literally rise above to show talent far away what most men around them can do.

Although the base writing and source material was translated into Sumerian, Acadian, then a few thousand years later into Assyrian and Babylonian. More thousands of years later and the source material is Hebrew, Phoenician, etc. Hebrew invented circa 1300 b.c.e. Sumerian invented circa 3500-2000 b.c.e. being replaced by Acadian circa 2900-1500 b.c.e. Each of those language groups minus Hebrew is itself have been exiting since no later than 300 b.c.e. Most were existing 1500 b.c.e. which means those earliest languages have only the most rudimentary language translations from what each of those cultures meant by what they wrote about.

For instance the word animal does not mean a literal animal, it could mean the application of what can be done with electricity. It can also mean the behavior patterns of animals. It can also mean a form of string theory where all atoms are connected to each other. Atoms have the ability to communicate with each other at faster than light speed. Which means atoms might know what is happening well before said information is available in the physical realm.

The stories of Lilith come under the category of massively more information is available than has been currently translated. The translators have no idea what they are looking it. Although do not tell an arrogant scholar they are not the greatest; especially a linguist/historian. The arguments and best defense is a good offense that scholar will literally defend their dissertation with you; instead of waiting for facts. The fight club aspects from the Dorian culture take over, the facts regarding what something is are replaced with an arrogance to arrogance debate academic to academic. With after participating in those arguments; the loser does not come off of those with better understanding the loser come off of these debates usually so angry the entire points of evidence are lost to the facts of being defeated in an academic discussion.

Thus the face of Lilith and her story descendants are lost to the pages of arrogant academics whom care nothing for the facts only what they can win in a debate.

Lilith and Joseph Smith have a lot in common on this very account. What they did has been so colored by later academic scholars that they can almost literally not obtain a fair shake in the facts of the case. For that matter in the same line neither can Cassandra, Helen, the Trojans as a culture, FreeMasonry, or the Ogle family itself. The arguments over the accepted political spin are more important to fight over than the facts regarding what actually happened.

The parallels in the Trojan War are amazing with what Joseph Smith did. Most of what he did are still so heavily colored by their conquerors that it is close to impossible to actually find the truth.

The stories behind Cassandra her mother, her brothers, and their cultures are almost exclusively written about from the point of view of their to the core of their being enemy. The evidence in the end of the book is beyond clear; throwing children to their deaths for the enjoyment of the Dorians; there is not a single good thing about that. In the modern age the west kill many children and infants in the war with militant Islam. But there is a difference; in these examples radical to the core differences. Militant Islam use infants and children as human shields against missile attacks. Missile attacks are conducted because the people planning terrorist attacks keep on the move and every plan they have is based on putting an extremely well-armed person with an explosive vest deep into a civilian population and killing as many people as humanly possible with that attack. The more killed that disgusting to the max philosophy states that person will receive rewards in heaven. Non-believers are perceived by militant Islam as mere animals whom must be sacrificed to God before Satan can use those two leg animals against the non-believers. Which falls into an interesting line with Enoch. Enoch was brought to heaven to make sure the evil (Lilith or her offspring, or the men whom became corrupted) would not corrupt his soul. He was needed to remain as pure as humanly possible. So to prevent his corruption from the evil around him, he was brought to heaven early. Which could be where at least in part Esau and his descendants found the idea that to sacrifice the evil pawns of the fallen one e.g. repeat what Enoch did. They must repeat his behavior pattern to be as pure and holy as possible, while sacrificing evil to the glory of the divine. Allah Akbar means ďall glory to GodĒ; which is a phrase translated into English as ďJesus savesĒ amongst about a dozen other born again Christian phrases.

Lilith on her path is either a human who became corrupted, a half human half demon (e.g. a Nephilim) creature. Which by using the blade of Adam the original he used to name things in the garden itself and or a copy of the one he used in the garden. Adam in the extremely limited amount written about his life and times after leaving the garden. Other than he spent a huge amount of time wandering around building copies of his Tabernacle on earth. He kept wondering around. Everywhere he stopped he built another Tabernacle.

He also did battle against things. What things, is an unknown. The later writers and translators had less than zero interest in translating those stories. The audience would at times kill the writers and translators because the message they wrote about was not pleasant or appealing to the audience. The audienceís reaction in many cases is pure hard violence. Varying degrees of violence.

Lilith in one form of translation means ďthe spirit of the eveningĒ. Which is a cornerstone to the Mormon Church since the Latter Day (the end part of the day) Saints (those spiritual people whom have extraordinary special divine gifts). Can be compressed as Lilith and the Latter Day saints have a similar definition. Evening Spirit. Saints of the Latter Day.

Another translation relates Lilith with the spirit of the air. Air in some traditions is south but for the cultures in question air was north. So female spirit of the north.

The north is where both Polaris is (the Constellation Draco or Dragon) and the Sun is most associated. Two references to the sun or in Ancient Egyptian the ATEN; of the day the sun and the ATEN of the night Polaris. Which connects Lilith strongly to the constellation Draco or Dragon. Among more than a few translations Dragon or fire worm is directly associated with the serpent and or the evil fallen angel.

The fallen angel talks first Lilith and then Eve into betraying Adam with forbidden knowledge from the Tree.

The Tree is not one tree but four trees. The Tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden is itself a complex structure. First it is four trees; the fourth tree has the branches of the other three trees feed into it. Which causes among other things the weave of the pattern of time to be created. Second that description is in a way the concept of String theory. But more than that the elements of the snake being close to the definition of both Lilith and many aspects of megaliths is interesting. Corrupted by the snake/dragon/the constellation Draco. Which is where all megaliths are situated to pinpoint the fixed location of North.

Makes a compelling argument that the ancients built a global infrastructure each one interconnected on a grid as well as measuring out several fixed points to measure to and from in the heavens. That crosses the statistical line into astrophysics. Was Lilith the first named astrophysicist whom was better at math and understanding the gravitational forces of string theory documented?

Documenting is a fun thing when you have an enemy tell how nasty you were. They point out all the things about you they are afraid of. A woman being an expert in astrophysics and very likely theoretical physicist is more every single militant Esau line descendant whom has every lived the definition of soul level terrifying.

Add to the concept of string theory, gravity, the megaliths, and the blade of Enoch given to him by his grandfather Adam. The legend of Solomon using the megalith which used to be situated where the Temple Mound is now. Harnessing its electro-magnetics into a maglev system to cut, shape, place, and polish the stones used to create the Temple of Solomon. Which itself was an exact copy of the temple of Tyre, which itself was an exact copy of the Temple of Ptah. The Temple of Ptah had another copy how exact is an unknown. But that other copy was the Temple of Apollo of the city of Troy. A copy of that Temple of Apollo at Troy a direct line descendant of the Brute Constantine built his Hagia Sophia from those general ideas which originated at the Temple of Ptah Memphis Egypt.

Which is even more interesting since if you look at the situation; if Abel was resurrected and renamed as the new Pharaoh given the name Osiris. That would make the Temple of Hagia Sophia in Luz/Memphis the place where the new pharaoh was reborn.

What does this sequence have to do with Lilith? The spirit of the North, the spirit of the end of the day west. The Spirit of Air. The air in this case might be a double reference to both Polaris and the last breath of a human and the last breath of the day.

Millennia later the spirit of the lady of Lilith is a central figure in the unfinished translations of the epic of Gilgamesh/Bilgames(a different name for Noah)/Noah (three Pharaonic names) Lilith is living in the Tree/s. The Tree/s are part of a plant which Lilith planted and allowed to grow. A very likely mixture of stories regarding Noahís conquest of Egypt with his Floating on a sea of electro-magnetics. He comes to the tree planted to at a future point cut down and a throne out of that wood.

The symbolism and flat kill the author if the truth came out regarding what actually happened. The evidence and information is compressed and compact to sound like an interesting story. But decoding the layers and layers of information become extremely problematic. More than one story is being layered on top of each other.

The Throne is a reference to the Throne of Adam. Which sits in the Amber Room on the third floor of the Garden of Eden.

The Amber room is on the third floor of the Tabernacle of Adam. The Amber room could be where the spirit of Abel rematerialized to become both physical again and renamed to be the next pharaoh as Osiris.

There are four trees both surrounding the Tabernacle and make up the Tabernacle. Like a tree house but instead of being just one tree the tree house is built from all four trees with a fountain up the middle. The runoff from the fountain (Styx) are the four rivers of creation.

Each tree has a special designation. Which in this case represent the symbol attributes of Genesis 2:9. The Tree of Life, The tree of death, the creatures living in various portions of the tree are a metaphoric concept of the tree of the Garden of Eden.

Which could also be where in part the naming of the creatures of upper and Lower Egypt came from. The different aspects of the Garden of Eden spread out to one tree Levant, one tree Saudi Arabia, one tree Upper Egypt, one tree lower Egypt. Making four trees making the entire area the lands of Canaan.

The throne of Adam being claimed by Noah/Gilgamesh/Bilgames. But he had to go through Lilith first.

Lilith being a guardian of the Garden of Eden Tabernacle. Would Lilith and Freya be connected?

When Abraham came into Egypt Genesis 1* he ordered protective dikes around the city of Luz. The ordered the construction of the Temple of Ptah; which by legend was modeled after the Temple of IWNW/Heliopolis. Which itself could have been a copy of the tabernacle of Adam or what remained from the Temple of Adam in Egypt. Since Adam built more than a few. Joseph Smith had the correct idea, build more than one so that the limbs of the ATEN could reach more than one place. Amenhotep iv Akhenaten was correct when he chose to branch out from Egypt, let the Avaris/Hyksos have Egypt. Let them kill his son Tut. Let them do their worst with the Aegean, including destroy Troy. Let them have their token pawns to obliterate. Leave Theseus in Athens as a Beacon of Truth; but mostly give the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians enough to have their human sacrifice blood lust on. And the lines of all will converge first in the Seven Hills and then in Northumberland. Lilith comes into the fray of this situation as Lilith and the Trees of the Garden are in more than one way connected on a soul level.

One could say that Lilith could be the Angel or half angel half human that was put in charge of teaching Adam how to name things.

But the process of teaching Adam in some way corrupted Lilith; even if that corruption was by later cultures whom have a lower opinion of women than of the fallen one itself. But along with this line of thought, regarding was Lilith an angel appointed to teach Adam the fundamental aspects of how to name something and how to weave the carpet of time.

Lilith is most closely associated in later writing as one of the unclean animals. But animals is not referring to physical animals but either Uruz and or Ewaz. The Animals referred are the symbols of the working symbols of electro-magnetics. Uruz is itself the symbol of and for electricity in a semi raw form. Raw as in only used for moving the physical body around to perform physical actions.

Ewaz is a symbol used to illustrate astrophysics. The animalistic concept of a science so far ahead of the community that it is not magic but divine. Which also points to the knowledge of these things being in the Tower of Babel format; which is starting to take part of the power of the divine. Which the power of the divine itself is many stages beyond unacceptable in regards to Esauís line. They would like things to be roundly just enough civilization to not be bothered by wide animals but still not enough technology to educate the masses enough for a questioning of the authority. In other words make life comfortable for the powerful but not high enough for the masses to be comfortable as well.

Laguz an Owl; the beak and the feet, Laguz.

At the end of every twenty four sequence is a branch concept. That branching concept of Lilith and the expansion joint at the end of a 24 hours sequence could not only be connected but from a similar origin. Hard evidence of this branching concept at the end of a 24 sequence; a new yearís resolution at the end of a year. The Futhark itself is in part created by way of a careful study of the earthís rotation e.g. time passage of time on planet earth. One portion of the Futhark is a calendar; at the end of a year it is a normal thing to take some times for a review. That review process in an attempt to chart a different course is important. But it is also something a great deal of people do. Attempting to direct their lives different. But like gym memberships purchases in the first week of January, by February to March, no matter how much money is spent most people go to the gym once or twice and not again. It is a likely concept that the paths not taken is what is being referenced with Lilithís offspring.


Adamís descendants spread out *


Abel *

Abel was born

It is an unknown if he married,

Did he have children

Was he resurrected

If Adam did travel to Tabriz in order to resurrect Abel from the grave. Where would God have told Adam was the place to perform said task. Assuming that God did grant the wish.

Of course what would Adam have to give up in order to fulfil this task? Since in a spiritual sense nothing for nothing does not work. Asking for something does not work unless you are willing to give something up. Could Adam have become the boatman ferrying souls into and out of the physical realm?

Resurrection of Abel

If Abel was resurrected, where did he continue his life?

The resurrection of Able is an interesting concept to explore. Not because the concept is outside the realm of academics possibilities but because the concept has a direct and hard target connection between the cityís of Memphis Egypt, the temple of pillars aka IWNW aka Heliopolis, the temple of Tyre, and the Temple of Apollo Troy. Where or not the Temples at troy were a copy of the Temple of IWNW or not is for this specific section of the examination not important. What is important is why Jacob chose to build his Ladder to heaven North West of Luz.

Could the Ladder to Heaven where angles could ascend and descend from heaven, which have been the location whereby Abel descended from heaven from. What makes the ancient city of Luz so unbelievable important? Luz could be labeled that because that is where Abel/Osiris was not only resurrected but where he started his Kingship of

The Resurrection of Osiris and the Trojan War

Set or whatever name the descendants of that culture use in later languages are almost always attacking Osiris in order to take what is not theirs to take. Osiris is the king/Pharaoh not Set; no matter how many times Set steels the throne and casts the tribes of Osiris into pieces and scatters them to the winds. The tribes will not only find themselves pulled back, but pulled back stronger than before.

The story of Osiris and Set with Isis playing a key roll along with the Djed/Temple of Apollo the elements of the same story from the Trojan War as well as a dozen or more retellings of the same story in real history. The players play their rolls; totally unconscious of the facts surrounding the behaviors they are exhibiting are in fact simply the societies way of working on the same issues over and over again. The Trojan War was not the first time the Jews and Esauís line would war against each other. They had previous and are still at war in the present. The war is between many different cultures on many different fronts but it all draws down to the same types of battles. As well as not all the Battles at Troy were between the Dorianís and the Trojans, the Dorianís and the Avaris exchanged blows a few times as well. Not the entire army versus the entire army, but small groups did battle against each other, with the larger armies and the Trojans looking on.

Did Osiris have children after resurrection

If he had children after resurrection; what is their legacy and descend.

Could this entire concept be the foundation for the later Osiris, Isis, and Seti story line? But since Semitic people and stories were not allowed were the names and key elements changed in order to hide the truth from those whom literally hate the whole concept. No modern concepts; geeks are usually hated but the toys they build are loved and cherished. Western cultures is strong behind the ďI hate you, but I love what you makeĒ; which an extremely odd dynamic.

Cain *

Cain was meant to be the founder of construction. Abelís gifts were in regards to food and labor offerings, where Cain his offering was to build the greatest temple for Abel to offer inside.

A symbiotic relationship. Cainís descendants built that which is needed for Abel to live within. Be it a religious offering, live to produce the religious offering, etc.

Enochís father *

The father of Enoch is an unknown.

If Abel was resurrected; and to replace him in heaven Abel would have been elevated to the rank of Pharaoh (Leader/head/father/etc. of the long/tall House). Each pharaoh was given a divine name upon ascension.

With the statistics of every pharaoh from Narmer to Francis given another name upon ascension; since we know Narmer simply stole the concept and title of pharaoh from the cultures he conquered. That means the title and information regarding the pharaoh existed before.

The long house is actually a direct reference to the Tabernacle of Adam.

What Enochís fatherís actual name was is a mystery, but what is beyond certain, the stories at present have a lot edited out. Which can be easily proven since every single Hebrew character is an entire word in the Futhark Matrix. Every word in Hebrew is an entire sentence in the Futhark. The more Hebrew letters added the more geometric volume of information added. A Hebrew paragraph is an entire Chapter. A chapter in Hebrew an Entire Book.

From Enochís father to Enoch himself; things became very strange regarding ancient lost knowledge. First of all; why was that information lost to begin with?


The life and times of Enoch are entirely shrouded in mystery. His father, his tome/blade, etc. almost every single aspect of the man if real of fiction is entirely difficult to define.

There is a huge amount written about him after his death and what he did in heaven, but before death is another story all together.

The most interesting thing about Enoch is his tomb which was not actually a tomb but more of a library of hidden information. His body was not left on earth, his body was taken to heaven. At least according to most of the stories. So his blade/tome did not contain a body so it had to contain something else. What other than a body did the library of Enoch contain? What books, materials, tools, maps, etc. what amazing things did the Tome/library of Enoch contain.

Enoch ascends to heaven on a horse. Be that horse a four legged horse or Sliepnor the eight leg horse. The eight legs are a representation of the eight fixed points of the earthís rotation around the sun. Which this legend could be why the horse might have been used at the Trojan War. To use the symbol of Enoch as a peace offering either the Hyksos/Dorian shield wall inside. Kill those inside of win another battle either was acceptable to the Dorians.

Library of Enoch

Could the cache Joseph Smith found be connected in some way to the Library of Enoch? Since the tomb of Enoch itself did not contain a body; but it was important enough to contain something. What was that something. Second point, was that something stored on this plane of existence or another plane of existence.

Although it is said that the information of the universe was given to Enoch grandson of Adam, son of Set (a name for the underworld in Indo-European language) although in Futhark Sowillo, Ewaz, and Tiwaz. Which translates as the Power of the Sun rotates to fixed positions according to direction. The light of the sun e.g. the ATEN shines into the darkness to motion things in the darkness (according to the rules of the fixed positions of direction) a possible translated into Hieroglyphic from Indo-European language meaning Abel. Would make Set actually the Pharaonic name of Abel.

If Adamís grandson witnessed these events the progression would be heavy on the shoulders of Enoch. Being born either before his father was killed by Cain or born after his father was brought back from the dead by Grandfather. The mysteries of life contained within the framework of the perception of Enoch would be person defining.

The cave or area from which Joseph Smith literally obtained the Plates could be a location not on this plane of existence. But the specific Gateway or Thurasaz in which to have two separate dimensions open and match each other on each side of the gateway/doorway/Thurasaz is important. The likelihood Joseph Smith found a gateway provides the information to details previously hidden by Cain/Esau/Hyksos etc. descended cultures which cannot deal with the truth. A war between the truth (the tower of Babel; and tome of Enoch) and the lies which make Esauís line comfortable.

Abel Resurrected His New Name Osiris *

The story of resurrection is an interesting one. But the conquering army of assuming circa 4500 b.c.e. either a different conquering army or descendants of the 4500 b.c.e. army at 3500 b.c.e. went on the war path from upper Egypt north to take the temple of IWNW, destroy it, and rebuilt what they felt was appropriate.

The Temple of IWNW with the Noah Tabernacle/Ark settling in the area of IWNW. The temple which could have been obliterated could have been either a copy of the Ark of Noah (which itself was and or could have been as close to a copy of the Tabernacle of Adam as research at that time would or could allow), the actual Ark of Noah, and or some original construction of Adam himself.

It is amazing how much Esauís line needs to destroy in order to feel good about themselves. Which continues to this very day with Esauís current named descendants Muslims.

If the location Abel was resurrected was IWNW/Heliopolis and or a raised portion of land in the middle of the Nile. Which later became known as Luz. The resurrection of Abel/Osiris in the center of Luz would be an extremely good reason to have the city called Heaven/Eternal/Divine/etc. in the first place. We know the previous to pharaoh Mem the city of Memphis was called Luz. What is not known is why. Being the location of the resurrection of Abel/Osiris would be close to the best reason in the world to have that city called Luz.

Exile from the Garden of Eden

There are those whom are so convinced that exiling from the Garden of Eden was because of the Futhark Matrix. The Futhark Matrix is a tool which is extremely complicated.

The ancient legend of the Fountain of Youth is buried deep within the Futhark Matrix.

The assumption was that God became angry when Adam and Eve used the Futhark Matrix to manipulate the events and courses of the lives in their charge.

The Naming process so vastly more complex and complicated that it is actually an entire science.

The enemies e.g. those that want to return to the Garden of Eden assume that if they erase the existence of the Language of Adam that they will win Gods favor and be allowed back in.

All their literature, all their lessons, every aspect of those that walk against the path of Adam are about the same thing. Find and destroy all aspects of the Language of Adam; to win back Gods favor.

Previous to Noah most people not only knew what the Futhark Matrix was but used the tool on a constant basis. After endless wars to erase said information. Noah was allowed to have the full understanding of the Futhark Matrix for some reason and create a library (Ark) of that information. Which brought instant rage and an attacking army from those whom were sure that any resemblance of recreating that Futhark Matrix would bring the destruction of man from the divine.

So those against Noah feel on a soul level bound to gather together once the descendants of Adam/Osiris/Enoch/Noah etc. have assembled sufficient quantities of the Futhark Matrix again to seek out both the people and the library simply to destroy it. The flood is not actually a physical flood (although in hard evidence the Glaciers were melting at the same time so there were floods occurring all around. But the assumption from the aggressor could have been; ďOk God, will you keep the waters back if we go and kill Noah and all he has assembled? Ok without clear orders to the contrary, we will assemble <exactly as Agamemnon did in the Aegean> an army and go to the location Noah/Priam is and erase it all.

Megaliths *

A Megalith has been classified as being a large structure with extremely precise engineering usually made of large many ton rocks, on occasion a megalithic infrastructure includes a wooden structure as well.

