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For chemistry; every fixed point required chemistry to move in order for that fixed point to occur. Every location is a large collection of molecules.

Shawn Writing Matrix

Historical dna

aett what is the start of the aett

 F  the measurements of the aett

Uwhat is its strength

Th what weave of time place does it occupy

Awhat is its chemical make up, what Electro-Magnetic waves are created based on its structure.

R The Hand of God, from what I can determine, shin is a physical representation of the Hand of god, with the thumb and ring finger held together on the palm. Which the Palm has a reflection of the Khufu Pyramid in the lines present. Khufu bioengineering wise can be defined as the hand of god. add to that the facts that the Janus comparison makes the Khufu nerve the one which controls the hand



W A picture containing athletic game, sport, racquetball

Description automatically generated how things go from being one to being many things.


AEtt Between AEtt  (  Writing Equation F   1       )

AEtt Between AEtt {  U   2    }

AEtt Between AEtt [ Th   3    ]

AEtt Between AEtt <  A   4    >

AEtt Between AEtt #  R 5   #

AEtt Between AEtt * K  6   *

AEtt Between AEtt /  G   7      /

AEtt Between AEtt = W  8    =

AEtt Between AEtt - H   9     -

AEtt Between AEtt + N   10    +

AEtt Between AEtt &  I   11    &*

AEtt Between AEtt ^  J   12     ^


I write in a layered and detailed format. Each line of nonfiction information itself needs to be divided and subdivided into various sections. I am using the format of mathematics and of course color coding each line so that each deviation but still part of the same sequence of information can be more easily tracked and understandable.

Just follow the colors of the text to keep a solid line of academic ideas happening.

But since this is mathematics. There is both an order of operations and of course how this relates to the Ǽrdology mathematical model which is also the math model regarding the function and structure of time itself.

Any given sphere of the Ǽtt is itself three things. It is one the mind (the details of any give thing) 2 body (the physical parameters of any given thing. The things boundaries. 3 spirit which is a bit more complex to understand. This requires an understanding of both Janus and the fundamental structure of

Each section is a branch of an equation. Example e=mc2 ; which said equation has 1000s and 1000s of topics, sub topics, sub sub topics, etc. The amount of information of those characters is so layered entire libraries can be used in comparison. So in explanation in layers is needed. So here is the explanation in mathematical form. Each sub idea eg talking about Memento Mori for example the ceremony itself is a simple explanation. However sub topic would be Pharaoh Mem, another would be the crucifixion of Jesus, the Vatican, the schema of Rome, the coliseum, the Pyramids of Egypt as a whole, the aten, etc. Layers and layers and layers.

Although what is interesting is when you do start to build the equation layers and layers and layers. Say for example sub layer 3[] of any given subject from Memento Mori say the execution of Jesus and FreeMasonry. They relate to each other both on their own and through this ceremony. So the intellectual infrastructure of thoughts and ideas of sub layer 3 are in effect the primary topic of those subjects and a its own unique subject on its own. Which requires in effect links to define those things. Another example, one of my ancestors was the King in a specific battle, my ancestor won but in doing so his horse was killed. An Irish man was in the battle and immediately gave his horse to the King to ride. After the Battle the King gave the Irishman a plot of land in Ireland which the family almost 1000 years later might still own. A descendant of that man and I had several encounters since we are both FreeMasons and York Rite Knights. The battle of Hastings sub sub sub topic that Irish man, sub sub sub topic FreeMasory from Memento Mori and we connected through a connect sub sub sub topic York Rite. This is about labeling the writing mathematics of those topics, subtopics, etc.

Mind   Body   Spirit   AEtt Sub Sections    AEtt Sub Locations  Writing Neuropathway


Sub topic +60  AEtt and AEtt

the subject

Hebrew Letters in the Orbital Tunnel Each Ǽtt is in basic a fixed point in effect skull. The skull of Janus. Each Ǽtt is in effect a skull of Janus. Each Skull of Janus being a fixed point from which to connect the dots to

Hebrew and Janus A concept. What if the core of the concept of “Horror/Slasher” movie concept has a foundation in reality. Obviously, the whole Freddy, Jason, Shocker, etc. fictional characters are all based on the actions and presumed “Immortality” of the Minotaur. Which is the exact sequence of 1a violence/death (the killer is usually mis treated and or killed), 1b sometime of intimacy, 2 the Parade or community involvement. Now Let us take the concept of Janus and Hebrew and combine them with Janus (which is the center of why this mathematical format in writing is needed) take for example the Hebrew Character of A close up of a person

Description automatically generated The L and A are the faces of Janus (which is the Pyramids of Egypt and the Schema of Rome in one subject), the L and A are in some way the east and west face of Janus. Since the Elder Futhark is a Calendar, the L and A can be absolutely defined through the course of a time which also means direction. Which would be 3 fixed points to triangulate with.

The F and E are of course the Parade or community involvement part.

The question becomes does this same structure work for other Hebrew characters. Do they have the 1a, 1b and 2 built into their structures.

