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Chapter genesis 3

[3:1] Now the serpent(dragon/megalith) was more crafty than any other wild animal that the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God say, 'You shall not eat(consume/learn) from any tree (pillar) in the garden(tabernacle)'?"
[3:2] The woman said to the serpent, "We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden;
[3:3] but God said, 'You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, nor shall you touch it, or you shall die. '"



The serpent is a old nickname insult for a megalith. Specifically the megaliths which used to be part and parcel of the Giza plateau.

Previous to 2600 ce; Giza used to look a great deal like Stonehenge looks now. Although a bit more spread out. All the concentric circles were not collected together.

The differing circles were separated or at least someone separated each group under each of the major pyramids.


This occurred I theorize based on each time the west side of Egypt was invaded; a corresponding wave of construction occurred on Salisbury. Almost like the displaced People of Kaern; after being removed from their hoy grounds rebuilt their temples in the UK.


All megaliths are connected to Polaris of their time. Which back then was Draco/dragon; which their conquerors called a serpent, or fire worm.

The crafty(highly technically proficient) serpent/fire worm/dragon/Polaris tricked first Lilith (the pharaoh wit two wives Khafre aka Adam) then eve into learning about the tree/pillar in the center of the garden.

IWNW; the capital of Pillars,



The fruit is a symbol regarding the flow and pattern of the year.


The flow patterns of the cycles of nature; regarding the to the second when the earth is on its ecliptic and orbit.


Learn about the cycles and patterns of the flow of time; this will lead to an understanding of life and death. When cycles begin and when cycles end.


The riddle of the sphinx

Is oddly enough a monotheistic concept.

“what walks on four legs, two legs, and three legs”

The cycles regarding the cycles of life “you consume the fruit; you will surely die” if you know or become aware of the cycles of nature, the simple facts regarding knowledge. With great knowledge comes great responsibility.


Great responsibility produces great dependability to the structure from which the knowledge derives.


Which is closely connected to

A cycle begins, a cycle carries through its life cycle, a cycle ends. Which starts a new cycle.



The acid of fruit is a direct reflection of the newton’s third rule regarding equal and opposite reaction.


Lightening; created the heavens and earth.


Lightening and acid have a key format; they are both polarity items. Lighting - +; acid is acid and base. Each side of a polarity.

Pillar has similar.

As well as the way an eye responds to light and dark by chemical signal.

Gravity; to be grounded by gravity and (heat?) to push up against gravity to reach the sun.

Pressure; it takes versus polarity tools to push/pull water and nutrients up to the top of a tree. And allow amber/sap to seep out to create next cycles bark.

Each polarity operates under different rules of internal organizational structure.

In a group a hierarchy of actions are also present in order to achieve.



the serpent is a slang insulting term for megaliths back then. The serpent in the tree of life; is a slang term extremely accurate and insulting for a megalith.

For proof of said; the northern shaft of the queens chamber if it breached the surface points at the constellation Draco aka Dragon. Which 4000 years ago was Polaris.




Lilith having had experience with the tree previous; but since she was equal to Adam, by legend she was considered to be at least in part turned into a harpy because she learned about the secrets of the trees in the middle of the garden but refused to subjugate herself to give up that knowledge.

Banished; she became a harpi, merging into Egyptian mythology as a dark half female half bird creature which tormented the dead on the journey into the afterlife.


The trial of the feather is part and parcel of this fruit tree/Ætt format. Your heart cannot weight or less than the feather. But it is not just up and down, it is also several other directions at the same time your heart must not be lighter or heaver than.


Baobab tree Tree of life





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