The story of what a Megalith is other than an extreme engineered collection of architecture, which in the modern age cannot be repeated once let along the 100,000s of times the ancients built dolmans and megaliths. Under almost every old holy place the body place was either built by remodeling the existing stones or the church was built on top of the existing stones. Including Notre Dame, Westminster, St Peters Basilica, the Forum, the Senate Athens Greece, Hagia Sophia, etc.

The engineering and the understanding how what and how a megalith were constructed since the dawn of the Roman Empire has been a mystery the entire time. Many theories but none match perfectly to the evidence. Including the illusion that many people with muscle and primitive tools built the stones. With speed and exactness regarding construction primitive does not cover it. The stones were placed in exact position to the millimeter.

Megaliths and Mounds are not only connected a mound is a basic form of a Megalith. But when under battle conditions, the builders have to erect their needs in a fast way which hopefully will not attract attention. Most look just like natural hills.

Joseph Smith stumbled onto one of these basic megalithic structures, a mound. What he found is legendary, but connected to a gateway.

Megaliths remodeled into Pyramids

The Megaliths of the Israel have been present for millennia before Jacob was born.

The megaliths as it states in both archaeology evidence and in the Bible were remodeled circa 2600 b.c.e. forward. The structure they replaced is clearly in statistical evidence from the Salzbury Plain built into Stonehenge.

Stonehenge was based on hard evidence a very likely compressed rebuilding of the megaliths from Dakkara to Giza on the west side of the Nile in Egypt.

Why is this bold claim made, the seven (City of Seven Hills connection) times Egypt has been invaded and the conqueror wished to erase all that came before; e.g. those that wish to erase/obliterate the Futhark Matrix. The number one rule whenever there is an invasion; those that can evacuate do so as fast as they can.

Once those that can evacuate from an invasion do so, arriving at their new location. They will immediately attempt to rebuild or recreate in some way the most precious of books, buildings, sacred sites, etc. that they were forced by circumstance to abandon.

The seven times Egypt has been invaded; the survivors whom never lost the ability to sail outside the direct sight of land could easily sail to Britain in order to escape execution. The Salzbury Plain is a perfect location to recreate in effect Israel just rotated 90í and the architecture changed to hide what it was. Tells the same stories just changed the language to a more cryptic form.


IV *

In the 18th year of IVís reign he was forced to evacuate his most precious of treasures out of Egypt in order to ensure his descendants would continue to exist.

The Avaris were raising an army (even though similar to Germany circa 1932 it was illegal to raise an army) aimed at toppling the current 18th dynasty. The cultural ancestor to Adolf, Ramses I was raising an army in order to do battle with the hated beyond all measure IV. Why because the Amenhotep iv Akhenaten broke the most cardinal rule in religion. The royal family could have any religion they want, as long as they do not tell anyone outside the palace about it. If the religions are radically different, the more the secrecy has to stay in place. The Egyptians had become accustomed to the Hyksos religion (which is just an older version of Islam; with the minor difference of the whole deity thing meant electro-magnetics not specifically a pantheon. Similar to the concept of Tesla coil a is designed to produce electricity at x or deity x, while Tesla coil b is designed to produce electricity at y or deity y, on down the pantheon, different Tesla coils designed and engineered to produce at different levels e.g. different deities), when they invaded and by the ultimate violence forced the population to either convert or face execution. So the population which lived converted. Amenhotep iv Akhenaten chose to do the opposite.

The City of Troy *

There are actually several cities built on the same area. Each conquered and at least partially destroyed.

What does the possibility of the layers of the city of Troy mean? The city had been attacked and conquered around nine times from 4000 b.c.e. to circa 300 C.E. when the city itself was abandoned slowly over time for the more prominent Constantine. The question becomes, why Constantine chose to build at the Bospherous rather than at Troy. Since Troy was his ancestors thirteen hundred years previous kingdom and home. He must have chosen the Bospherous staging area for a reason. What did Priam, Helen, Paris, etc. hide in this area which he chose to build his city around. What was so powerful about this specific location that he chose Constantinople over Troy. Then again, was Troy a defensive city designed to be the face of the issue hiding the truth regarding the Bospherous crossing.

Which is not out of the realm of reasonable. Most of the powerful cultures with treasures to hide from conquerors who were coming in waves. The question is not, if the conquerors were coming but when each wave would come.

For the Trojans the question was not if the Hyksos/Dorians were coming but when. And in what waves would the Hyksos arrive. How strong would each wave be when they arrived at the shores?

Troy Homers Troy ; even though the facts regarding Homer being Odysseusís grandson living circa 1330 b.c.e. the tale had to be translated into many different languages from 1330 to 200 b.c.e. Until it could be translated into Roman Latin. From Roman Latin the story took on its own translations. But the about five translations from 1330-200 b.c.e. altered the story sufficiently to hide the key details.

Fortunately for archaeology; Homers Troy is an intensely interesting examination of a concept. The evidence is starting to point to Homer might have been both the grandson of Odysseus as well as the code name used for any author translating old material into either Linear B or one of the Greek languages after Linear B. Technically proto, classic, etc. Greek are progressive steps from Linear B as in C, D, E, etc. but during the Dorian age knowledge was so tightly controlled that as a matter of course the author, the local lord, and the army had to be both consulted and agree to said translation of the material. But fi the code of Authored by Homer was used, the translation process would be much easier and raise less suspicion. Since Homer after all was a direct descendant of one of the most powerful war lords in Greece, as well as some of this culture centuries later still possessed a huge army. A lost Homeric text translated into a common language of the time would go a very long way in allowing a contemporary author from being executed for writing something the authorities did not like.

Homeric Troy has been at least in theory identified as being the Seventh city rebuilt on the same location. Very likely older cities existed but when large walls and building infrastructure are built onto of things. Digging below four thousand year old wall is beyond unacceptable. So if there was a city below what is currently understood to be Troy I, the evidence has yet to be found.

Troy VII have been theorized to be the Troy of the famous War written about by Homer. But Dorian/Hyksos attacked the city before and after with equal need to level the place.

From 2000-800 b.c.e. the Hyksos attacked that city without mercy. Strange to devote so much effort and energy to destroying a city. But nine cities over the course of four thousand years is a lot of destruction.

However the more powerful the more the most valuable of treasures are not kept in the city itself. The most valuable are kept in at least one if not more areas in specific distances from the center of the city itself.

The Temple of Apollo would be one of those places outside the city itself. But each of the external locations the first plan would not be to build a giant underground chamber like in the movie National Treasure but a collection of storage areas. Both above and below ground. Designed for ease of both bring in a few wagon loads and evacuate with a few wagon loads.

Same structure as a LDS ward. When a specific size of material is reached the collection is divided up for safety. Always keeping in each location copies of the most key scrolls. So if the worst happens and more than one cache is found; some of the information on the key scrolls can be recovered using the core library in other locations.

Which becomes difficult to process said information; to have the scribes place your work in a dozen or one hundred location libraries requires a considerable level of achievement in thought.

Queen of Troy Hecuba second wife of Priam

Priam is by legend so named because he had a run in with Hercules and instead of Hercules killing Priam old name Podarces. Podarces gave Hercules a special gift, which Hercules both accepted and thus Podarces changed his King name from Podarces to Priam.

What if Hecuba was actually a renamed daughter of Amenhotep iv Aka Akhenaten. She was sent out of Egypt in order to secure the location and Rights to the Kingdom of Troy with her husband Priam. Obviously being the second or third Daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt makes Hecuba absolutely a higher rank than Priamís first wife. Plus there were fertility complications within the framework of Priamís first wife. She was unable to give birth to live children.

So if this theory is correct as a young fourteen year old Amenhotep iv Akanaten could have convinced this daughters and wife to evacuate from the Kingdom of Egypt. Knowing the Hyksos at Avaris were not only gathering forces e.g. exactly the same actions and behavior patterns seen in the early 1800s by the Great Awakening movement groups. With the idea of ďIf you will not convert, we will either force you to convert or we will kill you for telling us noĒ e.g. how the great awakening movements interacted with all that opposed them. As well as what Adolf (a Hyksos descendant not a Jew) did in gathering forces to seize control over first Austria then conquered Germany. Gather forces, there are but two choices when a Hyksos/Dorian war lord starts to gather forces to go on the war path. The response is either, go to him and kill him or let him do his worst letting his forces eventually kill him or bring the war to him after those that do not want to become involved are forced into involvement by the army of the war lord hurts or directly impacts those that do not want to be involved.

As the Hyksos/Avaris rose in power and assembled an army, the 18th dynasty had a choice, they could either militarily suppress the growing army or evacuate Egypt hoping the 19th dynasty circa 1330 b.c.e. would destroy itself from within. Amenhotep iv Akhenaten chose the wrong direction. If he took his forces and destroyed the Avaris; genocide but still would have saved a huge amount of problems and later genocides, including the Trojan War.

Meketaten was the name of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten aka Akhenatenís second daughter. Who was shipped off to marry a king of a different land almost as quickly as he could. Allowing her to become Queen of if this theory is correct Troy.

Upon being elevated to queen she would have had to same five Pharaonic names as all the rest of the pharaohs male or female.

Since Meketaten/Hecuba was a profoundly higher rank than her husband, she would have been in effect co-ruler, co-King, co-pharaoh of Troy. Priam was a high rank, but Hecuba was the daughter of if this theory is correct the second daughter of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Places Hecuba extremely high ranked in most Royal Societies of the time. Would also make Hector, Paris, etc. also higher ranked.

Which in a true effect, if Paris asked for or demanded the hand of Helen. He could not only ask for the hand of Helen (even after marriage and a child or two) from a much lower ranked if ranked at all. The rules of the society of the time would force Menalias to give Helen to Paris; provided the fictions in the Homeric Poem are correct (which based on the Dorian cultures history, the ancestors and descendants of the Dorians little could be farther from the truth. The culture is so used to living outside the realm of truth; after a few millennia of cultural reinforcement of repeated lies become truth < a psychological term called Conditioned Response or CR>. As A.H. and his henchmen stated over and over again ďthe larger the lie the easier the masses can accept it as truth.Ē And the other quote ďRepeat a lie often enough, the lie will become truth.Ē Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/etc. cultures are almost expert in repeating lies they as a culture have been repeating so often and for so long they have no idea what the truth used to be then Helen was either betrothed to Menelaus and or married. Helen either fall in love with and or was kidnapped by Paris and taken to Troy. Menelausís brother Agamemnon with his army followed to get her back. When armies of various size meet either during or after battle; when negotiating, for the extremely dishonorable Generals of more powerful armies. If the more powerful General perceives the wife of the enemy but wants to be with her for whatever length of time, in those days it was assumed that the weaker army would simply give the wife as a negotiation gift to the stronger armies general. Which is part of the way Homer described the scene in the story of the Trojan War. The more powerful Trojan army Paris forced Menelaus to give him Helen as a negotiation gift. At some points and in some cultures said actions are entirely within the rules of the society. No matter how dishonorable, despicable, nasty, disgusting the practice is, etc. but in this case just because this political situation was used in the story does not have anything at all to do with the facts regarding the actual events. The insult Dorians in the fiction of Homers story chose to thrown away the peace deal and sail to Troy to retrieve Helen, kill Paris, and claim Troy of their own. According to this entirely incorrect fiction in the poem and the mistakes in the entire political structure. A Jewish Princess would never be betrothed to a Dorian. Theseusís mother was named for the ATEN. Makes his mother, him, and his children Jews. Not something the Dorians would want to bed with. Kill on sight yes. But take to bed, no. Paris was the son of Queen Hecuba, and the grandson of IV. Paris was the Son of King Priam of the ďDescendants of the Jacob; from the Line of ATENĒ aka Trojans. Two extremely high ranking Royal Jewish families would never agree to a marriage of their princess to a Dorian. Especially a Dorian without status, title, an army of his own. A few dozen fighters does not an army make. But the whole Menelaus being married to Helen; this entire concept is fallacy. No possible way this has any basis in reality. At most he might have seen the Trojan War party leave by their ships the shores of Athens to sail back home. From several hundred yards away. At least outside the range of arrows. He might have been taken by the beauty, from afar but that would be entirely forbidden fruit. The bride he might have taken as a stand-in for Helen some twelve years later; would be either a servant girl, a hand maiden, or just some pretty girl hired to perform said job. To impersonate Helen as the rest of the family had their own stand-ins; for just such an occurrence of if the conquering army breaches the walls, the royal family escapes and the stand ins take the punishment. Great job unless the worst occurs. Which is the same basic situation which happened to Adolf. When he knew he was about to lose it all. He simply used his private guards to ferry himself out of Berlin into the hands of his devoted Ottoman Army. Who ushered him out of Europe and into protected lands in South America. Adolf was one thing above all else, he was not stupid. Seeing the writing on the wall, he would have simply evacuated and left one of his dozen stand-ins/doubles in charge. Evidence for this is both in the image of the person in South America whom his longtime companion swore he was A.H. and the pure idiocy of the decisions made by A.H. after he evacuated. Which is also about that same time when the extermination factor after A.H. evacuated escalated to the point of unacceptableness. All the henchmen had a scapegoat, they could all point to orders from Adolf. What could A.H. have anything at all to do with Troy and the associated events? A.H. just like B.Y. did his absolute level best to erase anything and everything about the chosen one possible. Including but not limited to making sure any and all history of the previous was not only erased but a solid fictional history was created which made them look great and the enemy look really bad, or in the case of Theseus, Priam, Troy, Meritaten, Alba Longa, the City of Seven Hills, Joseph Smith III, made them all simply vanish into the revisionist history Esauís line is the best at. Conquer them, then erase they were ever there. From the Roman Empire to Schulman Troy was considered a myth. Priam, Helen, Meritaten, IV, Alba Longa, the city of Seven Hills, Medusa, etc. were all reduced to either being termed flat out or so fictionalized the story has almost no influence of truth anymore.

The escape tunnel the Trojan Pretorian guards would have insisted were used. Would most likely have been built from the private Royal Temple inside the Royal Compound.

The escape tunnel would be anywhere between several hundred yards long to several miles. Taking advantage of natural caves and old mine shafts.

But where the escape tunnels would have let out would be hidden. The escape tunnel its outlet being an Inn, or a Blacksmith shop, a stable (most stables had a blacksmith area for the metal smiting needed for horse e.g. horse shoes, bits, stirrups, chariots, depending on what was invented at what point), etc. any type of hide the tunnel where horses and soldiers presence would not be out of the ordinary. Once 1000 people poured out of said location the illusion would be shattered but at that point the 1000 or 10,000 people would need to literally be as far away from that area as they could go. So it would make no difference at that point. Which would explain the Nativity in a Cave which would be one of the only safe places to store animals with Romans taking from civilians anything they wanted as long as they were Jews. Look for escape tunnels in and or around the church of the nativity. Or a sequence of buildings with a connected hallway hidden in some portion of those connected buildings. Even if it is the basements of those buildings with connected buildings/basements. Entire blocks with connected infrastructure basements houses, buildings, etc. from the entrance to outside the city walls. To allow Jews to escape if needed. Same holds correct of the Trojan War. Escape tunnels to ensure the 1000 members of the royal family would be evacuated. The body doubles and stand-ins taking the brunt of the damage when the enemy arrived.

Achilles if he was killed, standing guard in front of an escape tunnel would be where he fell. Using the tunnel to hide the bodies for the first hour or so he could stand in the room and kill the successive waves of soldiers entering looking for people to kill and or treasure to loot.

The Hyksos/Dorians were only war lords they were not royal ranked. Only some of their children were ranked according to forcing marriages with Royal Princessís and Princes. E.g. capture a city, capture a prince, then force the prince to copulate with a war lords daughter, if a conception occurred that child would have the rank of his father.

Any children that Paris and Helen had in the twelve years from seizing control to the end of the war would also been Pharaonic 18th dynasty descendants. But when the Dorians continued on their war path. The only real aspect of the situation was where to evacuate to. Since all the places which Amenhotep iv Akhenaten sent his daughters to became war zones. His grand plan regarding where to send his daughters became the place the descended Hyksos immediate dispatched an army to seek it all out and destroy it.

Fortunately for Amenhotep iv Akhenaten the Hyksos did not yet possess the ability to sail to the British Isles. So after the conquest of Athens, Troy, etc. the only real place to evacuate to was Northumberland.

Which is where Hecuba or at least her descendants found themselves living after he had to first evacuate under breached wall conditions after the Horse was wanted by the population.

First the family evacuated to the City of Seven Hills, but then were forced to evacuate further away to Northumberland. Of course the name Northumberland did not exist until after the Pictish Revolt and subsequent erasure of the Ogle family from their Kingdom.

Previous to the Pictish the Lands of Northumberland were called the same name as the family itself Yr Hen Ogle dd. Which means exactly the same as Northumberland but in the English/Latin language changed from the Gaelic.

Whether or not Hecuba was the daughter of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten or not makes a huge difference but then again makes no difference to the very real translation of Trojan as being in effect a Jewish name. Or at least an extremely insulting Jewish name. The Trojans are talked about and mentioned but most of the real documentation about the Trojans derives from their worst enemy the Hyksos/Dorians. What the Trojans actual name was, the last name of the family, what family line they were from, the name of the city itself. What the name of the city was called after each of the nine or more conquests. Hecuba being a Jewish Princess makes her sons Jewish Princes. Makes any kind of marriage between her and her husband a more than likely Jew himself. In effect making the city of Troy literally a version of Jerusalem. That is what Heliopolis translations to, Jerusalem.

Hecuba being literally a Jewish Royal, Priam a Jewish Royal, makes with about 99% statistical analysis Helen a Jewish Royal. Her father was in most likelihoods Theseus of Athens. Theseus the son of Athena; renamed the city to honor her and the deity she was named after. Which again brings up the statistical connection between Athena and Meritaten. Since Meritaten has ATEN as the last four characters in her English translation name.

Edit out the false information that Meritaten traveled to Iberia to set up a kingdom. More likely she was first sent to the Aegean to retake the ancient city of Poseidon. Set her first son as the General of the city. Then she needed to sail off to Northumberland to build the true Empire in that area. If you are being attacked on all sides by your enemies. A sequence of defenses is a requirement. Egypt, Tyre, Troy , the future city of Constantinople, Athens, the future city of Rome, Paris, London, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Perth, each city being a retreat to if the Hyksos/Dorians captured the previous. Eventually they would get tired and the retreated army could move forward and reclaim their old territory. A political strategy not unlike a modern boxing term ďRope a dopeĒ. Let the opponent exhaust themselves punching away, by the end of the fight the guy on the ropes is fresh the guy punching away for hours is tired. Building on a large scale in effect a thousand or more mile staggered castle. The ancients built things on a global scale; which modern culture has either forgotten how to do or the society they live in violently discourages thinking on a global scale. The ATEN built into the Pyramid Causeways are exact down to the millimeter stretched over the course of hundreds if not thousands of miles.

The really to the max extremely odd thing about that whole sequential castle set up, another castle a few hundred miles away to the west is the sequence looks similar to the setup of a neuropathway. Each castle represents a different neuron in a chain of neurons. But for a culture which could built perfectly aligned doorways facing each other one hundred miles away that is extremely significant to say the least. To provide the idea that those Cities with all but impenetrable defenses were set up in a neuropathway layout. Even if it is just a one in a billion chance the ancient cultures knew about neuropathways is still amazing. Since modern science is only starting to acknowledge neuropathways exist in the last few decades.

The Trojan Temple of Apollo

Unlike all aspects the Temple of Apollo is not some weird odd pantheon thing. It is an attempt to hide the truth from those that will do anything possible to seek out that which they do not like to destroy it.

Apollo was the God/deity of the Sun. a very simple renaming to hide this could very well have been the ATEN operating under a different name.

The temple of Apollo was in all likelihood. Based on massive amounts of statistical data a copy of the temple of Tyre. Which itself was an exact copy of the temple of Ptah Memphis Egypt.

Memphis Egypt was designed and built by Pharaoh Mem (Abraham) as an exact copy of the Temple of Adam at Heliopolis. Although when that Temple was constructed the city was called IWNW.

Heliopolis translates to Jerusalem.

The Temple of Apollo was built in several parts.

The inner Amber Room/ the inner sanctum sanctorum, the room which contains the Ark of the Covenant.

The Tabernacle which held the Amber Room

And the protective walls/dikes which kept the tabernacle from damage.


Helen of Troy

Whether or not Helen was married to Menelaus or not makes almost no difference.

If an Esau/Hyksos/Dorian descendant feels wronged there is only one way to get even. Humiliate with violence then kill all connected to that which wronged the Dorian.

Menelaus felt for whatever reason Helen should be his.

Although the story itself is almost infinitely more complicated for a thousand reasons.

The first of an unknown number of reasons the story is vastly more complicated. Helen in some versions is either promised to and or actually married to Theseus.

Which is really interesting since that places the entire situation of the IV, Meritaten, Nefertiti, etc. into a very strong situation.

If Theseus was married to or connected to Helen of Mycenae (she only had the Title of Sparta after the arrival back from Troy). That brings up an extremely interesting connection.


Meritaten; could Meritaten have left her first son in the Aegean. The later Esau/Hyksos/Avaris changing the name from Mycenae to Iberian Peninsula in order to hide the concept that Meritaten was headed to Poseidon to be Queen and her first son Theseus became that cities King. Sparta being not that far away from Athens. The older Menelaus wanting the daughter of Theseus.

