Additionally the Greek language is also Linear C; after the Dorian (Esau's descendants) destroyed as much of  Linear A and B as they could. Not to mention that Hebrew itself is a direct descendant of Futhark. in Futhark 6 is the sixed character in the sequence; it means the light from a fire/flame/torch/life any light other than that of the sun. So in effect 666 can mean three different forms of light. Matter is Light, Waves are Light, and Particles are Light. of course their is an extremely famous equation which has exactly the same variables.


Interesting the address of the Emperor in the middle of Rome was 666.


Considering by Roman standards from Caesar onward the all the Emperors were considered Pharoah; adds even more interest to this.



The blond street running up the back of the neck of some cultures in America; specifically those associated with the southern cultures. That blond streak is directly over the eternal bone or luz bone.

The luz was so named due to the fact that bone is still in act after creation. That bone is one of the hardest and most difficult bones to crush.

Additionally. The blond streak over that bone; blond no matter what the actual hair color is the white color indicates light. Light indicates at least one of the colors of Kannaz.

Three Kannaz as in 666 over the eternal bone. Permanently marked



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