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Gregorian Year

History USA Daily Counts USA 0from USA 1 0    17762016 = 245    Years = I and A   The Fourth Reich; a bit over 4 Years 11 6 2016 – 1 20 2021.

USA 2   1  20  2021   America 2 0

President 46 Joseph R Biden jr undefined

Personal Counts the personal information and details of the life of 46

Personal Year Counts the Personal Year Day to Day counts of 46

Family Counts the coutns of the family of 46


Executive Branch

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi

The House

House Speakers

Lower Legislative Branch

House History

Senate Speaker Chuck Schumer Chuck Schumer

The Senate What the Senate is as a thing.

Senate History

Senate Speakers

The Vice President USA Kamala Harris: The Vice President aka the   VP Emperor of Rome     Emperor Pharaoh of Rome

The Upper Legislative Branch how the Upper House Works

Supreme Court of the United States of American 

Chief Justice John Roberts The Supreme Court term's challenges for Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. -  National Constitution Center A more MAGA partisan Justice is difficult to find. Ran Diaper Rash’s first impeachment so badly it made Tyrannical Dictators monkey courts look well organized and judicial.

The Judicial Branch

Chief Justices

SCOTUS History

History of the Court


Greek City State Model

Roman Republic

Roman Empire

Feudal System

England Parliamentary Monarchal System

USA Proto 01

Great Library Scholastics

City of Pillars Part of the foundation of America is the directions of Jesus regarding go forward and build City of Pillars. Which there are about

Lost Gospels Part of the City of Pillars in America are secrets of the Lost Gospels which not a single one of the descendants of Paul nor Paul ever wanted said information to become known again. He went through a great deal of trouble mass murdering everyone who had even the sightliest ideas of the facts and evidence of the Crucifixion, and the story of the Lost Gospels which centers on the teachings and lessons of the City of Pillars design.

History of the American City of Pillars From the first ones built to the last ones built in Whatcom County. The story of these copies of Venice, although Venice itself is a copy of the City of Pillars which was the center of the rage of (as the Dead Sea Scrolls defines him as) the evil Priest Paul, his Emperor Name Nero destroyed the City of Pillars which stood where the Coliseum sits in the present. The City of Venice was a copy and a regroup from that devastating blow, which Jesus perfectly predicted half a century before. The Enemy will come, and the enemy will destroy. It is your task to teach every few generations to go forward and build new copes of the City of Pillars aka the City of IWNW renamed 1000s of years later to Heliopolis. Which was moved from Egypt to Rome well just south West of Rome proper by Emperor Caligula. The few dozen Cities of Pillars in America are the end of a long string of Cities from the Garden of Eden to the last one destroyed by the descendants of Paul who on the hard side of hate any connection between the City of Pillars design and Jesus.


USA Internal Counts

USA States

list of US States and Territories

USA RegionsHawaii and West Coast gas prices among highest in U.S. - Pacific Business  News

East CoastEast Coast Map, Map of East Coast, East Coast States USA, Eastern US

West CoastWest coast of the united states Royalty Free Vector Image

The SouthSouthern United States - Wikipedia

The NorthNorthern United States - Wikipedia

The North East

The Pacific North WestPacific Northwest - Wikitravel

The North West

CaliforniaList of cities and towns in California - Wikipedia

Desert South West5 Beautiful Southwest States (with Map & Photos) - Touropia

The Bible BeltAgnostic in the Bible Belt. Religious references are everywhere | by W.  Island | What We Know | Medium

The Mid WestMidwest (United States of America) - Wikitravel

Great LakesVector Set Of Great Lakes Region Of United States With Neighboring..  Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 95674804.

Industrial North East

The Front Range




Parent Cultures

Prussia the United State of American was in part founded by the Prussian Empire. There are actually two cultures which exist in one in America. Which is not all that different from Rome. The City of Samhain and the City of Rome and both cultures existed at the same time. Janus cultures. Which more than a few cities in American are Janus cities. Kansas City is two cities, Vancouver and Portland are one city/Two cities.

The Fourth Reich






Native American Cultures













People Involved a huge list of people involved in the creation of this culture.

Location Involved from the first buildings in America from the Prussian, English, Spanish, etc. cultures. Not the British, those are different buildings which were conquered and seized and incorporated into America.

UNESCO the World Heritage Locations in America. Measured from different specific locations in relationship with important points of 0000. the Oval Office, but each Governor. Each Mayor. Each individual person and the locations of America in concentric circles of importance to each persons life.

UNESCO History

The Mercia make America

Britain America

France America

New Spain

English America

Native America of the enumerable Native Cultures of America, could it be possible to name each one, and identify where they called “home”. What were the boundaries of each of the areas they have called home. Previous to forced location on Reservations, and post. indigenous peoples map of the us

Each Different Native Culture List




Where did each culture live


How long did each culture live there













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