Vitruvian Man and Versailles


The Vitruvian Man Image result for square compass past master


Is that man an aspect of Ptah?

stood on the Ben Ben Stone which was floating on the sea of a primordial ooze.



Does the Sacred Sanctum Sanctrum; is that room an aspect of the Ben Ben Stone.

Pyramid Fleet

Ptah, standing on the Ben Ben stone, touching the limb/arm/hand/feet/appendage/etc of the ATEN. Which is the definition of

Both the Old Kingdom Family Symbol

And the Yr Hen Ogle dd Family.

Yr Hen Ogle dd is Gaelic, translated to English as Northumberland.

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Versailles and the Square and Compass

Although the Past Masters circle is more applicable.


FreeMason the Square, Washington DC (white house and congress), the School/Versailles (Leonardo’s College),



August 10, 1846 just 4 decades after the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire Library

Is located in the center of the Capital Square it is located where the G goes.     


Same architecture/same intimate ceremony

King Solomon's Temple



White House




Suppression of the nature comes out in a ceremony which was built in and supposed to be present.

Suppression of this ceremony wil force its reappearance with unacceptable, destructive, and oftentimes violent behavior patterns.



Congress   The Congress in parts

Matches key architectureal layouts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s planned Phase 1 Versailles. It can be defined that George ordered the designe

Of Versailles to be split in half, half of the key elements went into Congress the other half went into the design of the White House.


Which does not end with basic Architectural designs. The Explansions are also included in the White House and Congress.

Phase 2 of Versailles was also used to expand Congress and Versailles.



Where the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles is

In the White House is the North face

Image result for north face of the white house

North face of the White House.

Related image

The North is to the top

The Basement under the Blue Room, EA

The ground floor Blue Room FC

The Yellow room MM

Which match the layout of the Khufu Pyramid format. Which match the function and structure of what the French and Leonardo Da Vinci was interested in



The North Face of the White House would be similar to the design elements of the off North Face of Versailles. The ground floor of

Which is where the Hall of Mirrors is located.


Thomas Jefferson Sally Bowles (King Solomon and Queen of Sheba)





In the bible it talks about the Nephilum, who are discussed immediately before Noah’s Ark. The top of the chapter is about the Nephilum

The bottom of the chapter is about Noahs Ark.











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