The issues with the name changes and generations is the problem regarding the battle of Troy. Knowing with enough hard evidence to almost prove that the city of Troy itself was a in a very real effect New Jerusalem. Copied from the temple of Tyre. Which itself was a copy of the Temple of Ptah Memphis (old name Luz as in Genesis 28), which with Jacob (holder of the foot/limb of the Aten) traveled North West of to the Light Place. Showing hard evidence that Troy: descendants of the limb holder. Of the ATEN becomes almost a moot point with all the rest of the evidence observed.

There is simply too much evidence behind the whole why spend twenty years erasing Troy when there were better more rich targets much closer.

Troy must have been of divine importance for the Dorianís to want to need to destroy it.

If Theseus was involved with the basics of Helen of Troy than that brings into the account Theseusís mother Atenís. Which is a female version of the name ATEN. Which Amenhotep iv Akhenaten named all his children some form of ATEN.

But since it is a multi-generation thing. Helen being of the next generation. The offspring of Theseus marrying the offspring of or a very likely sister of Meritaten. Name changed once out of Egypt and under Hyksos/Dorian threat to Hecuba. Her Egyptian name Meritaten, her possible Trojan name Hecuba, the wife of King Priam of Troy. The mother of the future groom of Princess Helen of Athens and Prince Paris of Troy younger brother of Hectare of Troy , head of the Trojan Army, Future King of Troy . Along with Helen, Paris would become the Future King of Athens. After of course the death of retirement of Helenís father Theseus; or if Theseus chose to leave the fighting to his daughter, her husband and the remains of the Trojan, Egyptian, and Athenian armies. The portions of the armies that did not stay in Troy under the command of Hector and or travel up to Northumberland to form the backbone of the last stand of that family. The last Castle and form of defense against the Hyksos in the Medi and their ancestors the Pictish from the 17th dynasty.

Meketaten; could easily be hieroglyphic version of Mary. As in Meketaten translates to Mary. The Y at the end being a condensed and altered symbol for Jera; which itself is the first character in the name Jerusalem. As well as means the Sun. The Sun and the Rays from the sun are the symbol for the ATEN. Linguistically Meketaten could very easily be the translation of the inner royal 18th dynasty version of Mary. Making the Queen of Troy one of her names was Mary. Mary agreeing to her son Paris marrying the daughter of Theseus; whom was if this theory is correct the son of Meritaten. Of course Meri is a closer linguistic name and spelling for Mary; but no reason Amenhotep iv Akhenaten did not name his girls some version of the name Mary. Slightly different spellings but in a manner of speaking almost the same meaning. Makes the connection from Troy, the Amenhotep iv Akhenaten 18th dynasty and the Maryís of the Crucifixion a very interesting connection.

Also makes this line of thinking correct Brute three of his ancestors were offspring of IV.

It would be extremely interesting if Menelaus felt slighted by the facts regarding Helen was already promised to Paris of Troy. If he felt that deeply about it; he could have felt like if he had attempted to negotiate with Theseus, but no matter how much Menelaus offered for her hand the answer was beyond absolutely no. Her hand was already promised to Paris.

Which could have made Menelaus feel as if he was a cuckold to that family. I will do anything to possess Helen. I will give anything to not only possess her but force her to have my children.

Which is extremely similar to the whole Abraham taking the princess from Eridu ziggurat as his bride. Even though Sara herself was already betrothed to the Prince of Egypt circa 2600 b.c.e.

Menelaus might have felt that his destiny could be with mating with Helen, daughter of Theseus, granddaughter of Meritaten, Great-granddaughter of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Which would make any children from that union a very likely replacement for the current 19th dynasty Avaris Hyksos.

He was a Dorian Hyksos. Same ancestors but different descended line. The Avaris managed to stay in Egypt. The Dorians were cut off from Egypt by the Thera volcanic eruption. Menelaus might have had his eyes set so hard on the subject of taking over the throne of Egypt for himself, using the daughter of Theseus to achieve that goal. Any action he did regarding that action was justified.

How dare anyone literally deny him the ability to seize control over the throne by mating with Helen. A little seize her back from her husband and he could write his own ticket to the Egyptian throne.

Knowing as a matter of hard fact his brother was already secure in his throne in the Aegean. He wanted his own throne.

But taking Helen from her father Theseus and her betrothed Paris was going to be profoundly more difficult than it sounded.

First off the question of the names comes into the picture immediately. Her fatherís name was not Theseus according to Dorian documentation. Which is beyond unbelievable to begin with.

Second all pharaohs were given five names upon ascending to the throne. Priam and Theseus both had documented more than one name.

Another point. The Trojan War might have been fought over for another reason.

To keep the Northumberland (e.g. Meritaten), the City of Seven Hills, Athens (Theseus), and Troy from forming a political bond so strong that it would break the political strength of the Hyksos/Dorians before they were able to become more than just a few families in charge of a few cities in a small section of the Aegean. With an empire stretching from Britain, to France (Paris), to the Seven Hills, through the entire Aegean, retaking Egypt from the 19th dynasty would not only be possible, but the Esau/Hyksos would have no choice but to evacuate themselves. To end being a unified culture. The families scattered beyond the reach of the Amenhotep iv Akhenaten descendants.

The plan could have worked if the Esau/Hyksos descendants had not have sought out where each of the children went and threw all resources behind conquering them. Then erasing almost every single aspect of the ivs culture. In and outside of Egypt.

From Menelaus; if I cannot possess her and seize the throne of Egypt. No one can. It is mine by the right of Dorian conquest rules of order. Which are in basic, if I want it, and I feel the divine influence, then I am perfectly within my rights to not only take that which the divine has given me, but kill all whom presume to tell me otherwise.

Moses and the Exodus regarding the Trojan War

The lost 13th tribe

It is entirely within the framework of reality that the Hyksos used their Jewish slaves as a shield wall when they went on the war path. The Hyksos felt using the enemy to genocide the Jews was more efficient than killing them personally. Give them a fighting chance, if they fought hard enough, and well enough. On occasion when a unit or a group of front line troops had grown too strong and well enough trained. The shield wall becomes skilled enough to take on both the enemy of the Hyksos ad the Hyksos at the same time. The next city which falls is given to that shield wall to govern over but still pay taxes to the Hyksos. In the coming generations provide troops whenever the Hyksos come a calling.

If Moses did take his slaves first to Troy to repeat this same behavior pattern; the Jews in Troy would have been fighting against the Jews from Israel. Aka the lost 13th tribe.

But what makes the situation unbearable is the facts regarding the Jews at Troy during the escape would have started to pull their cousins for the ranks of the Agamemnon army. ďYou are a Jew, we are Jews, why are you fighting against us, when you should be fighting for us.Ē Which would have continued to anger the Dorians to no possible end. The rage from Agamemnon and Moses would be visible and measurable. How dare anyone at any time tell us no.

When the end did occur, those pulled from Mosesís troops would have been with the Royal family on their way to the rally point in Alba Longa. Refusing outright to be Dorian slaves again. But not all the slaves would have been able to agree to go, nor would some of the long standing Jews which had been shield wall slaves for the Dorians could have broken the psychological conditioning. Those in full Stockholm syndrome would not have been able to break it and would have had to continue fighting on the wrong side.

The whole sending Achilles into the horse is entirely within the framework of the behavior patterns associated with using the Jews as a shield wall. The Hyksos kill them or the enemy does, still equals a killed Jew. Those that survive will either win another war for the Hyksos/Dorians or be killed. In the eyes of the Hyksos/Dorians the only down side are the food the Jews eat before being killed. An upside to surviving eventually they will pay taxes in the cities they are given.

Trojan horse

The Trojan horse is more than just one very odd thing.

The metaphor of the Trojan horse is the same metaphor present at the base of the psychological term Stockholm syndrome.

Where a population starts to identify with the enemy and side with them

Which is in a very real aspect what happened to Joseph Smith, the Trojan War, and the foundation of the Great awakening movement.

John Calvin and Martin Luther were both so heavily influenced by militant Islam that they literally had to combine Catholicism with militant Islamic philosophy in order to actually function healthy.

One of their followers is whom took an instant hatred of the message of Joseph Smith and would stop at nothing to erase all that Joseph Smith was about.

Which is exactly what happened at the Trojan War.

Once the Dorians under Agamemnon and his troops were inside the walls of Troy. The only thing keeping them from the bedroom of Priam was the simply facts regarding breaking much less difficult to break down defenses. The main gate was the hard part.

But once those defenses were down. The Royal guards would have instantly picked up the Royal family and as quickly as either feet or horses could evacuate the family. They were evacuated.

Only the royal stand ins would be present for the Dorians to kill.

Rally Point after the Trojan War

Alba Longa became a rally point for the army and refugees from the Trojan War.

Meant to be a place where those needing to evacuate could and far enough away to create a new home and live while the armies of the known world battled it out.

It would be very interesting if the Exodus in some way was the Hyksos of Avaris repeating the same exact behavior patterns from which they had done from 2000-1550 b.c.e using Jews as a shield wall.

Would make the whole Exodus thing and the attack at Troy beyond interesting.

Could make some of the troopís present Jewish slaves under their Hyksos/Avaris commanding General Moses not for the Jews but a flat out Hyksos commander whom was present only to crush the Trojans using their own cousins to do it.

Since the two events occurred at roughly exactly the same time. And the time lines have huge gaps in them because in all the key locations the Hyksos had been in charge for hundreds of years and altered time lines in order to hide the facts of what they did do, were in the middle of animalistic behavior, and building in gaps for their descended cultures to perform the same actions.

It is not a conspiracy, it is just how that culture has been taught to operate. In the theater, actors who play the worst nastiest people and creatures, literally have to find the good in them to play. Or the performance is shallow and without merit. Every evil person around convinces themselves their actions are good and in some cases the best outcome. Only a few know they are doing badly but do not care they are doing bad actions.

The rally point is a place designated to meet back up. Which is usually far enough away from the enemy to be safe and regroup. Athens was not a good location because that location was in the backyard of the Dorians.

Best pick a location far enough away so the engaged in battle enemy it would take them years to disengage and track down the rally point.

But once at the Alba Longa rally point. The regroup, build up, and reorganization would begin.

But this time knowing full well that the rally point would be literally the next on the list to go and attack at some point in the future.

So a new rally point would be a requirement.

That new secondary rally point would be Northumberland; where one and two generations back IVís descendants had spent the last decades building up sufficient defenses to hold back the entire Roman Empire. Which is the name of the Dorian descendants commanding general whom align with his brother although it took hundreds of years to arrive is sufficient numbers to pose a threat to either Alba Longa and or the city of Seven Hills. The Hyksos/Dorians as a culture never forget the need to kill the Trojans. It might have taken more than a few generations to build back up enough to mount a serious invasion. But invade they did. The Hyksos/Dorians eventually learned where the rally point for the survivors of the Trojan War was. The only thing they needed to do was to gather sufficient troops in order to sail the years necessary in order to mount a successful conquest. But conquest they did, repeating the same battle strategy at the City of Seven Hills as was done at Troy. Albeit five hundred fifty years later. Which those five hundred fifty years needed to be erased from the history books. Fortunately for the commanding general Romulus, he was militarily and violently at that time in charge of what the historians write about. Keeping the closest eye on what was written became the renewed Roman education model. You can only write what the state approves of. Conquering the cities around the Seven Hills; including Alba Longa. Which unfortunately for the descended army from Troy then known as Etruscans, the army was obliterated defending the city of Alba Longa. The Romans entered the city of Seven Hills since almost the entire bulk of the army were either taken prisoner and or outright killed. Allowing the conquering army of Romulus to walk into the city which has been in existence for at last fifteen hundred years all but unopposed. With the small comment; open the doors and let me in or I will repeat what my ancestors did at Troy. I will obliterate this city from existence. I will kill or put under slavery every single person, knock down every single wall. Salt every single field. Open the gates; you have x amount of time to decide. Erasing as much of the ancient past as they could get their hands on. Including destroying books from a descendant of the Oracle of Delphi; this person was from Naples. Several books were written about what would happen to the culture whom conquered the descendants of Troy. The remaining books the Vatican itself destroyed shortly after taking over from Constantinople

The Rally Point; became the next Great War zone. Although it did take centuries.

Agamemnonís descendants did work very hard to in the Middle East to pass down the word, at some point later. Some generation of Dorian descendants would need to go back to the Aegean and finish Agamemnonís work and burn Athens to the ground. That feat was finally accomplished one thousand years later with the Hyksos/Dorian descended army then name changed to Persian came up and marched on Athens. With a fleet, they were defeated handily at Marathon, the invention of the Marathon came directly from the Runner who carried the message from the Battle to the city of Athens telling them of the victory over Darius I.

His son would be back with a large army. Losing that battle at Thermopolis aka the three hundred.

The Rally point would be sacked five hundred years later. Which strongly points to a repeat pattern of finding and obliterating the next stronghold of the descendants of the Trojans. Whom themselves were from Egypt at least one if not several were from the 18th dynasty.


Tower of Babel *

The Battle to erase the information and the tabernacle of Adam, the tome of Adam, etc. did not start at Troy. Nor did it start at 2100 b.c.e. when the Hyksos invaded Egypt.

It did not start at the battles of 3200, 3500, 3800, etc., each of those battles and wars were simply the same theatrical play with trauma of which each progressive generation has to play out every few hundred years. Progressive generation regroup, rally support, build appropriates to the previous conquest defenses, build and build until there is sufficient numbers for the newly named Esau line descendant to go and attack Jacobs new line descendant. Esau and Jacob did not start the war, but those two names are simply the first names which there is at least some recognition for in documentation. The war between the forces of good and darkness was not new at 4000 b.c.e when Noah was forced to leave his area because of the aggressively nasty people of this time.

The Tower of Babel aka Eridu Ziggurat was just another in a very long string of wars which in the present has yet to come to a stop. Each new generation assumes they can do it different and better than the previous. The outcome is the same each time.

Like almost all ziggurats the tower of Eridu aka Babel was a storehouse of books. Those books were based on the language and education of the time which was the Futhark and the associated mathematics, and science of that language. Which forms a Matrix.

That matrix is what does two things, provides the person studying it with a profound level of information. Second it provides the culture which employs it with a greater level of skill in building infrastructure.

But on the negative side the Futhark matrix does provide a huge flame for those whom hate education to be attracted to say education to seek said information out and destroy it.

Temple of Ptah*


Constriction of the Pyramids after Jacob*

The construction of the Pyramids and the

Hyksos invade Egypt 2100 b.c.e*


Egyptian Royal family 2100 b.c.e evacuate using the ATEN north*


Shield Wall for the Hyksos *


Taking cities and being given them on occasion *


Trojan War

The reasons behind the Trojan War are extreme. With claims behind why the Dorians fought the war the presumed reasons the Trojans according to the Dorians fought the war, and the statistical analysis as to why the war was fought are so lengthy as to be difficult to actually pin down a conclusive answer.

Especially since the Trojans themselves were unable to write down most of their own thoughts and feelings. The story was almost exclusively told from presumed by legend the grandson of Odysseus with the ďHey grandfather, tell me about the Trojan WarĒ. By then a very old man in this close to sixties, providing he was about fifteen to twenty when he married. Left for the war within a year or two. Spent a year sailing to Troy. Spent ten years fighting. Spent a year divvying up the spoils of war. Sailed home took another ten years; all in all twenty one or more years from leaving his home to arriving back from the Trojan War. Provided his son was either an infant or a two year old when he left; his son could have easily had anywhere between a toddler to a five to six year old himself as a twenty to twenty two year old when his father arrived back home.

If his son did not marry for several years after his father returned than five to ten years for the grandson to start asking questions. A few more years for the grandson to know enough of how to either memorize the tale and or write down the tales from his grandfather.

Which took place at 1300 b.c.e. The tales were both written an oral up to the time they were translated into Greek half a millennia later. The writer of the poems which became known as the Iliad and the Odyssey being Homer are by of course entirely unknown.

How many years after the establishment of the Greek City State did in reality this poem become translated into linear C (aka proto Greek) or even Linear D (aka classic Greek)? How many years or centuries passed between the translations into classic Greek and the understanding of this story as being the first Greek piece of literature? It is credited with being a great deal more than it is. Since the Trojan War took place at virtually the same time the Dorian culture was rising to power. They had not yet solidified their power. Agamemnon did assist in the solidification of the Dorian culture reign of terror over the Aegean. Which lasted for just under half a millennia. In addition to say is the application of the ideals behind the Dorian Dark age. The Dorian Dark age; the descendants of the leadership of Agamemnon forced the erasure of most of the languages previous to Linear B. Killing any and all scholars whom had anything to do with the past. Only allowing information which was pertinent to the applications of the philosophy of the Dorians. Whom are direct descendants of the Hyksos. Whom themselves are direct descendants of Esau.

Esau simply followed the same behavior patterns of his ancestor Terah. Whom himself followed the same behavior pattern as his ancestors. Some which were against what Noah himself did.

Just because events from the ancient past occurred does not mean those same behavior patterns have changed any. When Joseph Smith himself found information similar to and or close to that from which was in the library at Troy , Tyre, Ptah, Heliopolis, IWNW, Eridu, etc. it not only changed him. But it made it impossible for his culture whom were in some way loyal to the Dorians to not react badly with as much violence in their hand as humanly possible.

The Trojan War among other reasons was fought because Agamemnon and his brother wanted to seize control over their cousins the Avaris/Hyksos in Egypt, the 19th dynasty. Making the 19th dynasty extremely short and only a King or two before being replaced by either Agamemnon and or Menelaus. They could have wanted to become the 20th dynasty. Since Helen of Troy was a primary figure in the entire War, seizing an Egyptian Princess to force her into marriage and then children. Would by default force the hand of Ramses to give up the throne to himself giving either Agamemnon himself and or Menelaus being the King of Kings over almost the entire Eastern Mediterranean. Each city would have its own King, but those kings would belong to an overall culture, e.g. King of Kings. Usually a person whom was King of to the strongest and most powerful City would claim dominion over the other cities around the main city. With only the small issue ďOf the Jewish issueĒ left to solve; reference to Adolf and the boys ďThe Jewish problemĒ left to resolve. With huge armies to the north, west, and south the only realistic answer becomes. How long till Agamemnon or his kin obliterate the children of Israel and erase all traces of the Jews from the planet. Since the Trojan war and the Exodus occurred at virtually the same time.

Agamemnon and Menelaus the 20th Dynasty

What makes the world so sure what happened with these two men. Odysseus was not around. He had already sailed home before Agamemnon was killed (supposedly by his wife and her new lover) Menelaus supposedly seized Helen and forced her to return to his side. Assuming Helen and Paris had children in the ten to twelve years they lived comfortably behind the walls of the City of Troy before the Horse breach. The Dorians (not a culture known for telling the truth) bragged about killing every member of the Royal family they could get their hands on. Helen and Paris could have had around six children in the twelve years of the War. The Dorians had to sail in sight of the coast. The Trojans did not have that problem; they could sail point to point anywhere they so chose. For the Trojans returning from the Athenian War would have taken at most weeks, more like days. For the Dorians gathering up the sufficient army in order to attack Troy would have taken several months if not several years to force the cities in the control of Agamemnon (knowing he had just lost a major war with the Athenians and Trojans) pulling more troops would not be as easy as it sounds. Plus pulling more mercenaries from farther away; all this would be the definition of not easy or fast.

Added to that time, Paris and Helen if they started their intimate relationship before they left Athens. The say year or so they spent in Athens winning the War in Athens against Agamemnon; the first marriage with Helens Father and Priam in Athens. Then travel back to Troy for a second marriage with Priam and Hecuba witnessed by the citizens of Troy. Cementing the cultural bonds between the two cities. Then the plan would most likely have Paris and Helen sail back to Athens to take over the leadership of that City. Allowing Theseus to either stay or take whatever troops were needed with him to Northumberland. The infrastructure and the defenses of those cities would need to be beyond strong. This is not the first full scale War the Jews had fought against Esauís line. Not the first not the last.

There was no middle ground. The Trojans and Amenhotep iv Akhenaten descendants knew as a matter of the hardest fact that the Dorians were going to come to the City of Seven Hills and knew they were going to progress to the cities in Northumberland. What the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/whatever their next name would be. What new name they would be operating under was an entire mystery. But knowing they were coming and coming for blood was only a hard fact but beyond measure dependable thing. Esauís descendants had been trying to erase the existence of Jacob since the brothers were (fictional or not, if the cultures believe those two men were the origin of their lines. Each culture would literally take on the philosophy of each figure. Fiction or not, the descendants would react and behave as if they were by fact real) alive. Esauís descendants have not stopped attempting to erase the Jacobs line since. It might take a few generations or so, but come they will, armed to the teeth. And only stop when Esauís line are either too tired to continue or worse dead.

According legend Menelaus did travel to Egypt with the pretend Helen. What happened in Egypt is entirely unknown. It is said the deities conspired against the Dorians to keep them from traveling home. But Menelaus was given specific instructions as to what and how to go about arriving back home by Proteus who told them how to make the voyage home.

Ancient technology and the ramifications of characters like Proteus; who Homer called ďone of the old man of the seaĒ along with Poseidon. Pointing to a very strong interaction between the electro-magnetic ancient technology and the Dorians forcing said remaining culture and technology to work for them. Forcing Proteus to get Menelaus and Helen back to Greece by way of sea forces. This is an interesting concept. Using the ancient sciences of the Megaliths and the ATEN to get back home. The fallacies and fiction regarding returning home after the War were just as present as the fiction which started the War to begin with. But once back home Helen does not have male children for Menelaus; he favors his sons from other wives. They both die at some point. But are reunited after death in the Greek version of heaven.

