American Holocaust


The Number of Jews from 1400-1890 hiding in both the African Slave communities as well as in the Native villages is too numerous to count.

The “Indentured Servants” a slave by another name; although in truth some nice masters would allow their indentured servants to purchase their freedoms fairly and honestly. While other masters would charge them for every single the servant did and they would never get out of debt. Some masters would literally go as far as saying from the top the sun hits the top of the horizon you are to be up and working. I will charge you if you are one minute late; same holds true for not working all day long minus a lunch break, you quick work one minute before the top of the sun hits the horizon and I will charge you. Food, water, shelter, cloths, everything the person did came with a payment. In the south during the winter some masters would allow the servant to work off their extra time added by providing lamps and said to allow for a few more hours of work in the cold.

Most of “Indentured Servants” saw the scam of this con put in a bit of work and simply evacuated out of the reach of the master and his cultures army. They merged into the Native populations were they could earn a place in your communities by doing half or less the work for several months to a year.

The facts are that the “Indentured Servants” were pulled from the slums of both Europe and England. Those slums were filled to the brim with Jews. Well over half of the populations of the slums were Jews.

The Jews were primarily the ones recruited to be “Indentured Servants”. Some other cultures were included, but mostly Jews.

So after a while it became obvious that the rich English and Dutch had only one real interest. That interest was making Jews work themselves to death to profit the Master.

So the “Indentured Servants” would simply run away soon after they got off the ships in American.

A few years to decades and the Jews would far west form their own community outside of the reach of the English and the Dutch.

After word started to circulate that the Jews had built themselves communities which were thriving west of the east coast the English and Dutch army’s would have none of that. “How are they thrive in the new world when they owe us money for the trip”, so armies were sent out to regather up the “Indentured Servants” and bring them back to work. TO finish paying off their debts.

But once a Jewish community starts to form with more than a few dozen people they build their own army. An extremely well educated and armies army versus the English and Dutch is no match. The English and the Dutch armies were not much good against Masada. One highly trained Masada soldier is worth a dozen hired unscripted guards. The English and Dutch armies were only trained to stand in a line and shoot with not well make muskets. The Jews were trained to win.

So the conflicts escalated to the point of large numbers versus large numbers. The Jewish soldiers were of course helped in their cause by the British Royal’s present in the Colonies and in the continent, as well as by the French Royals. Two centuries the English, Dutch, Spanish, etc. armies did not have a chance against the Royals and the Jews.

Closing in on the start of the Seven Years War. It was not named for the Seven years it took to fight, but for the Seven Days of Creation.

The English had conquered the British off of the Island of Britain; forcing the British to evacuate off their island. But the English then took the name British so that all their really bad actions were not the fault of the English but the Fault of the British.

The English could do all manner of horrific acts using the façade of the British.  “I did nothing the British did it”.

So the now in exile British family had to be named something else or conclusion would reign. The English chose the most insulting name they could think of; Call them Indians. Since they have an affinity with both the Natives of this continent, their heritage is Jewish, and of course they claimed connection with the 18th Egyptian dynasty which had a defined connection with the Pyramids of Egypt.

The deity of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty is the ATEN, the ATEN is built into the Pyramids infrastructure similar to the cellular structure found in Organic Chemistry.

When the English, the Muslims, and the Dutch found “Little Egypt” they went on an immediate “Search and Destroy” mission of both the infrastructure constructed as well as the people involved.

Southern Illinois, Missouri, and Dakota in that area the above has profound levels of evidence through the Kensington Stone which Frank L Baum turned into the Yellow Brick Road of his story about the Wizard of Oz.

Under the letters is a topographical Map showing in detail the Puget Sound, X marks the location of Seattle, with huge amounts of detail north to Whatcom County.

The violent Whatcom County seat is the city of Bellingham, which to have a Railroad running up the center of the city.

If you want to start killing masses of people you have to find a place to put the bodies or the rotting bodies will create a health hazard. The infections will ultimately kill you too.

