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Month of Ingwaz


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Erdology is the study of the earth. How the earth works, how the
creatures living on the earth interact with themselves, and with
others. How the planets natural cycles affect life on earth and
how we as a part of those creatures living on this earth are
affected by those cycles of this planet. And we have our own cycles
internally that we are also affected by. The more you know about
yourself and how you tick, the better.

CalendarThis is the month of Ingwaz

i P 11b%20copy36%20copy1 April 2940 3Spring/Cups

j P 12%20copy36%20copy2 April 3041 2Spring/Cups

I P 13%20copy36%20copy3 May 1 Beltane 1 1Spring/Cups

I P 14%20copy36%20copy4 May 22 51Spring/Cups

P P 15%20copy36%20copy5 May 33 50Spring/Cups

z P 16%20copy36%20copy6 May 44 49Spring/Cups

S P 17%20copy36%20copy7 May 55 48Spring/Cups

T P 18%20copy36%20copy8 May 66 47Spring/Cups

B P 21%20copy36%20copy9 May 77 46Spring/Cups

E P 22%20copy36%20copy10 May 88 45Spring/Cups

M P 23%20copy36%20copy11 May 99 44Spring/Cups

L P 24%20copy36%20copy12 May 1010 43Spring/Cups

N P 25%20copy36%20copy13 May 1111 42Spring/Cups

O P 26%20copy36%20copy14 May 1212 41 Spring/Cups

D P 27%20copy36%20copy15 May 1313 40 Spring/Cups




The month of Ingwaz Count C current time overall.

What you can expect to happen to you during this time of month is a heavy and complete concentration on the smallest details of your life.Last month was external everything, this month is internal everything.When you look out itís the big picture, when you look in ward itís the smallest details that need the attention and concentration.For over the last bit of time you have done amazing amounts of working, learning, understanding, building, engaging and all kinds of various acts of doing into the world.Well now its time to turn inward to get some internal work done.There has been so much done externally that the inner world actually now needs to be readjusted so that the internal world can then be brought into the new world you are building for yourself.So this month concentration on the smallest and detailed oriented items of your life and just see how well you can proceed with organization of the smallest and most intimate details of who you are.Get all those little things organized.


Personal Months: If you were born during this time this is what you can expect for the next 16 days in your life.

11b%20copyF Priorities†† Fehu†† Count A June 13-28 1 Litha 1 16Tower

People born during this time Count A:Those born during the time of Fehu will be born with the experiences of establishing not only priorities but will have a strong and valued sense of personal integrity.†† Personal integrity is a concept that most do not understand, people born during this time have a profound and complete sense of themselves, what makes them tick, function, operate and understand life which may or may not have all that much to do with the way the outside world works or fits.So the people born during this time have set in motion a lifetime of serious and absolute attention to what their own inner priorities are, for those that have their own inner balanced they can have an understanding of what others priorities are as well.

Your Month count B: Ingwaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You will need to be all but completely focused and in place for getting your internal details in order.For you are in a time of this is the second half of your last 8.You need to start getting yourself used to the idea that your birthday is coming up and that means taking all the aspects of your past year life and reviewing those details. Well this is the perfect month to get your files in order and all that you did ready for that review.This is the month to take down notes, get your details of your life arranged, and seek the lessons of the details you have missed dealing with, and start to organize and deal with those details.


12%20copyUStrength†† Uruz††† Count A June 29 July 13Strength

People born during this time Count A:Have a lifetime of lessons devoted to figuring out how best to apply themselves properly to the world.When dealing with strength lessons there is always the idea of how much strength to apply to any given situation, too much is crushing, not enough strength is insufficient.So when we come right down to it your life lessons are all about figuring out just how best to apply that which your talents, skills, abilities, and last but most definitely not least your inner will that allows you to do anything in your life that you want to you just have to figure out how best to apply your inner will to the world with the proper balance.

Your Month count B: Laguz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is just let yourself go with the flow of what happens. You will be experiencing a lot of detailed questions and answers coming to you.Just sit back and relax, let yourself coolly and comfortably answer the questions that come up as they come up.There is no reason to get all into thinking and planning this month, just let things occur as they occur. Itís all good.So just sit back and let what needs to happen this year happen this year.


