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Welling Mathematics 



·         Table of contents

·         Introduction


·         Psychology

o   Everything about to be introduced to you has to be passed through a filter of your educational, sociological, and family filters before it can achieve your own personal point of view

o   Consequently as you are introduced to the concept of the methodical tool of a plural number line. Everything you have ever been taught is based on the fact that there is only one kind of math and that math is based on a single number line

o   That single number line indoctrination makes little difference where it comes from. What matters is to work on first undoing the Pavlovian aka Conditioned response in which you have been trained to see and examine all evidence through.

o   A conditioned response

o   Math and science ages

§  Every age of thought is marked by how things are both measured and interacted with. As each age of thought starts, the flaws are found, some flaws are fixed, other flaws are ignored, and finally the age is replace by a better set of laws which give better descriptions as to how the universe works.

§  The ages

·         Plural number line

o   People of Kaern

o   Who begat in successive conquests from external tribes

§  Proto-Canaanite

§  Vinča

§  Indus Harappa

§  Cycladic/Minoan/Cretan


o   All the previous used a plural number line until they were conquered. Either the conquered was not interested in advanced science, or the now defeated culture was not interested in giving its secrets over to the enemy now its overlord.

o   The largest culprit to the devaluation of math and science; patriarchal tribes. Tribes who’s base philosophy is geared toward pleasuring the people or man/men in charge.

o   Pleasure negates advancement's.

o   The Dorian’s, Greek's, Vedic, and Semitic tribes were all interested in pleasure and not advancements. The Dorian’s and Greek's became the foundations of the culture, philosophy, and sociological infrastructure which all western cultures are based on.

·         The single number line.

o   Greek's

o   Newton

o   Einstein

o   Hawking

·         Plural number line



·         Single number line image001

o   A single number line of course works by way of

o   How a single number line applies in standard fields of science

§  Everything is measured by way of its place on the number line.

§  When the object in question breaks the rules of the number line; usually the fault is directed toward the examiner not the measurement device itself.

§  One way the number line works; although nothing in this universe works by way of this single number line. It does on the other hand work on the plural or Cartesian x, y, z format. Which means every single number line is designed to be vague so it can be applied to every single different kind of motion possible. What happens when a wide variety of different things are moving not in concert to each other need to be measured, compared, and contrasted. The fault has always been directed at the examiner and or the examination process. The fault has never been applied to the vague and misleading single number line.

§  It is great because it is vague, it can be assumed to be directed at any given motion with the need to labeling such. But science is all about measuring from fixed points. Without proper identification; no fixed points are even vaguely possible.

§  This number line works great in its vague and misleading format; as long as what is being measured falls within the parameters of the single number line unchangeable parameters. Everything outside of those parameters cannot be measured; only statistically guessed at.


·         Errors in the single number line 

o   Something cannot be fixed unless it is properly identified.

o   The following items the single number line cannot be used to measure, only vague and misleading statistical analysis can be rendered. Extreme hot, cold, fast, slow, small, and of course other dimensions.

§  The single number line is not possible to measure these items because these items fall outside the strict parameters the single number line exists within.

o   Strict single number line parameters

§  What exactly are the strict parameters of the single number line?

§  There is no way of telling what the fixed parameters are when using the single number line to measure. Since the parameters of what is possible and what is not in regards to specifics; only general the single number line can do those things. It cannot do those other things. Other than extremes according to the point of view of the humans and mentioned above; no specific data exists as to what a single number can and cannot do.

§  Thus disqualifying a single number line from being taken seriously as a science tool. No fixed points, only vague it can do x but not y. What specifically are the x and y parameters; those questions are outside the realm of possible to answer.

o   Errors in theories

§  Darwin evolution

§  image002

§   this is only incorrect when the idea it forced into the model of the single number liner.

·         Fixing the errors

o   Mathematics and science absolutely depend with 100% dependability measurement tools which work from 100% fixed points. Measure to and from fixed points.

§  Those fixed points might not be solid unchangeable fixed; as long as how those fixed points move is 100% dependable in how they move than a moving point becomes a moving fixed point.

