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Vertical Sacred land


Yr Hen Ogledd


Each of these has the same meaning; a reference to up/vertical/heaven (color; amber or red), long expansive area, that area also have a reference to being sacred/touched by god.

42; separate subjects


1.   I am the way the truth and the light

a.    Light

b.  Truth (vertical)

c.    Way land; specific location regarding map.

2.   Adam; red earth;

a.    Red; means in this case two things.

                                                            i.      Red/amber is a color used from Adam to Moses to strongly indicate the color of god.

                                                         ii.      Red; genetically means red hair, fair complexion, tall. Many of the Hyksos Pharaohs had red hair.

                                                      iii.      If Jesus was a direct line descendant of Adam; which his name Emmanuelle means, than it is a very good genealogical chance Jesus did actually have blond hair.

b.  Earth; means a specifically designated area.

c.    Would be interesting if all of these words came back to the same route; from Adam.

3.   Knock on wood


4.   Baptism by fire

a.    Fire; amber

b.  Baptize

c.    I; Jesus

5.   Jacob;

a.    Defined as foot holder

b.  But foot holder since Moses change the definition means holder of the foot of god. Specifically the arch and the color of god meaning Amber.

c.    Holder or possessor of the footprint/land of the arc/vertical of god/amber.

d.  This legend could have been retold in the lion king.

e.    Just because it said foot holder; does not mean Moses and or his descendants did not change it fromm

                                                            i.      Hand holder.

6.   adam http://www.prlog.org/11409306-the-creation-of-adam.jpg

a.    http://hollywoodjesus.com/movie/constantine/08.jpg

b.  ? left or right hand reaching to god.

c.    http://hollywoodjesus.com/movie/constantine/08.jpg

7.   Meritaten; bearer of god, bearer holder from the sun god aten.

8.   Polaris; vertical, yellow/f8 color, fixed point in the heavens. It consists of 5 stars; 1 huge, 2 medium, 2 smaller stars.

9.   Khufu pyramid; Red/amber granite room gods/the kings room, several hundred foot tall building with said chamber half way up (matching the metaphoric placement of the gold wrapped around the spear of longinous). In a specific location.


10.                    Arimathia as in joseph of Arimathia; joseph of Arimathia is interesting for both being the uncle of Jesus and being closely tied to Northumberland. since his last name in Gaelic is Northumberland .

a.    Ari; Royal amber, Mathia; gift from god.

11.                    Excalibur in the rock; http://images.marapets.com/castle/sword.gif http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ae/Disneyland_Sword_in_the_Stone_by_Dave_Q.jpg which could have something to do with the spear of Longinus. From the founding prince Aeneas of alba longa. Who’s grandson Brutus Britannia circa 1100 b.c.e traveled to Northumberland to aid the established empire in that area.

12.                    http://www.burlesonmasoniclodge649.com/images/holy%20alater.gif

13.                    Crusifixion;

14.                    Cornbloom; Corn/yellow, bloom/vertical, towards the sun/sacred.

15.                    Arcadian; arc high up with a circle, aidi; village, ian "God is gracious".

16.                    Hyperborean; vertical, designated area, person of said described area who has been blessed by god.

17.                    Jack and the been stock; originated from Northumberland.

18.                    Jack and the candlestick;  is at base a story with the three key parts.

19.                    Nativity; the magi used an extremely complicated and now mostly erased mathematical (Erdology)format to locate the place where Jesus Christ would be born. The location of the nativity; on a large hill (which used to have a megalith on it), in a cave (similarities abound with other ancient holy sites of monotheistic origin; Khufu, Ptah, Sakkara, Mecca, Jerusalem, etc.), where the light of the world born from heaven(amber) would be born.

20.                    Amber room; Vertical; amber; designated sacred area.

21.                    Kings chamber Khufu pyramid; Vertical, amber/red (highly polished), specific location, extremely holy.