In Old Colorado City the solution was a Crematoria which the NAZI’s later adopt this same thing on a smaller but several more scale. Instead of one large crematoria the NAZI used dozens of ovens for one building. Using several buildings per large camp. One building for smaller camps. The 21st street smelter was built not the smelt gold but to dispose of the “undesirables” in the area. huge populations which after being killed in combat or worse killed in the rodeo had to be disposed of. So the Smelter/Crematoria was built and put to use. After the loss of bodies to dispose of, a slight remodel was done switching from bodies and at times gold to just gold. But that change occurred in the “no records” time between 1845-1857”


After the Battles in Colorado were over, the battles in Whatcom County took over and a new “Death Camp” was needed. That death camp was a converted over from being an East India Company Trading Post and metropolis area to being primality a death camp. Captain George Picket was put in charge of said operations.

How many bodies; in the area of Colorado, formerly Western Kansas, Texas, and of course Louisiana the Trail of Tears lasted for decades and was primarily designed to find the “Runaway” “Indentured Servants” and the runaway slaves. Find them and destroy them. While they were at it, round up the natives on good lands and move them to someplace they will starve to death.

For most of the 1700-1950 it was all but open season on Natives, Africans, and Jews in America.


Shortly after the height of the kill the “Undesirables” was over circa 1880, in smaller pockets it lasted for another 70 years but in huge quantities it lasted till 1890. Laws and other civilization started to put an end of the “Original Rodeo” concept. Those who needed to continue expressing their hatred of Natives, Jews, etc. moved out of American and to Europe. There they would slowly over time meet up with like minded and start think tanks. Start a think tank, have it operate for a few years, preach too much hate, be shut down, same people with a new named organization, etc. this occurred about 20 times.

The last official Think Tank was the “Thule Society” which created its own political party in order to avoid being outlawed.

But that political party became too violent too quickly. Not enough support. From 1917-1922 the Thule Society operated sufficiently. But with the Bear Hall Rebellion; that put an end of the formed Political Party. But the Thule Society formed a new Political Party, this one filed and was outlawed two decades later in 1946.


Unlike the NAZI regime which was in more than a hundred ways based directly on the failed Confederacy, the Confederates wanted not a single record of the Jews in their control.

The orders were simple and oral. Find the Jew where ever he may be hiding and kill it.

In Europe, the German culture had an entirely different take on it. They need rules, regulation, and systems in place in order to have a large operation work correctly.

In America, the rules were simple find them and kill them. If you can think of a way to both profit off the killing by some type of Gladiator contest, and bring pleasure to those that want to see said type attractions all the better. Remove the “undesirables”, profit by creating a killing show, and make some political points by those constituents who want to see such crimes against humanity. There is every reason to belief that part of Andrew Jacksons popularity came based on his both on his plantation and in the military outfits he was in charge of. Part of his war was against the English and part of his war was against the British. Two entirely separate cultures. he hated them both, but the British a little bit more since the British are in many ways of translating and words and legends Jewish. They were directly descendants of the survivors of the Trojan Side of the Trojan War. Trojan Means “Descendants of the Foot Holder” in Sumerian “Holder of the Foot translates as; Jacob”. Descendants of Jacob, or Jews.

Jackson’s family owned thousands of slaves, so he had a special way to order Jews and have the Islamic slavers find Jews in Niger and instead of flat killing them, ship them to Jackson who would then profit both economically and politically by putting on a good Jewish Rodeo.

Part of the Trail of Tears was about separating out the Jews hiding inside the functionality of the Native Cultures. Once separated, take them somewhere and dispose of them.

The Jews were usually identified then separated from the natives heading to Oklahoma. Sent north to Kansas and Nebraska, in the early decades, north and east to St Louis and Chicago where the Jewish Rodeo would be a great spectator sport. Selling tickets to the events, where anti-Semitic crowds would watch a Gladiatorial contest pitting animals and humans against Jews. Not all that dissimilar to David Versus Goliath, and the Roman Colosseum.