§  For example every year winter will be cold and summer will be hot. However they are not 100% fixed; some years the winters are heavier than others, some summers are colder than others, some winters the standard winter conditions did not occur (hardly any snow storms at all, the temperature did not drop below freezing), etc. However those parameters are statistical oddities, the motions of those oddities can be calculated in.

§  It is of the most vital of importance no matter what fixes to the single number line are found; the fixed points to measure from must be identified as accurate fixed points and not political opinion fixed points.

o   What in nature can an accurate ruler be created to measure from any given fixed points.

§  The answer; look to nature to build and or rebuild fixed measurement points from.

§  Where to start looking.

·         One look to the past; no reason to work hard to in effect “reinvent the wheel” as the saying goes.

·         Two look to what areas ancient cultures did create some kind of measurement device and see fi what they left behind as clues to their math and science; the same pieces of evidence can be found in the natural cycles which was the only way they could have built a ruler and then a measurement device. ****

o   When each culture who knew of the plural number line mentioned above was conquered and the conqueror used a single number line to replace it. The replacement procedure can be backtracked and the plural number line can be rebuilt.

o   Take each conquest culture and analyze the devolution process from plural to singular.

§  Dorian’s’; were not interested in any kind of knowledge. The secrets of Linear A were all but erased. Inside the secrets of linear A were the secrets to the plural number line.

§  Greco-Romans: the Greek's and their city of Rome first cousins only helped to devolve the education of the Aegean. The Greco-Romans have been and will always been interested in being in charge. Since they could not control the population based on the plural, they destroyed the plural and “invented the single number line” wow what an accomplishment. Destroying means erasing math from both the books and the populations knowledge.

§  Side note

·         conspiracy’s; a group can want something and work in tandem to achieve it with no area for the definition of conspiring together or separately. We want and we conspire are two different things. Example several hundred people will choose to arrive at a theater at the same time to do a group activity; no conspiracy present. Just a group wanting individually the same outcome.

§  Vatican; power and control has been the driving force in Catholicism since Civis Romanus Paul woke up from his vision/dream and decided to found a church based on what he understood happened in that dream. The only room in all of Catholicism is the point of view of the leader of the church. The church’s stance from Paul to now is the single number line is a perfect tool; the parameters keep education down to a good thrive but not too far into science achievements.


o   How to fix the single number line


§  Take each cultures destruction technique and philosophical rules which govern its actions and undo the damage.


·         Ancient history

o   Ancient civilizations.

o   Ancient cultures solutions

·         Applying their solution to our modern world

o   How to rebuild the plural number line.


o   Fixing the single number line requires going back down to the basics of Occam the simplest answer is most likely the truth. So taking a note from Occam; we know everything in this universe depends on the careful balance maintained by the following motions. From sub-quark up to everything in the galaxy operates from the following rules of motion; push push, pull pull, neutral, size, shape, density, location, distance, voltage, etc.

o   We know that every single atom is not only built with these rules but everything that atom does is governed by them.

o   The only real solution is to discover and determine how those laws can be applied to the current format of mathematics western cultures have been using for at least the last 1200 years.



·         Plural number line

o   Everything listed below are fixed points. Each fixed point has a way in which can works with all the other fixed points.

o   The rules of the single number line in mathematics.

§  A single number line with a 0 in the middle, positive numbers on the right side (in most examples), and negative numbers on the left side of the number line.

§  Polarity speaking

·         Push is the motion of forward. Something happening; as opposed to something being done to it. Would equal +.

·         Pull is the motion of vacuum/>. Something being done to something, absorption. Would equal -.

·         Neutral is the motion of pure neutrality. Would equal both 0 and =; depending on if it was used on the number line or in an equation.

·         Size

·         Shape

·         Location

·         Distance



o   A magnet

§  image003

§  image004,r:20,s:107


§  image005,r:10,s:107

§  image006


§  image007

§  image008

§  image010,r:16,s:19


§  Magnetic positiveimage011 particles repel positiveimage011 participles

§  Magnetic negativeimage012 particles repel negativeimage012 particles

§  Magnetic positiveimage011 attract negativeimage012 particles

§  Magnetic negativeimage012 attract positiveimage011 particles.

