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Ǽrdology is like zAstrology, but instead of being the zElectro-Magnetic waves and frequencies of other planets effect on the earth. Ǽrdology (earth) is the study of the earths own Electro-Magnetic waves patterns and zthermal dynamic cycles of the earth itself.

It is one designed to provide input and advice regarding your life, and the lives of others around you. Two it is also a translation tool to allow for humans to find the language of your life.

AErdology Personal Calendar     Gregorian Years


Fehu Personal Months

June 13 - 28

Uruz Personal Months

June 29 July 13

Thurasaz Personal Months

July 14 - 28

Ansuz Personal Months

July 29 – Aug 12

Raido Personal Months

Aug 13 - 27

Kannaz Personal Months

Aug 28 – Sept 11

Gebo Personal Months

Sept 12-27

Wunjo Personal Months

Sep 28 Oct 12

Haggalaz Personal Months

Oct 13 – 27

Nauthiez Personal Months

Oct 28– Nov 12

Isa Personal Months

Nov 13 – 27

Jera Personal Months

Nov 28 – Dec 12

Eiwaz Personal Months

Dec 13 – 28

Pertho Personal Months

Dec 29 – Jan 12

Alhaz Personal Months

Jan 13 – 28

Sowillo Personal Months

Feb 13 – 26

Tiwaz Personal Months

Feb 27 – Mar 13

Bircano Personal Months

March 14 – 29

Ewaz Personal Months

March 30 – April 13

Mannaz Personal Months

April 14 – 28

Laguz Personal Months

April 29-May 13

Ingwaz Personal Months

May 14 – 28

Othallo Personal Months

May 29 – June 12

Daggaz Personal Months

June 13 - 28



One thing which zAstrology completely in all ways ignores, it ignores the Electro-Magnetic cycles of this planet. AErdology is entirely about identifying and mapping out this zplanets Electro-Magnetic sequences; evidence of which is found in both magnetic north and the aurora borealis. Every single bit of zǼrdology is based on 1000s of years of extremely careful study and observation of the dependable, predictable, and well defined motions which the planet and the things associated with the planet move in solidly understood parameters of time. Crops grown in the summer, animals breed during their heat times, winter comes at predictable times, spring comes at predictable times, etc. All based on the motions of the z8 fixed points in the earth’s orbit around the sun. Those 8 fixed points are the Ǽtt’s of the zElder Futhark. The mathematics of the Elder Futhark are what Ǽrdology is based on and from. The Year in extreme basic is (found the same way zFibonacci found the same mathematical precision) divided into 3 sections. zWinter, zSpring and zSummer.

Ǽrd; zOld High German: for zEarth

Ology; zLatin: the study of.

Janus is two things; the zPyramids and the zschema of zRome. Rome’s original name was zSamhain, which is the definition in zGaelic of the concept of zJanus. One foot/head in the ether/eternal/afterlife, with one foot/head in this world.

Pyramids of Egypt One it is the zPyramids of zEgypt.

Schema of Rome Two it is the schema of zRome.

Schema; is the personality, the essence of say the city of zLA, zChicago, zNew York, zMiami, etc. each city has a specific type of “personality” e.g. rules and regulations which the population of the city has accepted as the ways in which to live and exist. Janus is the Schema of the city of Rome Proper. As the City expanded, they took the zPax Romana (zJanus) concept with them. The Pax being the schema of Rome, just using the zLatin word versus the zEnglish Schema word. zEnglish did not exist within the framework of the zRoman Empire circa 753 bce – 350 ce. zEnglish did not come into existence till post 750 ce. in Britain.

The focus regarding what Ǽrdology is, it is found in the fundamental structure from which Janus is. Janus being both the zCity of Rome (Pre-753 name zSamhain; long and complex story of how the facts and evidence of the cities name was rediscovered. zGaelic existed previous to the birth of zRomulus and zRemus (The whole zRomulus zRemus story is the foundation of the zMemento Mori Part 1a, followed by 1b ceremony); no matter how hard the descendants of the Romans and their rename names outside of zItaly zEnglish, zAnglo, zSaxon, zJutes, zDanes, etc. wanted to erase the fact zGaelic existed at all.