13%20copyT Boundaries Thurasaz Count A July1428Hierophant

People born during this time Count A:Have a life long understanding of personal boundaries and self identification.These lessons of this life are the lessons of the purity of boundaries.What is acceptable to do when and where?Personal boundaries, private boundaries, public boundaries, the boundaries of the world in which we live in, these are just a few of the lessons that are the key points to the world in which people born during the time of Thurasaz will be working with.

Your Month count B: Mannaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is a profound sense of self understanding.What you can expect to happen is you will be encountering the mirror of your life and from that mirror there are things from your past that will be coming up and will grab your attention and pulling taut.You will be experiencing the true definition of self realization of who you are and how you tick on a very personal and intimate way.This can either be a great month for you or a horrible month for you, you choose.This month depends on you being able to look into that mirror and honestly see what is truly happening in that mirror, see who you are for the true self that you are.It has become time for you to truly be and see just how great and wonderful you can be within yourself.Although at the same time of the greatness that is you, you also have to be aware of the negative and nasty items that are also a part of your life.Those items are also there and present, to be truly great and wonderful person you have to work through the hard parts and the not so nice things to look at in your life.Those not so nice things to look at are there for you to spend the next year working on those problems. So that next year the picture is even better.And you can eventually come into your own greatness with a clean mirror.


14%20copya Communication Ansuz Count A July29-Aug.12Hanged Man

People born during this time Count A:you will be dealing with and around the ideas of language, communication, and connection as to how to express the ideas that you have to the world around you.Ansuz is all about how to go about the process of you have an idea, that idea takes on a form of education, understanding and experience, you now need to figure out the best way to have that idea presented to you, the people in your life, the world around you, and or anything else you can think of as to how to express that idea.This is communication, how best to present various ideas.

Your Month count B: Ewaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is a profound sense of movement and speed at which you will be in some ways prepared to deal with and in other ways woefully unprepared.The best thing for you to do is to just take it all in stride, remember rhythm and the innate ability of the human experience to have the tools available when they are needed, you will have what you need when you need those tools available this month.Allow your life to go and do what is needed, and when you have finished your month you will be completely surprised at not only where you are but all that you were able to accomplish this year.


15%20copyr Journey Raido Count A Aug.13- 27 2††††† Lughnasadh The Fool

People born during this time Count A:your life lessons are about the journey of discovery.

Journey, to finish tasks, to walk with what you understand to be correct; to allow yourself and others to walk that which is the correct thing to do.The journey is the important thing during this time.To put one foot in front of the other is the lesson of people born during this month.

Your Month count B: Bircano

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You know all that impressive and intense growth that you have been waiting all this time for, well now is the month, the long wait of getting all those things accomplished and worked through is finally here. The long wait is over what will be happening this month is the most profound sense of growth, movement, energy, excitement, and getting that which needs to be done, done.This is the month to go out and get all those little projects you have been waiting for spring and summer, well this is the perfect month for you to be getting those items done.


16%20copyc††††††† Wisdom†††††††††† Kannaz Count A Aug. 28 -Sept11Magician††

People born during this time Count A:Learning and wisdom, people born during this time are the wisdom seekers; those who want and wish to partake in the concept of going from ignorance into the learning process.These people are forever learning, in their own way.Sometimes itís regimented and scholastic; other times they learn best by the pure experience of being in the middle of the situation and learning from it.But learning is this personís goal in life.

Your Month count B: Tiwaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is you will be finally experiencing a sense of which direction you need to be going into.See for the past few months all that you have been experiencing has come with a lot of internal work but little to no where to go with it or how to get there.Well no more. This is the month you will get the direction of not only which direction you need to be going with yourself but how to get there.You might be surprised at the speed in which once the direction is established of where you need to be directing your self, then you will be traveling there at better than all due speed.So just relax and enjoy the ride.


17%20copyg†††††† Partnership††††††††††††††††† Gebo Count A Sept 12-27Lovers

People born during this time Count A:†† Partnerships and connections, to connect between opposing positions, opposing poles, or simply differences of opinion, this person is a go between, a negotiator;someone who spends their life making partnerships, agreements, connections with all around them. Letís see what we can all do here.