According to the time line. For the Dorians to assemble a large enough army to do battle against the Trojans, would have taken a huge army encamped just to make sure the incredibly huge army of Troy not to wipe through the Dorian defenses. The Dorians would have also needed to bring in almost constant reinforcements. Thousands of new troops almost literally yearly in order to maintain sufficient troop levels from losses on the battlefield. The Trojans maintained a large area of control around their city. The Trojans were constantly bringing in fresh replacements from their allies from both the Aegean and Anatolia.

Where did the Dorians obtain the constant supply of new bodies? The only realistic way in which to bring in that many troops was if the Exodus occurred, all sides of the Hyksos/Dorian/Egyptian cultures lied about the entire concept. The forty years of wandering the desert the years it took to March to Troy, and the ten years of actually fighting in the War. The troops pulled by the Trojans their Jewish cousins under command of Moses e.g. the lost thirteenth tribe. That would be a huge supply of bodies and troops to fight under the command of the Hyksos/Dorians at Troy.

After the War Moses taking the Jewish shield wall to Levant Lands in order to secure that area for the Hyksos. In effect forcing the Jews from their Narmer secured reservation/refugee area to another. In order for the new 19th dynasty to take full and complete advantage of the buildings and cultural infrastructure the Jews had been building for the previous two thousand years. Then of course claim it as if the Hyksos/Ramses has built it.

Which would also explain the presence of the Ten Commandments. Treasures or at least copies of the treasures pulled from what the Trojans left behind in one of the smaller cities that Agamemnon conquered first. Seizing control over one of the smaller cities without a full and complete library, just a smaller library with copies of the items in the Capital City library.

MT Sinai instead of being in or close to the actual country of Sinai a code regarding ancient children of Israel cache of information. The Mountain being a reference to the upper floor where the most precious of material was kept in the tabernacle.

A Raised sacred area; easy to translate from x language into mountain. So why the Hyksos and Mosesís descendants would want, need, desire, etc. to change the story form Tabernacle to Mountain. They could have placed the tabernacle anywhere other than in the Kingdom in and or around the location of Troy. Although if the name Troy is actually the name of the city is also an unknown. It could have just as easily been called Jerusalem and the area around Israel for all modern academics know. Relying on documentation from a sequence of cultures with serial proof they lie, cheat, steal, etc. to shape the events to suit their own twisted and for the most part cognitive dissonance way from the truth. After World War II many of the highest ranking NAZI were offended because the allies were punishing them from crimes against humanity. More than a few were quoted as saying or paraphrasing ďyou should thank me for the number of the unclean people we killed for the betterment of mankind.Ē Those officers completely convinced of the propaganda their leaders has been pouring into the German communities for the previous fifteen years. There is little if any difference between what the NAZI did to the Jews than what the Dorians did with the Athenians and the Trojans. Why the assumption of the Athenians; part of the documentation includes Theseus as an intimate of Helen. Being an intimate of Helen makes her his daughter, not wife. Makes linguistically Meritaten (ATEN) the mother of Meritaten. Meritatenís father IV. Which if his second daughter was married to Priam, that makes both Troy and Athens Jewish Cities. One named for the ATEN the other a very likely renamed by the Dorians Jerusalem.**

Which accounts for the Jews writing in the exodus about going to the promised land of Israel. Heading toward Israel; heading toward what was called Israel then which was Troy and the lands surrounding the city of Troy. Descendants of the Foot holder: means Descendants of Jacob. Trojan in a very realistic fashion literally means Jerusalem. The country around Trojan would be in a literal description Israel. The story of the Trojan War is literally an ancient tail told by the in a very real effect the Persian/Palestinians regarding erasing Israel and Jerusalem from the face of the world. But the winner was the Palestinians; so they were able to twist the story well beyond anything close to reality on some key aspects of the story. But what do you expect from a Grandfather telling tails to a young impressionable grandson. Odysseus cleaned up the story a large amount in order to literally make himself and his friendís heroís and simply downplayed the nastiness of their actions. Including the facts that Agamemnon did what most Esau descended leaders want, that is to sit on the throne of Troy/Jerusalem and command the Jews from their throne. To win back what Esau was denied all those millennia ago. NO matter how many Children of Israel Esauís line kills, now many Jerusalemís they capture. How many ATEN thrones they sit on, they will never have the power or the ability to use that power. Metaphorically speaking it is like giving a rocket to a three year old, they simply have no idea what to do with it, or even how to turn the machine on. But that does not stop the successive generations of Esauís descendants from trying to capture the Throne, despite no ability to understand the power.

Did Menelaus after the Trojan War attempt to make a play or claim the Throne of Egypt? Did he find out at that time that the person he assumed was Helen because she dressed correctly and claimed to be Helen? Once they arrived in Egypt could he have made a claim for the throne then informed that not only was she not Helen but she was not even a royal.


Immediately after conquering the city of Troy, Agamemnon would have exactly what he wanted. But something he did not have was a sufficient wife to sit by his side. That wife would need to be two things. One young enough to produce children princes and princesses of this new Kingdom, and two of a Royal rank in which to legitimize his role as literally the new Pharaoh of Troy. Agamemnon dies according to his now divorced wife and her new husband, with the rebirth of the new King of Troy. Formerly known as Agamemnon; whom spends most of the rest of his life rebuilding the city he had been attacking for the previous 10 years, rebuilding the smaller cities partially destroyed and that his Dorians had been occupying that which they had conquered but then had already started to rebuilt and live in. within a few years after the Trojans evacuated to Italy. The new city of Troy was up and operating. But since several of his fellow Dorians had strongly disproved of his taking the throne versus razing the city to the ground. He was written out of the history books. Given a funeral back home and forgotten about. Unfortunately for him his descended culture were the ones whom wrote half the history, the other half of history was written by descendent of the Jews he worked hard to genocide. Both sides hated him and wrote him and what he did after out of history.


Carpathia takes the most fascinating part in all aspects of the Trojan War, the Exodus, the founding of Alba Longa, the conquest of the City of Seven Hills aka Rome, the founding of the British Empire in Northumberland, etc. which revolve around the incredibly mysterious applications of the Queen of Carthage herself with unknown origins. The time between 1330 and 753 b.c.e. the five hundred and seventy four years have been compressed by Dorians and their Roman descendants to have happened at virtually the same time. Unfortunately the close to six hundred years between cannot be a story told away. Creative editing cannot simply cut out the more than half a millennia before the events. However what is possible is the applications of examining why the need to cut out that half a millennia.

Exactly where did the teenage widow of Tut escape to? She was the last Egyptian daughter of Nefertiti and IV. She would have just simply faded to the background. She would have also not just simply been killed. Her royal guards would never allow that. She had a personal body guard of about a company of men roughly fifteen hundred of the best trained and experienced fighters the Egyptian military and royal family guards had to offer.

The second Tut was killed in combat, her royal guards would have picked her up and as quickly as either their feet, a barge, horses, etc. could carry her. She would have been rushed out of Egypt. For nothing else her own safety. Since almost the entire rest of the royal family had already evacuated. Standing orders from Amenhotep iv Akhenaten would have been to his guards; if the Avaris/Hyksos win any key battles get my family and any remaining libraries and treasures out of Egypt immediately. Do not wait. If the situation is less extreme; it is easy to come back with an army to reseize the throne. But that is only possible if the royal is still alive to reclaim the loyalty of the people. So first sign of problems evacuate immediately. Sending Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit/<?>Ankhesenamun (remember all pharaohs were given five names. The second her husband was killed she was pharaoh of Egypt by default) immediately into exile. Her exile by the compass would have been easy to determine. South was not an option, the Hyksos had huge armies and friends in the south. East was the main body of the Avaris/Hyksos army itself, seriously not an option. North was Avaris itself, entirely not an option. So West into the desert then slowly turn North West; with sufficient supplies and runners sent ahead to gather supplies and bring them back. Not necessarily food for the horses, but fresh horses to maintain speeds sufficient. Food for the horses can be obtained after the Royals are evacuated safely. More runners with more food for the horses is easy. Having the royal family half a continent away in Carthage in a few days was the difficult part.

Plus with seriously intelligent people around. Those supply lines and waiting horses north west could have been set up weeks before Tut suited up to go into battle against the Avaris Hyksos. Not an easy journey in any stretch of the imagination; but it would ensure the last of the royal family in Egypt a safe and easy exit.

In addition upon arriving in Carthage. The widow of Tut could easily enter the Carthage royal family court. Carthage and the 18th dynasty had been long standing allies. Carthage was an ancient city with defenses capable of holding back the might of the Roman army. The unorganized Hyksos were no match.

Enter Queen Dido known by more than a few different names.

Dido upon the arrival of Prince of Troy Aeneas fell instantly in love.

They started a relationship almost immediately.

Eventually as royal protocol insisted upon marriage. They were married.

This is where things become entirely strange and unusual.

The night they were married the Sword comes into the picture. Dido gives Aeneas a sword, as a wedding gift.

The next morning he leaves to fulfil King Priamís request.

Sail down to Tyre. Pick up x treasures and library cache. Then sail over to Carthage pick up x other items. Then sail up to the City of Seven Hills. Once there make sure the scribes start to copy what they have and give up copies, allow them access to our library and make copies for themselves.

Which would take a reasonable amount of time. Approximately ten years to copy hundreds of thousands scrolls and material. Which would be just about the correct amount of time for the now refugees of Troy to arrive in the Seven Hills to be conquered and renamed later to be called Rome. Leave a contingent of men, army, supplies, and money in the seven hills, but in the weeks to months it would take to sail from Troy to Rome the Dorians would be literally right behind them. As history dictates the within twenty years the Dorians had a foothold in Italy. Took them half a millennia to conquer Alba Longa and then the City of Seven Hills but conquer it they did.

To defend against the ancient alliance agreement between what would become Rome, Carthage, etc. forced Carthage to declare war on Rome. After 753 when the Villanovans attacked and were finally able to topple the City of Seven Hills army at Alba Longa. The victorious Villanovan general Romulus entered the by then approximately fifteen hundred year old city unopposed. The cities army was no match for the Roman army. Plus with a standard ďsurrender or I will level this city, those whom I do not kill I will sell into slavery. Ensuring to split up families selling each family member to a different continent. Surrender now.Ē

Thus started the Punic War and the army of Hannibal.

Helen and Paris Arrive back in Athens

After evacuating from Troy with Agamemnon dead or name changed to some Pharaonic name assuming the seat of power in that city. He had no other city he could call his own kingdom. Thinking about sailing back to Athens to conquer the city.

But then Theseus King Successor sat on a throne with an army many times the size of the few Dorians left after 10 bloody years of constant conflict. Most of his major generals headed back to their cities. Only a token of the shield wall Jewish slaves were kept by the renamed Agamemnon. The rest returned south with Ajax the Lessor. Agamemnon had his city but only a small amount of citizens and a very small army to defend it. The rest of his days were spent in Troy building up and hoping to make the Tabernacle of Adam work.

Paris and Helen

There would be no reason for Paris, Helen, and their children to venture forward. Paris was always supposed to be the next King of Athens. He had 10 years of hard battle experience. Hector would be needed in Northumberland with the rebuilding of that army. There were Cities in Northumberland which would need a good king and hectors sons would need to be taught how to command in the Kingdom of Britain, established by their cousin.

Paris would name change upon ascending to the Throne of Athens and command his city as he saw fit with the support of his father in law and cousin Theseus. Their children would grow big and strong, on occasion rounding up an army to attack the growing threat from the Spartans only about 100 miles away. It appears the Athenians and Spartans spent the next millennia fighting the next waves of the Trojan War. The descendants of Priam and Agamemnonís relatives continue to fight it out, with literally no possible way of winning or stopping. A pure draw in almost every sense of the concept. According to the battle of Thermopolis several of the main politician involved were literally on the side of the Persians. The Persians were from the same cultural line as the Hyksos.


The City of Seven Hills

Originally the city was an evacuation city from the Hyksos invasions of Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e. The Forum itself was originally designed to be a great temple. The only surviving example of what that temple could have looked like is Hagia Sophia. Although the inner portion of that temple the tabernacle (example the Kaaba at Mecca) would be the structure in the inner Djed of the center round walled area. Inside the Djed walls which protect the Tabernacle of Adam on the third floor of that tabernacle would be the Amber Room from which Adam did his weaving of the names of the things from the garden in. The surviving example of that Amber Room is both in Miramont Castle with Eight sided chapel as you are looking at the grand staircase on the second floor to the left. The Eight sided room, and the kings Chamber in the Khufu Pyramid. The Red Granite e.g. Red Room with the coffer with three post holes to the West. The holes could be for some type of loom.

Kingdom of Britain *

As the Royal Family of Troy evacuated out of the Middle East they in a very real effect did not have the smallest choice in the matter. The royal guards simply picked them up and ran as fast as either feet or hooves could carry them.

But if the Royal Guards were performing their duties to the best of their ability. The Royal guards would have had weigh stations along several routes already set up. Of course those weigh stations would have been secret. Needing only a handful of hours to man, obtain fresh horses, etc.

The guardís only real job would have in the couple hours needed between the Horse sculpture being left and the outer city being attacked. From the second the trap was set. It would have only take a matter of say three hours for Achilles to ram past the barricades of the outer city to the inner city. The troops designed to hold the troops back would be concentrating not on defense but offensively evacuating the royal family. Consequently if the troops had stayed it would take weeks to breach from the outer most walls to the Kings Chamber. With no troops a matter of hours.

Those hours, send either a really fast horse to set up the relay stations. Or a couple guys who can run extremely fast. Each fast runner being able to cover thirty miles in three hours. That runner passing the message on to the next runner. Three hours later and thirty miles away. The fresh horse stations would be all ready to go. Fresh horses to take the Royal family as far away as possible as quickly as possible. Most likely crossing the waters at the Bospherous strait. Not because of the ease of the crossing but because the megalith at the city would need attention.

Arriving in the City of Seven Hills around the same time Aeneas would be arriving with the first of the cities treasures. Including the Amber Room of Apollo.

Helen with her husband Paris would arrive with their children. Most of their body doubles and stand ins would be either already dead or taken prisoner. Angering the Dorians to no end, but seizing control over a handmaiden to Helen would be better than defeat in battle and dying in the sand chasing Helen and the rest of the Trojan Royal family beyond the capability of the Dorians to sail. They simply did not have the ability to sail to the City of Seven Hills yet. Other Dorians did but not Agamemnon, at least not for a few years. He had debts and other issues to attend. He simply did not have the resources to chase the Trojans to Italy.

Once in Italy however, copies of the Amber Room from Egypt were updated and built into Alba Longa and The Forum. If the 2100 b.c.e Egyptians had built one; then the Trojans would simply upgrade to the next model. Knowing that several of the previous versions had been erased so the ones which remained would be defensive upgrades as well as structural upgrades. So one area could do the work of several.

The next generation is either born and or are being raised. Helen and Parisís children are thriving. Some of which could be as old as nine. The Dorians lied about Paris taking the married to Menelaus or betrothed Helen away from him; no such event could have taken place. The Theseus and his mother being ATEN female version points to his mother was either Meritaten and or her next younger sister. Helen would have been betrothed to Paris or one of the other of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten childrenís children from almost birth. Depending of course on the facts of who would still be alive at the time.

Aeneas and Tutís widow would be a solid second choice. But since Tut was dead the only real option left would be to marry her off to the next strongest family. Preferably the child of one of her older sisters. Since twenty five to thirty years separate Meritaten to Tut.

The Child of Aeneas or the grandchild of Aeneas was born Brute. Most likely in either Alba Longa or the Temple of ATEN/Apollo or the temple of Mars on the North West side of the City e.g. Jacob traveled North West of Luz aka Memphis to the Light place the megalith there and proceeded to remodel into a ladder to heaven. Brute would have been both conceived and born in one of those temples. The building to be called Forum Temple which later became the house from which the Senate sat. Same building maybe even the same room as the mighty senate chamber. Huge family would need the seating in order to observe both the Ceremony and the birth of the next generation. The hope of the descendants of IV.

At some point after his birth he and most of the major treasures from Egypt, the Aegean, Troy, and the Seven Hills were carted up and they were all sent to Northumberland to the area Meritaten had been building for decades. Thus starts the Kingdom of Britain.

Temple of Adam Temple of Ptah Temple of Apollo Troy Temple of Rome Temple of Newcastle Northumberland

A solid line of continuity can be drawn from the mythical and legendary temple of Adam at IWNW/Heliopolis straight to and through the Cathedral of Perth Scotland. That same Temple and copies in Northumberland (although for most to the last thirty five hundred years Perth was in Northumberland) to the foundation of Freemasonry itself. The modern world has an idea of what those temples used to look like based on the organization of Freemasonry.

The Forum itself the pre later remodels; the first one was in most likelihood almost an exact copy of the temple of Apollo Troy and the Temple of Ptah Memphis. Since each of those temples were copies of the temple of IWNW. A continuity string similar to the continuity string Theseus used to navigate the labyrinth of Knossos. Which that story is mostly Dorian fiction to hide the truth. Theseus was hated for the first several hundred years of the Dorian Empire. He was hated because he was one of the key players to deny Agamemnon and his brother their rightful according to their cultural disassociation disorder to the thrones of the Aegean and Egypt. His actions in their mind denied them those kingships. So he was an enemy. Enemiesí stories are twisted and changed to make them appear to be positive toward their enemy and away from the truth.

Freemasonry and Britain *

The Two times since the collapse of the Roman Empire

The first time was within the frame work of the Pictish Revolt with the reestablishing of the Knights Templar.

The second was shortly after Hastings when the Northumberland family were granted their Kingdom lands back. That granting their lands back allowed the reestablishment of the Knights order again. Which needs an organizational structure to support the Knights. That structure is called the Freemasons. But the Freemasons were a clerical association of those whom were skills in building the holies of holies. Maintaining the holiest of holies.

Hector and Paris were both part of the Order of the Temple in Troy. All the members of the Royal family were at the appropriate age entered into the teachings and disciplines to protect Knights and build/maintain the temple of Adam itself and its various copies. The few copies of the original which still exited. Several organizations and Knighthoods were developed for the strict purpose of protecting either the Pilgrims whom chose to travel from their home to x great Temple, or the temple/s themselves. Which is one of the tasks Constantine did. Both creating armies to protect the library and his recreation of the Tabernacle of Adam copy and protect the pilgrims whom wished to come and worship to and from Europe. Cleopatra and Meritaten as well were part of organizations designed to protect and keep up the scholars and knighthoods/armies designated to protect both. But since being a Jew for the past three thousand years in western culture was for the most part, illegal. Those groups have been needed. Any people whom were Jews literally had to not be counted as members. But because they were not counted does not mean it should be easily to kill them and destroy the temple they were part of. Odd thing about the cultures whom allied themselves with Esau, they have a direct and hard tendency to hate Jacobs line on a soul level almost entirely subconscious basis. Since Jews were not allowed the Jewish element of the Temple of Adam/Abraham/Solomon had to be rewritten to have the temple but not the Jewish involvement. They built and maintained the structure but were not allowed to be in, around, or mentioned. Love the creation of the thing, hate the person who thought up the thing and built it. This is a pattern of behavior not uncommon in western culture.

Pictish Revolt Freemasonry and Troy *

There is in basic no possible way the Dorian descendants could have been any angrier with the Trojanís and the Egyptians than they were. Every time Esauís cultural descendants attack mercilessly and still lose the primary prize it only adds to the cultural level of rage.

By the time the Dorians had regrouped after seizing Troy. Then they regrouped to attack Alba Longa along with the city of Seven Hills. They had to regroup again to attack full on the Kingdom of Northumberland. That Kingdom they found out after exhausting themselves taking the renamed Rome that it took hundreds of years to regroup. Add in the Punic Wars with the Trojan allies and it took Rome half a millennia to build back up enough to attack the kingdom of Northumberland. But when they did; the Romans did not enjoy the experience. The Roman culture broke itself on the defensive walls which would eventually be called Hadrianís Wall. They not only broke themselves but broke several ancient cultures at the same time. But the Northumberland family came out of those battles with not one kingdom but two. The Kingdom of Northumberland came out of those battles stronger than they went into those wars. And a second kingdom over the site where it is a good assumption the Trojans with Priam and the rest of his family and treasures he had not already evacuated out of the city at the future city of Constantinople. The birth of the Byzantium Empire with the descendant of Priam its first king.

The Pictish in Britain were entirely focused on attacking and destroying the renaming Northumberland family. So focused that the Picts eventually turned to an old cousin culture for help. That cousin culture led by a female change the battle techniques. Convincing the fighters that the real glory was not in winning but taking as many of them with you as possible. The more taken with the more rewards in the afterlife. The more rewards in the afterlife depending entirely on how many of the enemy troops you killed before they killed you.

It took one hundred plus years but the new strategy worked and the Northumberland family were forced to leave Northumberland. But not before reestablishing an ancient order of Knights in and around York. Just a few miles north of Sherwood Forest. That reestablished order of knights is trained and specifically oriented toward attacking Esauís descended cultures and fighting against their specific strategies. Those strategies of all-out war all out violent battle, individuals sacrifice themselves for the greater good; has been around since before Esau. But is entirely effective. Combating that specific battle strategy usually requires taking on the moniker of the Temple of Adam itself. E.g. the Knights of the Temple of Adam; name changed to different kings and rulers over the millennia. But the primary thought is still the same.


Book 2

The Amber Room at Troy


The temple at Troy (very likely the ATEN, name changed to avoid being hunted down and genocide by Esau/Hyksos descendants) held a sacred inner portion. That Sacred inner portion was partially dismantled (long before the Dorianís arrived) and shipped off with an accompanying Royal Guard and entourage from the Great Temple of Apollo.


