Adolf Hitler


The amount of information about his mans life which is not only hidden from his enemies but hidden from those that supported him is incredible.

The subject is not his medical health issues in his 30s and 40s.

The subject is of what he did from his late teens up to and through 1920, he was born in April 20, 1889 Austria. But what is not clear is what he did from his late teens to 31. He fought in the trenches of World War I, but he was attached to military units which were entirely odd.

Odd because the units he was attached to were para-military at best. Not actual military units, ore like spy networks pretending to be military.

Similar to the America military special operations troops, who are always on “training maneuverers” but everything about what they do is classified. There are some spec opps troops who have been “official based at instillation x, but have never been to that country” they spent their entirely training time “down range” in the field without ever stepping foot in the country they were supposedly active duty instillation personnel.


This is very similar to the records of Adolf’s time in the Prussian Military. he  was a Frei Korp spy. Which means among other things, he would have been assigned a time or two to POW’s from the French, British, and America military. Either being an interrogator and or witnessing said questioning of enemy personnel. What is really interesting is that James Whale was a German POW for several years in the war.


After the war Adolf did not leave the spy group Frei Korp, what he did was to continue to spy for them and report back. But something occurred in late 1919, he was sent into spy on a political group which was set up by the Thule Society as a way to protect themselves. The Thule society did not want to be outlawed again. So the Thule Society built a layer of protection around themselves. When Adolf was sent into find out if that group the DAP were dangerous, he reported back “Absolutely Not, but we have a great opportunity to hide what we are to the world and progress with the adjenda of the Prussian Empire”.

His superiors agreed and he and hand full at a time Frei Korp spy’s slowly started to join the DAP. Within weeks to a month, the voting block in the DAP was huge regarding what Adolf wanted to do.

Adolf started to push political reforms and his friends from the Frei Korp backed his play entirely without question. Hence the DAP dissolved and reformed at the Nazi party.

The Prussian ideals and wants became the bran new (first edition) Nazi party platform.

The secrets behind the issue was to turn the Political Party against the Thule society to force the Thule society to reveal its Tabernacle of Adam system secrets to both the Prussians and their friends and closest allie/cousin culture the Russians.











TR Welling