7th grade hazing


The hazing of the 7th grade does not end in the 7th  grade academically.

For some  reason in western parochial school, the 7th grade hazing repeats during the maters program.

There is little if any real rhyme or reason for said hazing, other than the have the teachers and upper classmates have societal permission to perform violence against the newly inked bachelor’s degree students.

Moving from the 6th grade to the 8th grade has the same structural integrity as moving from the bachelors degree to the a chosen phd program.

The fields without said “hazing” are usually the sciences where the emphases on extreme levels of technical skills are the emphases. Science people can be more cruel and violent than the worse 10th grade to a 7th grader jock imaginable.

Scientists do not use their fists to hurt, they use questions and of course humiliation to make others feel bad.

Pass the hazing of the masters program and the wonders of the phd program become fun and enjoyable. But so far there is little way to bypass the masters program, unless you are choosing pre-law or pre-med. Which is one course which combines the masters and phd level into one continuous program.


This is connected to the progression into “Basic Scientific Criticism” becomes 7th grade hazing turns into Scientific Criticism is Fight Club. Where the rules of science are thrown out in favor or adult words used in place of middle school insults and degrading behavior. More than a few fields of Science exist entirely inside a bubble of they are so good at criticizing other fields that they never produce solid material of their own.









TR Welling