Along with the Temple of Tyre which was a copy of the Temple of Ptah center of Memphis old name Luz e.g. Genesis 28. Could the Temple of Apollo have been a now completely obliterated copy of the Temple of Ptah which was built by legend Pharaoh Mem whom in most likelihood was just hieroglyphic for Abraham? As in yes that Abraham the father of Ishmael, Isaac, etc.

What if the Jews after building the Temple of Tyre built a backup of the Temple of Ptah in the north eastern portion of the Aegean? This would be centuries before David was born. The Trojans were so far away from the conflicts of the Hyksos that the army did not have the reach to actually threaten the Trojans from 1550-1300. But come the Hyksos/Dorianís did and on mass. But the Trojans had learned long and hard the facts regarding what their former commanders/slave masters were capable of. Since the Hyksos had warned them, become a military threat and we will come back and erase you from existence.

The Trojans paid attention, but still built a replica of the temple of Heliopolis next to their capital city.

This time not next to the water but semi-close enough.

During the appropriate time months if not years before Agamemnon was able to build up a sufficient army to come on mass to the shores of Troy the Trojans took precautions. They heeded the warnings of Cassandra. They boxed up the most precious of the treasures, tools, books, codexís, plates, etc. put it on ships and sent those ships out.

First to Tyre, and then to Carthage, then to Alba Longa/the City of Seven Hills.

With most likely based on the behavior patterns which occurred next with instructions from Priam to take as many of the key royal people, the inner guard, a portion of the army, and head to Northumberland. That was 1000 years too far away for the Dorianís to be a threat.

Cassandra of Troy**

Cassandra was a clergy of the temple. Cassandra was the daughter of Priam and her fatherís second wife the most likely second daughter of iv Meketaten, the oldest daughter Meritaten was sent off to Athens to reconquer the city. Meritatenís son Theseus who became the legendary King of Athens. Renaming the city after his mother. Her gifts were acceptable but only within the family and only in the temple itself. The commoners of Troy had a profound difficult time dealing with their leaders being of the 18th dynasty; with all the oddness and spiritual gifts/knowledge they possessed. The commoners some rejected outright the gifts the Royals possessed. Very similar to the gifts the Virgin Mary was given. It is more likely the Virgin Mary was not a 13 year old girl but a 20 something adult woman rabbi whom was given spiritual gifts similar to that of Medusa, Cassandra, Hypetia, etc. each having specific and incredible talents regarding understanding both prophecy and reading the megaliths

. Do not let Dorian (the same people whom lied constantly about both the Trojan War and what the truth behind what the pyramids are for the last 3500 years without stop.) propaganda persuade you away from the truth. Medusa was a Clergy of the Temple of Poseidon; which is not a water deity but a school dedicated to understanding Electro Magnetics. Think the Maglev system all monorail systems use. Joseph opening the cave; could very well have been done using some type of Maglev system. Magnetic Levitation is where magnets are used in large volume

Pyramid construction*

Lay down a sheet of positively charged magnetics, have an equal or larger sheet of magnetics placed on top. The results are by default a levitation system. Using work crews to move the magnet pallets, assembling the pyramids could be as easy as laying down miles of magnet sheets, place each rock onto a skid with the magnetics pointed down. But of the same polarity of charge; in effect push push. That way the only real difficulty is maintaining that both the skids holding the rocks and the in effect railroad tracks maintain a consistent polarity charge. Allowing for the placement of a 1000 tone carved rock every few seconds or less. If the work crews are not pushing but more guiding, than it is easy to make sure the rock is going in the correct direction rather than using brute force and muscles and logs to push the rocks over. If Cassandraís mother was iv second daughter than this provides at least theatrical evidence as to the science behind both how the pyramids were constructed and what Medusa was an expert in. Reading the Electro-Magnetic waves which are what life is.

Cassandra **


Cassandra most likely escaped the War by way of secret passage ways hidden under the Temple itself. Escaping the end of the war and the end of the city.

She would have traveled with her royal entourage north to Thracian lands (the only safe direction to go, to the west and south Dorianís, to the east Hyksos). Then west to the City her cousin was about to build. One of her handmaidens would have been the one assumed to be Cassandra. Since not a single member of Agamemnonís army knew what any of the Trojan Royal family looked like. Other than a few principle negotiators and possibly the primary commanders, the Dorians commanders and the Trojan commanders, no one on either side would have known what each other looked like. All the key people would have not been around for the enemy to observe what they looked like. None of the women would have been allowed anywhere close to the enemy. If the enemy does not know what the majority of the Royal family look like minus a few commanders; there would be not much reasons or knowledge as to what they would look like provided the city fell and the Royal family needed to escape. If you have little idea what someone looks like, you have no idea if that person is a body double/stand inn or the real person. A hand maiden is no different than the real person. The Victor writes the story, they have not the slightest idea there is a difference between a real person and a hand maiden, allowing the Dorianís to say whatever they want to, and no one is alive to contradict.

However the clergy remain virgins is a misunderstanding regarding sacred ceremonies. But only at very specific times and for very specific reasons are erotic actions allowed during fertility rites. But the rules and parameters are incredibly complex, the definitions are also not just from a simple missionary position. Evidence of this can be found in Persian cultures where those gifted with prophecy do not touch those unclean. Even a handshake is bad.

It would be very interesting if Cassandra name changed to something later generations would not be able to identify her as (especially the enemy whom killed as many members of her family as humanly possible; or killed as many of the male body doubles as possible. Selling the women into slavery), allowing Cassandra and her gifts to form the base of either the City of Alba Longa, The city of Seven Hills , or a possible one of the other founding members of the British Culture. Possibly even the name she chose could be Britta to honor the same person Brute King of the Brits was named to honor. Masculine and Feminine names for the same ancestor.

Cassandra princess of Troy, name changed to avoid execution, her mother slight name alteration from Hecate. Very interesting where Cassandra would have traveled too.

The snake common in said types of storytelling is not actually a snake but a dragon which is referring to the dragon constellation. The dragon constellation is where all megaliths are aligned with . A very easy story telling code to let those that know that those whom listen to snakes are expert mathematicians, astrophysicists, and have developed a proficiency with the science of megaliths



Which points to the temple of Apollo had at least one megalith as part of its infrastructure.

Motherís name was Hecuba's which is very close (minus the Greek language Linear C which was not invented yet for several hundred years) to Hecate the Greek deity of the three heads . One of her symbols is a crown of pillars, another are snakes. Different sacred fertility rites if a conception occurred the child could be named for that deity as its parent. The Festival of Hecate; making Cassandraís mother assumed to be an extremely talented and gifted clergy in her own right. Passed from mother to daughter. If Cassandra was the daughter of Meketaten, that would make Meketaten the daughter of Nefertiti,

This is what can be assumed based on the assembled evidence, linguistics, architecture, legends, stories, mythologies, etc.

The Pillars of Adam; start from the basics of this concept. The Pillars of Adam is a concept derived from the city of IWNW which after being conquered by an invading army from the south was burned and renamed to Heliopolis circa 3500 b.c.e. The city of IWNW was named built or rebuilt by Adam circa 5000 b.c.e. The measurements of the Khufu Pyramid point directly to the years in inches from the time Noah entered Egypt to present . The 0 line in the graphic points to the time when Noah entered Egypt. Adam entered Z time 1000 or more years before that. Backed up by the assumed theories in decoding the Khafre Pyramid. If the story of the menís lives were built into the Pyramids themselves, since they were not graves, might as well use the architecture to tell the story of each manís walk. Which would make it nearly impossible for enemies to decode. The enemy like burning books not reading them. Decoding something which takes a gigantic amount of time is well beyond the scope of most cultures. Sitting in a library reading for days on end or seeing explosions; most would pick some version of an explosion. Be that explosion the line of scrimmage; where two in effect shield walls collide to chase a football around a grid iron. A slightly less violent explosion of basketball. Car racing; twisted steel and sex appeal. Most would choose the sporting events versus sitting in a library for days on end. Decoding a 7000 year old code becomes a challenge. The events of Adamís life partially being selectively built into the Khufu pyramid. As well as the disconnect between the time of Adam when his concepts were not the majority and when Noah turned the tide and started to become the Dominant Paradigm of that part of the world. Like Poseidon water of Noahís flood does not mean water it means Paradigm change. In modern vernacular when President Clintonís time in the White House was over and his successor took over; that was a radical shift in dominant Paradigm. The entire country shifted toward the philosophy of 43; for supporters this meant it was ok to perform x (some felonies and treasons) actions, for the opposition being became a crime against the entire paradigm. ďYou are either for us, or against usĒ direct quote from 43 on more than a few occasions.


Pharaohs Names

The added names are a Jewish Pharaonic tradition which other invaders copied but did not understand.

Clergy of the Temple the fictional character of Briseis played by Rose Byrne

If a king mated with the opposite sex clergy of a temple; if that mating produced a child. The childís male or female parent would be called the name the clergy was dedicated to. Achilles himself was the product of one of these unions. Achilles his mother mated with a God in order to conceive. Meaning that in that cultures traditions of both Jacobs line Trojans and Esauís line capture shield wall Achilles the union would not have been against most rules. However the union would go against some of the more ancient rules of the culture; namely the conquest of the city. Achilles should have fought on the side of the Trojans once inside the gates. But he chose to continue to ally with Agamemnon.

In a temple during one of the eight celebrations per year; the queen is supposed to invoke the spirit of the deity of the holiday. While mating the queen would not be considered the queen but the deity herself. If the queen became pregnant during that ceremony; the child would not be known as the queenís offspring but the deities off spring. Reference the self-mutilations conducted by Esauís descendants could be in place to prevent said actions and activities.

Achilles a Demi-God

The legends of Achillesís birth are some of the most difficult aspects to understand about Greek Mythology. Although the stories did not originate with the Greeks. Those legends and said originated well back ancient Egyptian culture. Where fertility rites took place inside Temples. Those fertility rites took place inside temples on specific days.


But it also means that since Achilles was divinely blessed, he could not be harmed by normal blades or normal humans. Only divine blades and other so blessed individuals could harm him.

Although in truth a Nephilim does fit that bill rather well.

Achilles a Jew

Achilles upset his Dorian slave masters so much that he in death was named a new. The Junction between the calf and the foot; a footholder, Achilles is a crude way of saying Jew.

The calf is a representation of the tabernacle of Adam while the foot is a representation of the causeways leading to the tabernacle.

A blessed with more than likely a series of Jewish ceremonies designed to produce an instrument of the divine. In a way designed to combat if the cursed Moses came into the War. Which he would almost guaranteed do. He wanted troy, he wanted Hecuba, and he wanted to see his Avaris family replace iv family. Do achieve those goals he needed to create a more powerful soldier than Achilles. A Nephilim would do nicely. Plus there was a chance copulation with a fallen would remove his curse. Especially if that copulation was done in the Kaaba.

Creating an intentional soldier to combat the threat from Achilles around the time he was either born or a child. This could point strongly to the concept that the Trojan War was understood to be in the mix decades to centuries before it occurred.

What was it about the conquest of the Trojan War which could be predicted decades to centuries out.

When did the Hyksos figure out the weapon of ultimate power was safely beyond the ziggurat of Apollo at Troy. It is most likely the same building or a close enough copy of that same building from Heliopolis.

It would be unbelievably interesting if the place Abel/Osiris was resurrected was inside the tabernacle of Adam when it was located at IWNW/Heliopolis. That same building or as close as humanly possible building being all but literally moved from Heliopolis to the city of Troy. A copy made while the city was being moved from Lower Egypt to Troy.

It would be interesting if the attacks by Esauís line have always by nature been aimed at taking control of the tabernacle. But their pension for burning every library they can get their hands on, destroying anything which they might at some point disagree with, etc. has removed the knowledge of what they are fighting for and over. Just the blood lust need to exterminate, without the slightest clue as to what the actions are or were which causes the need to kill everyone but those whom follow their specific philosophy.

Achilles being a Jew in basic he was created to ensure when the Hyksos brought the War to Troy, he would be a secret weapon fighting for the Trojans in the enemy ranks. Would assist in ushering the Jewish slaves in the Dorian shield wall into safety with the Trojans. Then either whisked out of danger or put to work in the Trojan army. If a slave was given the chance to turn their weapon against their master, that is a formidable weapon if there ever was one.

But Achilles when the walls fall, that would be when his job would actually begin. His job would not be to fight the Trojans but to create a shield wall of himself and his best men to guard against any of the Hyksos whom wanted to follow the escape tunnels out. The Hyksos knew there were escape tunnels but with an army digging new ones, an entire network of tunnels could be dug in short order out from the city of Troy. If archaeologists would look, they would most likely be able to find evidence of those tunnels but so far no work has been done to find them.

Achilles is name being the junction between the calf=tabernacle of Adam and the foot the causeway leaving to the tabernacle of Adam.

Which brings up an interesting idea. Did the riddle of the sphinx and Adamís journey to resurrect his son are those events part of the holding onto the foot. As in did Jacob work the causeways lessons e.g. the poem footprints in order to rid himself of nastiness to embrace goodness. To walk in the path of the divine.

Did Achilles early training include walking the path and lessons built into the causeways. To create as perfect a divine weapon as possible. One capable of defeating the cursed Moses.

In response Moses created a Nephilim. A weapon impossible for Achilles to do much with, without the blade/tome of Adam.

Another serous question becomes; where their twins. Where their twins born of that fallen and Moses.

Half a millennia later, attacking Alba Longa, the blade used to kill one of the Twins. Was the blade captured by Romulus?

But Romulus could not weld the tome/blade; it could only be held by the righteous. Plus if he was a Nephilim, he might not have been able to touch the blade. The blade/tome would have been in the hands of a token rabbi in all likelihood a slave of the Roman Empire.

What would be ultimately fascinating is if that Rabbi slave in charge of that tomb/blade not only passed it to his/or her children but ultimately based on money or good deeds. Was that Rabbi or descendants of that rabbi eventually given their freedom, earn lands. Becoming a proper full citizen of Rome.

780 years later, could it be possible a direct blood descendant of that Rabbi at the battle of Alba Longa possessor of the Blade/Tome could he have given his lands to a young rabbi in Bethlehem in order for the lands in Rome to become a foundation starting point for a church. The young rabbi from Bethlehem named Simon Peter moved to Rome and started a new branch of his church. Same church he started in Antioch and Jerusalem.

If Achilles was given that blade rather than that blade/tome evacuating to Alba Longa, could Achilles have ended the entire situation right there. Killing both twins and Moses, allowing the Jews to actually be free. Keeping the Tabernacle of Adam in Troy and not having to cut it apart and move it to first Alba Longa, copied into the Roman Forum. Then moved to Northumberland.

Book Exodus

Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Troy with the Exodus


Ancient History

Almost everything about Ancient history is speculation surrounded by mythology. Layers and layers of mythology as descended cultures literally change the stories of a community to fit their perspective of life itself. Each new theory about what happened in the ancient past is just that. A theory based on an examination of whatever evidence is available. Evidence is interpretation, not hard fact.

FreeMason Scottish and York Rite

The ceremonies and rituals buried in Jewish lore are many and varied. Parts of Jewish lore regarding the building of Solomonís temple were used as the foundation of Scottish and York Rites. But it is the Jewish Lore which needs to be addressed. As both the degree process continues and the application of the exploration of what occurred during and before the actual Exodus. Since there is no explicit evidence of the realistic story of the exodus itself, most scholars have concluded the events were simply Jewish fantasy with some odd touches of reality here and there. But as this book continues to explore the subterites regarding the application of the general idea that the Trojan War forced the erasure of parts of the Exodus. There is nothing in the personality profile which can point to Moses did not have any of those types of conditions and or behavior patterns. If the Exodus was part of the Trojan War, there is little to no reason for the Dorians and Mosesís descendants not to work very hard to erase as much of the truth surrounding the events of the Trojan War as humanly possible.

What if Moses and a band of his forces were in the first invasion of the Trojan War, but he had some type of battle where he was stabbed by some type of enochian copy or descended blade. Could Moses had been at the Trojan War to begin with, or did Moses travel up to the city of Troy to conquer it well before the Dorianís came back for Helen, which is where he was cursed. Traveled back to Egypt. The Dorians with Moses at Troy retreated; regrouped and attacked Athens. Failing that regrouped again to attack troy but instead of only bringing an army too small to achieve the goal, this time come with every soldier they could find. Moses came back with his entire army and as many slave shield wall soldiers they could capture. Then set out to conquer the city.

To remove a curse requires among other things a book to tell you how to do it. That book could have something to do with the Necronomicon. With extreme obviousness the book was renamed by H.P. Lovecraft in order to tell his stories. But in all reality books like that are not only real but have been part of history since before the Sumerian and Hieroglyphic languages were invented.

But the play on words Necro death and or curse. Nom; would be number and or code contained within some type of important sequence. Icon; lettering and or a type of Monolith/Megalith indicating not only a special place, but that place would have significant applications to and with the ancients whom built the megaliths in the first place.

Said book or book types would be needed in order to remove the curse. The first wave which is not written about since the first wave was decades between. Moses would have been a very young commander working directly with and for the Avaris Hyksos, Amenhotep VI was not only still very much alive, but Tut might not have even been born yet. If the Legends in the bible are correct, 120 years Moses could have absolutely traveled up to Troy in his teens to take out a lynchpin major city. Take out the power house, which would allow his Avaris family to take out the forces from troy down to Egypt. And from Egypt up to troy. Take out Troy takes out the protective army capable of backing up all the armies from Troy to the mouth of the Nile.

Traveling in his middle 20s to Troy. Loosing and being cursed. Traveling back to Avaris, being turned away for being cursed. Traveling around Egypt looking for ways to remove the curse. Traveling over the Mecca to remove the curse in the Kaaba.

Traveling back to Egypt to gather a sufficient slave shield wall army to mount a real threat to Troy. Travel back to Troy to take a Jewish High ranking Princess although a Queen would be better and kill a Jewish Hero in Battle. But that hero would have to die literally defending innocent Jews evacuating.

1350 to 1230

To hide the entire concept of Cassandra and Helen hiding Cassandra and Helen as being associated with the regular Dorians versus the Avaris/Hyksos.

Be extremely interesting if the Princess that Moses had an eye for was Meritaten.

Would be entirely fascinating if Moses followed Meritaten to Athens. Or better yet since Athens at the time was a smaller not yet fully defensed and full army city yet. Moses left Avaris on his was to back up the forces in Athens. Meritaten her son and army were sent out arriving months before. Taking the city and Meritaten place her son in charge of the city. The previous commander to Agamemnon his father or relative when out to recapture Athens but the forces were simply outmatched. Leaving in defeat back to Sparta and other cities under Dorian control. Moses and his back up were simply too far away to be a backup. The Egyptian army and by then defenses were simply too strong. So Moses shifted plan and attacked Troy with his army aimed to help conquer Athens. To cement the deal with the Avaris and the Dorians; creating a military pact. But the first generation of soldiers on the Dorian side were killed and had nothing left to conquer anything with. Moses having to conquer something turned his sites to Troy. Attacked and was cursed. Returning home with only a few cities conquered and cursed with a major soul level curse.

Upset that he could never set eyes on or take control over the Pharaoh in her own right Meritaten. Even though he needed to seize her or one of her daughters to have the full effect of taking the curse off, at least by the ďspellĒ he had found somewhere along the way. The Nephilim he created with the fallen in the Kaaba not only was no help but was in fact sent with his own adjenda. Not only was Moses cursed but he was also a master/slave depending on situation with his Nephilim child. A child whom grew uncomfortably fast. Was a full grown adult within a few years. Guess that is what being half angel will do for you. In some aspects the child was a slave subservient to Moses and in some ways the child was master over Moses.

Nothing would make Moses or his descendants write anything about those events, what so ever. This is not embarrassing those stories would be unacceptable in all ways shapes and forms.

Since this whole process regarding the Trojan War and the Exodus took decades, if you include some timeframes before the Start of the Trojan War that makes the previous ten to twenty years before the start of the Trojan War included. If Moses and a token force leaving Avaris and Egypt to conquer lands in the north and far north. Seize some cities, capture some armies. Then enter Egypt with an army so strong the 18th dynasty would simply evacuate well before hand and no battle would be necessary. It would simply be the Jew King IV and or his son would simply have to evacuate or be slaughtered where they stood.

Allowing the Avaris to have a bloodless revolution. Take over the throne without muss or full. In one fell swoop own the entire eastern Mediterranean from the Western side of the Aegean, to the east to, down the entire eastern portion of the Mediterranean, then around again owning all of Egypt, then push farther west to Carpathia. Then sit their sights on the City of Seven hills. Conquer that and own 3/4rs of the entire Mediterranean. The keys were to force the end of the 18th dynasty. Remove the yet to be born son of IV, conquer the lynch pin cities not already under Hyksos descended culture domination. Those would be Troy and Athens. Taken one of those out the other will fall in short order. Or so they would assume. This would make Mosesís efforts regarding the Jews to outstrip anything A.H. could have done with by many folds. Instead of only 15 years to kill and erase them. Moses had most of his entire lifetime to perform said actions. Moses would have started perceiving his culture in his early teens treat the Jews in their city about as bad as possible. UP to and including open murder in the streets with nothing to hold the aggressor back. Moses and his military campaign of an early invasion of troy; being repelled would have just about instantly gone back to Egypt to collect a larger slave shield wall from the west side of the Nile. Once obtained, force march them back to Troy. This round trip would take years if not a full decade. To Troy, cursed, back to Egypt, round up his slave wall soldiers, fight King Tut since iv was dead by them. Win against the 18 year old tut. Then march back to troy. The Battle at Troy taking a full 10 years. Then years more with a forced march back to Levant. A considerable amount of time traveling. In his late teens to early 20s on this way to Troy. Late 20s to early 30s on his way back to Egypt. Middle 30s on his way back to Troy. Middle 50s on his way to Levant. If he spent any time at all doing anything else that makes his time at troy in his middle to late 60s to 70s. There would be less than 0 reason for him to have left the city of Troy. He could have also waited till Agamemnon died and forced control over the city from Agamemnonís son from a young bride. Then seized the temples for himself. Leaving the city to whosoever wanted them.