Elder Futhark Circle in Ǽtt Circle layout format. A close up of a logo

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University Campus Most zMedieval zUniversities zcampus are laid out in a circle pattern. That Circle pattern is in direct orientation with the zElder Futhark Circle. Which is actually a Sphere, with the wedges of said sphere having specific characters and meanings in the major directions. zCenter, Up, Down, Right, Left, Back, Front, Destination zGenesis 1;1-2. The buildings and what those buildings do used to be in alignment with the Futhark Circle character designations.

Noah’s Fleet (von Vleet Dutch family); the story of Noah’s ark is much more complex and detailed than the conquerors of the Jews would allow in the original.

 von Vleet


Memento Mori; the zCeremony of Janus. Which used to be in 3 parts. Part 1a the execution of a Jewish slave, Part 1B would be coitus with a willing partner (unwilling did not work) and part 2 the parade with a Jew holding the zskull of the person killed in part 1a standing behind the commander/general/politician in the entering Rome as the conquering hero parade.

The zJewish zslave would hold up the skull and whisper into the commander’s ear “remember you are dead”. The skull usually had engravings of the battle victories zImage result for dresden files skull, and or the close calls in battle the commander/general/etc. had. The person killed (zevil eye) as the concept goes was a stand in for the commander. Providing the illusion that the commander now had an extra life going into battle. Since the zcommander had a person in the afterlife in his stead. This is where the concept of the zGladiator games came from.

These elements of Part 1a and b into Part 2 each can be found inside the Gladiator contests of Ancient Rome. Many both female and male gladiators after the days events were done; the survivors would become the object of intense lust from the citizens around. Many who attended the 1a part would have b at the time, immediately after, or in vast parties back at home or in a neighboring temples very shortly after the days games.

Illegal or not, in prisons this same almost identical behavior happens in the present. More than a few guards and inmates engage in b actions (both consensual and non-consensual) after a actions occur. As depicted in both the all to real documentary series “Locked Up” where said actions were strongly hinted at. As well as in the fictional versions of said shows example zOrange is the new Black Image result for oitnb sex. It is of course illegal, but it is also (based on the American culture) strongly ignored.

To use the 7 grams from the person murdered to power the soul of the empire.

Roman Forum the Roman forum is designed in the shape of a circle/oval. The buildings used to reflect the meaning of the Futhark symbols. The actions which occurred in those buildings reflected the actions of the Futhark Symbol in its place on the circle.


Sistine Chapel; the link has a profoundly huge amount more information, including the fact that the zWest Wall has zHebrew Characters secretly built in. However, the building itself; best archaeological guess, parts of the building itself are from a couple sources. One the zColiseum which itself is from the zTemple of Solomon/ zZerubbabel and two from the city zIWNW/ zHeliopolis. Heliopolis translates to zJerusalem. A longer and more complex story is difficult to find. zSeveral circles are built into the building and its paintings. Not the least of which is the zschool of Athens; zRaphael knew that Leo did the painting of the Chapel, so he painted zLeo in the place of zSocrates.

West Wall Circle; the circle of the West Wall of the zSistine Chapel itself has the Futhark Circle as the zScaffolding used to depict the zabyss of the Afterlife.

West Wall of the Sistine Chapel and the West Wall regarding its Hebrew Characters.

Ritual of Horus The is part of the Noah’s Ark concept which is about taxes. Some things have to be paid for by the community, because they are a community benefit, they are not a product. Taxes and or donations. The things which benefit the community especially scientific research has to be paid for by tax dollars.

The British Culture From the start of the British Culture shortly after the zFall of the City of Troy circa 1330 to the end of the British culture in zWhatcom County zWA State 1889 ce.

zDNA it appears based on all available facts, evidence, zDNA, etc. that zShia zIslam is half British since zFatimah’s zmother was a zBritish Princess. Which is an extremely long and complex story. The Other half of the British culture is directly from the Surviving zTrojan Royal family and the z18th Dynasty, which both the zTrojan Culture and the z18th Dynasty were directly from the zOld Kingdom which literally built the Pyramids.