22.                    Judaism

a.    Stacking stones on the grave; both the  mastiba and tabernacle/pyramids

23.                    tabernacle

a.    one ramp down, one ramp up, one ramp up

b.  megalith, synagogue, celtic cross

                                                            i.      celtic cross navigation aid

                                                         ii.      synagogue; vertical

                                                      iii.      megalith ground

24.                    Yrggdrasil

25.                    Pharaoh; "pr-aa" which means "great house". Divine (amber of the great/tall/vertical) house. located on a specific location. is in very brief the name of Jerusalem/northumberland.

a.    The amber disk

b.  http://startheory.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/horus1.jpg

c.    https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRxnyPT0BY6J3K3Kfr2sx8kx-8CDB8FtbA-DFaqmWgxxdn7AnPCkg

d.  http://e-ducation.net/painters/egyptian-art-hathor-et-sethi-ier-3100013.jpg

e.    http://www.delange.org/Egyptian_Museum/Mvc-002s.jpg

f.     https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9Wxktl77m9Kclf7rvMZwnG9GvBU214ZzFsZHhEt_TZ6QY3tPU

g.   http://www.gks.uk.com/images/cobra_sun_disk.jpg wedgit

26.                    http://proteus.brown.edu/urbanism/admin/image.html?imageid=3009793 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e4/Aten_disk.jpg/300px-Aten_disk.jpgAmenhotep iv

27.                    Pyramid; Tall house of the amber(soul)/fire.

28.                    Parthenon; the design is closer to that of Solomon’s temple than of Zerubbabel’s.

29.                    IWNW (pre-monotheistic culture conquered name of Heliopolis); means capital city for that specific areas People of Kaern which means standing stones/megalith.

30.                    Crown of lower Egypt; The crown of lower Egypt; also means the same http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/pharaoh/explore/images/red.gif.

a.    Although; the http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/pharaoh/explore/images/red.gif indicates two things. First some type of obelisk in the center of the circle (the circle being a worn or wearable megalith), and the curled top being a representation of time. Many megalithic cultures used the spiral to represent the passage of time

b.  http://www.jqjacobs.net/southwest/images/masonry_spiral_t.jpg; the passage of time being a representation of the sun.

c.    The Celts specifically after 1350 b.c.e used the spiral a great deal. Indicating at least in general a connection to the Celtic mythology regarding Amenhotep iv’s daughter relocating to Perth to establish a new kingdom.

d.  Would be interesting if the crown used by western cultures turned out to be a wearable representation of a megalith.

e.    The battle crown is in regards to the flow of water.

f.     Another is the Ateh crown; a much more specific crown directly representing North/umber/land

g.   http://qph.cf.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-472559ac0e2e79f4528efec215013cc6


31.                    https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRd7yk7BdgVcCgKEg3XOG25QCi9dzx7bXJFymCkS-fgY2_Dpzn2 Circle; vertical frames, with an amber cross on top. Amber literally is a representation of god. This crown represents specifically designated areas

32.                    Popes crowns; three have the three key words build into their basic framework

33.                    Pope costume;

a.    Red shoes

b.  Red waist coat

c.    Red hat

d.  Red inside the crown

e.    The higher the red the close to god.

34.                    Roman soldiers

a.    Wearing red is gods color

b.  Wearing red for officers;


35.                    Spartain warriors

a.    Spartan warriors woar a red clock.

b.  Spartans were descended from Dorian's. who were theselves desendants of the Esau line Hyksos.

c.    Would be interesting if the entire Sparta versus xerxies was two Esau line descended cultures fighting for control.

36.                    Mayor; M is the shape of a megalithic structure. the top of to the M is where the sun is; the base of the M is a city which is the definition of a defined area. The distance from ground vertical to the sun; which is recorded regarding the standing stones.


37.                    King Solomon’s mines; A mine inside a mountain = vertical (similar to the ben ben stone), mines = amber = gold = gods power, a king Solomon a specific person in control/king over a specific location.

a.    Double meaning

                                                            i.      First Solomon's connection to Gizahttp://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/194977/194977,1231148253,2/stock-photo-egyptian-papyrus-showing-the-sphinx-and-the-pyramids-above-the-solar-disc-22794343.jpg; the symbol of atem Amenhotep iv’s god from pre-Pharaonic Egypt. Pre-Pharaonic Egypt from 3500-3200 was at least in parts monotheistic.