With his discoveries of a working model of the Tabernacle of Adam e.g. the floating city on a pillow of electricity would account for the late descriptions of the swatch of destruction he cut in front of him while was transporting the ark of the covenant.

Could the reason there is 0 evidence of either of the Temples of Apollo at Troy would be because those temples were literally capable of floating on in effect air. Could those two temples have been made into one and floated to Levant lands.

If this theory is correct Moses was in all hard evidence based reality little different to A.H. in his hatred of Jews, the need to dispose of them, use them in a genocidal way, and have his propaganda machine literally turn his actions good.


All the rituals involved with the pursuit of FreeMasonry, Scottish Rite, York Rite, etc. replace Moses with King Priam. Since it was King Priam whom would have done those actions not Moses. King Priam would have allowed the Jews pulled from the Dorian and Avaris shield wall to evacuate north with the rest of the escaping civilian population of the Anatolia peninsula. If you bring an army that size and stay; there is no middle ground everyone knows you will not leave till one of the armies is entirely destroyed. Even of the war lasts for generations; more mercenaries is easy the question becomes whom has more soldiers and of those soldiers whom has the larger amount of stamina. With no UN or American Super power to beg for help, there would be less than 0 way for those under genocide in the Anatolia peninsula to actually live if they were Jews. So the exodus would be to evacuate out of Egypt and the Anatolia peninsula. Since Carthage was only a few weeks travel west. Then north to either Alba Longa or Britain. Exodus to of Egypt and out of the murderous hands of the Hyksos descended Dorians and Avaris. Two separate branches of the same Hyksos family. Itself is merely a name change from Esauís line.

In truth the name Moses should be replaced in all hard reality for King Priam.

The actions and events which surround the teachings within the Scottish Rite are profound and incredible. But the layers of secrets within the degrees literally point to the foundation of the events are being almost literally those that put the degree together in the first place were merely copying over layered secrets from previous cultures.

Although the degrees were put together under the genocidal eye of the Vatican and eventually edited for content by the English government. The story of the degrees is about the construction of the greet temple. But since there was more than one great temple to the lord; there has to be more than one story layered within. Troy had a great temple, and since Jacob means holder of the limb/extension/foot of the ATEN. It only goes to provide hard evidence regarding the structure of more than one temple. In the stories there can be decrypted layers of the construction of different temples. Jerusalem, Troy, Tyre, Memphis/Luz, Heliopolis, Heirakonopolis, Kaaba, back to Adam. Identifying each structure and decrypting each layer of each structure. Will tell you a great deal about what happened at each construction project.

Learning the layers of secrets. It is up to each personís walk through the lessons to literally take those lessons and carefully decrypt the lessons. But in the decryption process itself it is extremely easy to become lost. Follow incorrect leads into believe a lie or a sequence of lies are in fact truth.

Moses was used because the radical Confederate (ally of militant Islamic cultures both in America and in Africa) Albert Pike wrote Moses into his degree process. Either knowingly or ignorantly assumed Moses was great, when in fact Moses if this series of theories is correct, when he was no different than any other evil man who wanted to genocide the Jews. Himmler, Goering, Heydrich, Mohammed, ben Laden, etc. Where Pike knew of the ancient connections between the really bad actions Moses did or not, he included them in the Scottish Rite organizational structure. However the King which did most of those great actions was not Moses but more than likely Priam.

Troy was designed to be a faraway replacement for the destroyed and taken over by evil cultures Jerusalem.

Both Heliopolis which translates directly as Jerusalem and Memphis which was supposed to be a replacement copy of Heliopolis itself. Troy was designed to be a replacement for both of those cities.

Moses and Mohammed

Moses on Mount Sinai; this is a fascinating reference because the entire concept of what occurred was literally within a few decades was so twisted by the Hyksos/Dorian second dark age that all information had to pass through the descendants of 19th dynasty execute all who spoke against the Pharaoh of Egypt and Mosesís descendants who would literally do the same thing. Kill all who were not using his New Hebrew. Seeking out and destroying all languages which might say something different than what Moses and Ramses had agreed to. Not to mention the facts regarding how violently Ramses had changed and erased things (the list of objects remodeled, destroyed, etc. is extensive to say the least. 1000s of sites and inscriptions altered, defaced, or outright destroyed.)in Egypt. The story of the Exodus and Troy are profoundly more connected than almost anyone currently assumes.

The Trojan War is almost literally like looking at a Holocaust from the point of view of the Third Reich won and it is three thousand years later. The heroes are not the allies who stopped the slaughter but those whom did the mass executions and literally got away with it.

Men whom literally not only got away with it; but Bragged about getting away with it. These men are literally heralded as some of the greatest heroes in the Bible because from 1300-400 b.c.e. they controlled literally every letter written had to pass the censors. If any guard saw writing he had his own authority to kill the writer. If he felt that letter was against what Moses or pharaohs would approve of; he had the legal right to kill the person carrying the object that character was inscribed on, destroy the object itself, anyone whom saw that thing, the person who wrote it, and the person it was intended for. Stops education almost instantly. Within a generation all those people whom push and try to circumvent the rules are usually found quickly and killed.

The worst people are usually in a quick raid, the army comes in the middle of the night. Makes all kinds of noise. Surrounds the living quarters. Brings torches, and the soldiers scream and yell. The people are dragged out of their beds, executed, houses burned, material destroyed, etc. to make sure the neighbors perceive what is happening and will let what little they know die with them.

It would be very interesting if Moses from 1300-300 was perceived in almost literally the same way the HexenBeast (Cursed follower of Esau<Esau; beastly>ís line) Mohammed is by his followers.

No images of Moses are around. Only Hollywood has created images. But only twenty five hundred years after that radical influence of the Dorian age ended as Esauís descended cultures reigns of terror always go. Bloody. They start bloody, maintain bloody actions, and end bloody.

Whether or not the events of the Exodus relate to and or within the framework of the Trojan War is mostly immaterial. What matters is the facts surrounding the brutality associated with Moses and his kin. He was beyond a brutal dictator. Whom according to his own account felt nothing for the pain and degradation associated with the actions he or those closest to him performed.


Based on the behavior patterns of Mohammed, he might have instead of ďInventing IslamĒ, he might have combined both what he could find regarding what Esau did regarding the conquest of Mecca e.g. the Hajj and the ceremonies Moses left behind. Moses was a first generation Avaris Hyksos; from a family of Avaris Hyksos their culture dated all the way back to and through Esauís conquest of Mecca. So in actuality there is an extremely good chance that as a matter of hard fact what Mohammed did was not ďInvent IslamĒ but reintroduce what Moses attempted to do but most of his actions were erased by King David and his descended line. Moses went to Egypt and traveled up to Levant to walk in the footsteps of Moses in the Levant Ghetto aka the New Israel.

Which makes Mohammed a triple impostor. Esau cursed himself by raging against both the Lord and Jacob for not being chosen as the King of Kings. Then created his own thing fueled by the unmeasurable rage from not being chosen, work with heaven or Rule hell. Looks like based on behavior pattern that Esau chose to Rule Hell; selling himself to the darkest and nastiest of human behaviors. Moses a direct line descendent from the Hyksos aka Avaris, which are just name changes from Esau descended cultures. Moses followed those same behavior patterns, after being cursed and working to remove the curse. Mohammed chose to follow these examples. Assuming that both of those situations were actually good things to do, so used both of those models to build Islam from. Both of which are based on finding ways to remove the curse from which it is in most likelihood only a divine miracle can remove that curse from Esau, Moses, and Mohammed.

Further evidence of said curse is Fatimah and her cursed existence after her exile from the Middle East by Abu Bakr. What Mohammed was attempting to do was to create as much of the ceremonies of Moses as he could. Which included Mosesís attempt to recreate as much of Esauís ceremonies and customs as possible.


Battle of Troy

The Battle of Troy itself is an amazing fixed point event in the history of western culture. It is such an amazing experience that the year the Trojan War ended is almost a western culture fixed point.

Not unlike the recognized Holocaust there was no America with its huge army to come to the rescue of the Jews. The only rescue possible was from themselves.

It took Agamemnon years to assemble an army capable of taking on the Trojan empire. In that time the Trojans not only knew what was coming but had plenty of time to prepare.

The Trojans knowing full well that the Avaris and Dorian armies were on their way and in full force. They started to cart as much as they would not need to fight the war; as much of the most valuable of the treasures out via a corridor of refugees fleeing, select Royals evacuating to ensure the survival of the Trojan Culture. The Amber Rooms of the Public and Private were disassembled, boxed up, and shipped away. The tools and equipment not needed for the war were also shipped out. In effect before the War started before Agamemnon left his War at Athens Priam might have figured out the ultimate strategies and knew the next step was to come to his shores. His shores and destroy his city. To step into the Temple of Apollo and possible Athena and perform some sort of unbelievably beastly acts of Cardinal Lust, and Human Sacrifice in order to obtain something.

Which brings up the ideas of the Necronomicon. Which is a book long since spoke out in legend. A book or a series of books which HP Lovecraft invented a name for. That books or series of books tells information and universal knowledge of the science of electro-magnetics. But since Solomon himself harnessed the power of ďDemonsĒ to force them to go to the quarry, cut, move, place, then polish the largest stones of the wall around the Temple 300 years later. This same book or series of books which Lovecraft literally mentioned but invented his own name as a label. Could one of the rituals in that book/s be what the Dorians wanted to do and ultimately failed. Since they did not have the slightest understanding of what they were doing in order to perform said ritual.


The Blade of Adam itself would be needed in a rather desperate way if that blade inflicted blood damage to the wrong sort of person.

The Blade of Adam, has changed hands dozens of times. From Adam, to Enoch, to Mechuzla, to being named Israel, to Jacob the next King in the Line of Israel, to his son Dan, etc.

Dan by legend stabbed his uncle with that blade/tome. That Blade/Tome literally ďStrikes YouĒ with something. Something which is in part a strike from the divine.

The Blade of Adam and Pharaoh Narmer. What if one of his names actually translates to ďThe StrikerĒ but instead of being just to strike with a weapon. It actually meant to strike with a curse all whom opposed Narmer and his rule.

What if the Blade/Tome of Adam itself was used by one of the Princes of Troy in the years before the Trojan War. What if in that battle Moses was cursed. If that has anything close to truth. The two cultures which write the majority of the history from both the time of the Exodus and the Trojan War circa 1300 b.c.e would rather the worst punishment imaginable in any universe than to tell the truth about those events. Those events would literally cause them so much massive embarrassment they would rather spent the next 1000 years erasing even the smallest detail regarding those ideas. Which since the Dorian Dark Age immediately followed the Trojan War; there is some hard evidence as to what would drive all the collective Hyksos cultures around the entire Mediterranean to need to spend all resources imaginable to hunt down every last person who might know something about it and kill them . Hunt down every single written detail about those events. Moses cursed with that blade/tome would leave the entire Hyksos line beyond measure mortified, humiliated, degraded, morally bankrupt, etc. so the best thing to do would be to erase all traces of those events. Then write new events to replace the history which was just destroyed.

Especially of those events were literally part of the foundation of western culture. A desperate need to preplace the actual events with the perceived events from the conquerors. The conquerors needed to replace 1000 years of history with fictitious events. Inventing 500 years of events and cutting out the worst actions and behaviors is easier. Simply cut out select periods of time which point to western culture from the Trojan War forward. Rather than the events of hundreds if not thousands of years before.

What happened to Moses which caused him to by this sequence of intellectual experimentation to become cursed. Was Moses attempting to be the first what would be called 2000 plus centuries later forming Islam. Was Mohammed the second leader or in this case third leader of Islam.

Well Paul was a Hyksos priest; was attempting to found Islam within the framework of Simon Peterís church. First time Islam was founded by Esau, second time reboot by Moses, third time Paul, fourth time Mohammed.


The Trojan War was fought for an undetermined amount of reasons, but mostly those reasons revoked around seizing as much power as the Dorians could by the extermination of the Jews.

Temple of Apollo

It is not unrealistic to assume not only did the Trojans ship their libraries, most important treasures, and key people out well before the Dorians arrived on the shores but attempted to roughen up the most sacred of buildings. Both inside the walls and the religious complexes outside the walls.

If a Temple is going to anger the approaching enemy, there is less than 0 reason to not attempt to h hide a very large building by disguise. What if this hiding process is exactly what and where one of the internal royal temples and a large external temple of Apollo. What if the Trojans created a bucket brigade of dirt. Entering the temple through an underground tunnel; with a chain of citizens. Within a few months the entire outside of the temple would be entire covered with dirt. A few wind storms, add in some rocks and water, in not much time you can turn a 200 foot tall ziggurat into a hill. A hollow hill or Mount/Mound. The Mount of Sinai, with a Ziggurat at its core. That Ziggurat used to contain the public Amber Room and public treasures. Same thing for the internal Royal Temples; covered in dirt to make them look like they were simply hills or mounds of earth, nothing more. When the Dorians arrived they found a city transformed, by the changes the Trojans had made. Any reports of what the place should have looked like were altered based on what the Trojans quickly assembled. Making it possible for Moses to have walked up Mount Sinai, spent all kinds of time up on that mountain, then came down with the 10 commandments. It was not communing with the external portions of that handmade mountain but with the internal structures of the Ziggurat covering Adamís Tabernacle, with houses the Amber Room. Where Adam in the garden named things from the garden.

Could the Dorians have assumed the Trojans were going to do just that and brought their own Amber Room with them. Reassembling the Tabernacle of Adam inside the hidden Ziggurat at Troy. The question other than the 10 commandments would be; ďWHYĒ. What else did the Dorians want to do with that Ziggurat they needed to massacre/human sacrifice almost every single Trojan they could find to perform. What ritual did the Dorians feel compelled to perform which could and or would do something they wanted inside the now entirely obliterated ziggurat at Troy either the external temple for the public and or the internal Royal Temple inside the inner sanctum of the Kings Chambers. Did the Dorians keep up their attacks for 10 years because the rituals were not working inside the public, but they assumed those rituals would work inside Priamís personal chamber. Or worse the private temple for Hecuba. What drove them to spend that much time and resources to get inside the Private Athena Temple within the Private Chambers of Hecuba. Rape a female clergy on the Alter of Athena, human sacrifice dozens if not hundreds of Trojans who were still alive on the alter. What in the world would be so culture focused to perform said actions. What Role did Ajax the Lessor Perform in this, which kept him alive despite his disappointing performance with the outcome of the ritual being negative. Or was Ajax the lesson the name of several different people Ajax the great vouched for but Odysseus was not interested in naming them only saying the men whom which Ajax vouched for.

What Ritual would require Raping vestal virgins and human sacrifice? Whatever the ritual was, it appears elements of that same ritual are still part of the Dorian cultures descendants in the present. With pre-pubescent girls and cutting the heads of adult males in Islamic cultures.


Is it not simply marvelous to be able to literally write your own history? What you say is literally taken as gospel truth; since you and your descendants are who translated both Genesis and your own books from Exodus to the end of the Old Testament. No one would dare even think of questioning your author since you make all kinds of claims of how great and divine you are. Since you write the material you can have any story you so choose and it is literally a go immediately to be tortured in the fires of hell sin to question what you write.

Must be nice.

But this is not an examination of the glorification of Moses, this is an examination based on hard evidence as to what the true story could have been. Knowing the Dorians e.g. Agamemnon, the Avaris/Hyksos from Egypt, and Moses himself lied to a degree which is only comparable to the propaganda put out by the Third Reich telling the world how great they were treating the Jews. The truth is a much darker and nastier place to live. The truth of the Exodus is in itself centered and focused on Moses. The pharaoh he went to battle with was Tutankhamun aka Tut; who was the only surviving son of IV. Since Tut actually shows proof of a chariot injury which led directly to his death a few days later. A chariot death and Moses bragging about a Pharaoh dying while chasing him. But instead of Moses being the Hero. How about cast Moses as all the evidence points the strongest to; he was born and raised a Hyksos in Avaris. Which means he was raised on the definition of a loose understanding of the truth. Killing, torture, murder, rape, lying, deceit, etc. were all part of the ethics he was taught were just fine to bend as long as the ends justified the means.

If we correctly identify Moses as a Hyksos, than we have to assume he was taking the Jews out of Egypt for an extremely bad reason. We also know within the same decades span as the assumed Moses did these actions the Trojan War was about to commence. The commencing of the Trojan War forces the application of Moses was repeating what the Hyksos had been doing for the previous many thousands of years by using Jews as shield walls in their attacks. A pattern the Romans repeated without fail of the same exact behavior pattern a millennia later at Masada where Jews were used as front line troops so the Romans could reach those on the Mesa to enslave them, capture the leaders, take them to Rome, and execute them in the Forum to show the power of Imperial Rome.

Same pattern same descended culture.

Use Jews as a shield wall. Let the Jews take all the damage and as the enemy grows tired of killing Jews, the real enemy comes in and cleans up the mess. Killing both Jews and the enemy at the same time. An extremely efficient human sacrifice way to win a war.

What did Moses need with some one hundred thousand to one million Jews? His army had been rounding them up for a while. Exactly the same as this same culture would do in the 1400 C.E. rounding up natives and Jews to use as both shield walls and sell into slavery. Have to fund wars in some way, better to fund them on the backs of others than to be forced to do actual work.

Moses taking his captured slaves out of Egypt, taking those slaves with him to the Trojan War. Using those slaves as front lie troops. If the Trojans did not kill them, the Hyksos/Dorians would; either way another dead Jew.

The Lost 13th tribes sticks out hard because it is a non-sequiter. The lost 13th tribes was not lost, the tribe simply did not allow themselves to be used to ensure a victory of the enemy. *


The City of Troy had been a major city for commerce and intellectual pursuits since the second the Jews took it over.

The attack on the city of Troy was a premeditated attack to break a key linchpin in the development of the 18th dynasty expanding its power outside of Egypt. IV plan was to allow Egypt to fall into the hands of the Avaris but in exchange seize total dominance over the area from modern day Turkey to Britain.

The plan was at least partially successful. But then the Hyksos descendants started to determine what the plan was, observed the weak spot in the plan. And attacked the weak spot without mercy for generations. Attacking first Athens, but were stopped cold at Athens. Then turned to both the Avaris in Egypt for assistance whom turned toward Troy to seize control over that city.

Moses a Hexen Beast

If Moses was Ajax the Lessor, as in accepted in to the War and called by the Dorian whom either called for him or accepted responsibility for him e.g. Ajax the Great. This would explain a huge amount of detail regarding Ajaxís son and brother as well as this mysterious figure whom the Dorians have less than no real want/need/desire to explain who this person is but have to describe key aspects of what this person did. The Raping of Cassandraís vestal virgin handmaiden; in the Temple of the ATEN; that is beyond a significant occurrence when it comes to the application of the Ritual the Hyksos/Dorians might have wanted to perform.

What did Moses do in his early life which pointed to the concept that he took on the mantle of Esauís Curse.

In Troy after the Battle Ajax the Lessor/aka a likely Moses went into the temple of Athena took the handmaiden of Cassandra and viciously raped her. But he was unpunishable.

Is that because he was either already a half dead half alive in basic immortal, or was this person labeled Ajax the lesser because he was under the same umbrella of protection as Ajax the great provided for the group he vouched for. The interaction between Moses trying in vain to remove the curse before very likely at least one of the attempts ended with the production of a Nephilim. Half fallen (angel) and half cursed offspring of Moses. He was for almost all actions immortal and beyond reproach when it came to physical damage. Makes that things presence in a one on one fight with Achilles a one sided fight. But unlike previous this one sided fight with Achilles winning almost by default Achilles possessed no real way of harming this creature.

Be seriously interesting if what fell Achilles is the Nephilim from a Fallen and the Cursed (HexenBeast) Moses. Achilles no matter how good he was, he would not be able to defeat the Nephilim. He was beyond too good to be cut down by anyone in either the Trojan or Dorian armies. By Sword or arrow. But he was not immortal. So to hide the facts of who cut Achilles down would be explained totally by mono e mono with a very likely Nephilim (son of a fallen <conceived inside the Kaaba. Not inside the Temple of Ptah since the Rabbiís would never allow said creature into that still sacred sanctuary. But the Kaaba had been spoiled for close to a millennia. Anyone can cast/pull a Demon inside the Kaaba. It is impossible to cast for or pull a demon into the room which remains of the Luz/Memphis Temple of Ptah inner sanctum. That room remains blessed by the divine. Wherever it is, that blessing cannot be undone.> ). Half angle half human Nephilim.

After minutes to hours of defending the escape tunnel Achilles would be much more of a match to anyone period. One on one or one on a group, he was simply better than all of them were. But the Nephilim he was not only equal too but the only weapon in the entire area which could damage the Nephilim would be either in Alba Longa (to be called Longinus in the next millennia) or on its way to that city. Copies of that blade would also be on their way to safety.