Fatimah the only surviving to adulthood child of zMohammed and some mysterious female. Her story is vastly complex and interesting. The reports of her murder have zero basis in reality, the zIslamic culture the hardline misogynists tolerate females at best, enjoy (Memento Mori part 1a killing them on routine) killing them at worst. Knowing this, and knowing her mother survived several assassination attempts by her first 3 slave masters and their families after she killed her first 3 slave masters and several friends and family members attacked her for killing her slave masters. Her third slave master approached different and produced several children including Fatimah. Fatimah knowing her father was not going to last long created an evacuation plan, which she enacted the night they both disappeared from Mecca. The next 5 decades of time 630-680 ce an entire mythology was created around said events. Most of that mythology took place in Italy and Britain, the end of that mythology directly produced the zAge of the Viking. Which is huge portion of the Age of the Viking is also pure fiction; which two separate Viking cultures in existence at the same time, the British and the Shia Muslims operating in north west zEurope.

Brain the brain is built of billions if not trillions of synapses. Those synapses are in different patterns are in a matter of speaking are constantly firing. Meaning not all of the synapses fire all the time; they fire in different sequences in order to produce different types of thought. Absolutely beyond any scientific doubt, when x group of synapses fire and all the rest either do or not in direct connection with the group x synapses (neuropathway). Group x when they fire they fire in a 100% dependable 100% consistent firing pattern. The connect the dots becomes a language. Those sequences of dots become letters, letters in words, words in sentences, sentences etc. into huge complex forms of communication. The language of the brain. AErdology in part is designed to be a decipher tool to find out what those letters are. The letters created when synapses fire the electricity becomes in effect a neon dot, the nerve electrifies to other synapses (dots), creating points in a character/letter/number.


Neuro network

Neuro Language

Wannsee Conferences was a conference designed to counter the real zThird Reich working on implementing the Memento Mori Ceremonies on an industrial scale. The zPrussian Empire based on a huge amount of research and evidence are in ways the direct descendants of the branch of Mohammed’s family who followed Fatimah to the north west of Europe. They traveled around a bit, but eventually headed back to Europe this time to the north east corner into the zLatvia areas. Conquering said and creating the Prussian Empire.

Wannsee Conferences Part 1a b

Holocaust is the Memento Mori Ceremony part 1a. To execute the masses to provide the soul level electricity to power the Third Reich. Takes the discussion of the zHolocaust into a totally new and different light. Instead of it being just about mass murder/genocide it is a much larger and more intense story. The Mem part of Memento Mori of Janus Ceremony are both about the zPyramids of Egypt. The Pyramids of Egypt form the zStar of David. Since both are about the science of AErdology and its base mathematics the Elder Futhark. Mem is pharaoh Mem as in the name of south zGreat Pyramid on the zGiza Plateau. From north to south zKhufu, zKhafre (with the zSphinx due east), zMem Kaure. Pharaoh Mem translates as “the All Father”; which in Hebrew (a language which would not exist for more than 1000 years after construction of the Giza Pyramids ended) translates to zAbraham. The whole mummies, death, resurrection, the ark of the covenant, Abraham being at the battle of the zEridu  zZiggurat where the zPlates of Destiney were taken out of that school and brought to zEgypt. All of that is what the entire zRoman Empire is based from, which is still a rather sizable chunk of zwestern cultures in the present.

Lebensborn Project  Part 1b; the point to this entire exorcize is to combine the killing of part 1a and the coitus from part b which the zThird Reich set up “mating” locations for consensual interactions to create “perfect aryans” from. It is highly likely that zPOTUS z45 is a direct result of this ceremony. His dad traveled to Germany shortly after the end of the war and produced a child with a willing zhitler youth from the program. Most of the kids from said program came out psychotic and had a wide range of zsociopathic/ zpsychopath tendencies. An entire movie was based on this concept zJames Bond “zA View to a Kill” the character of Zorn being the offspring from the Lebensborn project.

Also the movies “zThe Night Porter” and “zThe Reader” (which itself is based on a collection of female zNAZI zGuards of zconcentration camps who used zcoitus as a form of pleasure and torture. Among them was zIlisa Koch [her husband was of zErik Koch the last commander to see the zPrussian zAmber Room before he loaded into his own personal train, shipped it to zKonigsberg whom he was formerly the Major, loaded the contents into a couple zU-boats he was personally in command of, and sent them out to destination unknown. Although a solid guess can be created] aka the zBitch of Buchenwald who often bragged about having coitus with her zJewish prisoners.) and others who some are mere suggestions others are flat out part of the story and of course the events after the war. Those involved who were not executed for their crimes of course.  The physical evidence of memento mori ceremony part 1b is beyond doubt. The evidence of part 1a the zholocaust is also on the genocidal extreme side of beyond doubt. The evidence of part 2 is also on the brutally extreme side of cannot be questioned; the zSS uniforms actually used the Janus Skull (zHamlet) millions of those Image result for ss skull Image result for ss skull pieces of jewelry and military insignia. Not only

