Yr Hen Ogle dd



The Manx Gaelic name is Yr Hen Ogle dd, but after the Pictish revolt (circa 640 ce) and the British won the war. Decades later circa 680 c.e. the Picts reformed and attacked again, this time winning. Forcing the Ogles and the other British families to evacuate Britain. The dominant language of Britain was Gaelic, the Picts did what all Esau line descendent cultures do when they conquer the next generation of Jacob line descendant cultures. They immediately erase the previous language and invent a new one. In this case that new language is English. The English language was invented by the Pictish and their axis powers immediately following 680 conquest of Northumberland.

Ushering in the Age of the Viking.  


Under the new English language Yr Hen Ogle dd became North Umber Land. 


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The Island of British had two separate Capital Cities for the previous four millennia; based on conquest. London for the previous two millennia and of course New/Castle-Endinburgh. Depending on were the British boarders were located. When the Northumberland boarder is south of Edinburgh the Capital of Britain is New Castle(Jerusalem), when the boarder is north of Edinburgh the that is the Capital.  Their primary Capital is Edinburgh, which they have traded back and forth with the Scottish for the last four millennia.

The secondary Capital is New Castle which the Roman's occupied part of that city for a few centuries from circa 20 b.c.e to 300. Although in reality from 300 to 700 the British owned most of the lands from Sherwood forest north to Ogilvie Castle. 


Then the arrival of the daughter of a Muslim Princess/Queen (Fatimah) and the enemy arrived in Britain and things went from bad to hell for the British from 630-1066. Nonstop War, the battles were the definition of bloody. 


Most of the history of the British Isles was written after 1300 when the English were back in control over the British isles and they could write what they wanted and no one was around or had a large enough army to say “Sorry but those are lies.” Exactly like Caligula and a thousand other historical people and events. Their enemies wrote their history for them; special and specific emphases was written into those documents. Those documents became the basis for the history books to follow.

The lies of propaganda being used as the base documents to tell the truth about the history of what the enemy hates.


The English are direct both Arab and Hyksos descendants through Rome of course. 

The Roman's in Britain who chose to stay, name changed after their axis armies from Saxony and Anglo arrived. Along with the Jutes and the Danes. 

Those five cultures merged after some conflicts as to which army was strongest. Although each army were direct descendants of the Roman Army. The descendants of which a Roman General would emerge from the Roman descendants living in the new area after the collapse of the Roman Empire and lead the new Roman Empire renamed to England in Britain. The new Capital of Rome would be London.
At least according to the descendants of the Roman Empire who were stationed in and given lands in Germany or as the Roman's called it Sarmartia.


From the 1600s to present the English took over from the Tudors and finished conquering the North Kingdom aka Northumberland. After the conquest of the Kingdom of Ogle; the English took the name British as a façade and did “unspeakable” actions using the name British. when in all hard reality the name British was relegated to just the people in the Colonies, the English had started to conquer the colonies and were performing the same “Unacceptable” actions there circa the late 1600s. Always blaming the name British for the actions of the English. The English and the Prussians worked hand in hand on this subject, to find the British and destroy them, in order to claim all their power and lands. The Prussians (who later name changed to the Third Reich the Prussian spy organization which went by a dozen named till 1750 when to was given the semi-permanent name Frei Korp; which name changed later to Nazi.)


In London there are a row of Kings from 200 to present. That list is the Kings and a few Queens who have ruled Britain from London. This does not in any way reflect the Kingdom of Ogle or its Kings. London has not always been the Royal seat of the British Isles, 1st of the last three millennia the Royal Seat has been either Edinburgh or New Castle. Those Kings are simply a name change from Caesar to King but the first ones are Roman's, after a few centuries things changed a bit and power shifted. But the English Kings from 630 to 1066 were in parts Muslims. Scattered among them were some Catholics, but mostly Muslims. Although finding documentation regarding this is impossible since the English had less than zero interest in documenting those events. The Gaelic documents were hunted down and destroyed in the 1500s.

Where did the Muslims come from, that is the definition of an easy answer.

Fatimah of course. Why else would the majority of the Muslim Army follow Fatimah with her dead fathers body out of Mecca, to Rome, then to Britain. Where the three cultures fought to the death for the next century.

Fatimah’s people, the Britain, and Abu Bakr’s people. From 630-720 the battles raged and raged on and on. In France and Britain.

But all that history was erased because the powers that be did not want any of it documented.

Especially when Islam was the dominant religion of southern France and from middle Britain south or the next several centuries. The Vatican would never allow such information to become known.


New Castle translates to Jerusalem. The goal was to find, rule, and destroy All three Jerusalem’s the Muslims knew about.





 The history of the Ogle family is long, detailed, and extremely complex










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