Your Month count B: Sowillo

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Everything that has happened you need to keep a high level of perspective.See just how all the things happening to you right now are affecting you.The lessons you are having are having a profound and sustained affect on you and you need to see them as ways to improve and reorganize the self.Reshaping ones life comes from hard earned understanding of how to be with not only yourself but also how to interact with others.The lessons you have in life are all about making partnerships, connections, working with both the greatest of people and the worst of people, well it is not for you to determine if their actions are ok or not. The main question you have to ask yourself is ďis what I am doing to interact with myself and the people around me, is this good or badĒ if good continue, if bad well this month is all about exploring just what has happened in the last few months and see just how to make things better for the future.See what you can learn from what has been happening and see how you can improve yourself.


18%20copyW†††††† Emotion††††††††† Wunjo Count A Sep 28 Oct 12 3††††††† Mabon216High Priestess

People born during this time Count A:You are in the unique amongst all the 24 signs here to be blessed with an uncanny understanding of emotion.The understanding comes from always having to be surrounded by your emotions.So you have a built in understanding since you always have to be experiencing things from emotion first everything else second.So the lessons for this life with you, instead of fighting and arguing with yourself and your emotions is be with your emotions and work with them.Shutting the key part of what makes you great and wonderful is an awfully large disappointment to those of us around you that want to be experiencing and enjoying you as the emotional self you are.So we are waiting to see the true self that is the true emotional you.

Your Month count B: Alhaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You need to spend every last ounce of emotion you have on paying attention to the workings of everything in your life that is not you.Use all your senses this month just to make absolute sure you pay the level of attention you have to in order to see what will be happening to you in the future.See the more attention and focus you direct to the pure observation of the external world the more you will be able to understand what is happening out there and be more prepared when you have to make quick decisions about what you want to do with those things happening out there.There are hard decisions coming up for you.The main thing you have to do right now, get yourself together and open up your senses wide just to be able to see just how the world around you is interacting and what to expect.


21%20copyH†††††† Past†††††††††††††††† Haggalaz Count A Oct 13 Ė 27The world

People born during this time Count A:

The past, this person has a keen understanding of not only the past but finishing up projects that are put in front of them.This is the beginning of the feminine 5th season.This is the time of year for going within to contemplate that which has been done over not only the last year but also to contemplate that which has occurred over your lifetime.

Your Month count B: Pertho

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You need to package up with you have been working on and start the process of heading out into the world with your creation under your arm.So that you can then seek out and achieve the success you want with your creation.But the most important step in accomplishing any goal as you well know, the first step.So at this exactly time you need to take that first step into the now unknown world and do what you know how to do best.


22%20copyn††††††† PresentNauthiez Count A Oct.28-Nov 12 4††††††††††† Samhain 3 16The Devil aka God aka wood god, the horned one, Ceranunos, Odin, Zeus,

People born during this time Count A:

The present, this is an interesting time for those born during these times.This is the time of Samhain.The sabot of Samhain is the time of femininity or focus on the feminine of the self so that you can go into a creative cycle during the coming winter.This is the feminine half of the 5th season.This person is keenly interested in what is happening now.†† What is the present situation, what happened in the past and what can be happening in the future. These are all highly interesting and needed items for people born during the month of Nauthiez to work with during their lives.All that is the now all that can be the now; keen interest is the present.

Your Month count B: Eiwaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is an internal creative cycle.This is the month where you need to put everything you have and everything you possibly ever knew about into the process of building and creation.This is the perfect month to do it in.The more creative you get this month the better.


23%20copyi††††††††††† Future††††††††††††† Isa Count A Nov. 13 Ė 27The Hermit

People born during this time Count A:

Future: People born during this time are future people, people who have a profound understanding of building ideas, concepts, models, and ideas for what to do with the future.Seekers for tomorrow.

Your Month count B: Jera

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

This is a perfect month to spend a great deal of time just thinking about what you want to be doing and how to you want to go about doing what you want to be doing.†† This is a month of observation as to the timing and cycles of everything happening to you in your life.So just go with what needs to be happening in your life.This is an easy month, just sit back and try and observe the timing and cycles of your life.


