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Vespasian Rebuild of the Memento Mori Ceremony Janus Temple


Found something very interesting and part of Vespasian Janus claim


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Vespasian worked to rebuild the Memento Mori Ceremony in Rome.

He made himself the west face of Janus with the addition of the Concept of Genius to his temple

He was the West Face the Coliseum became the East Face

With the Neck Collar of Orion’s Belt which is the 3 main nerves coming off the Neck controlling the upper body.

Although in Rome the Constellation of Orion is in effect backwards

The Temple of Jupiter East Face, the Pantheon the middle, and the Temple of Angels the West Face.

The West Face being the MemKaure Pyramid, the middle Khafre Pyramid, and the East fact Khufu.

Temple of Jupiter = Khufu

Pantheon = Khafre

Castle of Angles = Memkaure.

This evidence is on the extreme side of strong that the Roman Forum itself is/was designed to “reflect” the engineering (microscopic exactness) extreme precision (300 square miles x500 years) of the Giza Plateau. Giza and the Forum are in effect mirror copies of each other.

The Word Israel did not exist till after the Hyksos invaded Egypt 2100 bce and began to change the Egyptian Language away from the version the Old Kingdom used into a hybrid of the language the Hyksos used and the native Egyptian Language.


Which means that the name Jacob was given upon his conquering the fallen his brother Esau sent from Mecca to kill him, as Jacob was making his way back to Egypt to rule over the area which he would order his children to build the Pyramids which is on the genocidal level extreme side of edited down to just be chapter 49 Genesis.


Could the name Jacob was given be not Israel (impossible the name did not exist till after the Hyksos added the concept of RA, to the language), but rather Samhain.

Jacob building a location in Egypt e.g. the Pyramids but built an in effect summer home e.g. the to be conquered and renamed city of Rome 1800 years after his death.


Vespasian hated Jews so much, he felt it was his divine duty to not only rebuild the Memento Mori Ceremony and Temples, but he felt it was his divine duty to in effect launch what would become “The Dark Ages” which took more than 250 years for his cult/religious followers to obey and actually destroy both the city of Rome (of mor ehtna a million people circa 90 ce) which possessed an extremely high degree of literacy and scholastic achievements. Especially since the Romans lied and they simply absorbed the Alexandria library, but destroyed the empty building.

Christ had destroyed the Memento Mori, the Senate destroyed the Temple of Janus hwere the Dome of St Peters is in the present, had most of the hill quarried. Making a huge wall around the location where the “Beasts” the “Minotaur” would be executed to serve the honor and glory of the Roman Empire itself. The Senate was so afraid the location of the Crucifixion of Jesus being approximately where the Obelisk from Heliopolis now sits in St Peters Square; would turn into a Pilgrimage site. They had the entire place obliterated.

Vespasian had the ceremony rebuild using the Forum itself as a foundation of the 3 Locations.










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