Universe Intelligence



since it also shows that solar system a and b have some ability to chat with each other

indicating each Universe has some level of intelligence

very difficult subject for a lot fo people to wrap their mind around

proving it is beyond easy,

that is like proving the sun is the center of our solar system


having people be able to accept the proof is a different story entirely

you know why the stars "twinkle" in the night? because waves from the stars are sending out stuff which this solar system absorbs. those twinkles are our em sphere reacting to said impacts.

an impact is a reaction, a reaction is a mechanical fact

our planet has a reaction to said impacts by an altering in the earth magnetosphere,



our sun sends out particles and waves, some of said will impact our neighbor solar systems. they sent out particles and waves some of said will impact our sun.

one neuron sending out weaves and particles to its neighbor neurons. same mechanism


our sun A and our neighbors B (C D, etc) are affected eg altered based on said impacts, said alteration will have an equal and opposite reaction.





TR Welling