24%20copyJ†††† CyclesJera Count A Nov.28 - Dec. 12Death

People born during this time Count A:

Timing and cycles, people born during this time are keenly interested and devoted to the cycles of things and the cycles of life.What happened yesterday and what will be happening tomorrow and how the 2 tie in together.

Your Month count B: Isa

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is a long and concentrated effort into understanding the meanings behind how to plan for the future.This month is all about the plans we make in order to get that which we want accomplished.For you this month you must work with the idea that behind every brilliant plan are the very cycles of how to universe works.The closer your plan is to the machine that is this world the closer your plan will be to success and getting done what you want to have done.


25%20copyI†††††† Creation†††††††††††††††††††††† Eiwaz Count A Dec, 13 Ė 28 5†††††††††† Yule 16Temperance aka Goddess

People born during this time Count A:

Creation, this is an interesting time since this is the time of Yule, and the happenings which take place in and around Yule are there very much for the person to work with and around.Just as in the day midnight, this is mid year.This the half way point for the year, what people born during this time are concerned with the inner times, they are inward turned people who spend a part of their lives in the search for inward understanding, and inward balance.

Your Month count B: Nauthiez

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

What ever you are thinking about, planning, putting into motion, and or just letting ideas rattle around in that head of yours. This is the month to just flat out go do it, this is the present for you, what is happening in your head is happening in the world around you.So be as active a participant as you possibly can be in this profound time of being in the absolute here and now of who you are.


26%20copyP††††††††††††††††††† Pertho Count A Dec. 29- Jan 12emperor

People born during this time Count A:

Application of skills learned, people born during this time are people that are keenly interested in applying that which they know to the world.To identify what they like, to learn as much as they can about what they like, and then apply what they know to the world about the skills they have learned.

Your Month count B: Haggalaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is a pure reflection into the past 8 months and past years of your life so that you can see just what you need to be working on during this middle 8 time of intersection and personality building.This is a time for you to get your head on straight and look into the world with the eyes and perspective of that which you want to be building and working on this month is the time to come into the realization that you need to remember the occurrences from the past in order to fix that which did not go according to plan in the future.The best and most profound time to fix that which has not gone according to plan is in the middle 8 months of this time.Take advantage of this time for yourself.Work yourself into knowing not only who you are, but where you can go with your talents, skills, abilities, and everything that is who you are.


27%20copyZ††††† Awareness†††††††††††††††††† Alhaz Count A Jan. 13 Ė 28The Moon

People born during this time Count A:

Awareness of the world around them in spades, people born during this time have a built in sense of the world around them.Not anything else just a sense of the world which is around them.They have a keen awareness of the world.Not how to apply that knowledge, or how that knowledge affects the self, or even, if this is a good thing or bad, those lessons why are learned along the path of life.No they have the keen understanding of the purity of awareness of their surroundings.

Your Month count B: Wunjo

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Is going to be a very emotional time for you, so just go with it.Experiencing the rush of pure and unabridged emotion is what actually makes an individual a unique individual.What you need to concentrate on the most is to just let your emotions guide you to where your emotions will take you this month.You will be surprised at the destination of where your emotional self actually wanted to go, just like all the previous years when you have been to this juncture, this is the same, you will be experiencing the gambit of emotion as well as the full range of action and reactions from your surroundings as to how they deal with your emotional being.So just let your emotions dictate where you will be going and what you will be doing and let the chips fall where they will.


28%20copyS††††††† Consciences†††††††††††††††† Sowillo Count A Jan. 29 - Feb12 6††††††††††† ImbulcThe Sun

People born during this time Count A:

Knowledge, this is another interesting time, this is the other end of the 5th season.A time of masculine application of what one has learned.Adding days is put here.††† People born during this time are profound knowledge seekers, people that just about no matter what will seek out new things, new knowledge, new wisdom, and new things, to learn that which is unknown in just about any way possible.

Your Month count B: Gebo

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You need to put total and complete effort into the ideas of making new partnerships, connections, and seeing what the possibilities are from the new.At the same time you need to reestablish your old partnerships and connections get back in touch with old friends, and acquaintances you have not talked to in a while.What you learn this month will carry forward into what happens next month with you.The partnerships and connections you make this month and reestablish this month will have a profound affect on any and everything you do for the remainder of this year for you.The more you work on connections the more you will be able to get to where you and your friends and partnerships can go together.Remember the more people working on something the easier it comes to get that item done.