From 1790-1850, the most isolated and easy to dispose of the Jews was not in the Pacific North West but in Middle America, Kansas Nebraska, etc. After 1850 with the assistance of Captain George Pickett and his Plantation in Bellingham Washington Territory, take the Jews to Fort Bellingham by first overland then by sea and dispose of them.

The Center of Bellingham is where the Picket Plantation was, the City was built after the Picket Plantation was obliterated in 1867. Where Pickett Built is Plantation House is closer to where Bellingham High School sits currently. Archaeologically performing a statistical comparison between the Picket Plantation and Auschwitz is not all that dissimilar. Other than Auschwitz grew to being 1000s of acres and the Picket Plantation was only about 3000 maybe 5000. Auschwitz was 1000 acres larger. But for that the future Plantation where Lynden now sits would be comparable to Birkenau, and or Monowitz. Bellingham, Ferndale, and Lynden size, shape, and rotated 90 degrees in roughly a similar configuration to Auschwitz I II and III. An examination of the city layout of these three cities, is similar to those three concentration/death camps. Minus the easy to dispose of ashes in the huge bay. Decades later to hide the evidence, the buildings were torn down for the most part and dumped into the Bay. Miles of fill were placed in the bay between 1875-1910. Absolutely zero archaeology has been conducted as to what exactly was used as the fill dirty. Rocks, masonry, bricks, etc. are close to the only substances which will hold up after more than a century. To find the evidence of the Pickett Death Camp, look to Bellingham Bay.

The main entrance to Auschwitz would be comparable to E Holly Street and Rail Road 20150627_061725 20150627_06163220150501_062757 20150501_06274620150501_062633.

The Main entrance to Birkenau could be  which is not all that dissimilar to the entrance to Lynden.,h_356,al_c,lg_1/e6bfde_c4ffbad142ff4fe38ec4810895705117.png The Entrance to Lynden is between two cemeteries, very Roman apian Road esk.

One thing which must be paid attention to. The NAZI claim they based their camps both concentration to work and death to erase on and American design. At least two high ranking Confederate officers were present in the area of Whatcom County, it is only naturally assumable that since little evidence has been found in other areas. Captain George Picket who seized control over the East India Trading (EIC) Chief Proctors house and all allocated lands. The seized more lands about 1500 acres. Picket simply took most of the lands from north of the Letters streets to just shy of Van Dyk Road. Another future confederates officer owned those lands and had his own army. Immediately after the Civil War Colonel Patterson is on record for having owned the land of Lynden, but he had a problem within a few years he had to follow his Libertine French orders to travel first to Mexico then to France to help fight in the Franco Prussian War. Patterson spent is time obliterating all evidence of the horrors of what he and Pickett had done. Instead of weeks to try and hide the evidence, Patterson had years to do it. With an unlimited budget and a very cooperative community. No one wanted the physical evidence of a Death Camp in the area. So erasing all traces to build a new city was the only option. American settlers arrived in the area o Whatcom county in 1850, but the overwhelming majority of the buildings take from more than 35 years later.


That Kansas played part in the extermination of Jews from 1790-1850, then the operation was moved to Castle Bellingham. Where the Operation kicked into extreme high gear. Building Rail Roads through the middle of town in order to facilitate the transportation of goods, services, and cattle from the ships to the ovens.

Ogle Castle, name changed to Pickett Tower the confederates attempted to use the facility as a WMD some type of electro magnetics ray gun/Wi-Fi gun. As Tesla would invent 40 years into the future.

A gun requires fuel to expand the projectile from still to some type of velocity. The electricity of a human was assumed to be a key ingredient to that electro magnetics process. Using humans to turn them into electricity, then use that electricity to operate a rail gun to project an object. An operation the NAZI worked very hard since several think tanks previous to the Thule Society purchased Tesla’s equipment stolen from him to pay mythological debts. His equipment was stolen and sent to Germany. But what equipment inspired Tesla.


there were so many Confederates in Colorado Springs that the Little Britches Rodeo might have started as a Jewish gladiator event, but turned into just cattle after a while. Not a single word of it did General Palmer want talked about, reported on, or mentioned.


