Western academics and the Guild structure

The structure of where academics comes from answers most of those very dominant and “my way or the highway” organizational structures behavior patterns.

Modern Academics comes directly from the structures of academics post the renaissance.

Renaissance academics comes directly out of the guild structure.

Guild structure system comes directly from how the Vatican itself is organized.

The Vatican is a direct organizational copy of “imperial Rome” (a noted difference between Imperial Rome and the roman republic), which is loosely based on the organizational structure of the Greek city state.

Imperial Rome was based on the Hyksos/Dorian organizational structure.

The Hyksos/Dorian organizational structure were interested in suppressing any and all information they did not believe in or could not control. Innovation, inventions etc. are either accepted or rejected based on if the leader or leaders can find a way to profit off the idea without losing power.


Second the progress of the great library  system, undermines the authority of the powers that be, and does foster innovation.


The Hyksos/Dorians are not interested in furthering ideas, they were interested in the control of information. Academics is strongly in the business of controlling information not fostering a prosperous and bountiful ideas and information are all welcoming environment. Unless you have a spirit willing to brass knuckle box and defend every word you use when presenting your ideas in academics; do not bother.

A dissertation is to defend yourself to a panel of piers in that field who are there to tear you and your ideas apart.

The idea is, if you can stand up to basic scientific criticism, than the idea actually has merit to be taken seriously. But that is the dream of the format. In reality, how the dissertation process actually works is, if you get a nasty or two people on the board whom are only interested in keeping all applicants down. No matter how good the argument, they will not agree. For instance if you have a dissertation on how wrong Dr Boule’s work was, but you have a Boule’ devotee on the panel, do not bother trying to answer that persons questions. No amount of evidence will be acceptable.

Modern western education came directly out of the guild structure. The Vatican when several mass deaths killed most of the population off due only exclusively to missing education; the Vatican finally conceded and started to allow education in the areas it controlled. Consequently the guild structure was born. The guilds were created so that non-direct church officials and priests would be allowed to formally teach their charges the necessities of life to perform their due tasks. Metal smith, textiles, etc.

The guild structure was modeled on the Vatican’s organizational structure, complete with a priest overseer in charge of making sure students were not taught too  much. As well as making sure different guilds were not allowed to teach each other additional skills. Membership in a guild was absolutely restricted.

The guild structure is based on the Vatican’s organizational structure which itself is based on the organizational structure of Imperial Rome.

Imperial Rome’s organizational structure was based on what Julius Caesar wanted. Which was to have a governing body control small things; but he was dictator for life. He wanted that much control so he would and or could be able to do anything he wanted with little opposition.

Imperial Rome is not based on the roman republics organizational structure. The roman republic’s organizational structure is based on the Cretan and Greek city/state model. Caesar liked the city/state model as long as there was only one city/state. For him that was Rome.

If there is only one city than their will be none of the squabbling and petty wars which both plagued the Aegean but also caused them to be conquered by the Persians, Alexander, and Rome.

The Greek city state model (the Greek city state model idea is still alive and well right hear and now. It is the American movement of emphases on states’ rights; reducing the power of the fed to just a trickle. City STATE; in this case the city would be the capital the state would be the State. As in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, etc) is based on in part the Dorian cultures need to have each family which ran specific major cities to remain in command of those major cities but cooperate together. The Dorian culture is a name change culture from the Hyksos; yes the same Hyksos culture which invaded and conquered Egypt. Ruling Egypt from 2100-1530. Then again from 1335-300 when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. Of course they had about three name changes in that 800 years.




TR Welling