First mound builders


The First Mound Builders were up and down the Mississippi River system. Which admittedly is a large area. It encompasses the entire Great Lakes, east to the North East States, the Entire Ohio River Valley, from New Orleans to Canada, West along the Rivers such as the Arkansas and the Missouri.


But this culture was  conquered by the Aztecs who archaeology call them “The Second Mound Builders” but the cultures almost could not be more different.

The Aztecs from Mexico had a problem, that problem was most of their entire area of Mexico up to a portion of the Desert South West underwent a several decades long draught. The draught was so bad the areas which were semi-arid almost planes became semi-arid almost desert. It was too dry for too long to sustain a population the size of the Azteca culture.


The Aztecs moved north along the Gulf of Mexico and first ran into the Rio Grande, then the Arkansas, then found the First Mound builders.

The Aztecs culture then spent the next century conquering the First Mound builders and Ritual Human Sacrificing them. All in all lots of fun for the Aztecs.

But that set up a huge problem, the first mound builders were directly connected to the Northern European cultures. Centuries later this conquest of the First Mound Builders would cascade into affecting events in Europe and the Colonization of America itself.

The Second Mound Builders immediately went back to their homes in Mexico when the Draught was over.

They arrived back just in time for the arrival of the Spanish, fortunately for the American continent the Spanish erased the Azteca culture. And their Human Sacrifice rituals. The bad part was the Spanish/Islamic cultures who conquered the Aztecs were more blood thirsty and liked killing humans more than the Aztecs did. Killing one person very slowly over the course of 15 minutes to perhaps an hour is not fun. Killing dozens in that same time period; that is fun for them.

Although torturing a Jew to death slowly over the course of months to years, that is also very fun thing to do. The Moore’s, the Spanish, and the Aztecs enjoyed as a base part of their culture committing crimes against humanity. Which is third Reich level sick, but what can be done. A culture which operates that way is the way that culture oper4ates. stopping that culture from operating that way is a significant challenge.


But once the Spanish their blood lust was partially nullified by their need to hunt down the native tribes of central and south America and kill them. They did not have the resources to defend northern Mexico and what would become the United States of American circa 1550. The areas the First Mound builders culture had claimed as theirs from the previous several centuries.

With the Aztecs nullified by the Spanish and the Spanish distracted by cultures easy to kill to the south. The First mound builders could easily go back into the areas they had once controlled for centuries.

The small window of opportunity of the Aztecs conquest of the First Mound builders circa late 1300s through the middle 1400s allowed both the Vatican and the Violently Militant Islamic cultures to move out of Europe and Northern Africa into the Americas.

The military lock on the Americas from the Roman Empire through the 1300s was too strong to penetrate. The British (not the English but the British), royalist French, an a few other allies had a military and cultural lock on the American Continent.

Ogle Trade Route 2015 3 27 2321

The Lock came from the use of a Trade Route which used the River System to go from the Northern Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in a few months or several weeks. When the English, Spanish took 18 months to go make a one way trip to the Orient.

The British could make about five round trips for just one way for the English.

Which angered the English and the other axis to no end. the British and Royalist French were making hand over sit money with their trade routes while the English were losing money since only 1 out of every three ships depending on year would arrive back with a cargo full of goods from the orient.


Plus you had another issue, with the Militant Islamic armies in and around the Barbary Coast. They were getting angry their forces were dead stopped in eastern Europe. the British knights were soundly defeating the Ottoman Empire and driving them back towards the Aegean.

The Spanish were also being helped by the British and the Royalist French and were starting to take ground away from the Ottoman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula.


The only solution for the Ottoman Empire was to give up in what would be called Spain and Austria and move to the Caribbean. But the British had a lock on the Caribbean. Their fleets were just too strong.

Then the second mound builders did their attacks on the western flank of the first mound builders, breaking their culture and military hold over the Americas.


Which then allowed in the last 1400s for the Ottomans to move their slave trade and Plantation system from Africa to the Americas, first the outer Lands and slowly west to the continent itself.


The Mound builders by the time the second mound builders retreated back home did not have sufficient time to rebuilt their defenses and populations to fight off the English and other European axis from invading mainland northern America. The British began losing more and more territory to the English, Spanish, Dutch, Libertine French, etc.

Being pushed to the Ohio river valley in the late 1500s early 1600s.

Pushed farther West to the other side of the Mississippi by the late 1700s.


If each branch of a culture is given a different name and there are interacted with differently, they it is easy to conquer the whole.

The exact same areas the British controlled from 1492 – 1889 minus the Pacific North West are the same areas the First Mound Builders were in.


The next disturbing facts are the Mounds were laid out in basically the same configuration as the Hall of Records in Egypt.

Since the language uses Architecture to spell out the words, it is extremely difficult to not draw the conclusion the two cultures are connected.


Add in the evidence from little Egypt and you have a profound amount of information regarding the Mounds and the Pyramids.

Especially since the British assisted Joseph Smith in his journey, at least twice.












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