31%20copyt†††††† Direction†††††††††††††††††††† Tiwaz Count A Feb13 Ė 26Direction

People born during this time Count A:

Direction, People born during this time are keenly interested in the application of taking what they know and applying that which is them to the world; to their surroundings, to the world around them and to all that is.

Your Month countB: Kannaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Time to study and learn.The main task you have for yourself this month is a profound and complete time to crack open the books and start to study the subjects that go with and along the tasks you have assigned for yourself.When you establishing basic priorities in your life, during your birth month, after you get the basics of your new priorities down and established what happens next is you need to start studying for your new skills.The only true way to follow up on getting your new priorities in place is to learn as much as you can about the new skills that go with those new priorities.So this is a month to start the learning process.


32%20copyB††††††† Growth††††††††††††††††††††††† Bircano Count A Feb 27-Mar 13 7††††††††††† Eostar 5 16Empress

People born during this time Count A:

Growth, this is an interesting time for this is the last of the Litha year 16 day months.This Eostar is all about growth and building for the future.Taking that which has been thought up and created during the winter cycle and applying it.People born during this time need to be aware that they are being born at a time of incredible growth and advancement,a time of itís still cold but winter is over this is now spring;a time of new growth and new experiences.So people born during this time are geared toward growth and building new and interesting things.What ever interesting new things they can dream up this is what this month is all about, new thoughts, dreams, emotions, ideas, just new stuff, and applying those new things to the world.

Your Month count B: Raido

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

As of the time that has happened and occurred, it is time to just take those first tentative steps out into the brave new world of the new year that sits out in front of you.The brave new world is partially of your own design and partially the design of the times in which you live. So the best way to take advantage of this time is to go forward and start to get accomplished that which needs to be accomplished. Each of these things requires but a single step in any direction, for it is on that journey after the first step that you will constantly change directions and courses to end up where you need to end up.The point to the journey is not the direction in which you started out traveling, but the journey along the way from the second step to the step directly before the last step.These are the steps that are the most important.So do not worry yourself, just take that first step into your new life and just see where that leads you to.


33%20copyE Movement†††††††††††††††††††††† Ewaz Count A March 14 Ė 29Chariot

People born during this time Count A:

Movement: People born during these times are people of a rather profound sense of movement and time.They are never quite happy just sitting back and relaxing with themselves they are always much more interested in the movement of what can happen.The movement of where they can fit in and how to fit in to the world.Moving things is the point to people born during these times, the priorities of movement.Be it an action job or watching things move.

Your Month count B: Ansuz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Pay complete attention to what is happening in your surroundings, for what is happening in your surroundings will lead to where you will need to go into the future.We all need to take a really good look around and see the truth of what is happening around us.This is the month for you to take an extremely good look around and see just exactly what is happening so that you can then figure out a way to start to apply your new found priorities to the world.See knowing how to apply your ideas is ĺ the struggle to getting your ideas accepted.The more you know the more you can map out a good solid plan of application of who you are to the world around you.


34%20copyM††† Self††††††††††††††††† Mannaz Count A March 30- April 13Star

People born during this time Count A:

Know thyself: that is the key to this life.To have the definition of a profound understanding of not only who you are but where you want to go.People born during this time are people who have a profound sense of self, based on the culture into which they were born.Their task through life is to know thyself, which is quite a hard task if you think about it.

Your Month count B Thurasaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

Well this month, there is no second options, you need to spend every last drop of all of your attention into the realm of first negotiate with yourself as to exactly and exactly means you can not get specific enough as to exactly what your boundaries in every and all things are.From the atomically smallest details all the way up and through to the largest details of your life, start with the smallest building your way up; but the key is to start in the absolute complete and total smallest atomic parts of your life and figure out exactly what you want need, desire, will, emotion, strength, skills, ideas, thoughts, disciplines, beliefs, morals, and any other subject you can possibly imagine.Everything in your life right now needs to have the absolute solid and thoroughly thought out boundaries.As example, I want to be a writer; well I can tell you that there are more then 1000 different forms of careers in writing.I have to get extremely atomically specific with myself as to exactly what of those 1000 jobs I am most profoundly interested in.The more specific the easier everything else in the entire year will go for you.The example is just an example of standard pick of job, there are immediately 1000 to 10000 questions to be answered as specifically as possible when dealing with any and all personal boundaries on any given subject.So carefully go through all your subjects and make some hard boundaries as to what is and what is not acceptable for you and those around you at this specific point in your life.You can not get specific enough or detailed enough in your boundaries.


