Bancroft Park


The Capital of Louisiana after the Libertine conquered New Orleans

The Capital of Texas when the British/French and Jews chose to consolidate power in what territory of Louisiana they still controlled.

The Capital of Texas with the hiring of Moses Austin and his oriental old 300 Texans, a collection of Jews.

Decades alter the Capital of Kansas for a few years.

The Capital of Colorado for a few years.


After about 1820 being a Jew in Texas was not exactly legal. At the coast it was not legal  at all, at the Capital it was still legal for a few decades. 

The Kansas people circa 1854 used the population of Manitou and the vast population of Mormons in Old Colorado City to have themselves a Territory, but population they counted as people. As citizens they did not count period.

Hard prejudice existed in vast quantities in American in the 1800s.

To obtain territory status Texas used Manitou, then Kansas used Manitou, then Colorado used the area and population.

After Colorado became a state, those “Undesirables” just like NAZI Germany were “Erased from Existence” part of the story of “Paint Your Wagon” Came from the Gladiatorial contest “killing Jews” from that movie. Written by a Jew shortly after the McCarthy anti-Communist/Jewish Black Listing scares of the 1950-60s.


To tell the story of the executions in America of the Jews and other “Undesirables” in Old Colorado City without actually telling the truth. Mostly metaphors, facades, etc. Those that can read Jewish and Nordic Code can read what actually occurred. Those that cannot can be entertained by the Façade stories.









TR Welling