XLA Extremely Large Array


The VLA Image result for VLAin Socorro New Mexico is about 30 square miles, the Egyptian Pyramids are 300 square milesA close up of a map

Description automatically generated. Not to mention at all, the millions of square miles between the end of the Causeways and the first of the intended bisection points. Example the Pepi I pyramid causeway bisects the cave of the nativity. The Bent bisects where King Solomon's Temple used to be. Those points are 100s of miles away; Mount Everest is 3000 miles off the end of the Khufu Causeway.

The Physical Tangible Laboratory testable and repeatable with 100% dependability evidence is present. 

Proving the Pyramids of Egypt were an XLA (Two Way Electro-Magnetic Wave detector/Broadcaster aka Radio Telescope) is entirely easy. Showing the descendant cultures knew and either promoted this concept and or took the tech ideas and twisted good into virtually the ultimate evil (Pandora, Pan, Lucifer, etc) is the difficult part. Proving that billions of tons of Rock used to build the Pryamids was almost exclusively make with stones with extremely high quartz content is entirely easy.

What is not easy to prove and requires more than a few examples of the basic ideas of a Two Way Radio hidden in either Historical Documentation, mythological stories, and the hardest to show evidence for which is every time the descendants of the Old Kingdom of Egypt circa 2600-2100 bce evacuated to someplace knew, they rebuild their Two Way Radio technology into their new “Israel, specifically into their new Capital City Jerusalem”.

The Name Jerusalem itself is actually an Indo-European collection of words which means Two Way Radio.

Jeru is the sun; the new day sun. Which is its spelling in the Elder Futhark Language, the meaning is the same in Hebrew and Futhark.

Salem is Hebrew for Castle, or specifically designated Area. Sun (the Amber color of the Sun) Opolis (Hieroglyphic for the Latin word Castle, Same as the Hebrew word Salem) add the Capital city and you have the definition of North/Vertical, Umber/Amber/Sun, Land/Salem/Opolis/Castle (defined sacred area). Northumberland which is English, the Gaelic version is Yr Hen Ogle dd. My ancestors. My fathers name was Wes Ogle Welling, his grandmother’s maiden was Helen Ogle, her father Elmer of Tiffin Ohio was a blood line descendant from De Ogle who was in charge of William the Conquerors Army at the Battle of Hastings. William was the Future King, of Mercia lands, but he was not in charge of the Army. He was in charge of his troops. But the Archers were all from the Ogle family; the Archers are who won the battles.

With arrows lethal at more than 200 yards. The enemy arrows were only lethal at 50 yards. By the time the shield walls met, the enemy Pictish army was obliterated.

So there is direct evidence from everywhere the Ogle family traveled to, they built a new Israel and Jerusalem.

Which in Indo-European language Jerusalem is actually translated into Gaelic as Yr Hen Ogle dd.

From present back; Whatcom County the city of Bellingham and surrounding metropolis is the last stand of the Trojan Empire.

From the Old Kingdom to Whatcom County the 50 large settlements the descendants of the Old Kingdom built have the same engineering and architectural standards. It is only after the Trojan War the family took on the last name Ogle. Previous they just used the ATEN Symbol or an Amber Flower with 7 petals.

The XLA the physical evidence makes less than no difference regarding intent; no matter how much intent is present in the historical and mythological records. Not a single word of it matters to the facts of the scientific method; the scientific method itself is literally only interested in facts.

The facts that the casing stones to the Egyptian Pryamids are 3 to 5 feet of limestone. 5 Feet of more than 90% quartz, and more than 1000 tons of Quartz wrapped about the Pyramids each. That quartz is going to produce on a 24 day period just with the application of the rules of Thermal dynamics several gigawatts of electricity. There is simply too much quartz being compressed to not generate that much electricity.

The Pyramids do and did produce electricity every single minute of the 24 hour day.

They just produced a huge amount more previous to the casing stones being removed.

However, the granite used to build the rest is also extremely high molecular structure quartz. Quartz all over the place. Mega tons of Quartz.