Priam and Achilles both would have known this as a matter of hard fact that Achilles was going to defend the tunnel but he would not survive; partially because the Nephilim was not only present but wanted to kill Achilles. Killing Achilles had been part of the plan since the beginning.

For some reason the Killing of Achilles by the Nephilim had something to do with removing the curse itself.


What if the curse at the end of the war was removed, but the natural aging process took Moses from being a young man of 25 when curse to 80-150. Aging slowly over the course of the next several months as he and his family moved the Temple of Apollo from Troy to the future site of Jerusalem.

But removing the curse would require the Dorians to have recreated another Amber Room to replace the one in the Tabernacle/Temple or they would have needed to capture a previous and bring it with them. After the war was over, Agamemnon did not want the city destroyed. He ordered that a much of the infrastructure and libraries remain as intact as possible. Any fires put out immediately. Only the best troops were allowed into the city; the violent mercenaries were kept out. Till the city was entirely within the control of the Dorians the Avaris. Then brought in the mercenaries with strict orders to mostly remain on guard duty. The fighting for the most part was over. If they did structural damage to the city; the punishment was death.

Bringing in their own amber room and reassembling. The beating of Achilles by the supposed Nephilim; after unconscious put him in chains. At the appropriate time in the Temple remove his chains and then fight to the death under the absolute optimum conditions. Along with the temple maiden unacceptable biochemical interaction at either the same time or within close proximity to remove the curse.

Whether the curse was removed or not makes little difference. At some point according to both the Trojan Story and the Exodus Moses left to go to Levant lands. But died before crossing the river to the location. Going from being a young spry man in his youth (very similar to the concept of the portrait of Dorian Grey) virtually overnight to an old man at the end of his life. Pointing strongly to some type of soul level divine curse. Which the blade of Methuselah matches that description very nicely.

If the curse was removed or not, the closer to the forbidden area the closer to actual death Moses became. is a very likely fate of Moses, to dry up and age from 25-120 in a few weeks to a few months. But by the end be nothing but ashes scattered to the wind. The facts of his tomb being lost prevent IDOLITRY; which is some of the strongest evidence that Mohammed was not the first to attempt to bring the philosophy of Esau into that time and Age. Paul before Mohammed, Moses before Paul, etc. before Moses, to Esau whom emulated his ancestor Terah. Terah in all likelihood simply emulated another older ancestor. If he simply blew away, there would be nothing to bury. But it would also mean the curse removal did not work and his memory and being were scattered to the winds of time to be forgotten.


The cup of light gives life, the false grail take it away. If the curse was lifted by the combat of Achilles what the Nephilim. After the curse was lifted that which maintained Moses now took it away. He died at 120; strong and appearing to have the ability and functionality of a man of 25 till the very end. When he appeared to age before the eye. From the time his family left troy to their arrival at Levant lands; he went from 25 to 120 virtually overnight.

The legend of the amber room inside the tabernacle/temple of Adam could be the origin of the story of the fountain of youth. The fountain being the source of the four rivers of creation.

That fountain in Greek is called Styx.

Esauís Cursed Half Life

Esau became so enraged that his brother was chosen for a third and final time to be Israel that he literally could not stand the concept. He was so angry that he literally according to biblical record forced his family to back him and attacked mecca; conquered the city, put everything which lived in the city up against the Pillars of Adam, and killed everyone. Then took over the Kaaba in a fruitless attempt to seize the power of the Amber Room from his brother the newly crowned Israel Jacob. Not only did the divine not listen, the divine had already chosen his brother. The rage he must have felt in the third story of the Kaaba, the unbridled soul level betrayal, etc. could push a man to do almost anything. UP to and including selling his soul to the devil to gain sufficient power on earth to challenge the earthly throne from his brother. That ceremony of a semi-likely selling his soul to the devil in the Kaaba probably on the third floor of that tabernacle itself. That ceremony is what Mohammed attempted to recreate; and did command his followers to do every year from that year forward. Interesting to think that the ceremony of the Hajj in most likely hood was Esau (the beast) selling his soul to the devil for revenge for his brother being chosen by the divine to be King of Kings. Esau would spend the rest of his days as a Cursed Beast; or in other words a Hexen (German for hex as in the Latin curse) beast (the Sumerian translation of Esau).

Jacob fights Angels, or did he fight a demon sent by his brother. E.g. cursing Esau and his descendants for all time. Was the Trojan War about obtaining control over the working Tabernacle of Adam and working to remove the Curse? The curse on both Moses and the entire line. Moses might have worked the curse off himself, but the line Dorians and Avaris included failed to remove the curse for the cultural line.

Which brings up a fascinating point regarding **

At Jacobsís funeral Dan possessed his fatherís Blade. Esau showed up and caused a ruckus. The response from Dan was to fatally stab his uncle for causing the problem. The Blade was the Blade/Tome of Adam/Enoch/Methuselah/Israel, later to be known as the Blade/Sword/Tome of Troy. Unfortunately for the Dorians that blade had already been shipped out of the area by Aeneas . How can we assume this; because the name of the Blade is in all likelihood AEtt. The description of the blade is the name of the blade/tome is three letters where one of the letters repeats. That word matches the name and configuration of the word in Futhark the AEtt. The AEtt itself is three letters where the last repeats. That word describes the eight characters times three from which the Futhark is formed. Three sets of eight characters, each set is called an AEtt. The Futhark and Israel are beyond intimately connected. The name of the Capital city of Israel is Jerusalem. Jerusalem the first four characters are the 12th character in the Futhark sequence the fourth character in the middle or Haggalazís AEtt. Aeneas was ordered out with the treasures of Troy months if not years before the Dorians arrived. Iv and Priam not being stupid in any stretch of the imagination knew they were facing an army which would literally kill every last person on the planet themselves included to possess certain items. The Helen fallacy has literally nothing to do with reality whatsoever. The concept of Helen and Menelaus marrying is a tad bit more ridiculous than say the daughter of the the head of Masada and the son of the head of Al-Qaida marrying. This has 0 basis in fact. Although what is truly funny about that comparison is the flat facts regarding that Al-Qaida is a sub-Hyksos culture same as the Avaris and the Dorians. The Athenians and Trojans were literally pre-Exodus Jews. Which means their ceremonies were not tainted and disrupted by the very nasty influences of Moses and his Avaris upbringing. Any curses which he might have undergone might be an academics exercise of the documentation but the facts remain. All the Biblical documentation previous to Moses was erased/destroyed/burned/etc. and exactly word for word what Moses and his descendants (a very likely if that sub-academics exercise is correct the Nephilim which killed Achilles) forced the Jews to rewrite their own history with the new Hebrew language. Removing any ceremony or references Moses descendants did not like. Moses and his descendants simply chose to reform Judaism in their own image rather than the image from Jacob and his fourth <Ansuz the Hanged Man Khufu Pyramid graphic> son chose to repeat from the ceremonies and philosophy of Israel. Those ceremonies of Israel had been in place in Adam. But Moses and his descendants (possibly even the Nephilim <a possible mother a fallen one> pushed for those changes) violently forced the changes.

In truth the Bible every single Hebrew character is in all hard reality an entire word in the Futhark Language. Literally by the hardest proven evidence imaginable the Bible is a 1000 fold more complicated and has hidden information inside every single Letter/Character.

If the enemy of iv and Troy where the same enemy (which all evidence points to they were, simply name changed to claim difference but the behavior patterns are dead on the money the same) were attacking both locations. They both knew they needed to either send armies to the enemy whom were in Egypt the Avaris old name Hyksos in the Aegean the Dorians old name Hyksos. Previous to being called Hyksos they were called Esauís descendants. Iv and Priam knew the enemy was coming. So they made preparations to ensure the enemy would not find what they were looking for. Not to keep the curse going, not at all. The curse on Esau, which each of his line possess that curse. In this case including Moses and Mohammed. Any images of those cursed the ancients feared those images would transform into the truth half dead half alive true image. So no images were allowed.

Somewhere Esau got into his head that if he found the fountain of youth, he could reverse the curse and finally rule the Tabernacle of Adam.

Seizing control over the Kaaba at Mecca, Esau tried many times to reverse the curse. Trying in a fruitless effort over and over again. Each time the rage and soul level terror that he would literally never be what he wanted to be slowly made themselves clear. The more this fact hit Esau the more desperate he became. The more difficult it became for him to walk the righteous path of the divine and he started to walk the path into darkness. Being denied both a place next to the divine and the ability to manipulate the actions within the Kaaba. For Esau and his following descendants literally being able to walk into the Kaaba but being able to have no effect was more than they as a culture can deal with. Very similar to the facts regarding an abusive spouse. If he cannot have the object of his infatuation then his infatuation does not have permission to exist.

If Esauís descendants cannot control Adamís tabernacle than no one can.

In effect right their Esau sold his soul to the devil. With heart full of rage and terror, the only relief was the illusions the darkest portion of a personís soul can bring. The Cognitive Dissonance which comes from performing x actions but believing x actions are actually y actions. Y actions being not believed to be true.

The Legends surrounding the concept of the Vampire; the man whom turned away from being able to love his true love, cursed the divine and embraced the darkness. ďIf I cannot be in heaven with the divine, I will rule hell and torture forever all whom are favored by the divine.Ē

The stories of Dracula were entirely created by the Ottomans whom this is their story. The Ottoman are merely an Esau/Hyksos/Persian culture name changed to Ottoman. Same behavior patterns same actions different name. The Ottomans took their worst fears and cast them onto the character of Prince Vlad III of Wallachia. Which is a standard child ďI am not that, you areĒ reaction. They are not evil whom their culture origin did not sell himself to the devil in revenge for not being chosen to be King of Kings their enemy is.



The problem is, no matter how many times his descended cultures have attempted to seize control over a Tabernacle; the ancient ritual passed down through countless generations never works. They simply have no idea why it never works. But sure enough the facts that the ritual never works only further enrages the person and the culture itself.

Moses Becomes a HexenBeast

Somewhere in his journey before he wrote in his scriptures regarding becoming a Jew. He encountered something in his battles. Those battles led him to somewhere or something which caused him to have an extreme problem. That problem was he became cursed. Cursed in some way. Cursed in a similar way to Esau. ** if the curse did come from some undocumented trip to Troy by Moses (since Moses wrote the history and the Dorians had less interest in writing the truth about the actions Moses might have done at the Trojan war. Moses had less than 0 interest in writing any of it down, Dorians had less. The events had literally no one interested in writing it down. Now fast forward to the Romans (whom were Dorian in part descendants) when they found the stories of the events of the Trojan War in Britain. They worked as hard as they could to find and destroy as much of the documentation as humanly possible. The English spent literally 1000 years working as hard as they could to destroy any and all traces of Gaelic in the isles of Britain. To make sure all versions of history match the official Avaris/Moses/Dorian version. Destroying a language always has to do with destroying some information in that story the conqueror does not want told about.

Provided the assumptions regarding the application of Moses traveling to Troy to conquer the city years if not decades before Agamemnon attacked Athens. Than on the return trip to the Aegean, years if not a decade or two later Moses would have been involved with the Trojan War but from a purely need to remove the curse standpoint. He knew he would never be allowed back into his fatherís house in Avaris. He knew he would have to spend the rest of his life with the Jews. So instead in his writings, instead of admitting he never turned away from his Avaris roots and family. He lied and pretended in his written account of Jewish scripture. The five books of the bible. He never intended to do anything other than flat lie about those events. Ordering the erasure of all material which could contradict his story/version of the events. But since he had decades not accounted for. He chose to make up the entire thing about wondering to make up for the years he spent in and around the city of Troy the first time, Mecca, and back to troy. Then down to Levant.

Although it is possible the first attack on Athens which caused Agamemnon to round up an army and attack could have been Moses moving from Troy after being cursed to Athens to try and force the clergy their e.g. Medusa to remove the curse. Failing this and ending up having to evacuate the city when Meritaten and her son Theseus came up with an army many times larger than he could defeat. The attack on Athens by Moses to remove the curse with the possible help of either Medusa herself or one of her descended clergy.

That is why he is forced out of the Avaris Royal Palace, forced to get away. Forced to embrace the Jews. He did not become a Jew, he was still a Royal Avaris Prince. But he was cursed. Finding the cure to end his cause, he would spend the rest of this entire life working hard to find a way to undo that curse.

He gathered an army of Jews to be his shield wall. He gathered that army by taking those units of the Avaris army loyal to him and started to snatch Jews into his own personal slave shield wall. That way if he needed troops he had the proper army. Spending time in Egypt searching for what the curse was as well as how to undo that curse. He was also stripped of his name. He had to take on a different name.

Finding out about the Esau line curse he charged forward to find a way to undo that curse. Not knowing that curse is for the most part, not undoable, you have to seek special favor from god. But that special favor from god is best done in a sanctified Tabernacle from which is either a copy of or original construction from Adam. He only knew of a few still in existence. The Temple of Ptah in Memphis, a very small amount from the Heliopolis temple, the Kaaba in Mecca, the temple of Apolloís at Troy (both public and private outside the main city walls and inside respectively), and one in the city of Athens. Although the one inside the city of Athens currently called the Pantheon, was of an entirely different configuration 1300 b.c.e. It would be ravaged by conquests and rebuilt to current form 1000 years later. Plus the original was more like a Ziggurat than the current version a rectangle. The Kaaba had been rebuilt and the base design altered too many times to qualify as touched by Adam. Plus it had been the home of Esauís descendants for the previous several hundred years. He was welcome to try in Mecca but in truth the chances of success were beyond low. Since Esauís line had been trying from the second Esau himself entered the Tabernacle the first time.

The Temple of Ptah in Memphis but that was a place he would not be welcome. His army consisted of 1000s of Jewish slaves he had already engaged in battles with; more than a few of the slaves in his charge had been slaughtered and he left them where they fell. What does an Avaris prince care about a slave (male or female makes 0 difference, a slave is present to either live or die and the pleasure of the master). The Jews at Memphis would not help him period. So he had to turn to the only other Tabernacle of Adam he knew of. Having failed miserably at Ptah, Kaaba, Athens, etc. the only tabernacle left to try were in the city of Troy.

Time to take his army of loyal to him and his army of slaves and march to Troy. The problem was, he needed a vastly larger army. He needed between 20,000 and 75,000 troops. Or he would not make it to Troy to undo the curse.

The Pharaoh tut as he was capturing every Jew he could find to fill in his shield wall attempted to stop him. The first time failed, but tut survived, the second time tut was thrown from his chariot and died a few days later.


The end of the Battle of Troy and the Fountain of Youth

Maybe the reason there is zero evidence of the Trojan War itself is because Agamemnon wanted the city to be taken intact. Maybe instead of burning it to the ground he wanted that city to be his new Capital. Almost exactly like the Palestinians with their Mohammed. What if Esau had some kind of special influence on that city and he chose to keep the city intact rather than burn it all but literally to the ground.

His forces breached the walls, but instead of going on a wild burning spree, the orders were instead to, with special operations precision, kill all but everyone they could find as quietly as possible. But not open the gates until a huge majority of the inhabitants had already been killed as quietly as possible.

Allowing Agamemnon to come into the city much as Romulus would insist on doing close to six hundred years later.

If this concept is correct the entire situation behind the Trojan War is entirely incorrect in most ways. Including the fact that Achilles was a Jew.

After the Jews were not welcome back in Egypt. So Moses was forced to drive the Jews to Levant, change the name of Levant to Israel. Then forced them to stay in the area. While Ramses changed the name of everyone and everything in Egypt.

The ritual of the Fountain of Youth if that is what Esauís line has been striving for this entire time. Which is strongly supported by the Spanish whom spent vast resources scouring the American continent for centuries looking for it.

Which is usually forgotten about the Spanish only a handful of years before the bulk of the Iberian Peninsula was entirely in the hands of militant Islam from 700-1490. Just shy of a millennia of violent control. Those behavior patterns will not only influence the population the population will Stockholm syndrome take on some of the behavior patterns of those they are being oppressed by. The same culture which invaded and suppressed Spain their ancient ancestors were the Hyksos whom seized control over both Egypt forming the 19th dynasty and Troy. The Temple of Apollo plays a key role in several aspects of the Trojan War. Since this fact is at least according to the poem undeniable; the temples of each were after the ritual in those temples did not work were torn entirely down and the stones scattered. Some of those stones were transported to other locations to act as building supplies for Dorian projects in cities like Mycenaean and Sparta.


Achilles by most of the stories point to the facts that he was a Jewish shield wall. Part of the troops from which the Hyksos forced to fight for them.

Over the time the Hyksos were in charge of whatever areas they were in charge of, they would seek out and conquer their neighbors. Some they would use a future laborers in their home city. Other were sold into slavery to pay for the expedition, others would be used as reinforcement shield wall bodies. People whom their close to only job was to be cut apart so the enemy would tire on the shield and the Hyksos could then come in after the destroy them.

Achilles based on the actions and behaviors that he and his men performed. Achilles and his men were too strong for Agamemnon to force into combat. If Agamemnon had attempted to force Achilles into battle there is an extremely good chance Agamemnon would lose both a sizable portion of his army and possibly his life. Depending on when Achilles chose to stop cutting through Agamemnonís men.

Years, to generations before, Achillesís ancestors were part of a Hyksos shield wall that simply grew too strong to hold them as slaves any further. Consequently as the shield walls grew in strength and skill. On occasion after a given city would be conquered, the shield wall would be placed in charge of that city. With the understanding that, on occasion of a periodic time. The Hyksos would come back and demand payment in taxes. Or face the full onslaught of the Hyksos army against them. Achilles was strong enough that his army was stronger than several Hyksos armies put together. But he would still fight for Agamemnon on occasion. Which this war was a fight he did not want to be involved with. But he stayed as almost a neutral party.

Achilles Heel

ďTo turn their ankles so we know our enemy by their limping.Ē

Could once Achilles was in the city, did he betray his slave masters. Turn his blade away from the Trojans and toward his Dorian slave masters. Thus making him a betrayer, illustrating his betrayal by turning his ankle.

Prearranged based on his wife from the Temple of Apollo. A Jewish clergy marrying a Jewish Head of his shield wall army. He by most standards of behavior was a Jew. So his mating and producing children with the Clergy of Apollo would be virtually no different than what Abraham did with Hagar. Ten years of intimate interactions; on an almost constant basis the statistics state she would have become pregnant at least once in that time.

A pregnant Clergy of Apollo e.g. a Clergy of the ATEN. If the child was conceived during a high holy day the eight per year. That means the child would have been considered a Nephilim and or a Demi-God. Just as Achilles himself was. His mother supposedly conceived within the framework of a high holy ceremony inside the Temple.

If Achilles did once inside the city honored both his slave masters by allowing the city to be taken. But also in effect headed up the back portion of the escape. When the royal family escaped into exile to first the Bospherous Strait, then Alba Longa, then Northumberland. Achilles could make sure their exit was secure.

Could he have traveled straight to the Royal escape tunnels and instantly followed making sure that his wife, children, and her family escaped safely. The penalty was his name was erased from then forward, ďKilled in BattleĒ. Which is one of the most dishonorable things in Dorian culture. To remove you from your name and your family. But Achilles would not have had the ability to escape; he had to stand a fruitless guard against the Nephilim giving chase. The Nephilim could have followed the massacred the family. It would have had the only chance of following. But with Achilles both the curse on Moses and a possibility of removing part of the curse on Esauís line could be possible provided a human sacrifice of Achilles and a blood of a virgin sacrificed. Does not mean killing the maiden only stripping the woman of her virtue in the temple preferably on the alter. The blood is not from the heart but another location of bloodletting from a woman. During the cycle would be preferable. That way no possible way of a child would come but the taking of the virtue for the ceremony. Where the human sacrifice comes in, that is another question.

Alone on foot, he could have ensured the escape of the family of Priam. But would have also allowed for the absolute assurance that the line of British would be strong since, his blood would be part of the founding families of that line.

When Priam came to him to negotiate for the release of Hector, his wife and children could easily have been part of the deal. But the Dorians would have edited that part out to ensure that his line would stop with him. Whatever Dorian children he had before the War were ok, whom Agamemnon would most likely kill when he returned. But his Jewish children would have absolutely no part in the written history of the events. And the descendants of the Dorians once in Italy and Britain would seek out said records and erase then just as they had erased before at Troy. And before Troy going backwards to no later than erasing the records at the Tower of Babel.

To mark Achilles betrayal of the Dorians; they killed him by an arrow of justice to the foot. For a warrior culture a simple arrow shot to the feet is close to the most dishonorable way to die. Dying of some unacceptable disease in bed hours to weeks later. A warrior should die on his feet in battle. Not disabled in bed.

The Trojan War Nephilim versus Blessed

With a proposed concept that Moses produced a child in the Kaaba with a Fallen and Achillesís mother either mated with a clergy of the old Egyptian way. Conceiving Achilles in the Temple on one of the eight high holy days over the course of the year. It is incredibly interesting that a Jewish half holy birn of divine rite was the Slave shield wall of the Dorians under command of Agamemnon with a full Nephilim under the command of Moses/Ajax the lessor. All the bloodshed between made almost no difference it would come down to a battle between the unnamed Nephilim and Achilles. The problem would be if any of this is correct, that the only weapon in the entire area of Anatolia had already been shipped out of the area on its way to Alba Longa millennia later to be known as the Blade/Spear/Tome of Longinus. That blade would literally be the one and only blade capable of damaging the Moses offspring Nephilim in Achilles hand. But the blade was removed. So the only thing which could be done is Achilles would have to fight on occasion for Agamemnon but extremely reluctantly.

