Beast Rising from the Sea


The Beast is Mohammed, who was convinced he was the reincarnation of Esau. Who himself was the reincarnation of Adam himself.


All of his actions were justified based on the fact that he knew firsthand what heaven looked like being born there. all this actions, all the really bad stuff he did, wrote about, gave permission to perform, etc. was ok since he was Adam.


Every human was his to steward over, so those he deemed to be good were rewarded and those he deemed evil were subject to being sacrificed to god as the beasts of Satan they are.


You are either of god or you are of Satan, all those who did not convert to Islam were pawns of Satan and subject to being sacrificed to the glory of Allah.


Mohamedís daughter knowing her father was Adam placed his dead both in the Catacombs so he could eventually rise up and spread his word from Jerusalem. Fatimah knew full well the Vatican is Jerusalem.

The Vatican is also the location of the crucifixion.






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