§  image014





o   The globe

§  image015


§  Math and science cannot function without fixed points to measure too and from

§  The orbit provides 4 primary 2 part time and 2 secondary fixed pointes in which to measure from. Or in this case build a mathematics model from.

o   Push positive, pull negative,

§  Then to mathematic single number line by way of; push is the positive + side of the number line, pull is the negative side of the number line, and the neutral is the 0. How push push, pull pull, neutral translate to equations; +X{push} * +y {push}={0, neutral} +Z {push push} or +X {push} (+y{push}) ={0, neutral}  +Z{push}. - X{pull} * +y {push}={0, neutral} -XY {pull push}. - X{pull} * -y {pull}={0, neutral} +XY {push; reverse direction. Pull hard enough and the momentum changes.}

§  In the equations section; the motion which starts as push or pull is where the motions starts. Whatever happens to motion after is changing that motion. Be the motion neutral, push, or pull.

§  In physics the push push, pull pull, and neutral apply with the following laws of motion.

·         Objects at rest pull pull.

·         Neutral between the reactions

·         Objects in motion push push.

·         Equal and opposite reaction; -pull x -pull changes the momentum direction turning a polarity pull to a polarity push.

o   (Unless an external force is applied to it. Rule one, when that external force is applied the polarity changes)

·         However two separate magnets which only momentarily interact with each other have different rules of motion than when two or more magnets are forced to work together and eventually balance each other.

§  The polarity of the number linesimage017

·         The polarity -pull number lines are as follows in order

o   Back,

o   Down,

o   left

·         The polarity push number line are as follows

o   Up

o   Forward

o   right

§  Now add the polarity lines of not just back and forward number line or in this case single number lines. But each number line of the seven act semi-independently. An - X{ backward pull } * +y {up push}={0, neutral. Neutral because any of the three negative lines does not mean the next variable has to be placed on the positive side of its number line balance area.} -XY {down or left (depending on what the variable is assigned too pull push}. - X{down line pull} * -y { backwards line pull}={0, neutral} +XY { forwards or up number line push +; reverse direction. Pull hard enough and the momentum changes, once the momentum changes the polarity of actions change.}.

§  Momentum of action; everything moves according to specific rules of polarity. Push is positive or action (going out and doing something), pull is negative or pulling within (staying in one location pulling in what is needed for that location). Each number line works with the same rules. Up is polarity toward vertical away from gravity polarity (push away from gravity). Down is vertical toward gravity (pull). Back or south to the equator push. Forward is north pull. West pull of the earth on its axis. East push the leading edge of the planet forward. Add more globe descriptions of orbit and ecliptic *


o   0

o   1

o   2

o   3

o   4

o   5

o   6

·         Ætt sphere

o   The plural number line works inside an Ætt. Adding a 7th floating number line to the equation set

o   How the Ætt worksimage018

§  image020each line would looking like this.

§  image022

§  image024


o   Push, pull, neutral

o   Center

o   Up

o   Down

o   Back

o   Forward

o   Left

o   Right

o   Destination/7th number line

·         Equations the 7th number line


o   2+2=4 ; _,_,_

§  Ok we all know the most basic of equations. 2+2=4; ok let us break this down a bit. The first digit _; this is a space which will later be filled in by A letter to mark it as a place to put any number. The + is also a place. _ is where you put the action. So you have a digit in character position one and a qualifier in character position 2. Now in the third character position you put the second B which represents any number. _, _ ,_ ,_ what goes above each _ is so the point. Let me be three year old about to touch a hot stove clear. Each of the _, _ ,_ ,_ in sequence is absolutely beyond any synapse of a doubt important!!!! Important is an understatement. Without proper character in what sequence identification all math is a useless waste of time. 