The two would have met several times in battlefield conflicts, most times the fights were to a draw. Neither creature putting up a serious fight. Holding back their truth fighting skills and talents to the fullest of their ability in order to hold something back for when they would literally have to face off against each other.

19th dynasty

The 19th dynasty itself was simply an extension of the Hyksos dynasty. The time within the framework of the Thera volcanic eruption caused the Hyksos to lose power, the 18th dynasty took over by force. Restricting the Hyksos to their capital of Avaris. Hence the new name Avaris. But they never stopped being Hyksos. Neither did they stop being Hyksos when a branch of the family stuck in the western portion of Greece name changed to Dorian stop being Hyksos when they were called Dorians. The Hyksos are difficult to define without using terms like barbaric, inhuman, comparison with the third Reich, beastly, etc. *


Linguistically speaking there is literally no possibly realistic way in which Theseus the father of Helen would have married her to a Dorian. Literally speaking it would be like the head of Masada to agree to marry his eldest daughter to the third in command of Al-Qaida. Not only is that not possible; but the Al-Qaida person might want to marry her but neither culture would allow said actions to occur. So at most Menelaus would have been a maximum approximately one quarter of a mile away from Helen and Paris at any given time. At the closest if when either Paris arrived by ship or Paris and Helen departed for their second wedding in Troy. One Wedding in their future Kingdom, second wedding in the Groomís old Kingdom. Cementing the union and the cultural ties.

The entire Menelaus chasing his bride stolen by Paris has less than no truth what so ever to it. It is beyond fallacy. But it makes for a great story and a great reason to have the audience stand up for the realistic much later descended Hyksos culture Al-Qaida be the heroís and the Jews being the villain. Creative story telling is what Esauís line has been excellent at since day one.


Hebrews and Islam

That same concept applies to Moses. As best as I can determine, Moses was perceived the same way at his time as Mohammed is perceived now. Hebrews and Islam might literally be almost little difference. Hebrews with their mighty armies captured and at the point of a bayonet forced the Jews to surrender their previous being and to become Hebrews/Islamic followers.

It would be very interesting if Moses was in essence an early version of Mohammed.

Moses and Mount Sinai

Mount the word itself indicates a raised platform.

In all reality there is an extremely good chance the Citadel of one of the outlying cities for the Trojan Empire looked all but identically to that of the Pueblo Peoples up and down the RioGrande.

The city of Pueblo itself used to have a gigantic Pueblo housing ten thousands of families. The Walled city of Memphis old name Luz itself could have very well looked like and or interacted with a similar architecture to those Pueblos up and down the Rio Grande.

What does this mean for Moses and Mount Sinai; the facts surrounding the case of if a culture is trying desperately to hide what it is because an aggressor nation is not only coming but coming hard and strong with the largest army they can assemble.

What is the difference between a Mountain of Houses in a Pueblo configuration and a recreation of the Luz/Memphis city of El Beth El where the Lord commanded Abraham to build a replica of the Tabernacle of Adam?

Mount could easily be a reference to and within the framework of a re-creation in and or around the city of Troy. For all we know the Temple of Apollo itself could have been built like a Pueblo with a Tabernacle to one side. But that Temple would have been all but entirely obliterated.

If that Temple held both the Ten Commandments and some of the remaining tools which were not evacuated out of the city before the conquest. Moses and his fellow Hyksos/Dorians would have literally been angry with the Jews for stripping all but the most basic and scraps of information/tools for the temple they could. Emerging from the battle of the Temple of Apollo with fragments and remnants. Only to find his orders to crush the life out of any of his Jewish/slave shield wall performing any type of Jewish and Israelite ritual.

Those rituals he banned from his shield wall using period. He designed all new rituals for his Jewish slaves to use. Which are the foundation for the rituals currently used thirty five hundred years later. All the previous rituals were systematically erased.

But if the Mount Sinai was actually a Pueblo; which the hardest evidence imaginable for this theory having validity. Fr Francolon built Miramont Castle located in Manitou Springs Colorado. Fr Francolon spent his entire life researching what El Beth el could have looked like.

He spent huge amounts of his training years in Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico. Where he interacted with both the Native population and the small but thriving Jewish communities in the area. Where he heard all types of stories about the Jews in the area were from a tradition which predated the Exodus. They talked about the facts that the Jews were at the battle of Troy. That the Ten Commandments were actually in a Pueblo looking building outside of the city of Troy. As a child growing up in Colorado Springs which is a couple miles away from Manitou, these stories were related to this author first hand over the course of decades.

Miramont Castle itself was built into a Cliff because it was a representation of the dike Abraham ordered constructed around the city of Luz. Luz the city is one of the legendary cities which Osiris was resurrected in., or at least in that area. Which connects the Mummies, with the pharaohs, with the Pyramids, with the Pyramids were graves for mummies, etc. but that entire hypothesis theory is entirely false in almost every sense of the words. The pyramids are for the pharaohs, are for in a way mummies, but they were never intended to be graves. They were always a resurrection place. To bring the body back to life, not a place to store the body until resurrection. That is all fallacy of later conquest culture not understanding and twisting the story so much out of any sense of reality.

Miramont Castle was most likely designed to reflect the wall/cliff at Luz. The Pueblo like structure of its interior was designed to reflect what the tower of Babel Ziggurat used to house.

The Babel Tower or Eridu ziggurat was in all likelihood had a copy of Adamís tabernacle inside. Which was surrounded by protective walls to shield it from both the heat and invading armies whom only wanted to kill and control what that thing could do. The Temple of Apollo could have been designed to be a free standing representation of a squared off (Freemasonic) instead of Round Ziggurat which surrounded the Tabernacle of Adam.

The Tabernacle of Adam had eight walls. Giving the appearance of Round. Hence the Round Tabernacles. Which the Minaret of Islam is a copy of that. But Muslims have less than no idea what any of this is or have any idea those things are directly connected to Adam himself.

Moses invading the Temple of Apollo e.g. mount Sinai to obtain the ten commandments. If this theory is correct would have literally gone into amount of what could have looked like dirt spent the entire time looking inside digging through the rubble for anything; Aeneas did not take with him. Being extremely angry that the main portion of the internal structure Tabernacle or Tent of Adam with its Golden Room e.g. the German/Russian Amber room what those two rooms were designed to be a very distant copy of. No one at the time know what those rooms looked like, or even had an idea what those rooms could have looked like. The Hyksos then the Dorian followed by the Vatican one thousand year long dark ages erased most of the hard direct evidence connecting the Amber Room to the third flood of Adamís Tabernacle.

So Moses lied and invented Mount to replace Pueblo, Sinai with Temple of Apollo, and lied about what he found. Instead of looking through the material forgotten about by the haste to get out of Troy before the Dorians arrived with their kill all the Jews army. Those plates were left behind. Although it is a guarantee those plates left behind were copies of originals which were shipped out by Aeneas to the city of Alba Longa. Then shipped out to Britain for extra safe keeping.

Moses make the whole thing up to make himself look great. And to continue to hide whom and what he truly was from those that he enslaved.

Be fascinating to find what his name was in the Iliad. What did the Dorians call him; there is an extremely good chance he was called Ajax the Lesser. He is also the one who tortured and raped the vestal virgin Cassandra daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Which he was punished so harshly that even his people and his home village suffered harshly for his actions during the Trojan War.

Sinai; in possibly Linear B or some odd Dorian language/period Hieroglyphic could just mean Sacred. The Sacred land between Africa and Asia.

Mount (a Raised area of dirt/earth/rocks/etc.) Sinai; A Sacred Raised area of construction. This could be an extremely insulting, degrading, abusive, torturous, etc. definition for a Ziggurat which could contain an Adam Tabernacle.

Mount Sinai to the enemies of Jacob and Adam is likely based on statistic to literally mean the Tower of Babel but layers of encryption, lies, deceit, intentional hiding of facts, unintentional and intentional mistranslations, flat ignorance, arrogance, etc. all designed to erase the truth by the followers of Esau and his descended cultures. The followers of Jacob working to decode the ancient truths.

The Mount Builders of the Mississippi and Rio Grande; each mound in those areas being a mini-mount Sinai aka mini-tabernacle of Adam aka Tower of Babel aka Eridu Ziggurat.

What if Moses was for a thousand years or so considered to be as holy as Mohammed by his followers. Would strongly account for why there are no images of him. No accurate depictions of what he might have appeared like. Only millennia later concepts of what he could have appeared like. After his culture is destroyed and partially replaced by the will of different War lords of an Esau lien descent.

The evidence regarding Mount Sinai was actually the Temple/Ziggurat of Apollo is mountain.

The dead of Achilles at the end of the War. There would have been a Temple of Apollo outside for the masses to interact with, but where was the internal for the Royal Family only Temple of Apollo. Could that have been the location Achilles was found and he was fully engaged in turning his blade to the Dorians to aid in the escape time of the Trojan Royal Family? Why then, because in all likelihood they were carrying his wife and his children with them. He needed to secure as long a time between the Dorians breaching the inner sanctum entrance to the escape tunnel and when the Dorians could chase after the Trojan Family. If Achilles was killed and if he had turned away from his slave master Agamemnon; in that Temple would be the place.

To ensure at least an hour or more before the forces would or could cut him down. Dying as a freeman/and possibly Freemason (dying defending the Royal Family Temple of Apollo; the truest act of a Freemason. Even if he was made a Master Freemason only minutes, hours, days, etc. before he was killed defending it) rather than dying as a slave. Very likely made a Master Mason by the Guild Master King Priam. But there is less than no reason whatsoever that the Dorians would have wrote anything close to that in all reality in their history books. But the facts remain. A King is a FreeMasonic Guild Master of his Country. Building himself and his citizens with the best direction possible. In addition the definition of Pharaoh; Head/Leader/King/Governor of the Long/Tall/Tabernacle house. If your city has a Tabernacle your political leaders are Pharaohs.

Whatever the fallacy toward his death by arrow; that is all part of the Dorian editing of the facts to make their story sound better. Making them heroís and others villains, when in reality what they did was top to bottom a horror story.



Mosesís relative and good friend while he was away at the Trojan War conquering back the lands their ancestors had conquered in the first place the Hyksos circa 1900 b.c.e. Ramses was busy himself erasing every single small trace of Israel and the Jews in Egypt.

The volume of massive monuments which both Rameses himself and his 19th dynasty defaced in order to hide the fact that Egypt was original Israel is staggering. Almost every monument, piece of writing, etc. which held even a hint of the truth was either erased, recurved, or altered in some way.

This is the time when some of the pyramids were obliterated, some of the pyramids became graves to hide the fact that they were never intended to hold bodies. After the 19th dynasty took over even though the last pyramid was constructed some 1000 years before. That 1000 years has been for the most part erased due in no small effort to make sure the Jews would absolutely never come back home.


The designees which iv made through is life inadvertently cascaded directly into the Trojan War, the founding of Alba Longa, the destruction of by his time around 1000 year old city of the Seven Hills, the erasure of as much about his Dynasty and family as the later descendants of his enemies in successive generations literally could do, the founding of the British Royal Family, the Roman Empire, the Vatican, the Age of Camelot, King Arthur, The Vikings, the founding of Islam, etc. the list of cascade effects the decisions this man made in his life are the definition of critical for every single person whom has lived from his last breath to the rest of the age of man. His decisions will literally shape the lives of the entire species from when he was making them till the end of time.

The truly fanatically interesting thing about the entire process he in a way knew how massive of an affect he was making but made those decisions anyway.

He knew he was handing the Reigns of at the time the most powerful empire the world knew over to a 12 years old Child a few hours past his BarMitzpha. His eldest sister Meritaten was in charge from the time he was a toddler to his 13th birthday. And a few more years till he was literally able to think as an adult.

But the major problem regarding the entire process is the facts surrounding what he did.

The cascade effect he did was of the most profound nature possible.

When he sent is Daughter and wife to take back the old city of Poseidon, the military campaign was successful. But that city has been for the previous 1000 years the throne in the side of Esauís line. Sending constant new generation of armies to conquer and take the city. Immediately upon Meritaten and her young son Theseus taking the city; a new army was rounded up to take it back. That new army had an extreme problem; it was commanded by Agamemnon as a youth and he had less than no actual ability to take the city. He did have the ability to become the laughing stock of his entire culture. When reinforcements arrived so did reinforcements from Meritatenís likely sister from Troy with their undefeatable army. Two undefeatable armies versus an army not able to defeat either army by itself. The victory was switch and almost the definition of humiliating. Similar to in modern terminology a guy with a spear in a canoe attacking a modern aircraft carrier at full speed. Not only was their no possible way the guy in the canoe was a threat, the guy in the canoe would be for the most part ignored. The captain might have put a lookout to make sure the canoe did not get sucked into the propeller. But other than that, no possible threat. A very likely full state with massive pomp and circumstance wedding between the eldest available Prince of Troy Paris was being wed to Theseusís Daughter Helen. Agamemnon fighting full scale war outside when most of the army was inside with a wedding. Not a small affair wedding but a full celebration wedding. Only a token defense force was stationed outside incase the Dorians became agitated and wanted to attack. Other than that, the primary soldiers were enjoying the wedding.

Nothing like being defeated by the lowest ranked members of the opponentís army. In modern terminology that is like the best college team around being defeated by the Junior Varsity of the Junior High football team.

The decisions made by iv forced the entire situation. If the Athenians had taken the war more seriously and walked out with their best and obliterated the entire army, torturing Agamemnon and his commanders to death. Rather than let that humiliation grow into a need to literally erase all whom embarrassed him. He could not take on Athens, but he could take on and erase Troy. He figured erase troy and then sail back to Athens then finally sit on the Athenian throne.

The decisions and the philosophy in which iv followed literally caused the war lords of the Dorian age to on a soul level need to erase the existence of iv entire family line.

According to both Legends and DNA iv descendants did live, survive, and thrive. But they did so by changing most aspects of their name and key aspects of their culture in order to not be hunted to the ends of the earth by descendants of the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians. Which they were anyway but on a much slower scale with generations between. Allowing a steady buildup of defenses, political contacts, and training of soldiers.

Whether the Hyksos/Dorians attacked the city of Poseidon a few years before iv sent Meritaten and her son Theseus or had attacked and conquered the city centuries before is material to the debate. Other than a possible connection between was Medusa a sister, aunt, or possibly an older generation relative of iv brings up a very interesting question and sequence of events.

Did the Hyksos/Dorians attack during iv live time or before. If it was in his lifetime, the response to send his daughter up to do the damage. Retake the city, then hold it successfully. The next wave of attack from Agamemnon ended in a humiliating and degrading defeat.

From that second on circa 1400/1300 b.c.e. to the third Reich Esauís descendants have worked tirelessly to recapture Athens and own the city. Only succeeding a handful of times; and only for very short periods; before being forced to hand the city back to the western cultures.

What if Medusa literally was a relative of iv .

Levant Lands

Upon Moses arriving back in Levant from his very long journey from Upper Egypt all the way to the Trojan War then travel over the Levant Land. The fortified encampments Ramses had set up were finished. Not unlike Berlin and the Berlin Wall; the construction was designed to keep the Jews inside what the Third Reich would referred millennia later as a Ghetto was finished and ready for occupancy. The walls and army encampments were not only finished but manned with a fresh supply of troops with orders to kill any and all whom left the Levant Ghetto.

Not unlike the Gladiatorial Games, the Hunger Games, some sick and twisted resulting concept of the Jews rounded up and those yet to be rounded up. Placed inside the militant encampment. Would be forced inside to totally and complete provide for themselves. The area was not large enough to supply enough food for the number of people forced into that small an area. So the encampment would soon become a blood sport area in which the strong would eventually out of pure hunger and rage kill their fellow Jews to eat. Once the violence started the area would become a location to go and watch the Jews fighting each other to the death.

Of course bets and for the fights which occurred close to the fences the winners could be rewarded with food and or other rewards. But those inside would first have to profile the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians/19th dynasty with enjoyment. The women would have to turn into prostitutes, the men fight each other to the death, and the fools would have to make them all laugh.

The Ghettoís the third Reich set up were not the first time said actions were conducted. Nor the last.

The current version of Israel is designed the same exact way. Israel in a very small area, entirely surrounded by enemies. Killing Jews inside the Ghetto is fun, watching them kill themselves is even more fun. On occasion when they do leave and cause problems; hunting either them down outside the gates and killing them is fun. Upsetting the youth to go kill the Jews inside the armed encampment is also part of the fun.

Fun in this case for the cultures who literally need to experience human sacrifice in order for their society to function. The number of words to use for said description are numerous. Inhumane, barbaric, despicable, nauseating, horrific, in ways nastier than flat genocide, etc. the promise of their own homeland is one thing. But the Israel of 1300 b.c.e. and the Israel in the same area under the same conditions in the present offer the same blood sport to entertain the world with. It is all based on human sacrifice, blood sport, and worse the enjoyment of humiliating torture before execution. Another solution is a must.

El Dorado

Is the name of a Central American king of the area who supposedly founded the great empire of Central American after he covered himself with gold dust and dove into a body of water. His people, culture, civilization, and eventually empire spread from this action.

Many Spanish conquistadores lead expeditions to find either him or the location. Assume that since he covered himself in gold that all that sprang from him was gold. Gold being of the most primary interest to the Spanish after close to a millennia of militant Islamic violent interest.


A collection of cities all made of gold. But since gold is beyond crucially important to both Esauís line most descended cultures. This brings up a very interesting concept; the cities of a culture, especially if they have an adobe terrested ziggurat/Tabernacle. That visually would like a city paved with gold. Did part of the legend of Cibola come from the conquests of the empires of the ancient world. Mistranslated of the amber of god to the amber of gold. The Concepts of Cibola might realistically have its origins within the framework of the ATEN thought the Trojan War. The Capital being the Center with the Limbs/Arms/extension roads from the Capital out to the other cities. Israel has always been a complex if cities collected around a Capital. That Capital being the center disk of the ATEN; which is also the center disk in the art of Jesus Christ

The Egyptian Anke

The symbol for eternal life and the AEtt are very similar. The anke was a symbol in Egypt long before the conquest of Lower Egypt by Upper Egypt circa 3500 b.c.e.


This is the 24 characters of the Futhark set out in one specific sequence of the three AETTís. The first AEtt Fehuís AEtt, the second AEtt Haggalazís AEtt where the Character of Jera (Jerusalem) is, and the third AEtt where Tiwazís AEtt is. Together


Exodus Ajax and Poseidon

One character less than the middle of the 24 sequence. One strong aspect of the Dorian story of the Iliad is the concepts that the mysterious not well defined Ajax the lesser on this travel back home his ships were wrecked in a storm. A storm which pushed him south toward Egypt.

Upon crawling out of the sea with what little remained of his people and crews, he felt so egotistical and arrogant upon reaching the safety of the rocks that he cursed the deity and bragged that he was invincible. Whereupon Poseidon broke the rock he was sitting on, split it in half, he plunged into the sea, the rock closed behind him.

And Moses parted the sea and his people were able to walk across, fleeing from the Pharaoh from Egypt into the Land of Canaan. From the perspective of the Dorians the above is true, from Mosesís descendants the below is true. The story has many of the same variables.

Where Ajax slips out of Dorian history, he slips into his own. But where he slipped out of Dorian h history, his Jewish slave shield wall and his men continue to Levant and built an encampment e.g. Ghetto named Israel. 1300-1100 it was little more than a simple encampment; a place to house the Jews with little regarding, what so every for their needs. If they starved to death, hopefully the armies present would obtain some joy from it. The Jews who were part of the slave shield wall continued with the army fighting to keep the raids and on occasional executions down or eliminate them. Fighting for more than 200 years from the end of the exodus to the time David.

Surrounded by something four sides sometimes only three with the Jewish army of those few years on occasion would literally push the western boundary to the sea. But they would be instantly attacked from the north and south. Cutting the sea passage was unacceptable to the 19th dynasty trade routes north to the Aegean.

Two Divine creatures


The problem Achilles versus the Nephilim

Possible twins, Romulus and Remus.

Dorian Dark Age

It is more than a reasonable argument to assume that based on the academics failures from the assumptions brought about by the examination of the linguistics and actions of the Trojan war that the Dorians were so enraged at finally obtaining their prize but could not make the prize work that they literally went on a half a millennia forward 1330-800 burn and destroy all people whom might know more and the research material they might possess. THE Dorians had been doing that in small portions for the previous 300 years but after Troy the efforts became a central pre-occupation for them. They had already lost the ability to sail outside the site of land, but what they needed to do was to decrease their knowledge one more step for some unknown reason. But that time game the Northumberland e.g. the British Ogles 1500 year head start in creating their defenses.

Was part of why the Dorians wanted to destroy academics could it be because the knowledge of electro-magnetics. Could those sciences have been the primary reason for those dark ages. In the middle of those dark ages Solomon built his temple; which was a rebuild copy of Tyre, which the Temple of Apollo was as well.





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Currently enrolled in Graduate School at the University of Phoenix studying Psychology. Rebuilding ones heritage is great and all, but unless ways can be found which allow for the family to not self-destruct again and to interact with the world in a way which does not cause the world to want to erase our family. There is no real reason to progress forward with reassembling ones heritage, unless ways can be found which allow for a cohabitation on the earth. Reassemble the family legacy only to have it destroyed again is not a wise path.

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