                                                         ii.      Second the library of knowledge in the mountains of amber

                                                      iii.      Third; a possibility regarding the Sakkara necropolis. It only has vertical associations with the rather tall and large fitted boxes; from which written material can be placed inside. Each box being a vault. Guarding's of ancient wisdom.

38.                    Governor; comes from the x of Gebo, which is from Indo-European language. Each of the points connect several or more megalithic sites File:Annotated.jpg.

39.                    Kansas; land of the great wind

40.                    Albany, NY; campfire of the people

41.                    Garden of the gods https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSa4z5Fi-79Kf1wvWNt1YRFkuoFw7ORIH62jgqgI0QeZmTxAGKN (behind is Manitou Springs Colorado); is the vertical red rocks of which have always been considered sacred by those around it. Manitou Springs with its mineral water coming directly out of the red rock is directly behind the garden of the gods to the west. I have speculated the legendary El Dorado was the settlements and towns of Manitou and the ancient town Old Colorado City sits on top of. Those ancient cultures respected and held in the highest regard knowledge not gold. The gold part came in a mistranslation of Amber (the light of god) for the mineral of god aka gold. The volume of gold taken out of said are from ancient cultures to today is unknown; at least several large scale mines are still in operation between Manitou and Cripple Creek to this very day. Manitou and old Colorado City are both Mound Builder settlements; which were by many different variables directly connected to the Nordic Germanic settlers who crossed the pond looking to escape the wars against knowledge the descendants of Esau's line were conducting. Those wars have extended almost non-stop from circa 3500 b.c.e to now. This would make Colorado Springs and Manitou the mythical Garden of Eden. Of course the facts regarding the sheer volume of gold found in the immediate area of Pikes Peak which is directly next to Manitou; also adds to the variables lining this theory up. Both Manitou and Old Colorado City were both radically large population cities. Then the Azteca from Mexico invaded twice; once on the way NE to avoid the drought on their way to the Mississippi (which destroyed the first mound builders culture{the first mound builders culture were directly from the UK and Germany}) than again on the way back to Mexico. The Azteca knew about Europe because the two cultures they conquered the Hopi and mound builders were both from Northern Europe.

I suspect gods have been mistranslated from some ancient now extinct language.

I suspect the definition is more akin to various monotheistic cultures battling

for supremacy. Ask a Muslim; they will say based on everyone I have heard,

“the other monotheistic cultures god is a minor deity” creating the illusion

of a pantheon.

Another interesting fact; Egypt was invaded several times from the south conquering north.

First  monotheists

Second monotheists



What is interesting is; Pikes peak is walkable up its south face, but can only be climbed by the most experiences mountaineers from the North.

The culture which attempted to conquered Egypt from the north

Sea people failed


42.                    El Dorado; means holy city of the light,

a.  Dora(r) 3. To gild, to illuminate with the rays of the sun, as a mountain top. (Poetry)

b.  Rado(Raido; Radius); a large expanse of an area, from a center point out to a clearly defined edge.

c.   The Spanish thought that El Dorado was in Mexico since the Aztecs could not stop talking about the wonders of the magnificent city of the tall/tall/ amber. Where even the streets were paved in amber.

43.                    Westies; Greek name/insult for those inside the Hyksos/Dorian culture who were Jacob’s descendants.

44.                    Alba longa; white/sun of the long/vertical appearance. The holy light/white of the great distance vertical distace(possibly some type of solar/nautical distance)

45.                    Northumberland; North (old north means vertical), Umber U to an A Amber, Land.

a.    It is possible the original name for Egypt was Northumberland. Or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogledd


46.                    Yr Hen Ogle dd;

47.                    Banha; (was named by Mohammed) two slaves girls from Upper Egypt from this city delivered Mohammed honey. Sacred mission from a specific location, amber/honey, Upper/Vertical Egypt(temple of Ptah). This city is close to the same distance and angle NW of Memphis as Megiddo is from Jerusalem.