§  Each . _, _ ,_ ,_ aka 2+2=4, aka A+B=C, has to be understand with 0 doubt; this operates in a unchangeable format. No matter you switch the characters this sequence and every equation sequence is locked in. 4=22+ might be some other equation but not this one. Every equation has its character sequences. Break those rules and not only is everything from that pen stoke incorrect, but the answer is incorrect as well. 

§  All math is useless; unless each _, _ ,_ ,_ has an absolute defined action. Be it a number or variable a qualifier (+-*/; which itself are also in an unbreakable sequence.) or show your work area. Everything depends on absolutely consistent patterns with every single pen stroke of absolutely the most critical of importance. All math fails after an incorrect pen stroke. The answer is flat wrong after the incorrect pen stroke. 
Now that the 2 year old touching a hot stove critical importance of math equations each character and each pen stroke how important each one is. Now we can get down to business.

§  As I pointed out last night and the graphic on my index page points out yes that is what the main orientation looks like in graphic format. Each line is a standard measured out single number line. But that single number line is not just a single number line what actions that single number line does is more important than the fact of it just being a single number line. What actions that specific thing represents in electro-magnetics is more important than the _, _ ,_ ,_ character identification. Because every line of equation be it a blank _, _ ,_ ,_ or 2+2=4 or A+B=C; where that _, _ ,_ ,_ is on what number line is more important. It is of absolute critical identification to know exactly what is moving, how, when, where, why, ….. of all its motions. Everything moves. If it all moves devising a measurement system based on tracking motion is the only logical choice. Tracking motion comes into the fray with how to track motion, what is moving and how it is being moved; push push, pull pull, neutral, size, shape, distance, location, voltage, etc. is what causes the motion. What causes the motion is an absolute assured of how to track the motions. If push push, pull pull, neutral, size, shape, distance, location, voltage, are an absolute guarantee as to what they are and how they do their thing that 10 fixed points in which to measure from. 

§  Western math only has 1 fixed point that that is only a fixed point to measure from because it is the edited down remnace of the above map. The = is in previous mentioned 0s; it’s a bit more complicated but this is just day one Welling math. (technically speaking the last sentence was incorrect, but metaphorically at this stage true and accurate). I found an equation formula which measures exactly from 10 fixed points. Proving again a single number line with no true fixed points is not an accurate measurement tool. The 0 and the distance between the numbers varies depending on a number of different factors.

o   An equation sequence; _, _ ,_ ,_ aka 2+2=4, aka A+B=C. Breaking each sequence down to its base what character to what first, next, next, etc.

§  Start 1 A

§  Position 2 Qualifier +

§  Position 3 second variable

§  Position 4 =

§  Position 5 answer

o   A list of the basic equations




·         List of equation 

o   Translating single number line equations into plural number line equations.

·         Mapping

o   A single number line allows only for things to be on their specific location on the one number line.

o   On the other hand a plural number line allows for accurately comparing and contrasting the differing aspects of the motion each equation is tracking to be balanced with not only itself but with other equation of similar motion around it.





How I came up with this theory group in the first place


Long boat


Celtic Cross Navigation tool

Goddess of Villandorf

Cold weather survival

Ice Age

Wonders of the ancient world


Celtic knots

Celtic cross monolith



Julius Caesar

First mound builders

Second mount builders


Stone buildings and Megaliths


Ancient cultures

Traditions and keys to research

Engineering keys




 Desert v forest culture

Why this research is important


Rock circles

The codes

Sacred circle

Birth Culture I knew that I would find a culture on this planet that its civilization tools where either equal to or greater then that of the current civilization we now have. So I started looking,





Nordic Germanic runic/Elder Futhark b 1

What this is. (A brief description of what is did,

Finding the runes,

Secret or hidden meanings,


Tracking the languages,

Then the cal,   


Rune definition



Where they came from


Now one of the many things that I have thought about in regards to this subject is that I need to expand it abit to include more of the history and the infoamriotn that I am currently putting together.

Several of the Northern European cultures.