The max distance between an Electrical Generator and the places it supplies is 300 miles. The Pyramids are less than 300 miles from where King Solomon's Temple used to be . Till of course King Solomon's Rebuilt Temple by Zerubbabel, was dismantled and moved to Rome. To be reassembled at the Coliseum; to human sacrifice Jews to the greater glory of Rome. That Leg is only 1 of the 4 legs of the Infinity Loop created by the Bent to King Solomon's Temple, King Solomon's Temple to the Cave of the Nativity 3 miles south. The Cave of the Nativity is bisected by the Causeway of the Pepi I Pyramid, The Pyramids are connected to each other with connecting rock infrastructure. Electrical Generating and of course the Legends of King Solomon's Temple bien gable to “Harness Demons” B570BBFA to lift and carve the stones which encircles the Mound Itself. The only remaining part of said is the Wailing WallImage result for wailing wall. Demons and Angels are the same thing originally, till the argument between Satan and God. Demons being harnessed and Jacobs LadderA close up of a church

Description automatically generated angles ascending and descending from Heaven. More and more evidence regarding the Pyramids being a Two Way Electro-Magnetic Wave communication device is mounting up. Not to mention the facts surrounding the Electricity generated by the Pyramids being in some way sent to King Solomon's Temple. Since the Alexandria Lighthouse Image result for alexandria lighthouse weapon is less than 200 miles away north. That “Beam” technology being powered by electricity, has physical evidence as to where the electricity to power that weapon came from.

When Julius Caesar invaded Egypt, his first target of extreme importance was the Alexandria Lighthouse. His task was to capture it, and send it back to Rome. So that the Romans could use it to defend Rome Proper with. The Julii family had differnet plans. However the weapon, the plans for it eventually were found and made into other “Ray Gun” weapons; one of which was found among Nicola Tesla’s stuff which he had worked on in Manitou Springs Colorado in Miramont Castle. A picture containing wall, indoor

Description automatically generatedThere is a place for the Rails in the floor to be located.


The Pyramids are to a smaller degree of their function and were to an extreme degree a Two-way Radio Telescope. To send and receive Electro-Magnetic waves. 


This page is entirely about the facts, evidence, science, etc. directly comparing the Pyramids to the functions and structures of the Radio Telescope. The sciences of the facts, and the mythologies from both descendant cultures and there conquerors taking this evidence and twisting it to meet their ignorant political needs.


The ATEN Image result for aten egypt, Image result for aten egypt Synapse group, the Egyptian Pyramids, and ATEN built into the Causeways of the Pyramids.

The Pyramids are built mostly of Quartz. The different rocks used to build the Pyramids all of them have a large degree of Quartz as their molecular structure.


Quartz when compressed releases electricity.

Which is exactly how sonar works.


Any and all things which impact the millions of tons of quartz which the molecular structure


Thule Society

Himmler there is very little way to prove that Himmler was actually not an evil man, but if the evidence was examined from a different perspective, it is easier to see. Himmler was not really a man who was in charge of the death camps, he was in a way the largest and most dangerous prisoner in the camps. Just because he could come and go freely, does not mean his family were not forced to live just feet away from a gas chamber. Himmler was a member of the Thule Society, along with Hess. Himmler was in charge of the enigma machine. The Evidence; the Thule Society and of course their FreiKorp overlords spent from 1919 in both Italy and Egypt. Working hard on researching what they could. Paying for virtually every scientist to go and do research. The Prussians who created the FreiKorp had chosen to invest into finding as much ancient technology, to turn that ancient technology into weapons of mass destruction. Himmler was in charge of sending info through the enigma to radio communications to the British, who shared it with the Americans. The Americans turned the research from the Thule Society and of course American sources contributed to the science advancements from 1930-present. Which includes Hedy Lamarr, Alan Turing, etc.





Hebrew The Origins of the language of Hebrew is the Elder Futhark. Which is an intensely long and complex story as to how

Hebrew Character Tunnels ; Every Hebrew Character is an entire word in the Elder Futhark Language. But since the Elder Futhark Language is also a Calendar, that means that the entire function and structure of Hebrew is also a rather complicated map of Time. Which means that there is a huge amount more happening in the tunnels behind each Hebrew Character than the descendants of the Hyksos are willing to admit. This is a secret the Hyksos have kept for more than 3300 years, most of them when they find out will not be happy about these long ago erased facts being presented to the public. To decode the language used in the cosmos two way radio, the language and of course the mathematics used is actually more important to understand than the radio itself.

