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The Speed of Light has three direct things from which do not work without it.

The speed of light is a hypothetical statistical account of what the max speed limit is for the Universe in Space.

The largest problem is, the speed of light  itself is merely a easily disprovable statistical anomaly. Which is approximately 300,000 kilometers per second, 186,000 miles per second. But these measurements are based on more than a century old calculations. Their has been developed part of two equation to disprove the speed of light is not a universal “speed limit” through Sun Spots/Solar Flair’s as well as how electro magnetics waves (C2) can and will alter the speed of light. Accelerating it, and decelerating it.





The Father and Son and the Holy Spirit

Directly compare to



History Neuropathways and Astronomy/Astro-Physics is the same subject mechanically.


History; recording the events of the past. How the events of the past interact and weave a more complex pattern the more those present understand about the past.


Neuropathways; Image result for Neuropathways

Astronomy Image result for Astronomy


History every event has it is own associated numbers.

Neuropathways; every synapse is in a network of synapses which cascade together in waves of thought.

Astronomy; the gravity of celestial bodies pushing, pulling, and in general interacting with each other. Very similar to the waves of Neuropathways.



Neuropathways of the brain compared to a Solar System





TR Welling