Names symbols

Language/ Symbolic meanings/ Placement in the sequence/ Pronunciation




barbarian wars,



Anglo Saxon language changes

Indo European language changes

Converting the Futhark to indo European based languages and sounds

The inquisition destroying an much of the old as possible

The limitations of the other authors, why I found what I found that they did not, what things I did and what limitations did I skip past

I picked up my first tarot book and it made very little sense

I picked up the runes

Saw the connection immediately (hanged man reading)\

Started converting the Hebrew tarot into Futhark

My initial theory about the Vanier

The Vanier came first,

The AEsier came after, being a well known med “civilization”, but by another name.

Battling the fighting

The ulers body being the pass between the med and Europe, Transylvania, giving credence to the 13th tribe as well as the advancements,

The secrets being a Vanier invention,

Possibly even an Elvin connection??

Picking up the calendar and looking at it for the second time.

Seeing the runic half month calendar

Seeing the rhyme for the second time and realizing that it was translated after 300 ce

The adjustment of the calendar, to match the blots.

The meanings become more and more clear

Ok, if this year has symbolic meanings then what happens next year, generation map instantaneously became clear

Art of the past

Astrology/Teraology/Erdology, a system designed around the consepts of the instead of looking past the Earth you look at the earth

The calendar: looking at this specific consept you are looking at the introducation of this idea.  The idea that a year can and is a learning tool on its own. 

What the planet it doing.

What you are doing, needs wants desires

What others around you are doing

How to fit it all together

Natal chart,

what is your city

age or your parents


how old is the community in which you are born in

1 year chart

2 years chart

3 years chart

5 year

8 year

13 year

21 year

34 years

55 years

generation chart, what will happen on the first years of the 24.  1,25, ect… 2 26 ect… and so on

what will happen on each secsessive year

and what happens if you miss a lesson

there are individual community things and society things all to track using this model.  What I am proposing is that use this map to couculate what is happening during specific times in yoru life from the day to the exntened counts as to what is happening in your life you the individual.  The community around you what is happening with the community around you what is happening with the comminty what is the community influence.  And then the greater society in which you live what are its influences on you.

The year

The day

The generation


Taking into account that the Futhark itself has a secret or hidden base.

Looking for what that secret or hidden thing is and or was

Looking within the confines of history thinking that the ancients know their culture was going down, hiding their secrets within the confines of the new.  Converting there calendar over to the Julian after 300 years to make sure that is was not understandable

Converting it back just a few days

What happens next year

Gen map, individual

 , Societal

Longer counts 576 years

Starting to compare what I had to our current cultures sciences and view points


Then the other sciences

* Buried Secrets

The calendar and what I say with that

First came the year

Fibinaccis observation of the cycles of nature




The seasons

The Year

(The new calendar  (Julian and Gregorian changes)

1 year

2 the

3 the aetts

Then the 5 seasons

The 8 sabbats

13 moon cycles

Then the generation map pack based non psychology

The latter math of the extended cycles 576



The Futhark itself its

Symbolic nature




The ever widening circle

Converting to indo European languages but leaving the old intact

Specifically not teaching other cultures secrets, this is known for if the barbarians would have shared there secrets then instead of looking at there enemy with distain of no understanding there language, as well as there customs. 



T Shawn Welling first booklet


Celtic v Nordic/Germanic cultures


The writings of various authors

Mythology of the runes

Where the runes are in current culture

Where the runes have been throughout their history

The 360’ orientation

Indo European Science

Its flaus, what is wrong with it that can not be fixed

Large to small

Having to prove with successful argument information instead of allowing the evidence to speak for itself.

Theorizing what a thing is then moving to prove or disprove that theory.  Instead of looking at the evidence at hand and coming up with what happened or what it is based soly on the evidence.  Which, science can not do correctly since it does not have the tools to look correctly.