Ǽrdology Tunnel Time Map ;

Hebrew and Ballet Leonardo Da Vinci found out about Hebrew and 1000 other ancient secrets. His response was to spent his life reverse engineering what he could of the Pryamids. UP to and including designing and building Versailles Phase One, which was and is a stylized version of the Two Way Radio/Electro-Magnetic Wave detector/broadcaster. To help tell the story of what he found, he invented the Ballet, which Katherine Medici took up about 3 decades after he died and turned his brilliance into a world wide phenomena.


Cairo; Every major ruling family of Heliopolis did not keep the “City Hall” of the former rulers. Since the former rulers used their Home/Palace/Castle/Estate/etc. to operate the government out of. Form 4000 bce to present their has been about 5000 different “City Halls” in Heliopolis, most of them built on the outskirts of the core of the city due to a enumerable reasons.

Pan; this is where htings become very very difficult and extremely controversial. Where subjects like the whore of Babylon, the Pan flute with his nymphs, the Oracle at Delphi, Sibyls, etc. come into play. Each subject at its base is on the extreme to violently extreme side of controversial; which leads to the ultimate taboo subjects of both “Congress with the Devil (Lucifer; which is some proto-Arabic version of Jacob, the brother of Esau. Which is incredibly complex)

The LDS and the XLA; which

Cairo copies; which are actually copies of Heliopolis. Every time the in effect “Old Kingdom” rulers had to evacuate their current area of living for someplace new, out of the reach of the enemy, at least temporarily. The Old Kingdom (aka the family with the code “Vertical/North, Umber/Red/Amber/Gold, Land {which includes the name Adam as in Adam and Eve; the Lilith part applies to the definitions of Pan and his nymphs} [land; defined area]) the three times they were forced to evacuate Egypt. They did so to preselected locations. Those preselected locations were so that there descendants and future scholars could find the next location. The Next “bread crumb” in the sequence. The Trojan War is in part a sub-sequence of Bread Crumbs left behind by the 18th dynasty to find their way back home. Cairo is actually Heliopolis, which that name itself translates to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is unbelievably important since, that name itself is the name of the Capital city of the Jews.


Einstein Rosen Bridge; this mathematics starts with the mathematical structure of the Ǽtt with its spherical design.

From one sphere to another sphere; A picture containing athletic game, racquetball, sport

Description automatically generated From an Ǽtt to the next Ǽtt, that line between is the Einstein Rosen Bridge.


Aspects and locations which hold Evidence of the Descendants of the Old Kingdom Israel Jerusalem


Cairo; The history of the city of Cairo. Cairo is just a suburb of Heliopolis.

LDS; Ladder Day Saints,

Comyns Beaumont; part of his work and others who followed was to show evidence that Israel was actually in Britain. This is only partially correct. Israel has been built several times, as the in effect descendants of Noah keep being pushed around and forced to leave by descendants of the Bad People who survived. There is not one “New Israel” there are about 20 of them. From Egypt, Levant, Ǽgean (Athens, Troy, Ionia), Italy, France, Britain, Massachusetts, New York, Central to North Florida (specifically Orlando (its old Jewish name), St Augustine), Ohio (specifically Tiffin, Toledo, etc), Southern Illinois (eg Little Egypt, Kaskaskia), Manitou Springs Colorado (although this city had existed under several countries flags; France, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, and finally Colorado), Portland/Vancouver WA, Whatcom County. Most of those locations also correspond with the Sequential battles of the Trojan War.

Little Egypt; Little Egypt is the location of an area of southern Illinois which was the former capital of Illinois. Illinois itself was/is labeled “Little Egypt”

LDS Cities; where were two primary cities which the organization created. The first was in Texas, which used to be the Capital of Texas. Which was not Austin, it was best evidence the city of Rocky Mountain. Rocky Mountain was renamed in 1858 to Old Colorado City. The other city is Salt Lake City Utah.