48.                    Ra; sun god

49.                    Etin; sun god

50.                    Atem; http://image.absoluteastronomy.com/images/encyclopediaimages/a/at/aten.svg.pngthe benben rock(or stack of rocks) species both vertical and specific location, god = amber.

a.    A god who created himself sitting on the ben ben stone.

b.  Two gods came from his mouth

c.    He is associated with the sun; specifically afternoon and dusk sun. as Ra is associated with the morning and midday.

d.  Atem could be one of the easiest spellings for god; predating Sumerian by at least 500 years. Placing this name squarly into the Indo-European category of spelling.

51.                    Ben ben stone; http://hans.wyrdweb.eu/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/ben-ben-stone.bmp

a.    aka the stone of destiny

52.                    Amen; a sky god of Thebes and Karnack; was a principle sky god of the 18 dynasty (Jacobs descendants)

53.                    Spear of Longinus http://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2010/05/15/holylance_1.jpg; Spear/vertical, gold amber wrapped around, destiny/location.

a.    Ben ben stone; aka the stone of destiny


54.                    Held by Longinus; Long, vertical distance. Inus; destination. Longinus could be a takeoff of Longa regarding Alba Longa. Which would fit well regarding if Longinus would have had to have been an officer. Officers were by default land owners in Rome. Which means Longinus could have been a descendant of the Alba Longa family. He could have been a descendant of Romulus. An officer would be just about the only way to get the message from Pilot to the execution site; an officer would have to be just about the only person capable of performing a public execution of a Royal lineage man.

55.                    Khenti-Amentiu; guardian of the area of the dead. king/leader/guardian, area/land, of the cycles/death/sun’s sequence.  Which matches the; person, vertical amber, land definition.


56.                    Abydos, Egypt

57.                    Porto Ricardo; area/land of the powerful leader/king/ruler. Leader/Kings are so chosen by god in the language of origin.

58.                    Colorado; light from the son above, holy land it arrives on.

59.                    Beacon Hill; beacon = light/, saving light, hill an established land. This city was established by the Northumberland Royal family as a new capital city after being defeated by both the war of the Roses and Cromwell.

60.                    Apis bull http://www.touregypt.net/images/touregypt/bull4.jpg

61.                    Sakkara necropolis;

62.                    Aesier http://images.villagehatshop.com/media/viking-helmet_horns_lrg.jpg

63.                    Upper Egypt; the breakdown of  the words themselves means Northumberland specifically the house of god of the upper portion.

64.                    Eridu

a.    The several cities which were descended from heaven

65.                    Basarab

a.    Origin of the name is Thracian

b.  Bas; holly

c.    Vlach; is derived from the Hyksos from which most of the aggressive conquerors in the areas deriver. The treacherous name points to the family was labeled some type of deviation from the source; which points to them being not Esau's line but Jacobs.

d.  Ab; father

e.    Ar; boundaries, the way in which someone protects their boundaries.

f.     Prince Vlad Wallachia was from the Royal house of Drăculești; which claims descendant from Basarab I of Wallachia. Part of what Dragon means is; of the order of Dragon. B

                                                            i.      But the pope approved order of dragon has a deeper meaning.

g.   Dracul; means special Royal in charge of the megaliths. Since the dragons was the old name for megaliths.

66.                    Order of the dragon; the families put in charge of safeguarding the megaliths. Identification, remodeling, and proper use of said megaliths.

67.                    Caduceus http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/57/Caduceus.svg/170px-Caduceus.svg.png

a.    Staff/vertical

b.  Snakes/dragons/megaliths, a combination of two or more megaliths

c.    Wings; a reflection of the (Greek insult) Bird people. The bird people were the builders foteh megaliths.

d.  Golden ball on top.

68.                    Best medical schools in the western world.

a.    Edinburgh; located in Northumberland.

b.  Harvard (Ivy Leagues)/; the old American capital of the Ogle Empire

c.    Johns Hopkins; Maryland close to NewCastle.

d.  Seattle; located about  80 miles south of Bellingham wash. Bellingham UK is located about 30 miles west of Ogle Castle. Ogle Castle is in Northumberland.

