Adam city of pillars

Pretorian tool and symbol

April fools is the Jews celebrating Jesus's birth; under extreme oppression from Paul's line to remember the birth of someone else.

Dec was the birth of someone important to the Zoroastrian faith; possibly Zoroaster himself, who could have been Adam

Pharaohs were given more than one name; which is a traidtino which started well before Narmer aka scorpion king stole the name, tradition, and erased the previous

Wise men from the east

The graphic


Jesus could have challenged for the throne


Hyksos invasions; Ptolemaic line from the Hyksos invasions


Part 1

Part 1b

Part 2; Moses parts the Laguz of the old schema to the new schema

Events of ancient Egypt played themselves out during the exodus

Which continued during the nativity.

It was a 4000 year pattern of behavior . those same behavior patterns continued for the next 2000 years.