Symbolic Language

Language layout patterns

Symbolic language origins

1.      Æsier 

2.      Anglo

3.      Anglo/Saxon

4.      Armenian

5.      Asatru

6.      Canaanite

7.      Celtic

8.      Cherokee

9.      Danish

10.  English Middle

11.  English Old

12.  Etruscan

13.  Futhark

14.  Futhark Elder

15.  Futhark Younger

16.  German

17.  German Ancient

18.  German Old

19.  Gothic

20.  Greek

21.  Hungarian

22.  Icelandic

23.  Linear A

24.  Nordic

25.  Nordic Old

26.  Norman

27.  Norwegian

28.  Oc French

29.  Olgham

30.  Pictish Wicca

31.  Picts

32.  Russian 

33.  Saxon

34.  Scandinavian

35.  Scandinavian Ancient

36.  Seax

37.  Slavic

38.  Swedish

39.  Swedish Old

40.  Turkish

41.  Vanier

42.  Viking


Symbolic Science

101 first lessons

Symbolic Mathematics and Counts


1 2 3 5 8 13 …

1-576 straight count

24*24 long count

Celtic cross count with circular counts

Basic Beginning Navigation

Erdology  Earth math

Earth orbit 8

How the arm counts work

Count 1

Count 1

Count 1

Erdology moon

Navigation distance

Celestial Sun

Celestial Earth Moon Sun

Celestial Navigation

Mathematical Calculation formula

Basic formula


Navigation the counts of the arms

Navigation distances

Navigation Celestial

Erdology  under construction, still working

Southern hemisphere


Erdology Calendar



Tri masculine




Tri feminine

The months by day

Current time in this Electro-Magnetic field.

The count of this current time


How the Fibonacci counts work


The 24


Internal structure

Internal structure 1

Internal structure 2

How the counts go into the years

1 explanation

2 explanation

3 explanation

5 explanation

8 explanation

13 explanation

21 explanation

Internal this planet cycles explanation

34 explanation

55 explanation

89 explanation


144 explanation

233 explanation

377 explanation


The internal workings of the calendar. From the established Fibonacci sequences. And how those sequences affect the way the counts of the year and many year counts work

1 explanation

2 explanation

3 explanation

5 explanation

8 explanation

13 explanation

21 explanation

internal planet cycles

34 explanation

55 explanation

89 explanation

144 explanation

233 explanation

377 explanation


Calendars of the 8







Ostara/ Eostar  


The Symbolic Cultures

Symbolic Culture/civilization/tribes/







































New Zealand












Businesses this is an odd subject to talk about but if that time is in this Electro-Magnetic field it can be tracked by the rules of this math.

Leader culture



Top of the heap culture.

Erdology Monthly  






Bircano Feb. 28 March 13

Ewaz March 14 - 29

Mannaz March 30 April 13

Laguz April 14  April 28

Ingwaz April 29-May 13

Othello  May 14 – 28 Current Month

Daggaz May 29 - June 12 Next month  

Erdology Book


Birth cycled

Sabbat cycle

Moon phases cycle

Living life cycle.

Generation map

Cultural interactions between various cultures

Rule and guidelines of how symbolic science works

Movement rules

Raido Newtonian rules of movement

Pertho, devises and machines rules of movement

Ewaz, other worldly rules of movement.

Atomic theory From the first short circuit all the way up to complex molecules.  From complex molecules on that is covered in another section.

Crop circles and symbolic science.

Making a Count Chart



1.      General overall Terminology and Information Guides

a.       A list of the most basic terms. Metaphysical, new age, crystals, pagan, Wicca, magic, spell casting, meditation, all the basic of basic words here is a brief description.

b.      Angels, guides and guardians

c.       Aura

d.      Building a sacred space

e.       Ceremonies and rituals

f.        Chakras

g.       Color spectrum

h.      Divination

1.      Layout patterns

i.        Elements

j.        Fae folk and other mythical creatures

k.      Familiars

l.        Food and nutrition

m.    Meditation

n.      Phases of the moon

1.      by year 2004 2005 2006

o.      Planes of existence

p.      Psychic ability

q.      Rocks and gems

r.        Rules of magic

s.       Sabbats

t.        Tools of the craft

Psychic Stuff



Traditions/religions/theologies/philosophies/belief structures







Skills Talents Abilities Techniqual   Aspects





The teachings of




Sun Tzu

A dear friend

T Shawn Welling Personal Section

Theories Ideas Projects

Tarot decks

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Canaanite Bible


Mission into space

Blended wing idea