69.                    Nute http://www.csupomona.edu/%7Eaalaule/space_place/egypt.png

70.                    Medusa

71.                    Hecate

72.                    Cleopatra

73.                    Roman blood bull ceremony

a.    Standing in a pit below the bull;

b.  The bull is a special (reminisnet of the Sakkara {possibly where the ceremony with Jacobs line originated}necropolis 3800-3500 b.c.e ceremony) bull species used exclusively for this blood rite

c.    The bulls throat is cut/amber; pouring out over the protector in question.

d.  The pit, two stories, and the blood collection area in a floor below the inisiate. Making this three stories of a specific tower.

74.                    The blood countess’s supposed ceremony.

a.    The rumors are elsboth baithed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth and beauty. The story of snow white comes from one of the only victims to excape her wrath.

b.  Many of her victims had their throat cut while she let it wash over her from beelow.

c.    Performing this rite; others claimed she did it in service of god.

d.  This rite has the three key factors;

                                                            i.      Designated area

                                                         ii.      Amber/blood/red

                                                      iii.      Divine purposes

                                                      iv.      Vertical; by either the body sprayed down on her, or several were sacrificed at once to fill a tub. Enough inches to submerge in amber/red/ blood.

e.    Pointing to this story is entirely false but was made up for the nobles to talk amongs each oeeach other what the real charges were. While those that could hear thought they were listening to a murder trial.

f.     She was actually on trial for witchcraft. Each of the main words has more than one meaning.

75.                    Doric/dorian; Northern (vertical) Mountian, Trees. Vertical, amber/trees, specific location northern Greece.

76.                    Firestone

a.    Fire

b.  Stone

c.    Location

77.                    Ladislas's bathelray and Vlads coat of arms

78.                    A forge; hot coals off the ground, with forced air pumped into the middle of the coals. So in a way Smith means Northumberland too.

79.                    The egg

a.    Totally remove 

b.  “The Egg and the Serpent: Part two of three The philosophical or cosmic egg is another nearly universal symbol. Alchemically, the egg is a symbol of the cosmos, as it is in a multitude of folk legends. In Hindu cosmology, it is the source of the universe. The egg as a container of the universe is found in many ancient religions. The egg symbolizes birth and potential. It contains within a miniature sun, and it features prominently in solar mythology. The gods Vishnu, Phanes, and Mithras, are all “egg born” solar deities

80.                    Kundilini; a snake which rises from the base of the spine riding up the spin to the brain. The color of the snake orange. Base of the spine. And of course vertical. All the key components

81.                    Shu (pron.: /ʃu



/; meaning "emptiness" and "he who rises up") is the land sky god of Heliopolis. Son of Anum and Heliopolis. In effect the floor of the kings chamber; anum thebenben stone/coffer. Shu air, Tefnut is wife moisture. Their daughter Nut the night sky .

a.    This is in effect th

82.                    Enneaud; is in very real effect an ancient version of genesis. Nut separating the ground from they sky; which is also the top of an Ćtt;

83.                    Shu http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/Tutankhamun_headrest.jpg/220px-Tutankhamun_headrest.jpg

84.                    http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/power/library/pa-hrrg1/figure-02-jacobs-ladder.jpg 

85.                    alexander’s light house

86.                    Eucharist; “this is my body (physical location/vertical/holy) this is my blood(amber).

a.    It is possible this last supper was the gathered elders of the church choosing the next Pharaoh or Israel.

b.  Since by now (if my theory regarding Cleopatra {most likely a distant Jacob lien descendant with the Hyksos invasions from Egypt}is correct, regarding Cleopatr and her son were sent into exile by augustis to Northumberland) Cleopatra and her son were most likely dead of old age. It would be time to choose another pharaoh to lead the Israelitse

c.    Mathew 16;18

87.                    colossis at Rhodes

88.                    election of a new pope/pharaoh

89.                    Anke; could be a symbol for monotheism.

90.                    Celtic cross;

91.                   Ner Tamid~~







92.                   Old King Coel; pipe (amber), bowl well defined circle, three fiddlers (3 different forms of music; mind, body, spirit)

93.                    Gnostic tome; the story of the roman soldiers standing guard over the tomb. Several portions of that story tell about the presce of the code.





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