35%20copyL†††††††† Flow††††††††††††††† Laguz Count A April 14 Ė 28

People born during this time Count A:

Flow, people born during these times need to have a profound understanding of how things in the universe flow; to be able to grasp their place in the universe and be settled and secure within their frame of reference.What and how things flow in the universe and how each person in that universe flows is the point to this persons lessons.The more they know about themselves the more they can then accomplish in this world.One can not have enough knowledge or data about how they fit into the flow of everything.

Your Month count B: Uruz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

One of the keys to this month is the idea of strength, but the base of strength is the fuel that strength feeds off of in order to make the power of the application.So for you this month, you need to completely and totally in all forms, regulations, and ideas have total focus as to where and what the fuel for your life and what you want to do comes from.The more you work on fuel the more you will be understanding of how to manage your fuel so that you have enough strength applied to the correct areas, so that you can sustain your wants, needs, and desires over the course of the next year.This is the time to fully and completely understand for you where and how the makes strength work is the fuel that allows there to be strength in the self.So you need to figure out this month where your fuel comes from.


36%20copyN Fertility†††††††††††† Ingwaz Count A April 29-May 13 8†† BeltainJudgment

People born during this time Count A:

Intricate detail, this is Beltain, growth and fertility, people born during this month are drawn to the smallest details of life. They are drawn to concentrate on the minutest of details, both in the world and in their surroundings.For fertility is truly found in the smallest of details in this world, and by tracking the smallest of details and keeping track of all the little things in this world is when this person is ok with life; when everything on the smallest level adds up to that which is acceptable.

Your Month count B: Fehu current month of you

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

You need to do the priorities review that each of the other 23 need to do during this same month.So with out further adieu, this is how.Take that which you did the review on last month of the experiences you have had over the course of the last year and think about what you want to make changes with in the future.Think about where you want to be in a year, and build a model of understanding that will get you close to where you want to be next year.Slowly over the course of the next year, put the practice into place, as the months roll by, you have a perfect example of how to go about making changes to your life, this map is an exact guide book as to what will be happening each day of the coming year for you.So now that you know, you can make what you want to happen happen.


37%20copyO Stability†††††††††††† Othallo Count A May 14 - 28

People born during this time Count A:

Stability home and heart, people born during this month are drawn to the existence and understanding of a solid and balanced home.Stability is the key to this persons entire existence, if they are out of balance nothing works but if they are in balance then there is no catastrophe big enough to throw this person off their centered with in themselves.

Your Month count B: Daggaz

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

It has come time again to do the review that happens each year at the month before your birthday.So think carefully over the course of the last year and think about everything and all that has happened doing the review that you have been prepping to do for the last few months.Now is the time to do a really good review and see just where you were at this point last year.See both the good and the bad in it all.


38%20copyd††† Cycles††††††††††††† Daggaz Count A May 29 - June 12Wheel of Fortune

People born during this time Count A:

Cycles end, people born during this time are absolutely keenly aware of the duality of life, the end and beginnings of all.They are absorbed into the realization that for a beginning you have to have an end.For there to be balance there needs to be a twin, the end of the old and the beginning of the new.People born during these times are often conflicted between the balances of the cycle of life.They have a foot in the old and a foot in the new and it is often times harder to balance between the old and new then most people can comprehend.

Your Month count B: Othello

Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this month

In order for you to work on that which needs to be worked on the most you must go about getting the affairs of your house in order.For it is in the smallest details of your life right now that you need to be concentrating all of your attention and focus into.This is due in no small part to how you organize the smallest details of your life.†† So as you get your affairs in order, approach those affairs with the idea of attention to the smallest conceivable detail is in this case not a bad idea, and in fact is a very good idea.



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