AFB92B72 zmedallions but also on the hats of the Uniform as well. The zGas Chambers, zLebensborn Project, and the Skulls on the Uniform. Is more evidence needed. Part 2; how many zParades and “Celebrations” did the Third Reich do/create/have mandatory participation with up to and including the entire zHitler Youth organization. Add the SS Futhark part, the S is zSowillo which is the Futhark Symbol for light/sun. The light sun is a rainbow, one S is zROY G BIV and the other S is the opposite VIB G YOR. Which happens to be the exact degrees of the zBent Pyramid. Could explain why the Prussian zFreiKorp targeted FreeMasons and zMormons with murder at the same time they were harassing the zJews circa 1920. The Reich were outright demanding to have the secrets of the Memento Mori ceremony; in order to obtain the secrets of Janus, the Pyramids, the zPlates of Destiney, zFreeMasonry, and possibly time travel. In order to go back and fix the mistakes of the past, like allowing Jacob to exist at all.

FreeMasonry Futhark Circle the Circle of the Lodge building itself.

Janus and FreeMasonry Position Janus between the Alter and the light. Entering the room from West to East, exiting the room East to West



Tabernacle of Adam System and Time Travel

Leonardo Da Vinci Time Travel and these subjects; documents built but very controversial. 

Memento Mori and Time Travel

Savior Born Again Christian the power dynamic between the Memento Mori part 1a and b is where the fundamentals of the “zBorn Again” concept originated. Although I seriously doubt anyone actually knows these facts. You see the equation dynamic is the following; when Jesus ordered his more than sizable army of more than 300,000 Jews in Rome to stand down and allow the events to occur the way they did. He agreed to be placed on the cross to be tortured for x number of hours to satisfy his enemies, who needed to see him beaten, bloody, battered, and his spirit broken. Which the last not only did not happen, but that is what his enemies wanted the most, they wanted him to be spiritually broken. Which since he did not break, actually angered them even more. He did not cry out, beg for mercy, give the Senators the power they wanted, etc. he simply allowed them to have their emotions and he simply took it. After he was pulled off the cross, he was taken to the south west small temple just to the east of the Large Janus I temple on the West side of the zVatican Hill. Where he was taken into the temple, strapped to the body of the head of the Senate, and the zblade of zAlba Long was plunged into his right side. According to the ceremony, the zJewish slave would then venture to the afterlife (here is the important part) in the stead of the military commander/general/politician he was strapped to. The Jewish slave would in effect be the same person as the person behind him. The person behind him would live, and the slave would be killed. The Jewish slave would then go into the afterlife for the person behind them. The Third Reich attempted to perform this on a mass murder scale. To use the Janus Memento Mori ceremony to electrify the Third Reich to live forever. “The Jew would in effect die for the person behind them.” Allowing the person behind to have all their negativities and bad actions paid for by the murdered person before them. The whole born again process is based on this exact event; Jesus went to the afterlife in the stead of the person behind him.

The Values of Paul It appears that the Memento Mori Ceremony Parts 1a b and 2 are alive and seriously well in the present. How many extremely religious people perform all manner of really disgusting behavior either in the name of god or have the complete confidence that their actions will be forgiven. Which the “forgive me lord” is the essence of Jesus being killed in the south east smaller temple of the Western hill of the Vatican Hills.  Jesus died for those sins. The zgospels have been misunderstood to be “go ahead and commit every crime against humanity you want to, no problem, since Jesus is taking your place in hell. zJesus is your zlord and savior, go ahead and be as bad as you want, he will take your punishment for you.” It does not work like that, the point is to stop doing those bad actions. But based on the available data, some humans have a built-in nature which does not allow for them to stop being “naughty”, they do bad actions which based on their nature they cannot help themselves in not repeating those bad actions. The nature to perform the Memento Mori ceremony to honor the concept of Janus; which itself is the Pyramids which were built by the Jews, for the Jews, as an architectural stage play of the book of zGenesis.  





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