This Website and Neuropathways

This website is designed and built according to the rules and regulations of how the brains neuropathways work.

I start with an idea.

A few wrods, a few dozen, a few hundred, a few thousand. What I can write in one sitting.

I go back over; and what I go back over expands exponentially.

At first I write say 200 words. Those 200 words I use and listen to them. After of course I work on spell checking.

It is almost a guarantee that I will get an idea or two while listening to the 200 words and those 200 words with connections turn into 1000.

The next read through the 1000 turn into 5000,

5000 turns into 12000.

12 soon becomes 22000 or more.

My record in a day is 17600 words. My previous was 15500 wrods written in a single day.

If conditions are solid and wonderful, I can write at least 5000 words in a single day every day for weeks to months on end.

This website I need to alter the structure a great deal.

First thing I need to do is to work on making master documents of each category. Then instead of filling in the blanks regarding what information and explanations I left out. I need to put in the associoated file name and date. So that as I work on what I need to work on what I wrote at what time can be identified and labeled.

On this sequence of time, I had this idea. Since the weave of time has a specific meaning. That weave of time itself has a language and its own connections.

What am I writing into what page, in what time. There is some type of universal neuropathways my work seems to be directly connected to.








TR Welling