Israel; Israel


Pandora more Greek mythology evidence of a two way radio

Pan an interesting aspect of not only a two way radio, but direct fictional ties to the conception of Jesus through the Egyptian Mysteries of the ATEN

Heliopolis first name IWNW, actually translates to Jerusalem, moved to Rome by Emperor Caligula renamed Vatican

The Vatican and its radio telescope

Cairo is a 1000 generations seperated suburb of Heliopolis

Athens original name was Poseidon, add the whole Ǽtenia, Theuseus, and of course Medusa parts and the story takes on a whole interesting level regarding the old kingdom and the 18th dynasty

Samhain the original name for the city of Rome.

Poseidon original name for the city of Athens; take off the H and the ‘s from Athens. Makes the name ATEN or the deity of the Old Kingdom and the 18th Dynasty.

Medusa a high priestess who had an intimate integration with Poseidon and was punished by Athena. Points in a very loose way to a radio telescope. What medusa could do with her hair; she could turn things to stone. Sending out Electro-Magnetic waves to trans morph various items.

The Egyptian Pyramids The Facts

Dantes Inferno Hell this is several subjects. First it is a modified Perseus and Medusa story. second it is a hidden secret way for scientists to hide mathematical and scientific works whole not drawing the attention of the Vatican (who would kill them). Third it is a technic to teach other scientists how to hide their research papers in paintings. Fourth it is it’s a mathematical equation; hell are negative numbers, neutrao is the zero, and heaven is the positive numbers. It is also the ATEN in the Painting of the Pit of Hell.

Ouija and the Pyramids Stylist Configuration self explanatory

Bone Gormogon a late 1700s early 1800s anti-masonic organization. an organization which took all the things they could find about the masons and flipped it. Making good into evil.


The Seal of Pandora Pandora story is another two way radio, she chats with the item, the item chats back, full conversations occur. The item is the communication device, she chats through the device to the beings somewhere else.

FreeMasonry Pan II A close up of a piece of paper

Description automatically generated the G version is that below every single Hebrew Character is the Futhark Characters Tunnel of Time. A heavy not G rated version are the facts about how Masonry and of course the bible interact with Pan, the nymphs, the tunnel created by the Hebrew characters, etc. very adult, scientific physical evidence.

Autonomic Nervous System There is also another

Pan the Nymphs and the Pyramids a different take on the adult theme, this one directly connected to the Immaculate Conception.

Double ATEN; Makes a Star of David.  A drawn picture of the ATEN pouring its light into the Pyramids, and the ATEN built into the Pryamids in the form of millions of tons of Rock.


Image may contain: text


The Causeways of the Pyramids

The Causeways and the Saints; primary saints which are of the 16 Causeways, and the rest of the Saints between the Causeways .


Causeways and the ATEN Islam

The ATEN of the Pyramids and the ATEN of Mecca/Islam A picture containing text, map

Description automatically generated


Catholic Saints

List of Catholic Saints

Catholic Saints Feast Day Causeways and the areas between each causeway.



The Mechanism which is the interconnected materials which extremely high quartz contact means that by default electricity is generated. Depending on enumerable rules of motion laws, different compression factors would be at work every second of the time generating different types of electricity every split second from 2600 bce to present. The more Pyramid complex areas eg neuropathway areas. The more theoretically speaking the Pryamids had the capacity to think; eg generate some type of thought.

The interconnected Pyramids of Egypt had the capacity to generate thought.

 How close to cognition is a different question entirely.



The Pyramids and the Ogle family

Are their more pryamids, yet unfound. Would they be part of the XLA the Old Kingdom chose to build.

only the ones with the correct ingredients.

extremely high quartz content in the rocks used

I love science

theology bothers me

but science is science

compress quartz eg limestone, granite, etc. and it will "WILL" release electricity

depending on the compression factor depends on how much electricity is released

the structures with extremely high quartz content are part of the XLA.

I doubt anyone has known about this since 2000 bce

other than the descendants of the "Old Kingdom"

the Old Kingdom used a symbol which contained 3 parts

North/Vertical, Umber/Red/Amber, and defined land.

or in compressed English Northumberland, or in Gaelic ogle


the son or grandson of Ǽneas married Queen dido, (almost guaranteed to be the widow/sister of King Tut)

they founded Alba Longa together, there son/grandson Brutu founded the British People and their Royal Seat of Power is Bamburgh Castle 70 miles north of NewCastle

Alba Longa is due west of Rome on the coast











TR Welling