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Gospel of TR




Ideas Page 2 about 50 videos

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AErdology Explanations

Rome Tulsa Enterprise

Rome Crucifixion

The Enterprise 1701

Monuments Men NAZI Treasures

Leonardo Da Vinci



Graphic Explanations




The Roman Forum the Jesus Fish

And the Pyramids of Egypt.

Roman Forum Line Pyramids


Memento Mori Ceremony the Crucifixion of Jesus

WIN 20200606 01 49 44 Pro


The basics of AErdology; one of many

TR Welling, AErdology 4


The AErdology Compass numbers are letters

Letters are numbers

AErdology 2







AErdology Samhain Dimensions Part 2


AErdology Hidden Bible Code Map of Time


TR Welling Ogle Family American Trade Route


Welling Middle East Peace Plan Hebrew and Futhark


What is AErdology







Coliseum of Rome could be a Electro-Magnetic Radio Telescope. Intentionally built.

The Colseum of Rome Electro Magnetic Radio Telescope 2020 6 14 075


Tulsa Genocide Koch family Third Reich Treasures

Rome and Memento Mori Genius


AErdology the Compass and the Year fixed Mathematica points.

MVI 0134



AErdology Cryptography



AErdology and FreeMasonry


Evil Adolf Lake Nemi Ship Plan

AErdology Samhain Dimensions Third Reich Part 3


AErdology Samhain part 1


Ogle Family the Crucifixion and FreeMasonry


Welling Middle East Peace Plan Project


Futhark Hebrew Time Tunnel 2016 5 6 0833


AErdology Application