It can be stated that the future Cattle trails from Texas north to the stock yards were in use as late as the 1700s, but then then there is Jessy Chisholm’s work, who started to usher Cattle North on more than just basic trails. Chisholm’s Trail was over time not only well charted out, but allowed ease of transporting items from the Red river to the Rail Roads. Driving both humans/Jews and cattle is not outside the realm of imagination. Especially or the hatred of Jews both the Confederates possessed as well as the monstrous amounts of loathing the Spanish/Islamic cultures had and still do. Driving pockets of Jews north to be slaughtered in a modified Gladiator game renamed to Rodeo.

Jessy Chisholm Trail

It would not be outside the realm of possibilities that the “Rodeo” was started not as a way to entertain the masses by a demonstration of Horse and Cattle Tricks, but as a modified Gladiatorial Contests to corral the Jews into a non-permanent Arena, sell tickets, and enjoy watching them be tortured to death. But as more and more not evil people came west, the Jews were replaced by Cattle. Although 70 years after the hay day of the Jewish Rodeo’s occurred, many movies point to the concepts as having a basis in fact. Among them “Paint Your Wagon” which is set roughly in 1850. At the end the town is large enough the most a “bull fight”. Remember that the symbol for the Jews was a Bull/Aurox. Since it has been literal oral history for the previous 80 years, using the political correct term Bull in place of Dirty Jew would have been acceptable. Those that knew the event was about killing or at least torturing Jews knew, and those that did not did not need to know. It is entirely doubtful that any of the primary people knew about the old history, but some of the producers and the writer might have. Sidney Aaron "Paddy" Chayefsky the writer of the movie “Paint your Wagon” being a Jew would have known, but had to hide those facts to ensure he would not be blacklisted. He took a story which is more reminiscent of the Manitou Gold Rush and modified it to fit. Changing Colorado for California, setting it several years later, and of course changing the Jews for their animal symbol. The Jewish uprising at the end of the film, is an extremely deeply buried story about a group of Jews in very likely Colorado that revolted against the system and the fight to control them obliterate the city. Which is close to what happened archaeologically to Old Colorado City, the city existed, but most of the structures of the city were obliterated during the revolution. The city needed to be renamed and rebuilt, the battles in the city destroyed most of it. Chayefsky absolutely mentions Mormons in the areas, as well as Great Awakening followers. Both are entirely odd in most westerns.



On the other hand after 1850, when the city of Manitou was finally conquered and the British and French Royal families had evacuated out of the area. A Great Auschwitz type place was created in Pickets Plantation in what would be called Bellingham Washington.


Their millions of Jews and uncooperative Africans were “disposed of” and reduced to cremation so they would no longer be a threat during the coming Civil War.

Most of the Major Islamic families has evacuated out of the south and sold their Plantation to the English, Dutch, Pictish (the McCain family were one such Pictish family who purchased a Plantation from an Islamic seller), Irish, etc.

They had to evacuate out of the south or risk being erased from existence when the Union Army came through and found the power base. That Union Army erasing the Islamic presence in the South was led by William T. Sherman the Clandestine Operation was called “Sherman’s March to the Sea.”

But since the Militantly Violent Islamic plantation owners were the ones financing and rabble rousing for the War. Destroying their source of power is part of the Art of War. Some of the nastier and more ruthless parts of the Civil War were conducted by Militant Islamic people living in America.

They were forced to evacuate to the headwaters of the Mississippi. But they left significant damage in their wake.

They left significant damage when they retreated from the Mississippi and headed back to Africa. Destroying as much as they could along the way.

The militant Islamic have made it clear since the days of Esau it is their intention to find and kill every last Jew; everywhere they have a power base they go a Jew hunting.  In the 1800s it was in America. They were for the most part fine with their protestant business partners. Because they knew something the Americans did not know. Martin Luther designed Protestantism as a light form of Islam.


The Trail of Tears could not take the Jews west of Oklahoma because the hypothetical WMD in Manitou would have destroyed them. Leaving the Jews untouched, but destroying the Americans and Hebrews.







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