The word is ancient for “A female trained in the ways of the System”. A female trained in the ways of mathematics of the weave, and can turn the System on. Using as a finger of the divine.

The Alma Mary is her actual name, not the Virgin Mary. Although till marriage or their temple mate is located. They are kept virgins.

The Alma who are associated with the Temple, do not marry since they need to take on many partners both male and female.

The lower ranking ones are needed to work with the commoner’s aka prostitutes,

The higher ranking only performs the rituals with temple clergy.

The highest will only mate with the high priest.


Julius Caesar was trained to be a Temple of Jupiter (Jews) High Priest. But he rejected the Roman version of this religion and embraced a purer form of it in his teens under the direction of King x who was both a Jew and in charge of a Jewish city.


Hypatia late (300 late 400 ce) is another Alma of the city of Alexandria. She was not killed she was removed from the city months before the Islamic invasion and destruction of the empty building. THE fourth time the building was destroyed. The contents had been removed months before; along with most the scholars involved. The Islamic army was not going to let anything which might point against Islam to exist. The entire building and its contents were an affront to Islamic and in their minds evil.

She was most of her follows, as well as her work were shipped to Northumberland. Where she spent the rest of her life in one of the universities in that area. Safety behind an army long enough to hold back the entire Roman Empire. Her body double was executed in the library and her body was mangled to the point of unrecognition immediately after her execution. No possible way to recognition after death. Her body was dragged through the streets for several hours after behind a galloping horse.


Pre-Exodus Judaism was an entirely different thing than post. Post is a religion which closely resembles that of the philosophy and ceremonies of Esau. Pre-are Adam and Jacob ceremonies. Which include the weave of time and intimacies as part of fertility rites.

Alma was a key part of most pre-Exodus Ceremonies. It has been removed from most post Islamic, Jewish, and Christian ceremonies. Forget about Catholic, Paul was a died in the wool Esau line. He did nto even allow the words to be spoken or written around him. His hatred was only mated by Abu Bakr, Brigham Young, Mohammed, Moses, and Esau regarding their ideas of Jacob and Adam. THE only being in the universe which more hatred towards humans is Satan.






TR Welling