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Here we go, with the earth Electro-Magnetic field project.


  1. Months of the year your where born in Fehu Daggaz
  2. Seasons of a year
  3. Master months chart Fehu Daggaz
  4. Master chart Individual Living Lessons
  5. Mater chart Village living like
  6. Master chart Society living life
  7. The year by blots/sabbot,


Individual year break down charts





Groups of concepts charts





days of year Litha Beltain


The Erdology book

  1. Intro
  2. Finding the runes
  3. Advise from a teacher
  4. Finding the languages
  5. Erdology
  6. history lessons
  7. Archaeology
  8. Missing Facts but true
  9. Calendar, why I know its true
  10. Electro-Magnetic Fields, we are obviously going to have to include a few lessons into the concept of Electro-Magnetics. since there are even magicians out there who are unfamiliar with the rules that govern Electro-Magnetics






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