10 lbs Castles



The Pickett Home was constructed as an English 10lbs castle, (example O'Dowd castlehttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/49/The_odowd_castle_0527.jpg/220px-The_odowd_castle_0527.jpg) there are 1000s in Ireland. The English would donate 10lbs to the construction of a castle with a Tower in order to pacify the natives. Eventually the small house (Pickett’s house on Bancroft) would be rebuilt as an addition to the tower (on the hill); only much larger. Which is why the small and currently only house is built to be disassembled quickly.



make a tent


Then the tent is replaced by a simple two story structure of approximately x feet wide by y feet long, two stories is non-negotiable has to be built.

The two building needs to be made in such a way as to take the materials down and reuse them in the design of the manor or plantation house. The design of the simple house needs to incorporate the concept of cut once and reuse.

Most of the time the construction of the first house is not difficult, but the construction of the manor house is long, expensive, taxing, and the conflicts with the natives are almost a guarantee. So cut once and reuse. So the boards needed for the manor house are drawn up first then those boards are used in the small house. But intended to be used in specific locations in the large plantation house.


The most important step in the process

The future plantation needs an actual tower. That tower has to be placed in the most strategic area possible. That tower has to be tall enough in order to not only give a several miles around perspective of the area, but that tower has to be the anchor tower of the future keep. The Tower must be at least the equivalent of a three story Building where each floor is 15 feet and the floor itself is about 5 feet thick. Taller is better.

The tower is the anchor; where the rest of the manor house will be built from. In large and defined areas the manor plantation building the design might include more than one tower. If so the design and location of the tower is decided before construction of the first tower itself is started.

Design the manor house before starting to construct it.

Plantation House.

Once the lord is in the area for an appropriate time to survey the lands, determine the needs of the fortification, etc. this is when the lord will start to plan out what type of plantation/manor house is needed. If the situation changes from the tower to the manor house; the manor house or the tower will be reconstructed in order to be able to construct the manor house as quickly as possible.




















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