Noun of Chemistry The function and structure of each given aett itself is a fixed point in the earths orbit around the sun. Each sphere is an Ǽtt. Each Ǽtt is itself a given specific thing. Each given specific sphere is itself a fixed point from which to connect to other given specific things.

Example the life and times of Julius Caesar is in itself a subject of much study in several western culture educational systems. Which means that every single lesson plan which includes anything about Julius Caesar connects a line both down the tube from the events of the founding of the Roman Empire and down the middle of the corkscrew. Those lines down the middle through in essence the sun at the center can and do represent chemical structures. They also are the foundation ideas for what formulated the language of Hebrew and ancestor languages. 

Chemistry inside the Tunnel of the Corkscrew, there are shapes galore happening. Some of those shapes can be compared with the chemical makeup of both elements and molecules.

Hebrew Some of those shapes are the Hebrew Language. Which means that in both Hebrew and Chemistry, they literally have a time signature built in.


AEtt Between AEtt  (  Writing Equation F   1       )


AEtt Between AEtt

Chemistry the shapes created by the lines connected from start to finish over the course of time.

Egypt/Hebrew (which the name Egypt could very well be the name Jacob was given, his name chance from Egypt to Israel after the genocidal level Hyksos invasion of Egypt and the subsequent erasure of everything even mildly close to that of facts regarding the Pyramids) Mezuzah; the character of Shin which is also the

Tri 1a Based on the 112’ built into Versailles, x St Peters Basilica Dome y Memkaure Pyramid z the cave of the nativity. Cave of the Nativity 3 fixed points in space; Geometry. Use those three fixed points on the surface of the earth to triangulate with the Tunnels, Hebrew, Chemistry, etc.

 Trig1b Janus of Rome the Arch. The Arch is a symbol created to honor enumerable victories by a general and or the Emperor. The Arches were a way to replace parts of the Janus temple markings. Fixed point Egypt fixed point The forum of Rome.

 Trig 2 the Nativity the Parade and or the community interaction point. From this spot (supposedly), through the Crucifixion, to Ministry after. Here are 3 fixed points from which to measure the Tunnel with. This one is Act 3 of Memento Mori the Parade part.


Rome 1a

Pyramid 1b

Nativity 2

The Memento Mori Trigonometry 3 fixed points on earth from which to orient the (Life)lines and their Hebrew/Chemistry similarities. Which Leads directly to quantum thinking.

 Janus Faces Time


Historical Neuropathways every point and location which produces history is in itself a point to measure to and from. Mathematically the measurements are within the concept of Time and distance from the 0000 of the events. The Shapes created by a persons life are not only similar to that of the formulation of Synapses and Neuropathways, but they are identical. The only question at this point becomes, what historical events create what types of thinking. This evidence is nothing new in any way, shape, or form. The Romans understood this concept so well they built their entire 753-400 ce around the concept of Genius, Janus, which was done through the ceremony of Memento Mori.


genius is actually from the Roman Empire, after they would perform the Memento Mori ceremony. It was expected that the schema of janus would use what we call the quantum field use quantum thinking or to implant an idea into a citizen, who would then do something about said idea.

Roman JanusA picture containing web

Description automatically generatedPyramids of Egypt

Weave of Time See more about weaving below.

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The Graphics are links

AEtt Sub Section 1




In one of my larger works, I tangent from the MMPI into the third Reich, the lake nemi ships, an epic invasion of the city of Rome circa 650 ce, backwards to the founding of Rome, forwards to some very interesting research regarding Hedy Lamarr and her Mechanical Engineering genius level work on Christopher. Alan was an OS expert, but Hedy did the engineering. She was instrumental to the story but not included in the movie. 

That sequence led to some really interesting line spurts which led to other really interesting academic ideas. 

However without a really good in this case mathematical and color coding formatting, the lines become blurred and chaos. 

So I am building a formatting tool to solve this problem. 


The base of the idea is both synesthesia and mathematics order of operations. Each branch of the equations being a different color. Every noun is a variable. Then simply apply the rules of grammar and in effect algebra iii, of course on occasion when motion is applied physics. 

Subject Weave of Time

The organizational structure works about like this.

Every page is a major subject. But each major subject has sub subjects in direct association with it.

The organizational structure would be to have filename sub subject one. On that link page have specific information on and about those two subjects. Which will undoubtedly reveal more and more connections.

As the Links build, the sub links are built. example on say the history of Bellingham page. Primary subject Bellingham Among dozens and dozens of sub subjects you have George Picket. The Picket family stole land from the British Twice, once in Virginia and once in Whatcom County. In different centuries of course. The Picket family had a thing about chasing down the Northumberland family and in effect finding the descendants of the Minotaur and destroying said creatures.

So you have on the sub page Bellingham Picket you have 5 subjects (at the absolute minimum) which weave picket with the trojan war with Bellingham and the trojan war with the main page trojan war. Which is itself a secondary sub page of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, which is its ow page. These cross subjects enumerable counted are the warp and weft of what is happening inside each AEtt.

Weave of Time Layers






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